All cat owners face the same dilemma: our kitties need a place to go potty, but none of us really want to have to see and smell it.

No worries!

Check out these clever solutions for hiding your cat litter box!

All cat owners face the same dilemma: our kitties need a place to go potty, but their “potty” is gross to look at. No worries! Check out these clever solutions for hiding your cat litter box!

The litter box is a problem area in many households with cats  – it’s ugly, smelly, and overall unpleasant – but we owe our ability to keep our cats safely indoors to its invention.

Still, no one wants to look at it all day long, right? Even it is a small litter box for a small space!

We’ve come up with some easy solutions to keep it close by for your cat yet out of sight for you.

The first two our favorite options, but if you just don’t have that kind of space, keep reading for some hiding spots that don’t require a huge bathroom or laundry room!

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Tips for Hiding Your Cat Litter Box

1- The bathroom

One of the most common places for a litter boxir?source=bk&t=catvill 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=e21419e49b54eacaf05a2c92356362be& cb=1537379031520 is in the bathroom, but in many places, there just isn’t any room in a bathroom for anything else taking up floor space.

If, however, you can find a spot (maybe an over-the-toilet wall cabinet, a medicine cabinet, or a linen closet with baskets) to put your typically under-sink cleaners and toiletries in, that lower cabinet can make a perfect litter spot.

There are a couple of ways to do this, and your options may be somewhat dependent on whether you rent or own.

If you know you are looking for a permanent solution, you can cut a hole in the side of the cabinet or the door, and either leave the hole as-is or add a cat flap, so that your cat can come and “go” as they please.

If you are renting – or for a different look – you can take the doors and hinges off (carefully stash them somewhere you will be able to find them) and hang a curtain around the cabinet.

This can be easy removed, any marks from hardware should be easy to disguise, and your cat can get through easily.

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2- The Laundry Room

A laundry room is another popular spot for a litter box, and under the laundry sink is a good spot, as you can use a curtain in the same manner as under the bathroom sink.

The benefit to both laundry room and bathroom is that they are usually easy to clean and without carpet for any tracked litter to get into.

Great. Problem solved.

Unless, of course, you don’t have a laundry room, you have a pedestal sink in your bathroom, or you have more than one cat.

Experts recommend one litter box per cat, plus one extra (although, if you are diligent about cleaning the box, you can get away with fewer)- and finding space for three or more litter boxes in an apartment or small house can be tricky to say the least.

Not having litter boxes isn’t really an option, but then what can you do?

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There are a number of creative options when it comes to disguising your litter boxes, below are just a few.

3- “Treasure” chest

While I, personally, don’t consider the contents of the litter boxes in my home to be exactly treasure, my dog would beg to differ

Regardless, a treasure chest can be a neat way to hide a litter box in plain sight – even as a focal point.

An old steamer trunk or cedar chest is a conversation piece with a secret, although you may not want to use Grandma’s heirloom hope chest – I recommend a thrift trip for this one.

You will need to cut a hole in this big enough for your cat to climb through, and the hole can be anywhere the cat can access easily (the back of the chest is fine as long as it is far enough from the wall for your cat to get in).

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4- Shelve it

If you have a good, deep, bookshelf or entertainment center, you can sacrifice a lower shelf for the litter box.

This can either be closed in with wood with an access hole cut somewhere into it (be sure you can access the box to clean it as well – you can put the panel on hinges to make this easier) or again with a piece of fabric that your cat can push past.

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5- Wizarding World

One of the coolest things I have seen done with a litter box is to create a space under the stairs for it.

There is typically a large door covering the space for access, with the camouflage being limited only by your imagination.

I’ve seen people paint little hobbit holes, dollhouses, and fairy homes on the wall, with the entrance to the box marked by a small arch or cat door that blends into the mural.

6- File It Away

If you have an old filing cabinet lying around, you can take out the second drawer from the bottom, and put the litter box in the bottom drawer. (Read this guide on where to put the kitty litter box)

A secure screen or plastic grid over the front half of the drawer acts as a means to eliminate some of the excess litter from your cat’s paws and keep your office floor clean.

I’ve seen this same idea used on an old dresser – remove a bottom couple of drawers, pull the fronts off of them and mount them to a piece of plywood that fits inside the gap.

Use hinges and a latch to reattach the drawer fronts, disguising the now hidden area behind, and cut an entrance for your cat in the side of the dresser.


When using a file cabinet, dresser, or shelving unit, always make sure you secure the unit to the wall – especially if there are upper drawers that are not empty.

Otherwise, pulling out the upper drawers could result in the furniture tipping over, which could cause serious harm to you, your kids, or your pets.

The litter box may never be your favorite part of the home, but it certainly doesn’t have to be a source of shame.  Keep it clean and tucked out of the way, and your cats and guests will thank you.

Do you have any other great tips for hiding your cat litter box? Share below!




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