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Do cats like blankets?

We are all tempted to snuggle up under a comforter with our kitties, but have you ever wondered if your feline friends actually enjoy that?

It seems safe to assume that the answer is a big yes (at least it is with our cats!).

But let’s see if this is really the case, or are there other ways in which our cats like to keep warm?

Do Cats Like Blankets? What Type Do They Prefer?

orange cat in blanket

For the most part, it seems that cats do like softer blankets. Over the last few decades, I’ve been a proud cat parent to ten felines, and every last one of them loved a good snuggly blankie.

But, as any cat parent knows, they are as unique and individual in their tastes, like the most discerning humans.

Just because most kitties like a fluffy blanket does not mean your feline pal will.

Cats that do like blankets tend to prefer them in the cold winter months. In this case, they will often aim for comforters on beds and other cozy spots that they share with their human.

Unlike dogs, cats usually won’t be drawn to a soft surface or cozy spots in the hot summer months. Rather, they will opt for a sleeping spot.

Some cats will do the same in the winter months, choosing a spot in direct sunlight over a blanket. Furthermore, most cats hate being wrapped up in a blanket.

Blanket Types That cats like

cat sleeping covered with blanket

While scientists haven’t exactly studied the topic, based on years of experience and talking to countless other cat owners, I’ve found that most adult cats prefer soft blankets.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a definitive list of the blanket that all cats will prefer and the many reasons cats that cats prefer them.

Their individual nature will likely lead to a process of trial and error, where you introduce them to different blankies and let them decide which is best.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when offering your cat a blanket to try out. One of the most important things to look for in a cat blanket is how easy it is to clean. The following blankets are easier to maintain:

  • Silk
  • Microfleece 
  • Microfiber
  • Velvet
  • Synthetic satin
  • Polyester

6 Reasons why Do cats like blankets

There are a number of reasons that our furry friends like blankets. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons that our kitties enjoy their favorite blanket.

1. For snuggles and comfort

cat under the blanket

Just as we humans like a comfy spot to cuddle up, your cat might choose to snuggle up under a blanket because it’s warm and cozy.

Of course, your cat is more likely to do this in the colder months.

2. Playtime

As a cat parent, you have likely noticed how cats like to run around and get under and into tight spaces when they play. The behavior often extends to blankies and pillows.

Suppose your furry pal is particularly interested in their favorite blankets while using them. In that case, it’s probably a sign that it is playtime.

3. Sense of Security

All cat lovers know that every cat has their own way of seeking comfort and safety.

Some will snuggle up to their human. Others will find a special hidey-hole that offers them a sense of comfort. For your cat, a blanket could end up serving this purpose.

When your kitty’s blanket is also their safe space, they tend to fuss about getting it into a tent-like shape.

4. Quality Time

cat sleeping under blanket

If your cat gets under the covers with you, it likely means they intend to spend some quality time with their human. It usually happens when you are in bed.

However, just because your kitty is getting into bed with you does not mean that they are there for the body heat or that they have any plan of resting.

Many pet parents complain that this behavior keeps them awake at night.

5. Solitude

When your cat gets under a blanket alone, it can indicate that they want to spend some time away from everyone.

However, it is a less common behavior that usually only happens when your cat feels smothered.

Suppose your cat is using a blanket to look for solitude. In that case, your kitty is likely trying to escape other pets or small children.

6. Under the weather, under the covers

When a cat is feeling unwell, it will tend to isolate itself. It is an instinctive trait common in most cat species.

Cats, by nature, don’t put on a big display when they are in pain or feel sick.

Your kitty is far more likely to withdraw for extended periods and find a place to suffer in silence.

You must check up on your kitty if you think this might be the reason that they are spending time under a blanket. 

Considerations when using a blanket for a cat

Should I Cover My Cat With a Blanket?

cat sleeping covered with blanket

It depends on the situation. Covering your cat with fuzzy blankets can be a great way to help them calm down, but you need to consider the context.

For example, a stressed cat who is already trying to withdraw from a situation can benefit from being covered up. 

If your cat is just being hyperactive, trying to force them under a blanket will be a traumatic experience for you both. A blanket is an important tool in your cat-care kit, but you have to use it appropriately.

An ideal situation in which to cover your cat with a blanket is during travel. If your cat finds a car ride stressful, they will become anxious every time you put them in the car.

If the cat’s stress is to withdraw and behave as though they want to escape the situation, covering them with a blanket can help.

In this case, you should try to get your cat covered with larger blankets so that they feel safe before you start the car engine.

Other examples of when your cat can benefit from being under a blanket include:

  • When you have guests over
  • When a new pet first joins the family
  • When they experience anxiety related to loud noises
  • When they experience a fright
  • When your cat is restless

When a cat fights against having a blanket put over them, forcing the matter can put them off of blankets for good. 

Are blankets bad for cats?

cat under blanket

Blankets are not bad for cats. It’s how they are used that could be damaging. As is the case with most cat behavior, forcing a blanket on a cat won’t do them any good. 

There are physical ways in which a blanket can be bad for your cat. You want to avoid a heavy blanket. Make sure that your cat’s blanket is breathable and does not weigh heavily on them.

Your cat’s blanket also needs to be clean. Ensure you wash the blanket frequently, and never let your cat get under it if it isn’t completely dry.

Don’t place blankets anywhere that they can get damp. A damp blankie is not going to make your kitty very happy. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

How to choose a blanket for a cat

When shopping for the perfect blanket for your feline friend, you will run into an overwhelming number of options.

In addition, different brands focus on different key selling points, making it all the more challenging to know what to prioritize. The truth is that almost all blankets advertised specifically for cats are fine.

The only thing you should avoid is rough textures. There are differences among the various brands, as well as between the popular material options.

Your cat should be able to get under and out under the blanket with ease. Most cat blankets are made from fine-stitched, light, and breathable materials.

What Material do Cats Like to Sleep on?

cat and blanket

Cats have sensitive noses, therefore anything with a strong scent can agitate their sinuses. Natural materials, such as cotton, wool, or unbleached bedding are best.

Materials such as silk, microfiber, and fleece blankets are a fan favorite. Many cats also enjoy velvet, synthetic satin, and polyester are other kitty favorites.

Cats like spending time under blankets, but that doesn’t mean that they only use them to stay warm.

There are several reasons that a cat might enjoy spending time under blankets. It depends on the type of blanket, whether is located in a warm spot, etc.


Cats usually like blankets. It will always vary from cat to cat, and they may find very different uses for their blankets.

Blankets can form part of your cat’s playtime, their need to spend time alone, or they can be a place of comfort when your cat is stressed or anxious. You must never try to force a blanket on your cat.

Do cats like blankets? How about your kitties? Let us know in the comments below!

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