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The popular Maine Coon comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, with the tabby Maine Coon being one of the most well-known of all.

One look at their stunning coats and it’s easy to see why they are in such demand!

Below, we’ll get to really know these gorgeous felines and really dive into their history, health needs, and more.

Let’s get started!

Tabby Maine Coon Cats History

three Maine coon kitties with different coat colors

The history of the official state cat of Maine remains a complete mystery.

However, they’re thought to have originated around the 1800s in Wiscasset, Maine, and many experts believe they’re a result of interbreeding between short and long-haired cats.

Even back then, the tabby was the most popular variation of this breed, despite the many coat colors and color patterns that show up in the Maine Coon.

Maine Coon cats reached peak popularity way back in the 1800s until the 1900s when Persian cats overtook them as the crowd favorite.

The MC, however, regained much of their popularity by the 1950s, thanks to the unrelenting effort of many experienced breeders.


a huge Maine coon cat with white feet

One quick note before we dive into characteristics: there’s no such thing as a “tabby Maine Coon cat breed.” The “tabby” refers to the coat pattern.

So, most physical characteristics (aside from the coat itself) are the same across all MC color variations.

Tabby Maine Coon Cats Size

Among all the breeds of cats, the Maine Coon cats are probably considered to be the biggest. Males are usually larger than females.

Although they grow quite slowly, the Coon cat can grow to a length of 40 inches. Their height can range anywhere from 10-16 inches tall, while they can weigh anywhere from 15-25 pounds.

Females can have almost the same length as the male Maine Coon, although they can be a bit shorter.

Their height will range anywhere from 8-14 inches, while their weight can be anywhere between 10-15 pounds on average.

As for lifespan, the Maine coon life expectancy is roughly 13-14 years.

Different Colors and Patterns

beautiful tabby Maine coon kittens

The term “tabby” is used to define any pattern of stripes, swirls, or even spots on a cat’s fur.

The fur of the tabby Maine Coon cat comes in four different distinct  but common patterns:

  • Classic pattern
  • Ticked Pattern or Agouti
  • Mackerel Pattern or Stripes
  • Spotted

The “classic” is the one that is probably the most known among all tabby patterns. This pattern is made of swirls that are quite broad which are usually found on the sides of the cat.

The ticked tabby is a result of a gene known as the agouti gene. This results in two or more bands of color on the Maine Coon’s fur.

The mackerel tabby or striped Maine Coon has thin bands of colored fur that are positioned parallel to each other. The stripes are usually seen running along the sides of the cat.

Instead of stripes or swirls, the Maine Coon cat may also have spots similar to that of an American bobtail or Ocicat.

Aside from the different patterns, Maine Coon coats can feature as many as 74 different colors!

The tabby Maine Coon color classes, though, are:

maine coon has an m on forehead
  • brown
  • cream
  • silver
  • red
  • blue

Among these five colors, the brown tabby Maine Coon is probably the most common. Brown tabbies exhibit a brown, copper tone. They usually are noticeable in classic, mackerel, and ticked patterns.

The cream-tabby can be seen in mackerel, ticked or classic patterns. This usually shows darker cream markings that are superimposed on a pale cream color background.

The silver tabby usually has a solid, yet pale silver background with black markings in a mackerel, classic or ticked pattern.

The red tabby is not actually red, but more orange in color, similar to orange Maine Coons. They have darker markings that may be of a ticked, classic, or mackerel pattern.

Blue tabbies are of bluish-grey tint, so they are often mistaken as grey. They do come in ticked, classic, or mackerel patterns too!

It is also important to note that tabby Maine Coon cats have a popular tabby marking on their forehead that is shaped like a letter “m.” Check out the picture below to see what I mean.

Temperament and Personality Of Tabby Maine Coon Cats

orange maine coon cat

The tabby cats personality has indeed rubbed off on the tabby Coon cat! Despite their intimidating size, tabby Maine Coons are actually known to be gentle giants.

In terms of personality, these cats make for the perfect house pet since they are actually quite loving and loyal. They are also quite intelligent which makes them easy to train.

Tabby Coon cats have an affectionate personality, which is great for households with kids. They also can be quite playful and curious. (Puzzle toys are a great way to keep them busy!)

Although they can be left alone, there are times when they do seek attention so you will have to make sure that you have time to spend with them.

Tabby Maine Coon Cats Health and Care


brushing Maine coon's beautiful coat

Tabby Maine Coons are long-haired breeds so they will need weekly combing– at least thrice a week — to avoid matting and tangling of their fur.

Bathing isn’t regularly needed since they do like to clean themselves a lot. On a regular basis, a tabby Maine Coon will probably need a good bath once a month.

Their claws also need to be trimmed, especially if they spend most of their time indoors.

Tabby Maine Coons need to have their teeth brushed regularly, if possible, every day.

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is common in Maine Coon cats. You can avoid this by making sure that your cat’s teeth are brushed on a daily basis.


The tabby Maine Coon needs lots of protein in his diet in order to maintain his fur and his muscles. Extreme weight gain is a no-no for this breed, so it is best to avoid grains in their diet.

Snacks should also be limited. It is also best that a scheduled feeding be followed in order to avoid weight gain. After all, tabby Maine coons do love to eat!

You can check out food formulated for large cat breeds so you can make sure that you meet the daily dietary needs.

Health Issues

tabby Maine coon

Although Maine Coon cats are generally a hardy breed, genetic predispositions make them prone to certain diseases.

One condition that is hereditary in is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is a form of heart disease which involves enlargement of the heart muscle.

This is usually detected through an ECG which the vet can easily perform on your cat.

Gaining too much weight can cause hip dysplasia. This condition affects the cat’s movements, especially in his later years.

It can be quite painful and it is for this reason why the tabby Maine coon should always be kept within his ideal weight.

Spinal muscular atrophy is a condition that can be detected in Coon kittens and that persists pretty much throughout the cat’s life.

It leads to muscle weakness although it isn’t as severe as hip dysplasia. With lifestyle adjustments, the coon cat can live normally even with this condition.

Tabby Maine Coon Cats Cost

If you’re interested in bringing a tabby Maine Coon into your home, start by checking out local shelters and rescue groups.

There are millions upon millions of cats waiting for forever homes, and it’s very possible to find a tabby MC among them.

If you can’t find one to adopt and you have your heart set on one, then you can look into reputable Maine Coon breeders.

If you go that route, keep in mind that Maine Coon kittens can cost anywhere from $800-2000, while adults can cost anywhere from $400-1500.

Is a Tabby Maine Coon a Purebred Cat?

purebred tabby maine coon cat

A Maine Coon cat (including the tabby coat variation) is a purebred cat, although mixed breed tabbies can be easily mistaken for purebred.

To know if the cat is a purebred, you can check out the following features which are standard to all purebred Maine Coons:

  • rectangular-shaped body. Mixed breeds usually have smaller frames
  • large ears, but not too pointy
  • tufts of fur in the inner portion of the ear
  • longer head compared to mixed Coon
  • straight nose
  • long, bushy tail
  • long, silky coat which tends to be uneven


There are many things to consider if you do intend to own a tabby Maine Coon. However, do make sure that you have the time to shower them with all the love and care that they need.

Rest assured that if you do so, they can return all of it back to you– and probably even more!

What do you think of tabby Maine coon cats? Let us know in the comments below!


two Tabby maine coon kittens
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