Ever hear the saying “crazy cat lady?”

Well, these 10 facts prove cat people aren’t crazy at all.

In fact, they’re pretty awesome!

Check them out!

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Ever hear the saying “crazy cat lady?” Well, these 10 facts prove cat people aren’t crazy at all. In fact, they’re pretty awesome! Check them out!


If you have a cat, or several, you’ve probably been called a crazy cat parent. Cat owners always seem to get the short end of the stick! No matter how you feel about cats, there are some perks to being a cat owner. Studies have shown that watching videos or looking at pictures of cats can boost your mood. Have you ever browsed through pictures of cute cats and noticed you felt much better? Chances are, you have! Obviously being a cat person isn’t such a bad thing!

10 facts that prove cat people aren’t crazy.

1. Cats are a great coping mechanism.

Going through a rough patch in life? Stressed out and tired? If so, own a cat! Cats have proven to help better cope better. From losing a loved one to depression, cats are great at boosting our coping mechanisms.

Cats are great for social support. You can cry to your cat without any worries! Your cat may not understand but you can count on your kitty to console you.

2. Feline fans are more likely to rescue stray kittens.

Stray cats and kittens make up a lot of the pets at shelters. If you’re a cat person, pat yourself on the back! As a cat lover, you’re 21% more likely to rescue or adopt a stray cat. This means you care enough to give a helpless animal a loving home. Kudos to cat people!

3. Cat people are smarter!

That’s right, we have more brain cells! A survey found that cat owners are more likely to have a degree, compared to dog owners. Another study flat out found that cat owners are smarter overall! The thought process? Cats require less attention and maintenance. This means cat owners typically work longer hours and are more dedicated to their work life.

4. More open-minded.

That’s right, cat people are more likely to see the world in non-conventional ways. Us cat lovers are more open to trying new things. We also appreciate new ideas and embrace the imagination.

5. May help keep your kids from getting allergies

Did you know that owning a cat when you have a baby may help prevent future allergies? It’s true! Research shows that being exposed to them at a younger age can help develop an immunity.

6. Healthier hearts.

We all know that owning a pet is good for your heart. But cat people reap this benefit even more! Cats are much less stress inducing than dogs. Cats are low-maintenance which means less worry. With a cat, your anxiety and stress levels will decrease. Need proof? A study found that cat owners are 30% less likely to die of a heart attack.

7. A more sophisticated sense of humor.

Those dog people laugh at fart jokes and other silly things. Cat people? We laugh at and appreciate real humor. We love irony. We love puns! Cats make us appreciate adult humor.

8. More trusting.

Trust issues are real! That is, unless you’re a cat person. Cat people are more trusting and more responsive to people. While we are more likely to be introverts, we trust easier.

9. Having a cat may get you a date.

Finding a love interest who likes pets is one thing. But according to women, finding a man who owns a cat is like hitting the jackpot! A study found that 90% of women said that male cat owners are nicer compared to men who don’t. Single guy looking to change his status? Get a cat!

10. Owning a cat is environmentally-friendly

Many people don’t take the environment in mind when it comes to owning a pet! Did you know that the resources needed to take care of a dog creates the same eco-footprint of a Land Cruiser owner?

Not to knock dog owners, but cat owners have less of a carbon footprint! This is because cats eat less. Cats also eat more environmentally friendly meats, such as fish.

What’s your favorite fact on the list? Are you a cat person? Tell us what made you fall in love with cats!

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