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Have you ever seen those stunning pictures of black Maine Coon cats on social media and wanted to learn more about them?

Well, now is your chance!

First, let me begin by saying that “black Maine Coon” is not a specific breed, but rather a color variation of the Maine Coon breed as a whole. I’m sure you knew that, but just in case, I thought I’d mention it now so there’s no confusion.

Below, I’ll go over everything from the history to the health of these gorgeous felines.

Let’s get started!

Black Maine Coon Cats History

black Maine coon kitten

There really is no clear record as to the history of the Maine Coon. There have been many stories though linked to the breed’s beginnings.

Some say that the Maine Coon is a breed that is a product of Marie Antoinette’s Turkish Angoras (that managed to make their way to Maine, USA) and American short-haired breeds.

There are also tales (pardon the pun!) that say that an English captain, by the name of Charles Coon, had long-haired breeds which mixed with local short-haired breeds in Maine whenever his ship would land in the port.

One thing is for certain, though. According to TICA, the Maine Coon is one of the oldest breeds in North America. It is, in fact, the official state cat of Maine.

It was one of the most popular breeds during the 19th century until 1911 when its popularity started to show a decline due to the emergence of Persian cats.

Its popularity started to see an uptick during the seventies and it still continues to be one of the more popular breeds to this day.

Physical Characteristics

gorgeous black Maine coon in a blue background

Black Maine Coon cats are a rare color variation of the breed. There are those that are solid black in color, although they may also come in different patterns and variations.

Aside from their color though, they share the same physical characteristics as those of other Maine Coon cats.


The coat of the black Maine Coon comes in a wide variety of color combinations and patterns, ranging from solid black to smoke to tuxedo patterns and more.

The solid black Maine Coon has, as the name implies, a solid black fur coat from the root to the tip. This can be attributed to the black gene color coming from both parents and a recessive “non-agouti” gene.

This recessive gene lessens the chances of the cat developing a tabby pattern or having any other color in its fur.

A popular color combination of the black Maine coon cat is “black smoke.” The black smoke Maine Coon cat has a white undercoat that is covered by a solid black coat on top.

While the black smoke Maine Coon initially seems to look like a solid black Maine coon, the pattern starts to show the moment the cat starts to move giving an illusion of a silvery, smokey color.

There are, yet, other color combinations that can be seen in black Maine Coon cats.

  • There are the tuxedo cats which carry a black and white combination.
  • A rare combination is the black silver Maine coons.
  • The black tabby has a mix of brown in their black fur.
  • The black tortoiseshell, otherwise known as “black torties” have black coats with patterns of red in them.
  • There are also bi-colored black Maine coon cats and black silver tabbies that all contribute to making the black Maine coon a gorgeous breed.

Regardless of color, Maine Coons are known to be long-haired cats. If you encounter a large cat with short hair, this most probably would mean that the cat you are looking into is of a mixed breed.


The Maine coon cat is known to be one of the biggest breeds amongst cats.

Although they grow quite slowly, they can grow up to an average of three feet in length — measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail when uncurled.

They also can be quite heavy. The average weight for males is 11-18 pounds. The average of females is anywhere between 8-12 pounds.

It is quite important to remember that Maine Coon cats take time to grow.

There are many who often make the mistake of overfeeding their cats thinking that they might not reach their ideal size. You really have to wait a bit for them to reach their full growth.

How to recognize them

Maine Coon cats usually have a rectangular body, which gives them that muscular, sturdy look. Their paws can be pretty big as well.

The fur of this breed also seems to be quite thicker at the neck area giving it the appearance of a lion’s mane.

Being part of long-haired breeds, expect them to have long, shaggy fur which may thicken during wintertime. This is for them to be able to adjust to cold climates, or even harsh winter climates, when necessary.

Aside from their hair and size, Maine Coons have some other recognizable features that you can easily spot.

  • Their eyes are usually almond-shaped and are wide-set. The color of their eyes is usually either copper, gold, yellow, orange, or greenish-amber.
  • One distinguishing mark in this breed, too, is that tuft of fur behind their ears tends to stick out. This is usually what prospective owners look for in this breed of cats.

personality and temperament

black Maine coon kitten outside the hourse

Despite their huge size and strong build, gentleness makes the bulk of a Maine Coon characteristics. This makes them quite an adorable breed.

It is, in fact, the gentle nature that has earned them the monicker “the dogs of the cat world“.

Black Maine Coons are pretty intelligent cats. They can be easily trained, which makes for an amazing family pet!

These cats are very loyal animals who love to follow their humans wherever they may go. They love attention and they like to be cuddled a lot!

Fun time is also important for them. They do like to hunt a lot too so have some pretty cool toys ready for them to keep them busy and happy.

While their size can be quite intimidating, Maine Coon cats are, in fact, quite shy. It may take time for them to warm up to other humans and pets. Once they do though, expect them to be the perfect companion that they are.

Health and Care

Being long-haired, a black Maine Coon cat may need some attention when it comes to grooming.

They also may have some health issues which you may have to look out for if you do plan on taking care of one.


lady carrying a black Maine coon kitten

The fur of Maine Coon cats needs constant brushing since they are long. This applies to black Maine Coon cats too.

At the very least, your cat needs to be brushed twice a week using a wide-toothed, metal comb. Since the fur of these cats is quite silky and oily, matting shouldn’t be a problem as long as their fur is regularly maintained.

There isn’t much need to trim their fur either. Their fur helps them to regular their body temperature, especially during colder weather.

It also helps them prevent getting sunburned. Besides these reasons, Maine Coon cats do tend to shed a lot so shedding, by itself, can help maintain their fur’s length.

Baths are not a weekly chore for Maine Coon cats, despite their long hair. It really depends as to whether or not their hair becomes too oily or greasy.

They may need baths every few weeks or every few months, depending on their fur.

Black Maine Coon cats are prone to gum disease so you will have to take care of their teeth and gums.

There are special toothbrushes and toothpaste for cats which you may have to use to brush your cat’s teeth every day, or if not,  at least twice a week.

Litter Training

Litter training is an important part of a cat’s life. Part of this is getting an ideal litter box for your pet Maine Coon. An extra-large litter box will probably work best.

It may be hooded or it may be a simple litter tray. What is important is that your cat is comfortable enough to sit on his tray so he won’t get frustrated and give up entirely litter training.

You may also want to check out different kinds of clay litter or natural pellets to see which one your cat will get along with.

Regardless of which you choose, what is important is that it is your cat that gets comfortable so he can easily adapt to his litter box.

Nutrition and Diet

A Maine Coon cat’s diet should consist mostly of protein. Protein helps in maintaining your cat’s fur as well as his muscular body. A good diet for your Maine coon cat should contain the following:

  • protein
  • carbohydrates
  • fatty acids, especially arachidonic acid
  • amino acids
  • vitamins and minerals

It is also a good idea to mix 1/3 dry food along with 2/3 of wet food.  Dry food allows your cat to make good use of his teeth.

Wet food allows for him to have the right amount of fluids needed for proper kidney function. Striking the right balance between these food types.

Maine Coon cats should always stay within their ideal weight. Because of this, they should be put on a feeding schedule, three to four times a day.

Grains should also be avoided in their diet since this may also lead to weight gain.


Maine Coon cats should lead an active lifestyle and thus, have regular exercise. They should have lots of outdoor time in big areas.

Otherwise, a cat tree is a good idea to have in your home in case you have limited space.

Health Issues

gorgeous black Maine coon cat with a blue background

Black Maine Coon cats are, generally speaking, quite sturdy breeds. They, like many other living organisms, may be prone to certain diseases too.

Hip dysplasia, for one, can be quite common to Maine coon Cats. This can be painful for your pet and may even cause problems when it comes to movement.

Observe for any change in movements since they may be a warning sign regarding your cat’s condition.

Another condition to look out for is patellar luxation which is a condition that may involve his joints. Just like hip dysplasia, this is most often caused by a Maine Coon cat’s size.

It is for this reason why you should always look out for your cat’s weight, making sure that he stays within the ideal range.

Cardiomyopathy, which is a heart condition, can be caused by either hyperthyroidism or a lack of taurine in his diet. Symptoms may include rapid breathing or lethargy. A lack of appetite may also be a sign of this.

Any sudden change in your cat’s behavior may be a sign of cardiomyopathy so it is important to have you notify your vet the moment you notice anything peculiar in his attitude.

If left unchecked, cardiomyopathy can lead to blood clots which may cause problems with the blood flow in your cat’s legs which may, ultimately, lead to paralysis.

There are other diseases that may cause problems when it comes to your cat’s health. His behavior is the key to knowing if your cat is in the pink of health.

Any big change in movement or behavior should serve as a sign when it comes to his health. When in serious doubt, always consult your veterinarian so the problem can be addressed at the soonest possible time.


The average lifespan of a black Maine coon cat is around 12 years, with some living up to 15 years.

Genetics, of course, plays a huge role when it comes to your kitty’s overall health. The way he is cared for and loved will also contribute to his wellbeing.

BLACK MAIN COON CATS’ Price and where to adopt/buy

a huge Maine coon cat with white feet

So, you want to get a black Maine Coon cat to be part of your family. You are probably wondering how much it will cost to actually get one. As adorable as they are, these cats also fetch quite a price.

Kittens can cost anywhere from $1000 to $2500, while adults can cost anywhere from $700 to $1700 from reputable breeder.

The Cat Fancier’s Association page has a search list of breeds along with reputable breeders from whom you can purchase a black Maine coon cat.

That said, I always recommend adopting before shopping. Check local shelters and rescue groups. You’ll typically pay a fraction of the cost of buying from a breeder AND you’ll be giving a kitty a much-needed forever home.

Sites like and can also help you in finding one that is searching for a new home.


Black Maine Coon cats are majestic creatures that seem to exude mystery and fierceness in them due to their physical characteristics.

Go beyond that though and you will find a pet that is actually very loving fun, and most of all, loyal.

A black Maine Coon is indeed a gentle giant and a true friend who, in the same manner, deserves all your care and love.

Do you have black Maine coon cats or have you seen one? Let us know in the comments below!


black Maine coon with huge eyes
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