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How many litter boxes should you have for multiple cats?

That’s an excellent question because cats don’t like to share, especially when it comes to their toilet.

Fortunately, I’m here to talk about everything cat owners must know about litter boxes in multi-cat households. 

How Many Cat Litter Boxes Should You Have for Multiple Cats?

Having multiple cats means it’s a joy because you’ve got several felines to cuddle, spoil, and pet. But having several cats can be a challenge when it comes to maintaining a clean house.

And the biggest concern is the litter box, of course. With multiple cats, inappropriate elimination due to a lack of enough toilet boxes can make it impossible to keep the floor and carpet clean.  

So, how many litter boxes should you have for multiple cats? The rule of thumb is one box per cat plus one extra. But other factors, such as how big the house is and the type of toilet box, also matter. 

Bengal cat using his litter box

So, let’s talk in detail about how many toilet boxes you should prepare for multiple cats. 

How Many Litter Boxes For Six Cats?

The more cats you have, the more toilet boxes you’ll need to encourage proper bathroom habits. And many cats like to use one box for urine and one for feces.

So, how many boxes do you need for six or seven cats? 

For seven cats, you need at least eight litter boxes. So, for six cats, you need at least seven cat litter boxes, nine boxes for eight cats, etc.

Of course, when you live in a small apartment with six or seven cats, it’s not physically possible to place so many toilets. But you should still strive to provide as many as possible.

It’s hard to imagine living with so many toilets around the house, but as you’ll learn in a bit, it will save you from trouble in the long run.

What Type Of Toilet Box Do I Need for Multiple Cats?

When you have a clowder of cats, chances are they aren’t the same size or age. In this case, picking a standard litter box isn’t a good idea.

Your cat’s litter box should be approximately 1 1/2 times their length. Otherwise, the cat won’t have enough space to turn around and do its business. 

Moreover, both intact and fixed cats spray urine to mark territory. Opting for a toilet box with high sides can contain the urine and the unpleasant smell if you have such cats. 

pink litter box at the corner of the room

So, you need to provide boxes of different sizes to ensure your feline friends can use the toilet with no problems.

As for the uncovered vs. covered litter box debate, studies say that cats don’t show a preference for either type as long as you keep the toilet clean.

Are Self-Cleaning Toilet Boxes a Good Idea for Multiple Cats?

Can you imagine spending an hour or two scooping seven or eight toilet boxes every day? Then you should consider a self-cleaning toilet box.

Automatic cat litter boxes have sensors that turn on the cleaning cycle after the cat exits the box.

They remove solid and liquid waste into a built-in compartment to keep the box clean and reduce odors. 

Orange and white cat peeking out from inside a litter robot

Moreover, some of these boxes are designed to work for up to four felines and use less clumping litter than standard ones.

So, you’ll need fewer toilets around the house for multiple cats, and you’ll save some money on cat litter.

Where Should You Put Litter Boxes For Multiple Cats?

Wondering where to put cat litter box? It’s essential to find the right places to put the toilet boxes when you have multiple cats. Otherwise, some of your furry friends can block access to the toilet to bully and intimidate the other cats.

calico cat getting outside the litter box

You should spread the litter boxes around your house to ensure equal access. But don’t put them near food and water bowls.  

If you have several floors, each floor should have a couple of toilets because some cats won’t hold them in until they reach the ground floor. 

Finding a discreet area to put your cat’s litter box is challenging, especially if you have limited space and multiple cats. This cat mom has some great tips.

3 Reasons Why Should You Have Multiple Toilet Boxes for Multiple Cats

Let’s talk about why it’s so important to have multiple boxes for multiple cats and why cats shouldn’t share a toilet. 

1. Territorial Issues 

As I already mentioned, cats don’t like to share, be it food bowls or toilets.

So, when you don’t have enough toilets, it’s easy for one cat to establish its dominance by marking the box and preventing the others from using it.

2. Privacy 

Cats are vulnerable while using the litter box, so they become stressed when they have to share a box with other cats.

Moreover, cats are private animals, so they don’t like it when someone watches them using the toilet box. 

3. Preventing Accidents

Cats aren’t going to wait in line to use the toilet. So, when you don’t have enough toilets, your cats will find alternative spots when the toilet box is occupied. 

Moreover, cats hate the smell of dirty litter boxes and will find another location to use. And since you can’t be around to clean the toilet all day, it’s better to have enough toilets to prevent such accidents.


Why do you need 3 litter boxes for 2 cats?

You need to provide one extra box for two cats to prevent overcrowding and ensure your cats have clean boxes to do their business. 

How many cats is too many? 

No rule says how many cats you may have.
As long as you can take good care of them, provide high-quality food, and have enough toilet boxes, you can have as many cats as you like. 

Can I put 2 litter boxes next to each other?

Yes, you can put two toilet boxes next to each other. However, your cat may consider the two boxes as a single unit and mark them to prevent other felines from using the toilet. 


Having multiple cats is a little bit more difficult than raising a single cat. But as long as you provide enough litter boxes per cat, it will be easy to keep the cats happy and the house clean.

Just consider your cat’s age and size when choosing the best litter for multiple cats, and spread the boxes as equally as possible around the house. 

What do you think about this topic? How many litter boxes should you have for multiple cats? Share your experience in the comment section.

adult cat inside a high side litter box
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