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So, your cat wants to play all the time, and you’re running out of games to play.

If that sounds like you, then you might be wondering what’s going on with your cat and how to make them happy.

Keep reading to find out six reasons why your cat is so active!

6 Signs Your Cat Wants To Play Constantly

So, your cat wants to play all the time (like, literally, ALL the time) and you're running out of games to play. Read on to find out why he's so active!

While cat sleeping all day, they aren’t lazy. They’re conserving their energy for when it’s time to go hunting.

Wild cats will spend the better part of their waking hours tracking prey, and that’s all the exercise they require.

Domestic cats might not need to stalk and kill prey, but they still need a way to burn off their energy.

That’s why they pounce on a stuffed mouse, chase feather toys, and wake you up with their shenanigans at 3 a.m.

As such, your cat’s playful behavior is as normal as your cat wanting in and out all the time.

But if your cat seems more active and playful than usual, then let’s see six possible reasons.

1. Your Cat Is Bored

Do you leave your cat alone all day? Then you shouldn’t be surprised that all your cat wants is to play.

Your feline has probably spent most of the day sleeping and is full of energy when you come home.

Some cats prefer to have an audience for their crazy stunts. Your kitty knows that it amazes you when they run around the house like crazy, and she will join the fun.

Moreover, you might not be playing enough with your cat to keep boredom away. It’s not enough to toss your kitty some toys and call it a day.

You have to get your cat tired if you want your kitty to sleep soundly and cuddle with you at night.

Otherwise, your cat will find ways to entertain themselves, and you’re not going to like it when they attack your legs or ruin the drapes.

In these cases, structuring playtime might help you calm down your active cat and release some of that pent-up energy.

A routine will also help your cat feel more secure because they’ll know that you’ll have time for them.

2. Your Cat Doesn’t Like Their Toys

cat playing with toys

You might get your cat a ton of toys to play with while you’re gone to keep boredom away.

It doesn’t matter at all if your cat isn’t interested in playing with those toys. Your cat will rather sleep than play with something it doesn’t like.

Besides that, you’re far more interesting to play with than any other inanimate object.

If your demanding cat is driving you crazy with their playfulness, you might think about getting some new toys.

For example, you can get some food puzzles to engage their natural desire to hunt for food.

Most cats also like feathers and furry toys because they mimic their natural prey.

Different cats have different preferences, and what works for one of your cats might not work for the other.

Keep that in mind if you have multiple cats.

3. Your Cat Is Lonely

A lot of people have the wrong impression of cats. They might be independent creatures, but they aren’t anti-social.

Cats just prefer to communicate with other pets and people on their own terms, but they do get lonely when left alone.

If your cat wants to play all the time or if your kitty is clingy, they’re probably lonely and miss social interactions.

They can’t get enough of you when you come home and demand petting and cuddling. The best solution in these situations is to get another cat to keep you company.

Try your best, but you can’t beat another cat when it comes to playtime. It might take a while for the two cats to get along, but it’s worth it.

Even when one of the cats wants to play but the other doesn’t, they will keep each other company and feel less lonely when you’re not around.

Two cats might make twice the mess in the house, but it also means that you get twice the love.

4. Your Cat Wants Attention

So, your cat wants to play all the time (like, literally, ALL the time) and you're running out of games to play. Read on to find out why he's so active!

Does your cat always want to play when you’re engaged in other activities?

Then your cat might feel neglected and want you to pay them more attention.

Some outdoor cats might be happy with as little as you filling their food and water bowls, but an indoor cat won’t.

They need to spend some quality time with you, or they get bored, lonely, and stressed.

Wanting to play all the time might be your cat’s way of showing that you’re meeting their emotional needs.

Your kitty might also paw at your legs, do the figure 8 when you walk, or demand to be petted constantly.

5. Your Cat Has a Medical Condition

Another reason your cat wants to play all the time is a medical condition.

If your cat’s thyroid is producing more hormones than necessary, it can make your cat hyperactive. It’s called hyperthyroidism.

The first symptoms of hyperthyroidism are subtle, such as increased activity and restlessness.

As the disease progresses, you might also notice that your cat has an increased appetite but loses weight.

Excessive thirst and urination are also signs of thyroid problems, as well as diabetes.

Since hyperthyroidism can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems, you should have your vet examine your cat to see if hyperactivity is a new thing for them.

So, don’t ignore these signs that your cat is ill.

6. It’s a Breed Thing

kid playing with cat

If your cat wants to play all the time, you might find it hard to believe that not all cats are like that.

Let’s take the Persian, for example, which is so lazy that you have to come up with ways to make them move from the couch or the bed.

But some breeds have high energy needs and want to have the ability to climb, jump, and explore the world.

I’m talking about Abyssinian, Bombay, Birman, Devon Rex, Bengal, and Korat, among others.

Sometimes these cats might also play so rough that people will deem them an aggressive breed.

For cats, playtime is a way to bond and strengthen their relationships with people and pets. That’s why they want to play with you after they’ve had their beauty sleep.


Unfortunately, you can’t be around the house all the time to entertain your high-energy cat. It’s not healthy for you or your cat to become obsessed with each other.

So, how do you get your cat to play by itself? The easiest way is to get another cat to keep yours busy.

You can also stock up on some interactive toys to stimulate your cat both physically and mentally. However, don’t let your cats have free access to the toys, or they’ll get bored with them pretty soon.

What do you think about these six reasons why your cat wants to play all the time? How do you deal with your hyperactive cat? Tell us in the comments.

So, your cat wants to play all the time (like, literally, ALL the time) and you're running out of games to play. Read on to find out why he's so active!
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