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Curious about cat superstitions by country?

Superstitions have been around and will be around for centuries.

In different cultures, a single thing can have different meanings and interpretations.

Cats are not an exception to this rule, and they are viewed differently in some cultures.

They may bring bad luck or fortune, but we will see that below.

Cat Superstitions Around the World

This list of cat superstitions around the world proves that cats really do have a long history. Loved or hated, they were a part of it!

From white to black cats bringing good luck to bad, the world has some very interesting cat superstitions!

Take a look at some of the most intriguing!

1. Buddhist culture

In Buddhist culture, cats are bringers of material gains.

If a white cat enters your house, it will bring silver. If a black cat enters your house, it will enter with gold.

2. Celtic culture

In Celtic culture, cats born on May 1st become troublesome and mischievous. It is believed that they will bring snakes into the owner’s home.

3. China

The Chinese culture believes that cats can see ghosts and protect their people from them.

4. Egyptian culture

Bast the cat goddess

In ancient Egypt, cats were divinized. They were some of the most important creatures and were often assigned to Hathos, the goddess who could take a lion form.

After death, the cats were mummified, buried, and mourned, like their emperors.

5. England

English people believe that by having a black cat in your house, you will have luck in your love life. They are a sign of good luck.

6. Finland

In ancient times, the Finns believed that cats guided the dead to the afterlife.

7. France

The French also believe that black cats bring luck to all who feed them and treat them well.

This black cat with magical properties is called a “matagot.”

8. Ireland

This is a little macabre, but in Ireland, if you kill a cat, you will have seventeen years of bad, bad luck.

9. Italy

tabby cat sneezing

If you hear a cat sneezing, then you can consider it a good omen. It will bring you luck and fulfillment in your life.

10. Japan

In Japan, black cats are considered to bring good luck. The elders believe that they can heal sick children and protect them against all evil.

11. Madagascar

The people of the beautiful island believe that cats may be evil, as the souls of the unburied dead may possess them.

12. Netherlands

Around cats, the Dutch are careful not to say anything that they wouldn’t want repeated because they believe that cats will “rat” them out!

13. Norway

Turkish Angora cat

Norwegians consider cats to be fairies with a different form. The legend says that if you look deep inside a cat’s eyes, you will see the fairy world.

14. Russia

If a cat enters your new house first in Russia, then your life will be lucky and fulfilled.

15. Scotland

A black cat coming to your house is a sign of prosperity.

16. The USA

A black cat crossing your way is a sign of bad luck, so you should avoid that at all costs.

17. Wales

It’s believed that if a young, unmarried woman steps on a cat’s tail, she won’t get married that year. So, be careful!


There are also entire cultures based on cats and their existence; some think they are divine, others believe they will bring a world of chaos.

Of course, different cultures and traditions will have different opinions. Some say they should be avoided; others believe that they bring good luck or material gains.

No matter what their reasons are, I think we can agree that cats are amazing creatures, and this list of cat superstitions around the world proves it.

What are your favorite cat superstitions? Share below!

This list of cat superstitions around the world proves that cats really do have a long history. Loved or hated, they were a part of it!
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