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Did you know that cats relieve depression?

It’s true, and you don’t even need a study to prove it.

Just give your kitty a snuggle and feel the positive effects!

Sometimes it’s even enough to see cute kitten pictures and feel better immediately.

Today we’re going to talk about how your cat might help you deal with depression and get you back to your happy self!

5 Ways Cats Relieve Depression

Our lives are just too busy for our own good.

That’s why we can’t find the time we need to relax and forget about all the little problems troubling our minds.

It’s no wonder that depression is a common illness nowadays. But having a cat around will help you battle depression even when medications seem to have no effect.

#1 Cats provide unconditional love

cat cuddling with human

What do you need the most when you’re feeling the blues?

  • Someone to love you unconditionally without judging, asking too many questions, or expecting more than you can give at the moment.
  • Someone who will make you feel less lonely and isolated.

What’s better in such circumstances than a cat?

The cat is there when you’re home, and all it requires to be happy is food and attention.

In return, Kitty is delighted to purr when petted and snuggle with you. Moreover, you can dote on Kitty as much as you want, and she won’t complain at all.

Some people say that cats are not affectionate. They don’t love you; they just use you.

Well, I tend to disagree. Cats don’t express their feelings as openly as dogs, but they love their owners in their bizarre feline way.

#2 Cats don’t allow you to lazy around

lady cuddling her cat on the bed

As you’ll learn when you get a cat, sleeping in is not an option!

No matter how much you don’t feel like getting out of bed and facing the world, the insistent meowing, scratching and pawing will get you moving.

After all, there is nothing more annoying and persistent than a hungry cat.

What’s more, you have to take care of the litter box. And let me tell you something. Cats don’t like dirty litter boxes, and “dirty” for them means that you should be cleaning after each visit.

If you don’t clean it every day, not only your house will soon smell awful, but you risk stepping on something soft when walking around.

Or you might find yourself lying in wet sheets or stepping in wet shoes if you continue to ignore your duties. I’ve been there, so believe me you don’t want this to happen to you.

#3 Cats help you socialize

cat staring while hunting

I know what you’re thinking. How could cats help me socialize with people?

Well, wait until kitty disappears for a few hours or dashes through the door and you have to talk with the neighbors to see if anybody knows where she is.

You can’t just allow your depression to consume you, because you have to find her no matter how awful or embarrassed you feel in the moment.

What’s more, if Kitty is an indoor or outdoor cat, you’ll sooner or later find yourself walking in circles around the neighborhood calling for her.

That’s a great way to meet other cat lovers (they are doing the same thing) or sympathetic people who want to help.

#4 Cats distract you

cat playing with toys

You might have guessed by now, but I’m also fighting anxiety from time to time due to the stress of teaching.

But having cats around is a great way to take your mind off the troubles.

Just observing Kitty playing with her tail or chase around a toy is enough to make you smile and forget about the hardships that await you.

What’s more, it’s never boring with a cat or two in the house. You always have to be on your toes because you never know what your cat will do.

Need proof? Check out this video of Bruce, the depression-relieving cat!

#5 Cats are relaxing

We're checking out the most gorgeous ebony felines around, from fluffy black cat breeds to sleek short-haired kitties. Take a look!

There are many reasons why you’d want to pet a cat. They are fluffy, soft, cute, and irresistible.

However, do you know that petting your cat might be good for your health?

It turns out that cat petting reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

In fact, scientists have determined that petting an animal releases chemicals that make you feel good.

That’s the right medicine for any depressed person, don’t you think?

Even Your Cats Purr Has Benefits!

One of the most amazing things a cat does is purring. That sound makes it worth all the scratched furniture, ruined curtains, and broken family antics.

But purring is also great for your body because:

  • Lowers stress
  • Reduces the chances of a heart attack
  • Helps with the symptoms of dyspnea (difficulty breathing)
  • Lowers the blood pressure
  • Strengthens bones (that one is still under consideration)

So, if you’ve ever wanted an excuse to bring home a litter of kittens, now you have it. You can also consider pet therapy if you are not ready to commit to such a responsibility.

What do you think about these ways cats relieve depression? Do you agree with them or not? Share your story in the comments.


Do Cats Help With Depression? Easing Depression One Meow at a Time
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