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If your cat keeps destroying your furniture and wreaking havoc, then it may be time to buy them a cat scratching post.

You may have found ways to keep them off the counter in the kitchen, but it doesn’t stop them from digging their claws into the couch or the table legs.

Deciding to buy a cat scratching post can help stop this from happening, but before you dive in and buy one, you need to know what to look for.

From experience, I know what it is like to buy something expensive and have your cat just walk by it, but that won’t be the case anymore.

We’re here to help you find the best cat scratching post for your cat that they definitely won’t ignore!

Top Picks at a Glance

As we go through these tips on finding the best cat scratching post, you’ll notice that we mention some of our top choices.

10 Best Cat Scratching Posts For Every Cat

1. Best For Senior Cats: SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
  • DURABLE SISAL: A durable sisal fiber design ensures the SmartCat...
  • TALL AND STRONG: The sturdy design of the scratching tower allows...
  • GOODBYE CLAW MARKS: Satisfy your indoor cat’s natural urge to...

The Smartcat Pioneer is a highly rated scratching post for cats of all sizes and ages.

But honestly, our favorite attribute would have to be its wide base component. It’s a crucial feature that helps prevent issues such as tipping and wobbling.

You don’t have to worry about your older cat knocking it over on themselves.

Attributes and Measurements

  • Made with durable woven sisal rope
  • Wide base component
  • It comes with two screws and dowels for assembly.
  • Elevated top perch
  • All life stages
  • 16x16x32
  • 13.5 Pounds


  • Tall enough to satisfy the kitty’s need to stretch while scratching.
  • Covered with long-lasting woven sisal
  • It prevents tipping and wobbling with excellent stability.
  • Nice modern design
  • Easy to put together


  • A bit expensive
  • Some complain that it smells funny.

How It Compares to Others

The minimalist style should fit in nicely with your home decor (or as nicely as any piece of cat furniture can).

One reviewer mentioned that her 20-pound cat plays with it all of the time, and it never once tipped over, which makes me feel very confident in the Pioneer’s safety features.

Others talk about its durability, which is a plus given the somewhat high price.

Be careful; as one Amazon reviewer pointed out, “the directions are ON THE POST. They look like the tag, but the directions are there.”


Any worthwhile scratching post needs to be tall enough for a cat’s stretching exercises. This one’s design certainly meets those qualifications.

More importantly, it offers high-quality stability with a wide base. We doubt even large cats would have much luck knocking it over.

The scratching post material is second-to-none as well. Its natural sisal fabric rope has much higher durability than most other options.

Plus, the assembly process for this model couldn’t be easier. We doubt even a kid or teenager would have trouble putting it together.

Lastly, it has a modern design that won’t have problems meshing into most decor. So it won’t be an eyesore like so many competing cat trees and scratching posts.

2. Best With Heavy Base: MidWest Homes for Pets Scratching Post

MidWest Homes for Pets Scratching Post
  • Sturdy cat scratching post/cat furniture | Cat post measures 19L x 19W...
  • Extremely durable, strong & thick cat scratching post | Great for...
  • Cat scratching post features extra durable, thick & tough natural...

This sturdy scratching post is extremely durable and has a minimalist style that will suit any household.

Measuring in at a height of 41″ it is great for large cats and is wrapped in hefty sisal rope to out your cats claws to the test.

It has a large base to keep the post from toppling over, which we think is one of its best benefits.

As well as this is is also covered in faux fur to keep your cat comfortable when they lie down.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little indulgence where our pets are concerned.


  • Perfect for multiple cats
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • The faux fur base could be ripped easily
  • Quiet expensive


This extremely tall scratching post is one of the best out there, in our opinion, and cats seem to love it.

The added height makes it perfect for cats that like to climb as well as dig their claws in. I particularly like that the instructions are easy to follow, meaning you can’t go wrong!

3. Best With Heavy-Duty Material: SmartCat Scratching Post

SmartCat Scratching Post
  • DURABLE SISAL: A durable sisal fiber design ensures the SmartCat...
  • TALL AND STRONG: The sturdy design of the scratching tower allows...
  • GOODBYE CLAW MARKS: Satisfy your indoor cat’s natural urge to...

The Pioneer Pet scratching post is one of the best rated and has a great price attached to it as well.

Your cat will be able to fully stretch on the 32″ tall post that is durable and made from fibrous sisal for them to scratch.

The material has been made to last and also features a sturdy base to eliminate wobbling.


  • Assembles easily with 2 screws
  • Sturdy wooden base
  • Durable woven sisal
  • Neutral color to match any decor


  • Plain design


While it has a simple design, it is great for cat’s claws due to the fibrous sisal on the post.

With a wooden base there will be less mess to clean up, compared to scratching posts with carpet, which is something that I think many people will enjoy.

4. Best Multi-Level: PetPals Scratching Post

This cat tree by PetPals not only has three great scratching posts covered in paper rope, but it also has a teasing ball for cats to play with and a cradle.

It has a simple design that we love, with felt covering the cradle, perch, and large base.


  • Perfect for climbing
  • Stable material with long life
  • Easy to assemble
  • Contemporary design


  • Only holds cats that weigh less than 12 pounds
  • Has a height of 25″


This has great entertainment value for one or two cats, which they are sure to love.

We think the added benefit of the toy will make a difference, and don’t be surprised if you see them napping in that comfortable cradle.

5. Best Cradle-Style: Necesa Handmade Scratching Post

Necesa Handmade Scratching Post
  • Large rest area for all sized cats
  • Durable materials, high-quality carpet, and solid construction
  • All natural thick sisal rope

This scratching post comes in a range of colors to suit any decor, such as beige, blue, burgundy, and green.

Featuring all-natural sisal rope that is thick enough to withstand your cat’s claws and high-quality carpet, this is a luxurious scratching post.


  • Stands tall at 35″
  • Features a cradle perch
  • Minimalist design
  • No assembly required
  • Made from solid mine


  • Only suitable for one cat
  • Quite Expensive


This is a great scratching post for a family with one cat, with the added height to make them feel like a king or queen.

We love the mixture of materials that are perfect for scratching and relaxing on.

6. Best Vertical: PetFusion 3-Sided Cat Scratching Post

PetFusion Cat Scratching Post
  • CATS LOVE IT: A scratcher, play area, & SO MUCH MORE. Incl premium USA...
  • YOU'LL LOVE IT: Made of recycled cardboard & corn starch glue....
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Vertical based on your cat's preference or to...

The 3-Sided ScratMade with eco-friendly materials Made with eco-friendly materials.

The post has three scratching surfaces to accommodate more than one cat. It also allows your cat to select which side she wants to scratch.

While that version wasn’t ideal for seniors, this model is! Let’s see why.


  • For a cardboard scratcher, it is extremely durable.
  • The triangular shape allows for excellent horizontal stretch.
  • It is stable and does not topple over.


  • Will slide on hardwood floors
  • It releases cardboard flakes, so you’ll need to clean up around it with a broom from time to time.


This scratching post is made totally of recycled cardboard and has a curved slant to complement a cat’s natural posture.

The cubby hole is a fantastic addition; it will let your cat play, explore, and nap in addition to scratching her post.

Additionally, it is totally pre-assembled, so you won’t have to worry about manually assembling everything.

The best part is that it’s not too tall; your elderly cat can perch on it without falling.

7. Best Relaxing: Catry Cat Scratching Post

Catry Cat Scratching Post
  • Perfect Size:Measuring 15.7" x 11.8" x 23.4", this cat tree is perfect...
  • Interesting Design:This cat tree has two layers. The top bed provides...
  • Premium Quality Materials:This versatile cat tree is made from a...

This is a neat option for those who want something more tree-like for a very petite cat.

It’s not so big that your senior can’t climb it, but it still offers plenty of fun features. More importantly, the paper rope scratching posts are great for a senior cat’s health.

This material is easier on their claws and promotes better skin health.

Attributes and Measurements

  • Three-level design
  • Made from high-quality particleboard and natural jute fiber.
  • Scratching posts are wrapped with a special type of paper rope.
  • Cat condo on the ground level.
  • Removable mats
  • Top-level perch
  • 17.22 x 13.87 x 7.4 inches
  • 13.13 Pounds


  • The paper rope is gentler on your aging cat’s skin.
  • Perch is easy enough for seniors to reach.
  • Easy to clean with removable mats
  • The perfect place for a senior cat to relax
  • Durable construction


  • At full price, it’s pretty expensive for what it is (it’s on sale, though).
  • Cubby is only big enough for very petite cats.


It makes our list because of the paper rope material because it’s fantastic for cats with aging skin.

One Amazon reviewer, Igott, noted, “The mat that comes with it is very thin, and it does need some extra padding inside.”

8. Best For Large Cats: Amazon Basics Tall Cat Scratching Post

Amazon Basics Tall Cat Scratching Post
  • Scratching post provides a place for cats to sharpen their claws and...
  • Includes a single pillar scratching post in neutral colors with a...
  • Natural jute fiber provides an optimal scratching surface

The AmazonBasics scratching posts for large cats have a sleek modern design that looks decent in your home but won’t bust your budget.

Features and Pros

  • Single-pillar with a solid wood base.
  • Replaceable dangling toy
  • Covered with natural jute fiber
  • Neutral color tones
  • Durable


  • Assembly required
  • Some complaints about wobbly bases


Overall, this one scores 4.5 stars across more than 1,400 ratings.

However, a small percent of customers said it was wobbly because the screws don’t sit “flush” inside their compartments.

This seems like a defect that affects some rather than a problem with the entire post itself.

While the style definitely lives up to the basics part of the name, it’s still a good option for those who want something simple for their kitties.

9. Best For Small Cat Breeds: Kitty City Cat Scratching Post

Kitty City Cat Scratching Post
  • Attractive and neutrally toned to fit any decor.
  • Perfect, stable Width and extra-tall Height designed for cats
  • Overall Size: 17. 7"(L) x 17. 7"(W) x 32"(H)

This one is one of the most budget-friendly scratching posts for small cat breeds for those who don’t have $50+ to drop on something literally designed to be destroyed.

Don’t let the lower price scare you, though; it’s actually a highly rated scratching post.

Features and Pros

  • Stable width and 32″ height.
  • Easy to assemble with three screws.
  • Includes a cute little jingle toy on top.
  • BV Pet Safety Certified
  • Covered in premium sisal
  • Fleece cover on the top so kitty can “sit her fluffy a** and survey [her] kingdom,” as one reviewer put it.
  • Affordable
  • It comes with cat nip spray.


  • A bit on the “eh” side style-wise.
  • It won’t last forever.


Based on the high number of positive reviews, it’s obviously beloved by our fellow cat parents.

So, consider it a nice “extra” rather than a guaranteed feature. We actually had a bunch of stuff from Kitty City over the years.

Their products are actually more durable than one would expect for the price, and my cats always have a blast with them.

That said, for just over $20, don’t expect this to be a “lifetime guarantee” type of scratching post.

Still, if you have a relatively small budget, you can’t go wrong with Kitty City.

10. Best For Corner: Sofa-Scratcher Cat Scratching Post

Sofa-Scratcher Cat Scratching Post
  • Contoured sisal-covered cat scratching post / panel made from...
  • Ultra-thin base of cat scratching post MUST be placed under sofa legs...
  • Encourages positive, healthy scratching behavior for your cats or...

Nothing beats getting a new piece of furniture. When you have cats, though, you don’t only have to worry about spilled wine on the couch or other wear and tear.

Cats frequently regard the legs of sofas, chairs, and other furniture as an excellent opportunity to utilize their claws. By affixing this scratching post, you can keep your furniture safe.

Features and Pros

  • Can survive for years in a one-cat home
  • It comes with a stand that you screw into the holes on the base of the scratching pole (the holes are pre-drilled), allowing it to stand on its own or slip beneath the sofa where the cat prefers to gravitate.
  • If it pushes up against your sofa, the opposite side is carpeted, so there’s no chance of snagging it.
  • It’s easy to move around.
  • Unobtrusive looking


  • A bit pricey for a scratching post (but still a good value)
  • It cannot be used on recliner seats.


It’s simple to install on your couch: simply insert the base, which is quite thin, beneath the leg of your furniture to keep it firm.

The cat scratcher is composed of sisal, which your cat will prefer to scratch over sofas and furniture legs.

How to choose the best Cat scratching post

You don’t want to buy the most expensive one, only to have your furry feline ignore it and continue to scratch the couch.

Before buying you need to think about the shape, size and material of the scratching post you want to buy.

How will you know which one is best for your cat?

That’s why we’re here to help with a complete guide that will help you find the perfect match.

Here are the points you need to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best cat scratching post.

1. Think about the size

tall cat scratching post

Out in the wild, larger cats love to scratch and climb trees, and the taller it is the better.

They love being able to look down at the world, and it also helps them to catch their prey. House cats aren’t any different.

When it comes to choosing a scratching post, your cat is going to prefer one that is tall enough to allow them to fully extend.

It is important that they stretch their muscles to keep them agile and flexible, just like humans do when we stretch after a workout. If the post is too short, it could be uncomfortable for them.

However, something to also take into account is the stability of the post. The taller it is, the more secure it needs to be.

Cats won’t want to climb or scratch on something that is wobbly as it will make them feel unsafe.

What you don’t want is the post to fall over when your cat is using it as it could damage them and end in a trip to the vets.

2. Choose the right material

While soft and plush material is perfect for your cat’s bed, the same can’t be said for a scratching post.

Cats want something they can dig their claws into, a material that is rough and durable.

After all, their claws are extremely sharp, as we all find out when they’re growing up.

Don’t choose a scratching post because it looks attractive to you, choose one that will be perfect for your cat.

You want one that is made out of a material that will shred a little and still stand the test of time.

3. Heavy-duty fabric

cat on scratching post

Sisal rope is a natural material that is perfect for cats to scratch on.

It is heavy-duty, meaning it will last for a while, and shreds just enough that there won’t be too much mess to clean up.

However, the one downside to the rope is that it doesn’t offer continual scratching.

Their claws have the chance to get caught on the edges of the rope, interrupting the motion of them dragging their claws down the post.

Instead, you can buy a post that has sisal fabric, which lets them have a good grip on the material and still shred it as well.

4. Will carpet be good?

This is often a question people ask themselves as their cats love to knead their claws into soft material, but is it good for scratching posts?

Some cats like a mixture of carpet and rougher material, but sometimes it is too close to the material of furniture you don’t want them scratching.

Not only could carpet be confusing for your cat, it also doesn’t offer the best surface for digging their claws in.

It also won’t shred like rope or sisal fabric, so it isn’t very satisfying for them.

5. Different Angles = More Entertainment

cat using scratching post

Depending on if your cat prefers to scratch vertically or horizontally, there are scratching posts to suit their needs.

Some even feature a mixture of both to add variety for your cat, depending on their movements.

  • A mixture of posts and pads for scratching with different materials makes it more interesting for your cat, which will encourage them to use it more.
  • Keep an eye on your cat to see which way they prefer scratching before you make a decision on buying a post.
  • If they like scratching the sofa, then a vertical post might be best, and if they like shredding the carpet a horizontal one should do the trick.

The worst thing for a cat is boredom because they can get up to all sorts of mischief. The one thing I look for when buying for my cat is something that can entertain them.

6. Does it need a perch or a condo?

Why not make the scratching post extra special and choose one that comes with somewhere they can relax as well?

Posts with a comfortable perch allow cats a place to rest, as well as overlooking their domain.

A condo can be even better, allowing for your cat to hide away from the world when they need a bit of peace.

A perch can be a great addition to the structure. It is very similar to how cats in the wild would mark their territory by lounging in a tree to survey the land.


Do older cats use scratching posts?

Yes, older cats still use scratching posts, as scratching is a natural and instinctive behavior for cats of all ages. Scratching helps cats keep their claws healthy, stretch their muscles, mark their territory, and relieve stress.

Do adult cats need scratching posts?

Yes, adult cats need scratching posts for the same reasons as older cats. Scratching posts provide a safe and appropriate outlet for your cat’s scratching needs and prevent them from damaging your furniture, carpets, or walls.

Do cats need a tall scratching post?

It depends on your cat’s preference, but some cats do enjoy a tall scratching post that allows them to get a full-body stretch and reach high up. A tall scratching post can also offer more space and variety for your cat to scratch on.

How many scratching posts per cat?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but a general rule of thumb is to have at least one scratching post per cat in your household. However, some cats may prefer more than one scratching post, especially if they have different preferences for material, shape, or location.

How do you get a cat to use a scratching post?

You can try to make the scratching post more appealing to your old cat by using catnip, toys, treats, or praise. You can also place the scratching post near their favorite sleeping spot or where they usually scratch. Make sure the scratching post is sturdy, comfortable, and suitable for your cat’s size and preference.

Position the post where it can be seen

There’s no point putting the scratching post in a room that your cat doesn’t frequent as it won’t get used.

Instead, place it near the object or piece of furniture they were shredding before and train them to use the new cat scratching post.

Placing treats or catnip on the new post can entice them to try it out and then once they use it a lot, it can be moved to a better location.

This training technique has worked in the past for my cat, so give it a try next time you want your cat to become interested in a new toy.

If you follow our guide, you will be able to choose the best cat scratching post that is perfect for your beloved pet. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments!


If your cat keeps destroying your furniture and wreaking havoc, then it may be time to buy them a cat scratching post. Learn how to choose the best one!
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