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Are you in love with striped cat breeds and can’t get enough of these purring creatures?

Then I’ve got some good news for all cat lovers.

We’re going to talk about 11 of the most amazing cats with stripes that you can find.

Just keep on reading.

11 Striped Cat Breeds

A lot of people think that tabby cats with the hallmark “M” their forehead are a separate breed.

However, tabby is a coat type common for many official breeds and domestic cats.

Tabbies come in a lot of patterns, and the variety is breathtaking. Some have stripes that swirl like marble, others – tiger stripes, spots, or patches.

Moreover, tabby cats come in a lot of different colors with brown and brown/grey being the most common ones. Curiously, even some black cats are tabbies in disguise.

If they have the gene responsible for the tabby pattern, it might not be completely suppressed.

So, you might glimpse a black cat’s stripes in bright sunlight.

#1 Toyger

adult striped toyger cat

Have you ever wanted to have a mini tiger at your house?

Then the Toyger might be the right breed for you since it’s one of the most beautiful tiger-striped cat breeds.

Don’t be surprised that you’ve never heard about Toygers. They’re a “fairy” new designer breed, a cross between Bengals and domestic shorthair cats.

Usually, Toygers have dark stripes and rosettes on an orange background, which give them their unique tiger-like appearance.

Toygers also have circular head marking and striped tails.

While Toygers are similar to wild cats, they’re easy-going and get on well with everybody. They’re intelligent and love to play fetch.

#2 Dragon Li

Dragon Li cat breed

Don’t let the name Dragon Li to confuse you.

We’re still talking about cats, but we can’t deny that there’s something that reminds you of dragons when you look at the eyes of these Chinese cats.

Dragon Li cats are very popular in China and quite rare outside their native country.

They have golden/brown, broken stripes, large almond-shaped yellow/green eyes, and a black-tipped tail.

While the wild appearance of Dragon Li might make you think that they’re an aggressive breed, they’re affectionate, friendly, and playful.

#3 American Bobtail

Ginger cat close-up during golden hour

When we’re talking about cats with stripes, we can’t miss the adorable American Bobtail.

Known for its distinctive short tail, the American Bobtail closely resembles wild bobcats with their muscular bodies and shaggy coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including tabby.

The American Bobtail is a wonderful cat with a dog’s personality.

They love to play games, such as hide-and-seek or fetch. These cats also like to walk on a leash and get on well with dogs and strangers.

#4 Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cat breed

Another striped cat breed is the remarkable Norwegian Forest Cat. These large fluffy cats come in a variety of colors and patterns and have one of the silkiest furs.

But their pride and glory is the magnificent bushy tail, which is as long as their bodies.

You might see Norwegian Forest cats with classical tabby markings, tiger stripes, spots, and patches. In some tabbies, the tail and the legs might be striped or spotted as well.

Despite their large size, Norwegian cats are a laid-back breed and make friends easily.

However, they like to climb and won’t hesitate to jump into your fish aquarium for a quick snack.

#5 Oriental

Longhair Oriental Domestic Cat

The gorgeous Oriental cats come in more colors and patterns than any other breed, so we can’t miss them when we talk about cats with striped tails.

Besides their marvelous appearance, Oriental cats make one of the best cat breeds for children due to their mellow temperament.

They’re also highly intelligent and learn tricks with easy when motivated.

#6 Abyssinian

Looking for some beautiful Abyssinian cat names? Check out 100 that we love, inspired by their color, heritage, and more!

The Abyssinian might not seem like a tabby at first, but that’s because you’re not looking closely at their fur.

Abyssinians are famous for their agouti (ticked) hair. That’s a tabby pattern in which each hair has bands of color.

Abyssinians are one of the oldest brees and one of the most intelligent cats.

They’re also easy to train, and people often say that they have a dog-like personality.

#7 Ocicat

Are in love with striped cat breeds and can’t get enough of these purring creatures? Then check out these 11 of the most amazing cats with stripes that you can find!

Unlike other striped cat breeds, it’s easy to recognize the Ocicat.

They have a distinctive short spotted coat that comes in 12 colors, all of which have dark spots on a light background.

Moreover, similarly to Abyssinians, Ocicats have agouti fur. If you pay close attention to each hair, you’ll notice individual bands of color, except for the tail tip. Fascinating, right?

Despite their resemblance to wild ocelots, Ocicats are gentle, playful, and don’t mind being carried around the house.

Moreover, they are low shedding cats and one of the longest living felines.

#8 American Shorthair

american shorthair cat

When you say tabby, a lot of people imagine the American Shorthair with its classic silver tabby swirling patterns.

That’s not surprising since American Shorthairs are well represented in the media and very popular due to their calm and undemanding personality.

While the grey striped tabbies are common, American Shorthair cats can come in a variety of colors and other patterns.

Their short coat means that they’re also easy to groom, but they shed moderately.

Some consider American Shorthair cats to be a dumb cat breed due to their laid-back temperament.

However, they’re pretty smart and self-sufficient cats who prefer to nap than to learn tricks.

#9 Scottish Fold

Scottish fold cat breed

Another classical grey striped cat breed is the Scottish Fold.

These unique cats are easily recognized among other breeds due to their folded ears and their tendency to pose in strange and hilarious positions.

While grey/silver tabby patterns are common in Scottish Folds, these cats come in a variety of colors and might be tabbies, solid, bicolor, or parti-color.

They also might have a short, dense coat or a longhaired one with a plumed tail, ear tufts, and a ruff around the neck.

Due to their folded ears, Scottish Folds are best kept inside and make excellent indoor cats.

#10 Bengal

bengal cat breed

Looking at Bengal cats, it’s easy to imagine that they belong in the jungle where their big striped cousins live.

Created from the wild Asian leopard cat, the Bengal only looks wild with their spotted coats and muscular bodies.

The truth is that Bengal cats are very affectionate, smart, and mischievous. However, they’re highly energetic, like to climb, and love to play in the water.

So, Bengal cats can be a challenge to live with, especially if they learn how to operate light switches or doorknobs.

#11 Domestic Shorthair Cat

Domestic Shorthair cat breed

Finally, when we’re talking about cats with stripes, we can’t fail to mention Domestic Shorthair Cats (DSC).

These are the most widely spread cats and are often lovingly called the mutts of the cat world.

Since DSCs are a mix of various breeds, these felines come in almost all colors, sizes, patterns, and temperaments.

They’re also very healthy since they’re not bred selectively and can be an excellent choice for first-time owners.


Striped cats are common in almost all breeds and come in many colors, sizes, and temperaments

They make wonderful pets with their bold attitude, love for adventure, and affectionate nature.

What do you think about these 11 striped cat breeds? Which one is your favorite tabby – grey striped or brown striped ones? Tell us in the comments.


Are in love with striped cat breeds and can’t get enough of these purring creatures? Then check out these 11 of the most amazing cats with stripes that you can find!
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