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Among the many colors that you can find in these stunning cats, the white Maine Coon and the black Maine Coon cats are the ones that are quite rare when it comes to color.

Known for their quiet nature and size, Maine Coons are said to be the gentle giants of the cat world.

Cat owners are quite familiar with this breed, and if you are looking into getting a white Maine Coon, there might be some things that you want to know about white Maine Coon cats.

Get to know more about this cat and see if he is the right fit for you and your home.

White Maine Coon Cats History

three adorable white maine coon kittens inside a basket

The exact origins of the Maine Coon cats are quite unknown. There are many stories about how this breed may have evolved.

The most plausible one, though, says that they may have been from a breed of long-haired cats that were brought into the port of Maine.

Maine used to be a busy port during the 19th century, when cats were a common animal to have on board.

The thick fur that is common among Maine Coons may be a result of adaptation to the cold weather that Maine is known for.

Maine Coons began to gain popularity through cat shows during that era, and by the 20th century, they had gained high popularity in America.

This breed has, ever since, been known as the official state cat of Maine.

The white Maine Coon though, has nearly reached extinction. Thankfully, breeders decided to work on this particular breed color, so it still exists today.

The Maine Coon itself was formally accepted as a breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1976 and by The International Cat Association in 1979.


White maine coon cat walking in the backyard


Although strikingly eye-catching, you would be surprised to know that a white Maine Coon cat’s color isn’t exactly white.

Maine Coons do not have a white gene but instead have a white masking gene, which is a dominant marker gene that hides (or “masks”) the true color gene. This masking gene is what gives the white Maine coon’s white color.

The genetics behind this can be quite complex. In fact, some experienced breeders do try to breed white Maine Coons in a highly controlled environment in order to produce this particular breed.

The breed standards set by The Cat Fanciers’ Association state that in order for Maine Coons to be classified as all-white, they should have pure white coats and a pink nose.

White Maine Coon Cats Size

Maine Coons are generally known for their size. Regardless of their color, these cats are roughly twice the size of your average cat.

Male Maine Coons are generally bigger than females. Although they grow pretty slowly, the adult cat can grow to a length of up to 30 inches and a height of up to 16 inches.

They can weigh anywhere between 10 and 20 pounds or more. The largest MC, Omar, weighs a whopping 30 pounds!

Other Characteristics

Other physical characteristics of the white Maine Coon cat are pretty much the same as those of MCs who carry other colors or color patterns.

Just like their siblings, the white Maine Coon cat has big, round paws covered with lots of fur that serve as its protection from the cold and snow during the peak of winter.

Their shaggy coat is shorter at the shoulder area, and it gets longer going towards their stomach. All of this is designed so that the breed can easily adapt to extremely cold weather.

Their eye color is typical of all Maine Coons: green, gold, greenish-gold, and copper. In some very rare instances, some Maine Coons are said to have blue eyes.

Personality Of White Maine Coon Cats

beautiful White Maine coon cat sitting on a gray couch

The Maine Coon cat’s behavior is that of a gentle one, and like all members of the breed, the white-colored Maine Coon is known to have a very pleasant personality. They are quite ideal for pet owners to have.

These cats can be very playful and they may have a mischievous streak. They are, however, quite gentle, making them ideal pets for households with babies and children.

Like all MCs, white Maine Coon cats are pretty intelligent so they are quite easy to train. Although they can be left alone, they may demand attention from time to time.

Health and Care


Maine Coon cats are considered long-haired breeds, and because of this, they will need regular brushing at least two to three times a week to avoid matting.

Their teeth should also be brushed since they are prone to gum disease. Their claws should be trimmed as well, especially if they stay mostly indoors.

Maine Coon cats are cats, and cats like to self-clean. This makes bath time a rare chore. At the most, your cat will only need to bathe once a month, just to keep his coat nice and white.

Nutrition and Exercise

Maine Coon cats like to eat a lot, and they do have the tendency to get overweight. Their food should be heavy on protein for them to maintain their fur and muscular structure.

Grains should be eliminated since they will make them gain weight much faster.

Engage your Maine Coon in lots of activities. Besides his playful nature, this cat needs exercise, preferable outdoors, to avoid weight gain.

Health Issues

Maine Coon cats are generally a healthy and sturdy breed. They are prone to certain health issues, though.

However, one health issue that affects white Maine Coon cats is that many of them can be deaf. This is because of the gene that is responsible for their all-white coloring.

The same gene also causes abnormal melanocytes. This abnormality of melanocytes may lead to white Maine coons having blue eyes.

How DO you Get White Maine Coon Cat?

white maine coon kitten playing with a pink yarn

buy or adopt

You can buy a white Maine Coon from a reputable breeder, making sure that you do some checking before you decide to do so.

White Maine Coon cats are quite difficult to breed due to their genetics. Experienced breeders go through breeding processes in a controlled environment, so you can be sure of what you are getting.

Better yet, you can also look into adopting one. You can check animal adoption sites for white Maine Coon cats and see if you can give one the loving home that it deserves.

What Is The Price Of White Maine Coon Cats?

Breeding white Maine Coon cats involves a lot of intricate procedures that breeders have to follow in order to get the breed.

Due to this and their rarity, white Maine coon cats tend to be quite expensive. Aside from the basic price, some breeders also demand a reservation fee for white Maine coon cats.

Kittens can cost anywhere from $1500 to $2000. The reservation fee costs anywhere from $200 to $500. There are kittens that are sold with breeding rights too.

These are even more expensive, with prices ranging anywhere from $3500 to $5000. Reservation fees range from $200 to $500 as well. Older cats, usually 5 years of age, will cost around $500 or even a bit more.


White Maine Coon cats are a rare color among this breed. Their color gives them an elegant look, and their rarity makes them precious to have.

Going beyond that, though, white Maine Coons deserve your love and attention because they are, first and foremost, pets that are loving and loyal.  They can be the perfect addition to your family and your home.

Do you have a White Maine Coon cat or have you seen one? Let us know in the comments below!


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