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Have you ever wondered what the most playful cat breeds are?

Then you’ve come to the right place to satisfy your curiosity and look at cute cat pictures.

Keep reading to discover seven of the most energetic and mischievous cat breeds in the world!

These kitties absolutely know how to have a good time!

7 Most Playful Cat Breeds to Admire

All kittens are playful and can entertain you for hours with their shenanigans.

However, some cat breeds settle down once they mature and prefer to nap instead of play.

On the other hand, some breeds never lose their kitten spirit and want to play all the time.

Such cats are always running, chasing, and jumping, so it’s never boring with them in the house.

While it’s fun to have such an energetic cat, it might be hard to meet their physical and mental needs.

So, think carefully before you fall in love with any of these 7 most playful cats.

#1 Abyssinian

Looking for some beautiful Abyssinian cat names? Check out 100 that we love, inspired by their color, heritage, and more!

Look at that stunning tabby cat! Abyssinians might look like a dangerous breed, but they’re affectionate, lively, and charming.

Most owners say that Abyssinians never sleep and are always in motion. It often looks that way because Abys live to jump, play, and climb.

They’re not the type of cat to nap on the sofa, but the one you find perched on top of the bookcase.

Abyssinians are also quite smart, learn tricks with ease, and enjoy agility courses.

But be careful what you teach your Aby, because these cats are known to open doors and cabinets.

Since Abyssinians are social cats, they like to be the center of attention and are miserable when you’re not home.

They aren’t one of those cats that can be left alone they should have someone to keep them company.

#2 Siamese

Curious about the most playful cat breeds? You're in luck!  These 7 kitties really know how to have a good time. Check them out!

Do you want to have a chatty roommate that will follow you around the house, demanding that you play with them?

Then a cute Siamese would be the perfect choice for you. People often label Siamese as aggressive cats, but they’re quite affectionate and charming.

However, they tend to bond with a single person and can become jealous when neglected or ignored.

Despite their regal appearance, Siamese are more playful than most people realize. These cats enjoy challenging puzzles, teaser toys, and climbing up cat trees.

Leaving them without sufficient toys is an excellent way to find your home destroyed.

Siamese also love to be involved in everything their owners do and can be a bit obsessive and bossy.

They aren’t the right breed for you if you can’t handle a bit of stalking or don’t like snuggling with a cat.

#3 American Bobtail

Ginger cat close-up during golden hour

American Bobtails might resemble a dangerous wild cat, but they’re one of the most charming and affectionate breeds.

Many owners describe American Bobtails as the cat version of a Golden Retriever.

They’re gentle, highly trainable, and love to spend time with people.

Still, don’t think that the American Bobtails are lazy cats. They’re playful, energetic, and enjoy puzzle toys.

You can teach them to walk on a leash, and they’ll gladly explore the neighborhood with you.

However, American Bobtails can entertain themselves around the house and aren’t too demanding.

They also adapt well to different situations and make excellent traveling companions.

#4 Bengal

Curious about the most playful cat breeds? You're in luck!  These 7 kitties really know how to have a good time. Check them out!

Another spotted cat that makes the list of the most playful breeds is the fun-loving Bengal.

Despite their appearance and large size, Bengals are domestic cats with charming personalities and affectionate natures.

In general, Bengals are always in motion, and you can expect them to explore every nook and cranny of the house, no matter how high.

They also like to play games, such as fetch, as much as they enjoy turning on or off the lights or opening doors.

Moreover, Bengals are one of those breeds that like water.

These large cats won’t hesitate to jump into the aquarium to “play” with the fish or splash in the bathtub when you’re taking a bath.

Due to their intelligence and activity level, owning a Bengal can be challenging.

But if you can provide enough mental and physical stimulation, Bengals make excellent pets.

#5 Burmilla

Curious about the most playful cat breed? These 7 kitties really know how to have a good time. Check them out!

It’s not a surprise that Burmillas remind you of Persians with their silver-white coats.

These rare cats are the result of a mating between a Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian.

Breeders fell in love with the kittens’ color and worked on creating a separate breed.

As a whole, the Burmilla combines the best features of both breeds. They aren’t as lazy as Persians and are less energetic than Burmese.

The Burmilla is adventurous and curious, but also mellow and easy-going.

Most Burmillas keep their playful behavior well past kittenhood, but they aren’t very demanding or needy.

They’ll cuddle in your lap when it’s available, but they can entertain themselves without you around.

However, Burmilla is quite clumsy, so you should put breakable stuff away.

Still, they’re perfect if you want a playful cat breed that won’t destroy the house while you’re at work.

#6 Cornish Rex

Curious about the most playful cat breeds? You're in luck!  These 7 kitties really know how to have a good time. Check them out!

Have you ever wanted a cat that likes to retrieve toys?

Then you won’t be disappointed by the Cornish Rex and their dog-like personalities.

With their big ears, wavy coat, and elfish features, the Cornish Rex is a sight to behold and admire.

They’re one of the smallest cat breeds, but that doesn’t affect their energy level or mischief-making abilities.

In general, Cornish Rex is charming, affectionate, and people-oriented. When they’re not racing around the house, these big-eared cats sit in your lap or stalk you around the house.

Most Cornish Rex retain their kittens like behavior well into their golden years. They’re also quite adept at opening doors and manipulating objects due to their long toes.

Lock up anything precious if you don’t want this playful cat to get their paws on it!

#7 Siberian

Curious about the most playful cat breeds? You're in luck!  These 7 kitties really know how to have a good time. Check them out!

Look at that silky coat, expressive eyes, and bushy tail!

The Siberian is one of the world’s fluffiest cats and well-deserves a place among the most playful breeds.

Most Siberian cats love to play with anything they can get their paws on, including jewelry and other shiny things.

This grey cat breed also enjoys fetching toys, splashing in the water, and climbing up the furniture.

Since Siberians are excellent mousers, it’s not surprising that they can spend hours stalking and “killing” toys.

Despite their weight of nearly 20 pounds, Siberian cats are quite athletic, and they don’t have a problem reaching the highest possible spot in the house.


It’s fun to have a playful cat in the house and watch as they chase the red dot, tear apart toy mice, and knock things around.

However, energetic cats need a lot of exercise and stimulation to keep them happy and prevent destruction in the house.

If you don’t have the opportunity to spend quality time with your playful cat, you might be better off with a calm cat.

What do you think about these 7 most playful cat breeds? Which cats are your favorites? Tell us what you think in the comment section.


Curious about the most playful cat breed? These 7 kitties really know how to have a good time. Check them out!
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