If you’re looking for budget-friendly kitty furniture, you’ll want to check out our Frisco cat trees reviews.

From mega towers to space-saving trees, the Chewy-specific brand offers something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at a variety of styles and sizes so you can choose just the right one for your home.

First, though, we’ll do a quick overview of the Frisco brand of cat trees, that way I don’t repeat myself too often in the reviews.

Frisco Cat Trees At A Glance

Frisco Cat Tree Reviews

Frisco cat trees come in pretty much every size imaginable, from itty-bitty 20″ models to XL 78″ towers.

Check out the top 10 models (I left out the few that are essentially a post sticking out of a base, as that’s not exactly my idea of a tree!).

1. Frisco 72-in Cat Tree

Frisco 72-in Cat Tree

One of our favorite models (the other is #3), this one has it all: condos, platforms, multiple scratching posts and more!

Let’s check out the features, pros and cons.

Features & benefits

  • The ultimate all-in-one spot for your kitty!
  • Three perches on the top level make it perfect for multiple cats.
  • Dangling toys have short ropes, so they’re not as likely to pose a hazard.
  • Toys will also release with excess pressure for added safety.
  • 10 fully wrapped sisal scratching posts plus two scratching ramps.
  • Two condos with soft, plush fabric for cozy naps.
  • One of the condos is actually large enough for bigger kitties!


  • While one of the condos could accommodate a large breed cat, the other not so much.
  • Not ideal for senior cats (or munchkins) since there is so much space between levels.
  • It’s pretty wide, so you’ll need a good chunk of space (the widest point is 38″, over 3 feet).
  • Top platforms aren’t really big enough for large cats.


If you have the room for it, I definitely say go for it with this one. It has pretty much everything kitty could need and then some.

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2. Frisco 52-in Cat Tree

Frisco 52-in Cat Tree

If you just need something for one cat and prefer that it not take up a whole lot of room, the 52″ inch tree might be the Goldilocks (just right) you’ve been looking for.

Features & benefits

  • Comes in 5 different colors, including a lovely royal blue.
  • A cozy napping platform on the top level.
  • A “lookout” platform makes it easy to get from the condo to the napping platform.
  • Cozy condo is great for small to medium kitties.
  • Sisal-wrapped posts throughout, plus the scratching mat.


  • Way too much space between the floor and the first platform, so again, no good for senior kitties who can’t jump anymore.
  • Condo, once again, isn’t really ideal for large cats like the MC or the Savannah.
  • Not the sturdiest model on this list.
  • Pricey compared to larger models.


Like I said, the overall size of this is in the Goldilocks zone (I’ve been watching Stargate), so it could be just right for your home.

I don’t love that some customers are saying it used to be $20 cheaper and do feel that it is priced a little high compared to lusher models, though.

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3. Frisco 78-in Cat Tree

Frisco 78 inch cat tree

If you told me I had to pick just one of these Frisco cat trees for my brood, this would be it.

Sure, it’s probably too big for my tight quarters, but just look at all those features!

Features & benefits

  • Large enough to give multiple cats a place to play, sleep and scratch all at the same time.
  • A total of ten sisal scratching posts for plenty of claw-sharpening surfaces.
  • A double-layer baseboard adds stability.
  • Includes a hammock for lounging (and it’s one of the better hammocks that I’ve seen on a tree).
  • Soft, plush material covers the base, perches condo and hammock.
  • Easy to assemble and comes with all the tools you need.


  • Carpeting material isn’t really all that durable, some customers complain that it’s coming loose within weeks.
  • As the name implies, it’s really quite tall, so make sure you have a place to put it that won’t block your views.
  • Definitely not ideal for large cats. The condo is shockingly tiny for such a large tree.
  • Only comes in cream.


The condo is too small for large cats, but my cats never use the condo on their current tree, so it’s not a huge deal for me.

While this is definitely the one I’d pick, I do really wish it came in other colors.

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4. Frisco 48-in Cat Tree

Frisco 48 inch cat tree heavy duty

For super active kitties who tend to wreak havoc on furniture, Frisco offers this heavy duty model.

Features & benefits

  • Great for senior cats, since the levels alternate fairly close together.
  • A roomy top platform is large enough for most breeds.
  • Comes in either cream or grey, so choose the color that fits your decor.
  • All four extra-long posts are fully wrapped in sisal
  • Double-layered baseboard for extra stability
  • Designed to be strong for even the most active cat.


  • You’re sacrificing features for stability, as it’s pretty plain as far as cat trees go.
  • The condo is only 14″x20″x23.5″, so while roomy enough for most cats, it’s still not quite Maine Coon big.
  • A bit on the pricey side considering you can get the 78″ for just $20-ish more.


Honestly, there aren’t a whole lot of cons to this one, aside from the fact that it’s fairly basic as far as trees go.

Sure, it doesn’t really have a plethora of platforms, and the condo is a tight squeeze for giant kitties, but it’s a fairly solid choice (literally and figuratively).

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5. Frisco 72-in Large Base Cat Tree

Frisco 72 inch cat tree large base

If you love the 72″ cat tree above but wish it was a bit roomier (not to mention sturdier), the this is the one you want instead.

Features & benefits

  • Three perches on the top level make it great for multiple kitty households.
  • A total of 10 fully wrapped sisal scratching posts.
  • Two scratch board ramps.
  • It has the widest base out of all the Frisco cat trees, making it among the most stable.
  • Plenty of cute toys to entice your kitty to use it.
  • Optional wall mount for even more stability
  • Comes in two colors- cream and brown.
  • Levels are fairly close together, making it great for older kitties.


  • The condos are too small for large cats (notice a trend?).
  • A extra wide base means you need a lot more space for it, although it can go into a corner.
  • The toys don’t come with catnip (that’s true for all models, actually, and it would be a nice extra touch if they did).


I love that this one has an extra-wide base for added stability, but it would be nice if such a large tree actually accommodated large kitties.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find cat tree for Maine Coon and other big cats. If you have a smaller kitty, though, this is a fantastic option.

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6. Frisco 28-in Cat Tree

Animal Print frisco cat tree review

Need a great little space saver tree with spunk? While this one is compact, it still has pretty much everything your cat could want.

Features & benefits

  • Stands at just over two feet tall, making it great for pretty much any size home.
  • Covered in a cute animal print made of extra-soft material.
  • Three scratching areas, including two fully wrapped sisal posts and one horizontal post.
  • Covered in a fun animal print with an extra-soft plush material on the base, perch and cozy tunnel hideout.
  • Two fun little dangling pom poms.
  • Tunnel perch doubles as a condo and a fun little lookout post.
  • Great for kittens and small senior cats.


  • Only really big enough for kittens and very petite kitties.
  • The toys are designed to pull off at a certain force, which is great, but once off they can’t be replaced. Ever.
  • A bit wobbly and not really all that sturdy.


I would really only recommend this one for kittens or the teeniest adult cat. Anything beyond that and it’s just too small.

Think of it as a starter cat tree versus something for the long haul, and you won’t be disappointed.

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7. Frisco 57-in Cat Tree

Frisco 57 inch cat tree

The 57″ Frisco Deluxe cat tree is another good mid-range option for those who have a little more space than a tiny corner in their living room yet still don’t want a massive tower.

Let’s find out exactly what makes it “deluxe,” shall we?

Features & benefits

  • Features larger sisal-wrapped scratching posts compared to standard cat trees,
  • Posts are reinforced for added durability.
  • Larger condo is lined with Sherpa fleece versus plain old faux fur.
  • Made with hidden support bards to add even more stability.
  • Two lookout perches for multiple cats.
  • Levels are close together, so it’s great for older kitties and munchkins.


  • Given the fact that it’s a “deluxe” model, I expected to see plusher perches.
  • Only comes in cream color.
  • Not sturdy enough or big enough for large cats. One reviewer has a Norwegian and pointed out that it’s just too wobbly and small.


As long as your cat is about 15lbs or less, this is a good pick if you want something that’s a little more “deluxe” than the standard models.

It’s not my favorite, but I do like the thicker posts and added stability features.

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8. Frisco 24.8-in Cat Tree

Frisco 24 inch cat tree heavy duty

Okay, so I said I was going to skip the ones that are basically a stick popping out of a base, but since this also has a perch on top, I figure it qualifies as a tree.

Besides, I wanted one option for those who live in teeny tiny houses and literally only have space for a stick in a base.

Features & benefits

  • Heavy duty option with a scratching post, built-in toy and comfy bed.
  • Scratching post is fully wrapped in sisal.
  • The double-layer baseboard gives extra stability.
  • Soft, removable and washable bed on top.
  • Designed with larger cats in mind.


  • The toy is, well, put bluntly, kind of lame. You don’t have to worry about replacing it because I can’t even imagine any of my cats playing with it.
  • According to the description, it’s specially made for larger cats, but the perch is only 15.63 x 15.63.” In other words, it’s made for the large-end of average cats, not actual large-breed cats.
  • While $38 doesn’t sound pricey, compared to the larger trees, it really is a little high.


Like I said, if you’re super short on space, this is definitely a better option than just a post sticking out of a base. At least it also has a bed!

While it’s not really all that feature-rich, I can see Alex the Fuzz loving it. I could easily stick it on a table for him.

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9. Frisco 62-in Cat Tree

Frisco 62 inch cat tree

The 62″ Frisco Cat tree is the perfect mid-range option for those who want something tallish without being a massive tower.

As it’s exactly my height, I could easily reach every part of this tree without stretching. 😀

Features & benefits

  • A cozy little den for napping, plus a top perch for purveying their kingdom.
  • Plenty of room for multiple cats
  • Soft faux fleece covering
  • 6 fully wrapped sisal scratching posts
  • An extra scratch board ramp.
  • Cute dangling toys to entice cats to play on it.
  • Includes a wall anchor for added stability


  • Only comes in cream color, which would get super dirty really fast in my home!
  • The condo is too small for bigger kitties.
  • Not great for senior kitties, as there’s a 20″ leap to the first level (I’ve yet to meet a cat that actually walks up the ramp)


As I said, this is exactly my height, so like me it’s relatively unobtrusive!

While I love the cream color (Frisco really gets this color right, as it’s surprisingly easy to mess up beige), it would get dirty pretty fast.

If you have a relatively clean house (read- no dogs or teen boys), then I can see it working out just fine, though.

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10. Frisco 20-in Cat Tree

Frisco 20-in Cat Tree

It’s not much to look at and doesn’t really offer a plethora of features the way some of the other Frisco cat trees do, but if you’re short on space this is a good option.

Features & benefits

  • Super compact 20-inch tree gives kitty a place to nap and scratch without taking up all of your space.
  • Comfy hammock on the top level for napping sessions.
  • The circular shape is great for curling up in.
  • Scratching posts wrapped in sisal give kitty a place to sharpen those caws.
  • Dangling pom-pom on each side entices kitty to play.
  • Comes in three colors: beige, black and grey.


  • Only room for one cat.
  • The hammock isn’t really big enough for a Maine Coon.
  • It’s pretty light (around 9lbs), so it’s prone to tipping with active cats.
  • Since the toys are one of the best features, it kind of stinks that they can’t be replaced.


This is pretty much the economy model of the cat tree world, and there’s nothing really wrong with that.

I mean, I have an economy car and it still gets me to where I need to go.

If you have zero extra space yet want to give your kitty something to call his own, this one will definitely do.

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What are Frisco Cat Trees?

The Frisco brand was developed exclusively for the popular online pet store and is kind of the Amazon Basics of Chewy.

Frisco makes pretty much everything you can think of, from kitty litter and carriers to toys and, of course, trees.

The brand’s packaging is a good indicator of its overall mission: it’s fun, fresh and feisty- just like your feline!

While we’ll talk specifics under each Frisco cat tree review, there are a few FAQs that we can answer right away.

Like I said, this will keep me from repeating the same thing over and over. 😀

Where are Frisco cat trees made?

Unfortunately for those who prefer things made in the USA, all of the Frisco cat trees are made in China.

They are, however, designed to meet rigid safety requirements.

What materials go into Frisco trees?

According to Chewy’s FAQs, Frisco cat trees are made of “engineered wood.” The ropes and scratching posts are sisal.

If you’re wondering exactly what “engineered wood” is, basically, it’s particle wood. In other words, not solid wood.

Of course, for the price, you can’t really expect solid oak or cherry, right?

Unless you’re willing to spring for a luxury tree, pre-fab wood is pretty much the standard.

Can I buy replacement parts if something breaks?

Alas, if something breaks, it’s broken for good, as Chewy doesn’t have replacement parts for any of their trees.

Again, we’ll get into a lot more detail below, but this gives you a good start in deciding if Chewy’s Frisco cat trees are right for you.

Now, let’s take a look at ten models that I think you’ll love!

Final Recommendation

Now that we’ve checked out all of the Frisco cat tree reviews, I’m betting you want me to bottom-line it for you, right?

It’s a little hard without knowing exactly how much space you have or how big your kitties are.

If you have an average-sized cat, I really do love the 78″ model. It has pretty much everything kitty could want and then some.

Your turn? Which of these Frisco cat trees would you choose? Share below!

If you're looking for budget-friendly kitty furniture, you'll want to check out our Frisco cat trees reviews.
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