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What are the most expensive cat breeds in the world today?

I bet a few will really surprise you, too! How much would you be willing to pay for a cat?

While you can typically adopt kitties at a shelter for roughly $100, if you’re dreaming of a specific breed, the costs can get higher. Much higher, as you’ll see!

Let’s start with the least pricey of the most expensive cat breeds, then work our way down to one with a price tag that will absolutely shock you.

#1 American Shorthair

black American shorthair

Price Range – $600 to $1200

The American Shorthair is a pedigree cat breed that is believed to have originated in Europe.

They were brought to the United States by settlers, and they bred them to help with rodent control both on the ships and in the areas they settled.

Selective breeding of these cats started in the 20th century. And in 2012, they were ranked at number 7 among the most popular pedigreed cat breeds by the Cat Fanciers Association.

American Shorthairs are characterized by round faces, short pointed ears, and a muscular body.

They’re also healthy, low-maintenance, social, and affectionate.

While they were bred as working cats, they’re not that athletic. They also come in 80 different colors and patterns.

Here’s the thing: while they’re among the most expensive cats to buy through a breeder, they’re also among the easiest to find in shelters.

So, if you dream of owning an American Shorthair, look to local cat rescue groups first.

#2 Siberian

neva siberian cat with grey hair

Price Range – $1000 – $2000

Siberian cats are native to Russia – they’re actually the Russian National Cat.

And even though they came to the United States in the late 1980s, they date back to 1000 A.D. They’re also considered as some of the first long-haired cats.

Siberian cats are strong, well-built, and some of the best jumpers in the cat world.

They don’t have any specific colors and patterns, but they’re available in all recognized patterns, including tabbies, tortoiseshell, solid colors, and colorpoint.

The fact that they’ve not been in other parts of the world for that long makes them quite expensive and not easy to come by.

#3 Maine Coon

brown Maine coon

Price range – $400 – $3500

The Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds in the USA.

They’re characterized by an extra-large appearance, long-haired coat, and a unique vocalization.

A Maine Coon can be as large as 3-feet, and they also have uniquely large paws for navigating the snow and a long thick tail.

Despite being quite large, they’re referred to as “gentle giants” due to their social and lovable nature.

They also come in all recognizable colors and patterns thanks to crossbreeding with other cats.

Their origin is not that clear, but one of the stories associates them with the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, who was executed in 1793.

The story goes that Queen Marie attempted to escape, and her cats were among the treasures that were loaded on the ship.

Since she didn’t make it, the ship sailed without her, and it landed on the shores of Wiscasset, Maine, USA. Currently, the Maine Coon is the state cat in Maine.

It’s believed that they’re expensive because they’re considered the “American Cat”, or one of the cats bred exclusively in the United States.

#4 American Curl

White American curl cat

Price range – $800 – $1300

American Curls are known for their unique ears that curl backward.

Their ancestor is a stray cat named Shulamith, who first appeared at a couple’s home in Lakewood, California.

She had unique ears and gave birth to kittens with the same characteristics. Selective breeding went on from there.

American Curls are born with straight ears, but the curling starts a few days later and goes on until they’re at least 4 months old. A genetic mutation causes curly eared cats.

Overall, American Curls are pretty healthy, active, relatively quiet, and affectionate.

There are long-haired and shorthaired American Curls, and they come in all color types and patterns.

They need special maintenance, especially when dealing with the ears since they are quite sensitive.

It would be best if you also cleaned their ears regularly since they tend to accumulate dirt fast.

#5 Scottish Fold

Scottish fold cat breed

Price Range – $800 to $1500

The Scottish Fold is another cat breed that has bent ears. But instead of bending backwards, they fold forwards.

This bending is also a result of a genetic mutation, but this mutation is different from the one in American Curls.

However, that mutation is associated with bone and cartilage development, explaining why the Scottish Folds suffer from mobility and other health issues.

And it’s also the reason why breeding of Scottish Folds is banned in the U.K.

In fact, many cat organizations worldwide are discouraging continued breeding, which accounts for the higher price, at least in part.

If you desperately want a Scottish Fold, please consider adoption. If people keep buying, breeders will keep breeding.

#6 Sphynx

sphynx with wide eyes and ears

Price range – $300 – $3000

The Sphynx cats are some of the most popular exotic cat breeds.

Considering how hard they are to come by, you may have to spend more than $2000 for a purebred Sphynx cat.

They have a unique slender body, a triangular face, webbed feet, and a hairless coat.

Hairlessness is a result of a genetic mutation. The first hairless cat, named Prune, was born in 1966 in Toronto, Canada.

And selective breeding carried on from there. The coats can either have a solid color, tabby, point, and many more acceptable colors and patterns.

Sphynx cats are very energetic, intelligent, and good at bonding with their owners.

Sometimes they can be quite demanding for attention. And they’re known to suffer from separation anxiety.

Due to the lack of fur, Sphynx cats need special care. For instance, they get cold quickly, and you may have to invest in a thermostat to regulate your home’s temperatures.

Their coats are also sensitive and prone to sunburns, skin infections, and irritable bowel syndrome. They also accumulate body oils fast and need regular cleaning.

You should avoid taking them outdoors, especially when it’s too cold or too hot.

Sphynx cats may develop hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, so make sure you schedule heart scans for your cat every year.

If you can handle this type of care, Sphynx cats are some of the best lap cats you can own.

#7 British Shorthair

Black British Shorthair Breed can have green eyes

Price range- $800 to $2000

One of the most popular pedigreed cats in the U.K., the British Shorthair is a sight to behold.

They’re known for their sweet-natured and easy-going personality.

And even though they have been around for a long time, British Shorthairs aren’t reproduced in large numbers, which explains the hefty price you’ll have to pay to get one.

British Shorthairs are probably some of the oldest breeds. They date back to the 1st century where Romans kept them for their rodent control and hunting skills.

They then interbred naturally with the wild cats and developed a muscular build and a thick coat to withstand the harsh climate.

Selective breeding of these felines started in the 19th century. The modern-day British Shorthair has a round head, large body, strong legs, and a dense, luxurious coat.

British Shorthairs with a grey-blue coat, also known as the British Blue, are the most common, but British Shorthairs come in several colors and patterns.

#8 Bengal

bengal cat breed

Price range – $2000 to $10,000

If you’d love a cat that resembles a leopard or any other wild cat, then you’ll love the Bengal.

This breed is a result of crossing domestic cats such as the Egyptian Mau or the Abyssinian with an Asian Leopard Cat.

The first attempt to cross a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard cat was by Jean Mill, but other breeders joined in the late 1970s.

The result was a cat with a wild appearance, spotted coat, and an athletic body.

While they may look wild at first glance, they’re friendly, affectionate, and have the same activity level as other domestic cats (sometimes they can be too energetic).

Most Bengal owners agree that these cats are intelligent. They can learn to fetch stuff, open doorknobs, or learn any other tricks.

They’re also good jumpers. So make sure you can handle this level of activity before getting this cat.

Bengal cats are rare because in one of their generations, the males are infertile, and it takes 4 generations for a cat to be recognized as a Bengal cat.

Note – All generations of Bengal cats are illegal in Hawaii, Seattle, and New York City. Their ownership is also restricted in some states.

#9 Persian

persian cat breed

Price range – $1500 to $5500

IF glamour had a symbol in the cat world, it would be the Persian cat – from the pansy-like face, the long luxurious coat, to the long fluffy tail.

You have every reason to spend thousands of dollars on this cat. They also come in several colors and patterns. There’s coloration for every cat lover.

Persian cats date back to the 16th century, and they’re believed to have originated from Persia (modern-day Iran). But they were first recognized by the cat registries in the 19th century.

Persian cats are quiet and placid for the most part. But when they decide to express themselves, they do so in irresistible vocalizations.

However, these cats aren’t all glamorous and maintenance-free. As a matter of fact, they’re high maintenance.

The long thick hair needs regular combing and regular visits to a professional groomer.

While the pansy face may look cute and out of this world, it results from shortened nostrils, which cause breathing difficulties, eye problems, and other health issues.

But that doesn’t outweigh their other good qualities, explaining why purebred Persian cats are highly sought after and quite expensive.

#10 Savannah

Considering the Savannah cat breed as your next family cat? This breed is unlike any other and has some things to consider before committing. Learn what you need to know!

Price range – $10,000 to $50,000

This is another cat breed that’s a cross between a domestic house cat and a wild cat, the African Serval.

And it’s not only one of the most expensive cat breeds, but it’s also one of the largest cat breeds, some weighing up to 30 pounds.

Savannah cats have not been around for that long. Breeder Judee Frank made the first cross between the African Serval and a domestic cat in 1986, and the breed was approved for the championship in the 1990s.

These felines are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and dog-like traits. You can train them to walk on a leash and to fetch stuff.

They’re not always friendly to strangers unless you teach them from a young age.

If not well-trained, they may resort to hissing and hiding every time they see a stranger.

There’s a debate on the food requirements for a Savannah cat. Some breeders state that they need raw meat in their diet, but not all cat owners can manage that. So consult with your vet on the best foods to feed your cat.

Note – There are restrictions to owning Savannah cats (and other hybrids between domestic cats and wild cats) in most jurisdictions.

Make sure you check if they’re allowed in your region before getting one.

#11 Ashera

a close-up shot of Ashera cat's green eye

Price Range – $20,000 to $125,000

If you thought the Savannah cat is expensive, wait until you met the Ashera cats.

This is one of the most recent and rarest designer cat breeds, and you may have to spend more than $100,000 to get your hands on one.

Besides the extremely high price tag, you’ll also have to join a waiting list to get this cat since only a handful of them are reproduced every year.

A California-based company, Lifestyle Pets, developed this breed in 2006 by crossing a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat and the African Serval.

The result is a hyperactive mini-leopard with a lifespan of up to 25 years.

Even though they carry two wild cats’ genes, they’re friendly, loyal, and love to curl up in heated blankets for warmth.

There are some controversies about this breed, with some people claiming that they’re actually Savannah cats, but they’re still recognized as the most expensive cats.

#12 Norwegian Forest Cat

gorgeous Norwegian forest cat

Price Range – $800 to $1500

If you’re a fan of large cats with long hair, then you’ll love the Norwegian Forest Cat. This is a large, powerful cat, weighing up to 20 pounds, that originated from Norway.

At first glance, they may even resemble the Maine Coons, but they have uniquely shaped heads and unique ears.

They are known for having two coat layers: the top glossy layer that’s waterproof and the undercoat for warmth.

Also known as Skogkatt, the Norwegian Forest Cats date back to the 10th century and are associated with the Vikings’ escapades.

Some researchers believe they were some of the cat breeds that the Vikings brought with them.

But the modern breed we have today is a result of breeding and preservation efforts since the breed even faced extinction at some point.

Norwegian Forest Cats are friendly, sociable, and intelligent. While they enjoy the company of their owners, they do not exactly lap cats. They will often hang around you and come onto your lap when they feel like it.

They are also quite good at climbing, so make sure they have enough places to do that and that there aren’t any items they may drop when climbing.

Besides paying at least $1000 for this gorgeous cat, keep in mind that you may spend more on food than you would spend on smaller cats.

They’ll also need regular brushing and trips to a groomer due to their long coat.

#13 Ragdoll

ragdoll cat breed

Price Range – $800 to $2000

This is another large cat breed with a semi-long, plush coat and a character trait that makes them worth every penny.

Unlike the Norwegian Forest Cats that will “decide” when you should hold them, Ragdoll cats tend to “go limb” every time you hold them, which explains their nature.

Well-mannered, friendly, docile, and puppy-like are other traits that the Ragdoll cat is known for.

They love the attention from their owners, and they’ll follow you around the house. If you know you don’t have much time to spend with your pet, you better get them a companion since they can suffer from depression if left alone for a long time.

Their dog-like nature also makes it easy to teach them new tricks and makes them friendly with other household pets.

Ragdolls can be traced back to a cat named Josephine from Riverside, California. Josephine gave birth to several kittens of different cat breeds.

The fact that most of the kittens had the traits I just mentioned led to Ann Beker developing the Ragdoll into a breed of its own through selective breeding in the 1960s.

Other characteristics of this cat breed include a large appearance, point, bi-color, and tri-color coat patterns, and a muscular build.

#14 Russian Blue

Russian blue cat lying indoors and looking up

Price Range – $800 to $1200

This is another expensive cat breed that may have spread across the world thanks to the Vikings.

Originating from the Archangel Isles in Russia, the Russian Blue is a medium-sized cat with short hair, a triangular head, and a blue-gray coat that makes them some of the most sought-after cats.

Russian Blues date back to the 19th century and were first introduced to the world at London’s Crystal Palace in 1875.

At that time, it was known as the Archangel Cat, which explains why some people still refer to them as Archangel Blues.

After that, most of the development of this breed took place in England. But selective breeding to develop the Modern Russian Blues started in the USA after World War II.

Some of the cat breeds involved in creating this breed include the Siamese and the Russian Blue variants from Britain and the Scandinavian.

Russian Blues are an intelligent breed, affectionate, and moderately active. Since they have short hair, they don’t shed a lot and would be great for people with allergies.

Due to their frequent bursts of energy, it’s good to get them a companion or interactive toys to keep them busy when you’re not around.

They also retained some of the Siamese traits, such as being talkative. So, if you’re looking for a cat breed that will keep you company and vocalize their feelings, this Russian breed may be a good fit.

#15 Korat

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Price Range – $500 to $800

Cats with a grey coat are irresistible. And if you’d love one that’s exclusively gray, then you’ll love the Korat.

The Korat is a cat breed that’s native to Thailand. It’s one of the oldest cat breeds that has retained its characteristics over the years.

A Korat’s coat color is gray with some shimmering or shining and a medium-sized build.

They have a striking resemblance to the Russian Blue cats, but you can tell the difference from the vocalization. A Korat’s vocalization is unique from the other breeds.

In Thailand, Korat cats are believed to be signs of good luck and were often gifted to respectable people in society or newlyweds.

According to some people, this may be the reason they are pretty expensive. But the real reason is that there are very few of them since only a small gene pool exists.

Living with a Korat cat is one of the best experiences. They are loyal, intelligent, and protective of their owners.

They also don’t need much grooming s they have a short coat. And they also don’t shed much, making them favorable for allergic people.

#16 Peterbald

Photo of shorthair, long, eared and thoroughbred animal. Cute pet

Price Range – $1000 to $3000

The Peterbald is another hairless cat breed that makes a great companion for cat lovers.

They are slender like the Sphynx cat and have a triangular-shaped head and almond-shaped eyes like the Oriental Shorthairs.

Unlike the Sphynx cats that occurred naturally, Peterbald cats were actually developed in Russia by crossing a Don Sphynx cat (Russian Hairless) and an Oriental Shorthair.

It’s a relatively new cat breed that was developed in the 1990s and is quite rare.

Peterbalds can be completely hairless or have a fuzzy velour or brush coat. While they appear bald, they’re still not the best for allergic people since they still shed dander.

Since they don’t mind being held, Peterbalds are the perfect pet for a multi-pet household or a household with kids.

They are also affectionate, intelligent. And can be pretty demanding, so make sure you have several ways to keep them busy.

#17 Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex cat

Price Range – $500 to $1500

Have you ever had a bad hair day? The curled hair that, for some reason, you can’t manage like you always do?

Now, Imagine the Selkirk Rex cat has such hair every day. But it doesn’t look ugly on them, though. It’s one of the reasons you would want to get this cat.

While the Selkirk Rex shares a name with the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, Selkirk Rexes are different in that they have normal-length hair and different personalities.

Curly hair is caused by an incomplete dominant gene, which explains the difference in density of the hair in various Selkirk Cats.

Selkirk cats were first discovered in 1987 in Montana, USA, and they all descended from a stray cat named Ms. DiPesto.

But the modern Selkirk cat was developed by outcrossing with other breeds such as the Persians, British Shorthairs, American Shorthairs, and Himalayans.

Considering they have a unique coat that everyone wants to touch, it helps that Selkirk cats are friendly, tolerant, patient, cuddly, and outgoing.

They aren’t that demanding of attention, but make sure they have enough toys, cat trees, and enough playtime to sustain their energy levels.

When it comes to maintenance, they need regular brushing to untangle the hair and regular bathing to get rid of oils that may accumulate on their coat.

#18 Siamese

blue point Siamese cat

Price Range – $400 to $$2500

Known as some of the most talkative cats, Siamese cats are quite popular worldwide.

They have different vocalizations depending on what they want to express, and one of them mimics a crying baby.

I know, a cat making a human’s sound can be creepy, and come of this cat’s vocalizations can be pretty loud, so make sure you’re okay with it and that you will not disturb your neighbors.

Siamese is an old cat breed that hails from Thailand (previously known as Siam, which may explain their name).

They are known for having a long body, slim tails, and slim legs. Siamese cats often have a white or cream coat with dark sections on the nose, paws, tails, and ears.

This brings us to their other unique feature, temperature-sensitive albinism. What happens is that the dark coloration (eumelanin) manifests in colder parts of the body.

Besides being social, Siamese cats are also intelligent, active, bold, and demanding of attention. Adult kittens can cost more than $2000 depending on their quality and where you’re getting them from.

And if you manage to get them for a lower price, you will still pay more in vet fees for this cat.

#19 American Wirehair

American Wirehair cat breed

Price Range – $800 to $1200

American Shorthairs share some characteristics with the American Shorthairs. This includes the medium-sized, muscular build, and dense coat.

The only significant difference is that the American Wirehairs have a wiry coat. Their coat feels spongy, textured, and sometimes may feel like steel wool.

This breed originated from Upstate, New York, in 1966, and the wiry coat results from a spontaneous mutation.

The first American Wirehair was named Adam. He went ahead to sire several other wirehaired kittens with a normal-haired domestic shorthair, leading to the start of the breeding program for the American Wirehairs.

Unlike the curly coats of the Selkirk Rex, the wiry coat of this breed is easy to brush. American Wirehairs are easy to care for, friendly, and social.

They are exceptionally playful but not very demanding of attention, making them great for homes with kids or for people who don’t spend most of their time indoors.

They are also known for their hunting skills. So, if you have smaller pets such as birds or guinea pigs, you better introduce them to your cat or separate them entirely.

Despite being around since the 1960s, American Wirehairs are still rare and were even named some of the rarest breeds.

That explains the hefty price you may have to pay to get one of these or even the waiting line.

#20 Egyptian Mau

orange Egyptian Mau cat

Price Range – $900 to $2500

Hailing from Egypt, the Egyptian Mau is one of the naturally spotted cats. They have also nicknamed the “Pharaoh cat” since they may have existed during the Pharaohs’ errors.

These cats are available in about six colors: blue, black, caramel, silver, smoke, and bronze, with the tips occurring at the hair’s tips.

Egyptian Mau’s have a medium-sized body that’s built for speed. They even hold the record for some of the fastest domestic cats, clocking a speed of 48 KM/h.

This makes them the perfect pets for homes with active kids. But if you have a toddler, you can still get one of these since they won’t endanger them. They are known to be loyal, friendly, and affectionate.

Egyptian Maus are also known for their incredible vocalizations that vary depending on the feelings they’re expressing. But their vocalizations aren’t as loud or nagging as the Siamese cats.

They also wiggle their tails to show they are happy and contented. Since they originated from a warm country, these cats prefer warmer areas to colder regions.

Egyptian Maus are a rare breed that is even facing extinction since most of them are feral cats, and the Egyptian government has been trying to get rid of stray animals.

Efforts by breeders and non-governmental organizations are the reason this breed still exists. Who knows? Maybe by getting one, you could be helping rescue one more Mau cat from extinction.

#21 Ocicat

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Price Range – $500 to $1500

People are fascinated by cats with spotted coats since they have a ‘wild” look.

That explains why some of the most expensive breeds in this list are either crossbreed between wild cats and domestic cats or crossbreeds between domestic cats that produce a rough look.

The Ocicat is the latter. They are named after the Ocelot, a wild cat often found in Mexico, some parts of South America, and some parts of Southwestern United States.

However, despite looking like a wild cat and being named after one, they didn’t originate from the wild.

Ocicats were developed by crossing American Shorthairs, Siamese, and Abyssinian cat breeds.

They inherited the muscular build of the American shorthairs, but the Abyssinian and Siamese cat breeds were enough to produce the spotted coat. As a matter of fact, the America Shorthairs were only added due to an error made by the CFA.

They identified the Ocicat as a cross between American Shorthairs and Abyssinian cats. When they decided to correct it, they didn’t eliminate the American Shorthairs, so the breeders added the breed to improve the Ocicat, which worked out great for the breed.

Ocicats can also fall in the category of “dog-like” cats since they are playful, trainable, and often follow their owners around the house. Like the Ocelot, they also have excellent hunting skills, so make sure you engage them in activities that match their energy levels.

They’ll most likely miss you during the day and will want to express their affections with vocalizations as they welcome you home.

Treat them with the same courtesy by chatting them up, but don’t reprimand them harshly since they’ll detest you. To prevent boredom when you’re away, a companion pet would be a good idea.

#22 Khao Manee

Khao Manee cat breed

Price Range – $1800 to $11,000

Do you love cat breeds with royal roots? Then the Khao Manee. But I doubt it will be easy to get one since they are some of the rarest domestic cat breeds.

Khao Manees are white cats that originate from Thailand. They may look similar to the Siamese, but they lack point coloration and different genetic makeup.

While they have been popular with the locals, they’ve only become popular recently. They are known for their unique shorthaired white coat, and their eyes can either be blue or golden.

Khao Manees, with odd eyes (one blue and one golden), are rarer and even more expensive.

I mentioned they have royal roots since they are associated with Thailand’s monarchy and appear severally in their ancient literature. They are also associated with healing powers and good luck.

The fact that they are held in high regard by the monarchy proves they are loyal, devoted, and affectionate. They are also moderately active and cuddly when they don’t want to play anymore.

The Khao Manee thrives on the attention of their owners and isn’t the best for people who spend too much time away from the house.

How about maintenance? Their short coats don’t need a lot of brushing, and since they are quite active, you don’t have to worry about obesity. Just make sure they get enough stimulation.

While they are a generally healthy breed, some of them may experience deafness.

In various cat breeds, some white cats with blue eyes may be deaf with one ear, or both ears, so check with the breeder before getting the cat.

#23 Toyger

adult striped toyger cat

Price range – $1500 to $6000

This is another cat breed that resembles a wild cat, and this time it’s a tiger.

Like the Ocicat, the Toyger was developed to look like a “toy tiger” by crossing 40 different domestic breeds with stripes, such as the Bengal, and many other characteristics that contributed to the modern breed we have today.

The goal was to raise awareness on the need to conserve tigers that were being killed rapidly around that time.

The result was a medium-sized cat breed with a golden coat and black stripes. These cats have not been around for long, having been recognized for registration in 1993 and for the championship in 2007.

Very few Toyger cats exist today since there are at least 14 standards that a kitten has to go through before being accepted as a Toyger. This explains why they are quite expensive.

Toyger cats are friendly, playful, and enjoy human company. You can get them interactive toys or train them to walk on a leash and walk them outdoors like you would with your dog.

Or even teach them how to play fetch.

#24 Lykoi

Lykoi cat that looks like a wolf

Price Range – $1000 to $3000

Featuring a wolf-like appearance, the Lykoi has made it into our list of the most expensive cat breeds.

They are also referred to as the “wolf cats” since they have almost curly hair and rough look like that of werewolves. In fact, the name “Lykoi” is a Greek word for “wolf.”

But deep down, they are well-mannered and friendly like any other domestic cat breed. They will often get attached to their owners and are never aggressive to strangers.

The Lykoi cat breed isn’t that old, having been discovered in 2010 in Virginia, USA. The second discovery in Tennessee a year later helped distinguish this cat as its own breed.

Lykoi cats may sometimes look like Devon Rex cats, but their gene mutation is different. They often shed all of their hair and resemble the Sphynx cats. But their hair always regrows, unlike the Sphynx cats that never grow any hair.

Due to their thin coat and frequent shedding, the Lykois are sensitive to temperatures and are more of indoor cats. Any activities you want to engage them in, make sure they are suitable for an indoor cat.

Besides the sensitivities to temperatures, Lykois are a healthy breed, and their appearance is associated with any defects or diseases.

They also need physical stimulation and regular grooming, like any other domestic cat.

#25 California Spangled

California Spangled cat walking on the grasses

Price Range – $800 to $2500

This is another cat breed that was inspired by wild cats such as the leopards and ocelots.

Just like the Toygers, California Spangled cats were developed to spread awareness about conserving wild cats.

If you’ve been to one of the Safari tours and fell in love with leopards, you can get one of these “mini leopards” as a reminder of the big cat.

They are loyal to their owners, playful, curious, and love to observe the world from an elevated area.

This makes cat trees a perfect toy for them. Unfortunately, the population of California Spangled cats is slowly reducing due to the development of the Bengals and Ocicats.

A few of them still exist, and you’ll be lucky to get one since not many breeders are dedicated to preserving this breed.

How Do You Take Care Of The Expensive Cat Breeds?

Savannah cat growling at the camera, it is one of the most expensive cat breeds

You’ll realize that most of the cat breeds I mentioned in this list are cat breeds you’ve bought before, probably at a lower price.

The prices on this list are for purebred cats and some rare cat breeds. Expensive cat breeds need the same care that regular cat breeds would get.

All you have to do is understand each breed’s health and grooming requirements. For instance, the Sphynx cat is a hairless breed and needs cleaning rather than brushing. And they should be kept inside due to their sensitive skin.

On the other hand, a Persian cat has thick long hair that needs regular brushing. Some cat breeds may be genetically predisposed towards some diseases due to the breeding techniques, so make sure you get the breeding history from the breeder. A qualified breeder should have it.

Remember, expenses don’t end at purchasing the cat. You’ll need to pay more for their food, accessories, and even veterinary visits. Some Vets charge higher for exotic breeds.

Should You Buy Or Adopt A Cat?

Buying and adopting a cat are both good ideas. All you need to do is evaluate both options and find one that works for you. Let’s review each of these cases.

Adopting a Cat

There are several rescue centers worldwide where you can get most of the popular breeds at a lower cost or even for free.

Adopting an adult cat is great if you have no time to train them since the previous owners may have trained them. Also, getting to rescue a cat is quite fulfilling.

I find adopting great since the character traits of the cat are known, and you’ll not have to figure that out.

Even though cat breeds are described as having a particular personality, each cat can develop a different personality contrary to what the breed is known for.

Once you have information about the cat, it will be easier for both of you to get to know each other.

The downside with adopting is that adult cats may have developed some bad habits from their previous homes, and it will be almost impossible to get them to change these habits.

They may also have pests or diseases that may be the owners didn’t know about. That’s why it’s advisable to adopt a cat from a rescue center with a qualified vet who regularly checks the cats for any issues.

Getting A Kitten

Buying a kitten is quite expensive and great if you want to start the journey with your cat and walk with them as they grow.

Unlike adopting, most breeders will provide all the necessary information about the cat’s health and genetics.

Kittens are also energetic, cute, and playful, and you may not experience this with older cats that you get from a rescue center.

However, if you don’t have time to train them, buying a kitten may not be the best option.

Expensive Cat Breeds Facts

Nicest – If you’re looking for a cat that cuddles, welcomes you home from work, and one that’s your forever devoted friend, go for the Maine Coon, Sphynx, and the Siberian cats.

Aggressive – While you can tame them, some can be quite aggressive, especially when they need something. Some aggressive cat breeds include the Savannah, Bengal, Scottish Fold, and sometimes the Sphynx.

Smartest – If you’re looking for cats that are intelligent, trainable, and intuitive, you’ll love the Scottish Fold, Bengal, and Savannah cats.

Laziest – The Persian, Siberian, and Maine Coon are some of the laziest cat breeds. Rather than climbing stuff and going on adventures, they prefer lying on the couch. They’re perfect for people who can’t manage hyperactivity.


There are more than 70 cat breeds in the world.

Whether you get one of the most expensive cat breeds or one from the regular cat breed pool, taking care of them doesn’t differ that much.

Get the food, grooming, and vaccination requirements from the breeder; get them the appropriate toys, and make sure you visit a vet often to have them checked.

It’s not about how much money you spend on the cat. It’s about the companionship the cat offers and the moments you spend together.

Do you own any of these expensive cat breeds? What’s your experience with them? Feel free to share in the comments section!


Savannah cat on a leash, one of the most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World
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