What are the best and worst cat breeds for first time owners?


Whether you’re choosing your very first cat or just want to see where your kitty measures up, we’ve got you covered!

Read on for five cats that are a delight even for newbies!

Then, check out five kitties that need a more experienced owner.

What are the best and worst cat breeds for first time owners? Read on to find out!

What are the Best and Worst Cat Breeds for First Time Owners?

The more experienced cat-owners know there are dozens of breeds out there you can choose from for a new addition to the family.

Looking into how to properly raise, groom and feed a cat is tough enough as it is, but how do you even begin to limit your choices?

No cat is the same, but there are some general qualities some breeds exhibit.

We’re going to take a gander at which breeds suit first-time owners and which ones to avoid until you gain more experience.

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Best Cat Breeds for First-Timers

What are the best and worst cat breeds for first time owners? Read on to find out!

1. Maine Coon

As one of the oldest and the largest breeds in North America, Maine Coon cats have been bred for generations and have now been domesticated.

They possess social, friendly, outgoing and kid-friendly characteristics.

They get along with humans quite well and will take to other animals you have in the house too!

Whether it be other cats or even canines, your newest addition to the household will fit right in!

2. Siamese

Siamese cats are not only beautiful, they are also intelligent and relatively easy to train.

Contrary to the slightly longer-haired Maine Coone, Siamese cats have shorter hair which means less maintenance.

The coupling of short fur plus a playful and curious personality makes the Siamese a great starting breed for first-time cat moms and dads.

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3. Ragdoll

Perhaps our favorite on the list, the Ragdoll comes with an adorable appearance and a fun personality.

But what else do they offer other than a good cuddle and warmth on a cold day?

They are an extremely playful breed that will enjoy playing simple games like chasing a ball of string.

Once they’re all tuckered out from the action, they will saunter over to your side for a good old-fashioned snuggle.

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4. Somali

If you prefer a more active pet but don’t want the effort dogs come with, then a Somali could be the perfect compromise!

These adorable creatures love attention from their fur parents and love to stay active.

Because of this, they are a great breed to take part in agility training.

They also get along well with other pets and themselves, being perfectly able to keep themselves entertained for long periods.

5. Sphynx

So much hair! A big gripe from pet owners is the shedding.

If you are not into having your interiors coated with a thick layer of stray hair, consider the Sphynx cat.

These hairless cats might not fit into the conventional definition of the word cute, but they are super loving and are in their own unique category

The hairless factor also benefits those who are allergic to animal fur.

Worst Cat Breeds for First Time Owners

What are the best and worst cat breeds for first time owners? Read on to find out!

1. Persian

Not so much a worst cat breed temperament-wise, but for allergy sufferers, they are surely among the least pleasurable to have.

Fel D 1 protein, the primary allergen from cats, is what sets off your itchy eyes and runny nose.

It just so happens that shed fur is coated with this substance, so the longer the cat hair, the worse your allergies are.

Persians are known to be the fluffiest and poofiest breeds, so you can imagine the effects.

2. Bombay

The Bombay, or the small panther-like black cat we see in some homes, is among one of the more aggressive breeds when it comes to playtime.

Now, understand that I’m not saying they are aggressive overall, they just like to play rough!

They are also extra sensitive to loud noises, which makes them an unsuitable cat breed for families with children.

They are hyper-alert and wary around anything they perceive to be a threat, which could contribute to their mistaken aggressiveness.

Their sensitivity makes it seem as though they are hostile, but in actuality, they are just trying to protect themselves.

On the other hand, they are among the most intelligent cat breeds, so you’ll never be bored with one!

3. Savannah

This hybrid breed might look like the Bengal, the leopard-like cat breed, but with some slight differences.

They are suited to seasoned owners due to their particular personalities. Savannahs do not like being held or picked up.

They like to do things in their own time and in their own way. You need the Savannah to come to you, rather than grovel for their affection.

So anyone from children to adults who do not know how to properly handle a feline should steer clear of this breed.

4. Scottish Fold

Don’t let their cute expression and adorable appearance fool you.

Scottish Folds usually only take to one or two owners, usually the one or ones who take care of it and provide food and water.

He does not particularly care for outside distractions and other animals. So if you’re looking to adopt a kitty into a family with lots of other animals, think again.

They also aren’t too good with kids, existing or new additions. So if you are prepared to have your Scottish Fold be the center of your life, then by all means, go for it.

Remember, every cat is unique! While these are the typical best and worst cat breeds for first time owners, you could find a Maine Coon that’s a challenge or a Scottish Fold that’s a breeze

What are your thoughts on our best and worst cat breeds for new owners? Do you agree or disagree? Share below!

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