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Are you wondering what makes your cat cuddle with you at night or love to sleep in your lap?

Cats might have a reputation for being aloof, but most of them won’t say no to a cuddling session.

Of course, they allow cuddling only when they feel like it, which makes it even more special.

So, today we’re going to try to find the elusive answer to the question of why do cats like to cuddle with you.

Why Do Cats Like To Cuddle Explained

Whoever said that cats don’t like to cuddle obviously never actually owned a cat.

While some cats are not fans of petting, you’ll discover that they still prefer to be near you and to observe everything you do.

They also love to cuddle at the most inappropriate times, and here are seven reasons why do cats like to cuddle.

1. They Are Seeking warmth

cat cuddling with her human

When it comes to sleeping, cats prefer warm places, preferably at a location where they feel safe.

That’s why you’d often find them at the back of the wardrobe, napping on your clothes, or sprawled on a sunny patch in the garden during the summer.

So, snuggling up to you at night or lying in your lap are ways for them to get warm.

Their body temperature runs a couple of degrees higher than ours, but they instinctively seek an external heat source so that their bodies don’t have to work too hard.

In most cases, that’s your body heat. Our indoor/outdoor cat never wants to sleep inside during the summer, but when winter comes, you can’t make Kitty go outside at all.

During the cold days, she likes nothing more than to sleep under the covers next to me or near the radiators.

2. They Want Comfort

Why do you prefer to sleep in bed and not on the floor, for example?

Because the bed is comfortable, soft, and warm. Well, your cat sees it the same way.

Why would she choose that expensive cat bed you’ve bought when she could sprawl on those fluffy covers or on your comfy chest?

What’s more, when kittens are born, they can’t regulate their temperature.

That’s why newborn kittens need their mother and siblings to keep them warm.

So, cats are used to seeking comfort during naptime from another being since the moment they are born. Besides, who doesn’t like cuddles?

3. They Show Love And Affection

cat cuddle

There’s one thing you need to know about cats. They don’t hang out with people they don’t like.

So, when your cat slumbers next to you in the night or curls up in your lap while you’re working on the computer, Kitty is showing signs of love.

Cuddling releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes bonding and social attachment.

Oxytocin is also known as the “love hormone” or the “cuddle hormone” because it is associated with positive emotions and relationships.

When cats cuddle with their people, they feel more connected and secure.

4. Showing Favorite Person

Does your cat prefer to curl up only on your chest or lap and avoid the other members of your family?

Congratulations, then. You’re probably her favorite person in the whole household. Or maybe there’s something special about your lap.

In addition to this, by cuddling next to you, Kitty demonstrates that she trusts you completely.

Take it as a compliment, and make sure that you give her all the attention she wants.

5. They Want to Feel Safe

why do cats like to cuddle

As I already said, cats like secure places to nap. If they were living in the wild, they would choose a spot that’s well protected and that predators won’t find easy.

Of course, indoor cats don’t have to worry about such things. But their wild instincts are still intact, so they naturally seek the most secure place in the house—you.

So, they cuddle with you because they know that you’ll protect them and keep them safe. As a result, they can relax and sleep soundly, having nothing to fear.

6. Your Presence is Soothing

Cats comfort us by purring this amazing sound that makes up for all the ruined furniture. But we also do something for them.

Our heartbeat and rhythmic breathing are so soothing for our cat that she falls asleep almost immediately.

What’s more, our scent reminds her that she is safe.

7. Ways To Communicate

two cats cuddling

Cuddling is a sign of trust and loyalty. Cats are vulnerable when they sleep, and they only cuddle with someone they trust and feel safe with.

Cuddling also shows that cats are loyal to their people and consider them part of their family.

Cuddling is a way to communicate and show affection.

Cats use different body language and vocalizations to communicate with their people, such as purring, kneading, licking, nuzzling, and rubbing.

These behaviors indicate that cats are happy and content with their person and want to show their love.

Is Cat Cuddling in the Bedroom OK?

Even though you love to sleep with your cat, you might be wondering if it’s healthy to allow her into the bedroom.

Well, one possible downside is that the cat is likely to wake you up during the night around 3–4 a.m.

She might also infect you with bacteria or parasites, although that’s unlikely if you deworm her regularly.

On the other hand, sleeping together strengthens your bond. Not to mention that the purring can help you relax after a stressful day.

However, if you don’t want your cat with you in bed during the night, you have to set the boundaries at the beginning.

Once Kitty gets used to sleeping with you, there will be no way to keep her out of bed.


As you can see, a cuddling cat is a sign that you’ve managed to win Kitty’s affection.

However, if your cat is not the cuddling kind, you shouldn’t worry that Kitty doesn’t love you.

Some cats are more independent than others and might demonstrate their love in different ways.

What do you think about these reasons why do cats like to cuddle with you? What are your thoughts on the matter? Share them with us in the comment section.

Why does my cat cuddle with me? If you've ever found yourself wondering what prompts your kitty to get snuggly, read on for the answer!
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