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If curling up with a good book is your idea of a fun Friday night, you may want to check out the best cat breeds for introverts!

These felines are there when you need them most without being clingy.

In other words, they’re just independent enough to give you a little alone time while still give good snuggles!

Read on to find out what they are!

Best Cat Breeds for Introverts

Top 7 Best Cat Breeds for Introverts

In general, a dog’s hyperactive and constant attention-seeking personality is more suited to extroverts.

Dogs require daily walks and lots of owner-pet bonding time. Conversely, cats are quite the opposite.

While you may still have the odd case here and there, I think we can sum up a cat’s personality with three words: independent, reserved, and quiet.

If these are the characteristics you are looking for in a pet, then a feline would be the way to go. They need significantly less attention than a dog would, and this would benefit introverts.

Introverts are people who need time and space for themselves. Cats can provide introverts with much-needed alone time without overdoing it in the neediness department.

1. Maine Coon

purebred tabby maine coon cat

The Maine Coon is quite a popular breed, not only for its beauty but also for its low maintenance.

This breed is great for first-time owners as well as introverts.

They are quiet and mellow cats that don’t meow for attention on a daily basis.

You won’t find them disrupting your wind-down time at the end of a busy workday, and they handle alone time quite well.

Capable of spending time by their lonesome, the Maine Coon also gets along well with their mommies and daddies as well as other family members, furry or not.

2. Persian

persian cat breed

Persians are known for their long and luxurious coats and their flat but cute faces.

They can be quite affectionate with their owners and don’t demand much of their time.

Similar to many introverted people, Persian cats are careful with their time and like being alone. They would only spend it with those closest to them.

So if you have a Persian that seems particularly keen on being around you, you know for a fact that you rank highly in their books!

What makes them even more suited for introverts is that they are less accepting of new and unfamiliar people.

They might act a little skittish towards strangers and keep them at a distance.

3. Ragdoll

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I personally love the Ragdoll. They are among the cutest and most elegant cat breeds.

They are very “chill” animals and maintain a mellow attitude all around.

They got their name from the way their bodies go limp when they are picked up and carried.

If you like a good ol’ snuggle once in a while, a Ragdoll is a great choice.

If you are the type to need some alone time, a Ragdoll can also relax and do their own thing for as long as you need.

Much like most cats and other introverts, they prefer quiet and peaceful environments and won’t respond well to loud and sudden noises.

4. Russian Blue

russian blue cat breed

These beautifully colored and graceful cats prefer to spend time alone. They roam around the house, going about their business, and can be free of your supervision for hours.

Being independent doesn’t equate to a cold demeanor, as the Russian Blue can be very loving.

They also aren’t very active, which can be great for big city living and smaller apartments.

Just as you would as an introvert, Russian Blues are quite shy and wary of strangers.

As they say, the more time you spend with your pet, the more alike you get.

5. Himalayan

himalayan cat breed

Is that Persian? But it looks kind of like a Siamese, doesn’t it?

If you find yourself asking these questions, chances are you’re looking at a Himalayan.

If you love staying in the house, which chances are you do since you’re an introvert, then the Himalayan is the perfect animal for you.

Their adorable appearance aside, they are great for homebodies since they aren’t very energetic but are very quiet, loving, and affectionate.

As an introvert myself, I know it can get lonely sometimes, so a good cuddle companion is very helpful during downtime.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

Black Norwegian Forest light green eyes

Calm, gentle, and friendly are accurate words to describe this breed.

A sociable breed of cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat is classified as friendly but also quite independent and don’t have many demands of their owners

They can get pretty large, and although they are originally outdoor creatures, they fare quite well indoors as well. The best part is how quiet they are.

Instead of letting out long and droning meows, the Norwegian Forest Cat purrs softly or chirps pleasantly when it gets exciting.

7. British Shorthair

orange british shorthair

Short-haired breeds don’t require as much maintenance, which results in less attention being needed.

People attest that the British Shorthair can be quite reserved, but when their guard is lowered, they can be very affectionate domestic companions.

If you are often away from home on business or lead a busier lifestyle, a British Shorthair can adapt well due to their independence.

When you do make it home, they are more than willing to spend 1-on-1 time with their favorite person.

As cat lovers, we all know we tend to be slightly more reserved and like to be left alone at times.


Having a furry companion that can understand our needs is very important when it comes to choosing a pet.

Now remember, each pet is different and has unique personalities.

You might come across a very active Persian or a very aggressive Ragdoll, but your feline will love you no matter what kind of temperament it has.

What are your thoughts on these best cat breeds for introverts? Do you have any others to add to our list? Share below!

Looking for the best cat breeds for introverts? Check out 7 felines who understand the value of alone time yet still give good cuddles when needed!
Looking for the best cat breeds for introverts? Check out 7 felines who understand the value of alone time yet still give good cuddles when needed!
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