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Are you wondering what the largest cat breeds are or what breeds produce large kittens?

While all kitties are cute, these big cat breeds with silky coats have a special place in any cat lover’s heart.

Keep reading to discover some of the biggest domestic cat breeds in the world.

Be careful, though, or their cuteness might overwhelm you.

Largest Cat Breeds

What’s it about large cats that makes them so hard to resist? Maybe it’s their big paws, long whiskers, or large ears that beg to be scratched.

We can’t deny that large cat breeds attract attention wherever they go.

However, it’s hard to say what the largest cat breed is.

If you start comparing numbers on different websites, you’ll see that they often cite a different weight for the same breed.

So, for this list of the biggest cat breeds, I’ve chosen cats that usually reach 15-20 pounds and tend to be bigger than your average feline.

Obviously, there are larger cat breeds out there in the wild, but these are the top 7 domesticated kitties. 

But Enough chit-chat. Let’s see these cute giant cat breeds.

#1 Maine Coon

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If you’re looking for large fluffy cats to pet all day long, you don’t need to look much further than the adorable Maine Coon.

With a weight of approximately 18 pounds, there’s no denying that Maine Coons are big cats.

But their fluffy coat, silky fur, plumed tails, and dog-like personality are what make them one of the most popular breeds.

Interestingly, Maine Coon also holds the world’s record for the longest cat with 3ft 11.2 in. Imagine how you’d fit such a cat in your arm!

Due to their size, Maine Coons need big litter boxes and cat trees for large breeds.

It’s also a good idea to put away anything breakable out of reach.

On the plus side, Maine Coons are excellent mousers and will eliminate all pests that dare bother you.

#2 Savannah

Large Savannah cat

Have you ever thought about what’s like to have a wild cat or a cheetah in your house? Then all you need is a Savannah – a hybrid between an African wild cat and a domestic cat.

Usually, Savannah cats are between 8 and 20 pounds, with males bigger than females.

These striped cats are also quite long – 13 to 20 inches without the tail.

While the Savannah might look wild, these big felines thrive on human attention and make excellent companions.

But they can be a bit rough, which is why some people consider them the most aggressive cat.

On the bright side, Savannah cats don’t have any inherited conditions and are one of the healthiest cat breeds.

Moreover, they have a short and easy-to-groom coat, so they’re ideal if you’re looking for large shorthaired cat breeds.

#3 Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cats

Before you notice how big Norwegian Forest cats are, you’re bound to be impressed by their majestic coats and bushy tails.

They’re one of the fluffiest cat breeds and have a history that goes back centuries.

According to legends, the goddess Freyja used six giant cats to pull her chariot. It’s not hard to believe that the cats were Norwegian Forest since these beauties reach 22 pounds and a length of 9-12 inches.

Norwegian Forest cats are quiet companions that enjoy getting petted and spoiled.

They are happy to play by themselves when you’re not around and don’t demand constant attention.

However, Norwegian Forest cats are slow to mature and will reach their adult size when they’re around five years old.

#4 Siberian Cat

siberian cat breed 1

A powerfully built cat, the Siberian is a remarkable sight with its plumed tails, large paws, and soul-piercing eyes.

Since they can reach around 20 pounds in weight, we can’t miss them when talking about the biggest cat breeds.

Siberian cats look a lot like Norwegian Forest and Maine Coons with their fluffy coats and green-yellow eyes.

However, they have rounder bodies and heads.

Despite their large size, Siberian cats are great jumpers and love to leap from the highest point.

They’re also fascinated with water and love to “drawn” toys in their bowls. So, you’ll never have a boring moment with a Siberian.

Moreover, Siberian cats are often considered a hypoallergenic breed despite their tripled coat.

They’re also excellent mousers and often appear in Russian fairy tales.

#5 Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat breed produces one of the largest kittens

Another breed to make the list of the largest cat breeds is the all-time favorite Ragdoll.

Famous for their laid-back personalities, Ragdolls love people and don’t mind it when you cradle them in your arms. Shocking, right?

But you’d better have strong arms when you pick a Ragdoll because these beauties are quite heavy.

In general, most Ragdolls are around 10-20 pounds and reach 17 to 21 inches in length, without the tail.

Despite their size, Ragdolls are easy to live with and don’t tend to go higher than the sofa.

Nevertheless, you should consider a cat tree for Ragdolls if your cat enjoys climbing and leaping.

#6 Ragamuffin

ragamuffin cat breed

Do you want a very large cat that loves to sleep in your lap and play fetch in the yard?

Then what you need is a Ragamuffin with a puppy-like demeanor.

Female Ragamuffin usually weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, but males might reach more than 20 pounds.

They’re also tall cats with a length of 12-18 inches, and take quite the space when they sprawl on your bed.

Like Ragdolls, Ragamuffins are calmest cats and even-tempered.

They like it when you hold them and go limp in your hands, so be careful not to drop your Ragamuffin by accident.

Ragamuffins are also very affectionate, sweet, and smart. They get on well with children and other pets and prefer scratching posts to your furniture.

However, Ragamuffins shed like crazy and leave behind so much fur that you might consider cat crafting.

#7 Chausie

chausie cat breed

Thousands of years ago, jungle cats and domestic cats used to mingle in Egypt and create offspring.

Today, breeders cross Abyssinian cats with jungle ones to produce Chausie – a rare and unique cat breed.

When it comes to size, Chausie cats astonish with a weight of 9 to 30 pounds and a height of 18 inches.

Usually, males are bigger, while females are around 20 pounds.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a jungle cat as a pet, you won’t be disappointed with the Chausie.

They have a wild streak and need a lot of space to run, climb, and chase.

Chausie is also people-oriented, smart, and affectionate. But due to their wild roots and size, Chausie cats aren’t a good choice for young children. 

Moreover, Chausie is also demanding, and it can be challenging to satisfy their mental and physical needs.


While we agree that big cats rock, you should think carefully before you adopt one.

Imagine sleeping at night with a 15-pound cat on your chest or a 20-pound cat jumping on the fridge.

Large cat breeds can do a lot of damage even when they’re on their best behavior.

What do you think about these giant domestic cat breeds? Which is the largest cat breed you’ve ever seen? Tell us in the comment section.

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