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Looking for some great cat flaps but have no idea where to start?

Not even sure what one is?

Below, we’ll go over everything from what they are to finding a cat flap fitter and more. 

We’ll even look at some of my favorite recommendations!

What Does Cat Flap Mean?

Looking for a cat flap but have no idea where to start? Check out our complete guide- including recommendations and even some tips on finding a cat flap fitter!

Cat flaps are small openings that allow cats to enter or exit a home by themselves.

In other words, they’re cat doors—just, well, flappier!

In their oldest designs, these flaps were simple holes without much technological intervention.

But cat flaps have evolved into rather complex constructions with some ingenious design features. 

For instance, you’ll find most modern cat flaps are flexible flaps or commonly hinged, spring-loaded panels.

Some options are even electronically controlled for even more convenience.

Benefits of Fitting a Pet Flap

Let me be clear upfront: it’s always better to keep your kitty an indoor cat vs. an outdoor one.

That said, if you just can’t swing it, then there are several fantastic benefits to having a cat flap inside your home.

for Your Cat

  • They are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety, since they know they can always get to you.
  • Your cat can escape danger from indoors (intruder, another pet, fire, etc.)
  • Your cat can escape danger outside your home (lousy weather, wildfires, another animal, etc.)
  • Lower chance of urinary tract infection from “holding it” while waiting for you to let him out.

For Your Life

  • Your doors and walls will have a lot fewer scratches on them
  • You no longer need to open doors for your cat
  • Could mean the end of having litter boxes

How Much Does it Cost to Fit a Cat Flap?

Looking for a cat flap but have no idea where to start? Check out our complete guide- including recommendations and even some tips on finding a cat flap fitter!

Cat flaps will vary greatly when it comes to their price, depending on several factors: brand, size, design, technology, and overall quality. 

A standard two-way pet door can cost as little as $10 for basic models.

But more advanced designs, like a microchip-detecting option, can cost as much as $150.

You then have to account for the installation costs.

Most professionals will charge either a per-project fee or an hourly fee, but the expected total will usually fall between $125 and $300.

If they provide the flap, it will cost more.

What Size Pet Flap Do I Need?

Cat owners should never buy a pet flap without measuring their feline.

If you do, the door might end up being too small or big for them, making this purchase a waste of money. How do you prevent this outcome?

The simple answer is to measure your cat. It’s the only way to make sure you obtain the right size door for them.

This process starts by taking measurements from their feet to their shoulders.

You should also try to account for other factors, such as the distance between the cat’s underbelly and their head and their overall width, before choosing an option.

Once you’ve got these measurements, use them to construct a cardboard cutout. This cutout will help you visually determine whether the size will work for your cat.

I’d recommend keeping the opening’s width two inches wider than your cat’s widest part, as well. This same two-inch cushion should be applied to the cat’s height.

These cushions will ensure your cat doesn’t get stuck when your measurements are incorrect. Plus, a bigger pet door helps your cat get larger as they grow.

Where Can I Install a Pet Flap And How?

Pet flaps or cat doors can be placed in porch doors, door screens, walls, doors, or any other location with access to the ground.

If you’re wondering, “Can a cat flap be installed into my glass panel?” The answer is yes, but you’ll almost definitely need to hire a professional cat flap fitter.

If you’re planning to go the DIY route, you must understand the thickness with which it can be installed before installing it.

If this aspect seems a bit too complex, you can always buy a tunnel telescoping pet door.

These options are capable of being installed on varied thicknesses with relative ease. Cat flaps for windows are meant to be installed on window screens with lower elevations.

This situation will ensure your cat has easy access to enter and exit as they wish. You can apply the same to cat flaps for sliding windows, as well. 

The installation process begins will cutting out a section from your door, window screen, or wall before fitting the cat door inside it.

Most of these models come with a cut-out template to ensure you know the right amount to cut. Once you make this cutout section, the cat flap can be fitted inside using fasteners.

Cat Flap Reviews: Our Top 5 Picks

If you’re interested in getting a cat flap, one of the following five options would be a great choice:.

Each of these has proven to be an effective, useful product that cat owners love.

1. Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door

Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door
  • A transparent, unbreakable LEXAN flap measuring 6-1/4" x 6-1/4",...
  • Perfect for both interior and exterior use, adapting to your needs.
  • A telescoping frame that easily adjusts to doors from 1-1/4" to 1-3/4"...

If you’re looking for a simple option, Ideal Pet Products’ Cat Flap Door would be a perfect choice. 

Its easy installation process, durable design, and versatility make it a no-nonsense cat flap. 

All these fantastic qualities are available for an affordable price, as well.  


  • Made with weather-resistant Lexan
  • I can work with any cat up to 12 pounds
  • Four-way locking mechanism
  • Magnetic slap-closing flap
  • Opening size: 6.25-inch by 6.25-inch 


  • Easy to install
  • Durable design
  • Hardware, instruction manual, and cut-out template included
  • Usable on interior or exterior doors
  • Affordable cost


  • The locking mechanism can be opened with enough pressure

Final Verdict

Its simple, practical construction, combined with an affordable price, is a bargain buyer’s dream.

It doesn’t hurt that the product comes with everything needed for the installation, either. 

But it’s worth mentioning that some buyers noticed their cats could bypass the locking mechanism.

If you’re worried about your cat going outside when you aren’t around, this option might not be a fit. 

2. SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Door
  • Compatible with all common microchips - works with your cat's existing...
  • Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using...
  • Can be installed in doors, windows or walls - accessories available

SureFlap’s DualScan Microchip Cat Door makes a cat owner’s life easier in many ways. 

One of them is its DualScan technology, which lets owners set permissions for each one of their pets. 

It allows you to choose what pet should stay indoors and who gets to explore outdoors. 


  • Opening size: 4 3/4-inch height x 5 5/8-inch
  • Capable of setting exit permissions
  • Equipped with a safety mode
  • Requires 4 AA batteries
  • Uses DualScan technology 


  • Can set permissions for up to 32 different pets
  • Easy to install in windows, doors, or walls
  • Works with any common microchips
  • Keeps unwanted intruders out
  • Durable, weatherproof construction


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Aside from its impressive DualScan technology, this option offers several other remarkable features.

Buyers will love its ability to install easily in doors, walls, or windows. The durable, weatherproof construction doesn’t hurt its appeal, either. 

Its price does hurt its overall appeal, though, as this model costs a small fortune.

But It’s hard to argue with its cost when you consider what you’re getting.

3. Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap Doorp

Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap Door
  • Access for Cats: Grant your feline companions access to your home with...
  • Secure Entry System: The cat flap operates using Cat Mate Cat Collar...
  • Versatile Locking Options: With a 4-way lock feature, you have control...

Buyers looking for a magnet-based model need to consider Ani Mate’s Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap.

It has a proven design that’s become a favorite among cat owners. 

After all, it’s a simple matter of placing a magnet on your cat’s collar, and they will be the only ones who can use it. 


  • Electromagnetic cat door with two magnets
  • Opening size: 5 3/4-inch width and 6-inch height.
  • Includes a brush strip to reduce silent action and energy loss
  • It comes with a complete instruction manual
  • 4-way locking system


  • Allows instant entry for cats who are wearing its small magnet
  • Provides complete control over your cat’s movements
  • Usable on all doors
  • It runs on one 9-volt battery
  • Easy installation


  • It doesn’t come with a 9-volt battery included

Final Verdict:

The product’s effective design is hard to match.

But the Ani Mate also threw in numerous other features to make it even more intriguing: its 4-way locking system, brush strip, and usable instruction manual.

Cat owners can’t ask for much else when choosing a cat flap for their favorite pets.

However, it would’ve been nice for Ani Mate to include a 9-volt battery with the purchase.

4. The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door
  • The Kitty Pass is the safest and cutest way to let your cat in and...
  • Smooth, Wide opening allows your cat to pass through SAFELY, without...
  • No eye offending Screw Holes or logos, just beautiful clean lines that...

The Kitty Pass’s Interior Cat Door is a perfect option for someone looking to put a cat flap inside their home. 

It’ll help your favorite cat escape from other pets who might be chasing them around the house.

I also find these types of cat flaps useful for keeping other pets away from the litter boxes. 


  • Opening size: 7.5″x 6.5″
  • Rounded opening
  • Capable of being installed in doors with 1.25″ to 1.75″ thickness
  • A stylish, glossy white coloring
  • Carved cat ears on its font size


  • Durable construction material
  • Perfect size for cats
  • Doesn’t have any offensive screw holes
  • Cute cat-eared design
  • Made in the USA


  • It doesn’t come with a locking panel

Final Verdict

Finding another interior cat door capable of matching this one would be a challenging task.

Its durable construction, cute design, and versatility make it a home run.

But it’s worth noting that these models don’t come with a locking panel.

As a result, it won’t keep any animals out who are small enough to enter or exit. 

5. CEESC Magnetic Cat Door

CEESC Magnetic Cat Door
  • ☞CONVENIENT LOCK --- The knob-style switch is 4 way rotary, you can...
  • ☞IMPROVED WEATHER-PROOF BRUSH STRIP --- It provides a fixed groove...
  • ☞THOUGHTFUL SCREWS --- It comes with 2 packs of 8 screws each, one...

CEESC’s Magnetic Pet Door is another relatively simple but effective model with an affordable price tag.

If anyone’s looking for a bargain, this magnetic option would undoubtedly be in your wheelhouse. 

The weatherproof brush strip and 4-way rotary locking mechanism were enough to sell me. 


  • Two size options: M- (inner size): 6.18(W) x 6.3(H) and L- (inner size): 7.1(W) x 7.7(H)
  • Two-color schemes: Black and White
  • A 4-way rotary locking mechanism
  • Weatherproof brush strip
  • Includes step-by-step instructions


  • Multiple buying options
  • Usable for cats up to 15 pounds
  • Compatible with walls, sliding doors, or regular doors
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable cost


  • Some issues with the included screws

Final Verdict

Honestly, there’s nothing too special about this model.

But it does the job effectively without putting too many complicated features into its design.

Simplicity shouldn’t ever be an overlooked aspect when it comes to these products.

I do have a few concerns about the product’s included screws, though.

Some customers mention them as a little too small and relatively ineffective in their reviews.


My recommendation would have to be to choose Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door.

It’s the most cost-effective option and makes your life easier with its issue-free installation. 

But if you have any more questions about cat flaps, let me know in our comment section.

I’d love to do anything that can make this entire process less of a hassle for you. Thanks for reading!

Looking for a cat flap but have no idea where to start? Check out our complete guide- including recommendations and even some tips on finding a cat flap fitter!
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