Looking for adorable munchkin cat gift ideas for your favorite cat lovers?

Or maybe you just want to show off your love for this adorable breed?

I’ve got you covered either way with these darling t-shirts, throw pillows, and more that celebrate all things munchkin kitty!

Looking for adorable munchkin cat gift ideas for your favorite cat lovers? Check out these 10 darling shirts, PopSockets, pillows & more!

They make perfect holiday gifts, birthday presents, cat adoption gifts, and more!

Check them out, then head to our cat lovers gift shop for more great gifts!

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Munchkin Cat Gift Ideas

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1. Super Colorful Munchkin Cat Graphic T-Shirt

Super Colorful Munchkin Cat Graphic T-Shirt

If you’re a proud owner of the munchkin cat breed, you need this darling kitten tee! It’s one of my all-time favorites and makes me so happy just looking at it!

Seriously, don’t you want to snuggle that cute kitty? This super colorful Munchkin Cat graphic T-shirt makes a great gift for friends and family.



2. I Love My Munchkin Mug

I Love My Munchkin Cat Coffee Mug

If you’re looking for a simple way to proclaim your munchkin love, you really can’t go wrong with this one!

It’s perfect for your morning coffee or tea!



3. I Love My Munchkin (with Cute Munchkin Cat Graphic)

I Love My Munchkin Cat T-shirt With A Cute Paw Print

This one is for those of us who want something a little flashier! It’s one of my all-time favorite shirts because I just love the colors. If you get it on Redbubble, you’ll find it in 7 different colors. Prefer to shop on Amazon? It comes in 5 colors there! I personally love either the white or the brown.


4. I Love My Munchkin Coffee Mug

5. Munchkin Cat Hoodie

Super Colorful Munchkin Cat Graphic Hoodie

The super warm and cozy version of my favorite munchkin cat gift idea!

This hoodie is so soft and snuggly, just like your kitty!



6. Munchkin Cat Throw Pillow

Munchkin Cat Throw Pillow

This cute little guy would look perfect on your sofa! Just keep in mind, if your kitty sees it, she’ll assume it’s for her! After all, it is literally a cat pillow!

On another note, I am absolutely obsessed with throw pillows from Redbubble! The quality is outstanding. I have a couple of their pillows and they’ve held up against several washings, dirty dogs sitting on them, and a teen son throwing them around his room.

Get it Exclusively on Redbubble

7. I Love My Munchkin Cat Phone Case

‘Love My Munchkin Cat ’ iPhone Case by Dogvills

Protect your iPhone in style with this adorable munchkin cat phone case! It’s available for all iPhones from 4 and up (which is great news for those of us who still have older phones!). I recommend the Tough Case, versus the Snap, because it offers a bit more protection.

Get it on Redbubble


8. Cats Rule Pillow

‘Gift ideas for Cat lovers: Cats Rule’ Throw Pillow by Dogvills

These next few aren’t munchkin cat specific, but they make perfect gift ideas for all cat lovers! This one says “Cats Rule,” which we all know is 100% true! I love the colors on this one, don’t you?

Hey, did you know that you can buy just the cover? If you already have a throw pillow and want to save a bit of money, it’s a great option. Cover + insert is only a few dollars more though, and I can never have too many throw pillows!

Get it on Redbubble

9. Cat Mama

Cat Mama

Want the whole world to know that you’re a proud cat mama? You need this adorable and simply stated t-shirt! It comes in 5 colors over on Amazon (and it’s Prime-eligible), or 16 colors over on Redbubble.

10. Warning: May Spontaneously Start Talking About Cats

This is a hilarious gift idea for people like me who spontaneously burst into super long monologues about their cats! I could wax poetic about my Alex the Fuzz and Zoe for hours!


Love these munchkin cat gift ideas so much that you want to get them on other merchandise? Every design is available on pillows, duvet covers, case covers, and more over in our Redbubble shop.

Which of these munchkin cat gift ideas do you love most? Tell me below!





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