Today, there are more than enough cat beds to fit even the most finicky of feline taste and ours – gone are the day of those unsightly pet beds.

Check out these 42 cool, modern, fancy, and fab cat beds your feline (and decor) will love.

The hardest part will be choosing which one to get!

Even though our cats may pick some weird locations to take a nap, (mine likes to butt up against the back of my legs), that doesn’t mean we can’t entice them with a bed of their own.

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Today, there are more than enough cat beds to fit even the most finicky of feline taste and ours - gone are the day of those unsightly pet beds. Check out these 42 cool, modern, fancy, and fab cat beds your feline (and decor) will love.

Cool Cat Beds

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Also, you may notice that some of the pictures have dogs instead of cats. Don’t let this fool you: many of these cat beds can double as dog beds for smaller breeds, just like many small dog beds can be used for cats!

Every feline should be a “cool cat,” so help them along with these cool cat beds – they are as cool as they are comfy – they’re “coolomfy

1. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/petpals-group-cabana-cat-condo” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>PetPals Group Cabana Cat Condo

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/petpals-group-cabana-cat-condo” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> PetPals Cabana Cool Cat Bed

This cozy bed doesn’t only provide your feline with a place to get away from it all, it looks great, too!

  • Made from a durable weaved paper rope this cabana-style pet bed is lightweight enough to bring along with you on trips, or simply move from room-to-room.
  • The basic color combo will fit into any decor, and the rounded design is aesthetically pleasing, as well as compact enough to fit into even the smallest of spaces – perfect for apartments!
  • Plus, it comes with its own plush cushion.
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2. Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave

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What a beauty! @kurimi_lky 😻

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Cats like to snuggle-in, so what better way for them to do so than with the Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave?

  • Made in Nepal with 100% New Zealand wool, this cat cave is made without the use of any harsh chemicals.
  • It provides the ultimate in comfort while being durable to boot.
  • It not only provides plenty of space inside, but it can also be flattened and used as a mat. How will you know which way Kitty prefers it? She’ll crush it herself out of curiosity, then stay put for hours.
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3.Scratch Lounge Classic 

original scratch lounge cat bed



Scratch, lounge, scratch some more. There’s no need for Kitty to move when she can satisfy two of her favorite pastimes in one spot.

  • The Scratch Lounge Classic has reversible scratch pads for longer lasting fun, as well as three surfaces for the ultimate scratching experience.
  • This lounge is made from honeycomb pads that last up to 10 times longer than other scratch pads.
  • It also comes with a bag of catnip to help entice your cat; however, you most likely won’t need it as this unit is irresistible to even the laziest of cats.
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4. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/kandh-tan-leopard-thermo-kitty-bed-deluxe-heated-cat-bed”>K&H Thermo Kitty Bed

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/kandh-tan-leopard-thermo-kitty-bed-deluxe-heated-cat-bed” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> K&H Thermo Kitty Bed

You may have a “cool” cat, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to stay warm. Help her do so with the K&H Thermo Kitty Bed.

  • This bed has a four-watt heating unit buried within its premium, thick polyfill pillow. When your feline lies in the bed, it adjusts itself to your cat’s body temperature.
  • When it’s not in use, the temperature rises 10 to 15 degrees above the ambient temperature, so the bed is always toasty when Kitty returns.
  • The hood of this cat bed also zips off, and the cover is removable so you can launder when needed.
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5. Petlinks Cuddle Sack

Petlinks Cuddle Sack

Cats and bags go together like peanut butter and jelly, so give your feline friend what he wants – a durable bag he can sleep in.

  • Not only is this cool bag a safe, cozy place to snooze, but it crinkles when Kitty pounces and plays in it.
  • Super fun!
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6. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/harmony-hooded-igloo-cat-bed-in-raspberry”>Harmony Hooded Igloo

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/harmony-hooded-igloo-cat-bed-in-raspberry”> 6. Harmony Hooded Igloo

Your cat doesn’t have to be an Eskimo to indulge in this Harmony Hooded Igloo. Designed to cuddle your pet this cool bed uses faux fur on its interior for extra softness, and polyester fiberfill inside for a supportive, relaxing rest.  

  • The outside of the “igloo” is a cheery raspberry color with fluffy white trim to give it that added flair.
  • Plus, the cushion is removable and washable (just take the cover off and launder as usual). It’s the perfect hideaway – no snow required!
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Cute Cat Beds

Cats are cute, so their beds should be too. However, you shouldn’t have to give up your Kitty’s comfort for cuteness. Here are six super cute AND super comfy cat beds!

8. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/pusheen-cuddling-cat-bed”>Pusheen Cuddling Cat Bed

The always adorable Pusheen the cartoon cat now has her own line of products – the cuddly soft round cat bed is one of them.

  • Adorned with this lovable feline’s face the Pusheen cat bed has high foam sides for an added sense of security.
  • The fleece lining makes it soft and inviting, while the double-sided pillow has fleece on one side and pink polka dot plush on the other.
  • The soft pink makes it the perfect addition to your little Princess’s room or tuck it into a secluded spot for Kitty’s comfort.
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9. Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave

This cat bed is cool on many levels.

  • First, it resembles a wool sock right down to the decorative trim.
  • Second, it’s a pod-shape, so your feline feels safe and secure, as well as cuddled.
  • Third, it’s completely free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fibers because it’s made entirely of Merino wool. Lastly, because of its material, it naturally repels dirt, odors, and stains!

What more could you ask for in a responsibly priced cat bed?

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10. Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed

You’ll love the adorable paw print on this bed, but your cat will enjoy the softness and coziness of the Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed even more.

  • The exterior of the bed is made with micro-suede fabric, while the inside uses recycled polyester fiberfill to help your pet feel like she’s sleeping on a cloud.
  • Plus, the entire bed is machine washable, and it comes in four different colors (with the top edge framed with elegant gold, braided cording), to suit any decor.
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11. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/pusheen-purrfect-weekend-plush-pink-cat-bed”>Purrfect Weekend Plush Pink Bed

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/pusheen-purrfect-weekend-plush-pink-cat-bed”> pusheen perfect cat bed


Pusheen is having another perfect weekend and so will your cat when you indulge her with this plush pink bed.

  • It’s 18-inches round, the ideal size for most felines – with stuffed sides and a springy cozy pillow in the center.
  • And even though your cat won’t notice the adorable Pusheen print on the pillow, she will be happy that the gripped-lined bottom will prevent the unit from slipping.
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12. Armarkat Cat Bed

Armarkat Cat Bed

Cute, comfortable, and cat-friendly, these are just some of the cool qualities of this pet bed.

  • The Armarkat measures a modest 20 inches round and is padded with extra thick polyfill.
  • The soft velvet exterior lends itself for a “posh” appearance as well as being completely machine washable. Who says luxury has to be fussy to care for?
  • Plus, it gives your cat a generous 14 inches in height, which is enough to stand up and turn around in, but still allows your cat to feel nestled inside.
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13. Petlinks Double Dreamer Cat Bed

Petlinks Double Dreamer Cat Bed

Whether it was intentional or not this cat bed looks like it’s smiling at you – so cute!

  • This happy bed is made of polyurethane, polypropylene, and polyester which gives it additional support that conforms to your pet’s body for maximum comfort.
  • It provides a generous 15 inches in length so Kitty can sprawl out, with high sides for added coziness.
  • Plus, it comes in three different color choices.
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Funny Cat Beds

If you love all things whimsical or just want to forget about those traditional cat beds, we’ve found six of the funniest cat beds on the net. These will be a real conversation starter!

14. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/trixie-lukas-cuddly-cat-cave”>Trixie Lukas Cuddly Cat Cave

Cats and mice are mortal enemies, so what’s funnier (and more ironic) then a huge mouse bed for your cat to sleep in?

  • With a sisal back for scratching, dangling pom-poms for eyes, and crinkly foil in the ears and tail, the Trixie Lukas Cat Cave delivers on all fronts.
  • I love the whimsy of this cat bed, and your cat will love the cozy cave-like design and soft plush fabric. Perfect for long naps or staying warm on a chilly evening.
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15. Crinkle Bottom Black Koi

Cool Cat Beds


Where’s the perfect hideaway for a cat? Inside the mouth of a giant black koi, of course!

  • This fun design is made with easy to clean (wipeable) fabric.
  • It’s ideal for compact spaces and even folds up for traveling.
  • When your feline isn’t taking a cozy nap in this tent-like cat bed, he’ll be pouncing and playing on the crinkly moisture-resistant bottom.

This funny cat bed is perfect for both adult cats and kittens!

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16. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/merry-product-pet-teepee-blue-with-white-stars-5026789–1″>Merry Product Pet Teepee

Merry Product Pet Teepee

Who says teepees are just for the great outdoors (or just for people)? Indulge your feline friend with her own teepee for a private, nestled resting spot – it will soon become her favorite.

  • The Merry Product Pet Teepee is made from durable Eucalyptus hardwood and cotton canvas.
  • The funky star design will add flair to any room, while the two-flap door provides easy access for your pet.
  • Plus, it’s the perfect place to stash all those stray cat toys when company comes over.
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17. Pet Grow Banana Cat Bed

Pet Grow Cute Banana Cat Bed House Large Size, Pet Bed Cave Soft Cat Cuddle Bed, Lovely Pet Supplies for Cats Kittens Bed, Yellow

Your Kitty will go “bananas” over the Pet Grow Banana Cat Bed.

  • When she’s not having a blissful sleep in this nest-like bed, she’ll be monkeying around, hiding below the semi-open top (with lid) design.
  • If all that’s not enough, it’s made from a durable plush elastic sponge that is soft to the touch.
  • Plus, it’s reasonably priced so you won’t be breaking your bank.
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18. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/bessie-and-barnie-ultra-plush-deluxe-versaille-pink-bubble-gum-pet-cuddle-pod-dog-bed”>Bessie & Barnie Pink Bubble Gum Cuddle Pod

This unique cat bed has landed in our “funny” category, but it could’ve been placed in any one. The Bessie & Barnie Pink Bubble Gum Cuddle Pod has many surprising features.

  • First, it has a drawstring that allows you to curl up the bed to different levels of coziness.
  • Second, the unique design enables you to change up the look and feel with three different fabrics.
  • Lastly, it’s 100% American-made! This cat bed is sure to be a feline-favorite in every home.
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19. Hotel Paw Pet Shark House

You won’t be able to help yourself when Kitty snuggles into this Hotel Paw Pet Shark House – it’s hilarious to see!

  • With its pod-like design, your pet will feel safe and cozy despite Mr. Sharks sinister grin and “spikey” felt teeth.
  • It’s made from quality polyester with a non-skid bottom – so your cat will stay put.
  • The soft removable cushion can be used inside the unit or out!

Plus, it’s available in two sizes small and medium.

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Fancy Cat Beds

Fancy-pants felines deserve some fancy-pants cats beds. We’ve clawed our way through the web to find you six of the fanciest cat beds that don’t skimp on comfort or style.

20. Little Dove Pet Teepee

You may not think a traditional teepee is fancy, but this Little Dove Pet Teepee definitely fits the definition.

  • Cute little pom poms trim the two-flap durable cotton canvas doors and around the cushie base.
  • The wooden pine poles keep the structure sound, while Kitty sleeps away her day in luxury.
  • It’s also easy to assemble. No tools or sweat required!
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21. OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Talk about fancy? The OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler may sound like a weird pizza, but your cat won’t care when she’s all “snoodled” inside of it.

  • With its high walls and self-warming features, this bed is sure to please.  
  • It’s also constructed with premium pet-safe materials and is stuffed with virgin AirLoft fibers (which keeps it loft for up to three times longer than the less fancy fillers).
  • It even comes in two sizes (standard and jumbo), is machine washable, and flexible enough to accommodate any sleeping position.

Plus, it’s available in a wide variety of colors to match any decor or taste.

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22. Lavish Gold Antique Vintage Style Pet Bed

My Swanky Home Lavish Gold Cat Bed

You want fancy? We’ve found it with this Lavish Gold Antique Vintage Style Cat Bed. Designed like a human bed, this beauty takes pampering your feline to a whole new level.

  • The expertly hand-crafted and hand-finished Italian gold iron is as durable as it is gorgeous and measures in at a generous 20 inches long – so Kitty can stretch right out.
  • And since each unit is handcrafted, there will be subtle differences that will make it unique.
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23. PawHut Cat Condo

PawHut Rattan Wicker Cat Bed

When fancy meets durability and function, you have the PawHut Cat Condo.

  • Your pet will love this 3-tier wicker tower made from hand-woven, durable, non-toxic rattan, which can withstand your feline sharpening his claws on it.
  • Three cushy pillows are also included so your cat can lounge on every level.
  • Two enclosed spaces provide both privacy, and warmth, while the open top allows your feline friend a perch to survey his territory from.
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24. Catit Scratcher and Bench

Catit Scratcher and Bench


Who says a cat scratcher can’t be fancy?

  • Combining contemporary shapes with stylish patterns, the Catit Scratcher Bench is 20 inches long with durable corrugated cardboard to satisfy all her scratching needs.
  • You may not think a feline will opt to sleep on cardboard, but the sloping design and self-warming nature of this unit will entice your pet to lounge (and scratch) away his days.
  • Plus, it’s inexpensive so that you can have one in every room.
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25. Parasol Pets Cat Bed

Every Princess needs a parasol, even our Princess kitties, so why not indulge your feline’s “softer side” with this Parasol Cat Bed?

  • The sturdy bed base measures 16 inches square and is made from recyclable poly with air chambers to insulate her from both hot and cold surfaces.
  • The luxurious suede cloth and foam cushion are washable, cozy, and easy on your pet’s joints.
  • This is all topped with a 26-inch diameter floral print parasol that provides both shade and a cozy hideaway for your pet.
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Modern Cat Beds

We’re in the 21st century, so why not have your cat beds reflect the era? Check out these six modern cat beds that won’t only tickle your feline’s fancy, but will suit your own modern decor.

26. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/penn-plax-infinity-cat-bed”>Penn Plax Infinity Bed

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/penn-plax-infinity-cat-bed” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> Penn Plax Infinitiy Cat Bed

Great for cats of all sizes, the sleek, modern design of the Pen Plax Infinity Cat Bed is sure to please the minimalist in you.

  • It stands 34 inches high and has rounded sides for a more comfortable fit.
  • The cave-like enclosure provides your feline with a snuggly place to get away from it all and is sure to be your pet’s favorite “nesting” place.
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27. Fhasso Stylish Modern Cat Cave Bed

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I’m always up for a challenge! Simone from @fhasso_bedding_pets asked me to style and shoot some lifestyle images of her versatile pet caves in different ways. These are a few other uses I came up with for them, what do you think, what would you use it for? . They are handmade in Vietnam from sustainable bamboo by a small community. A percentage of sales also goes to a NGO in Vietnam that takes care of abandoned animals. It’s one of those awesome win-win purchases that I love so much! . See @fhasso_bedding_pets for more details 🐱 . . . #fhasso #petbed #catcave #spoodle #dogsofinsta #catsofinsta #catlove #doglove #petcave #stylistlife #supportsmall #styleitupdesign #homeinspo #creativelifehappylife #love #ifyoulikeitlikeit #homestyle #decor8 #catsofaustralia #coastalliving #interior4inspo #decorcrushing #doubleduty #bamboo #madeinvietnam #exploretocreate #sculptural #thehonestlens #sharemystyleliving #interiorstruly

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Bamboo at its best, the Fhasso Cat Cave Bed is as stylish as it is practical. Although you may not realize it, this cat bed is designed to replicate the womb, so your cat will feel snug and safe in the belly of this designer cave.

  • The Fhasso Cat Bed is not made in a factory, so each piece is architecturally sturdy and durable to hold up to even the most rambunctious of feline.
  • This high-end piece also comes with a soft velvet-covered cushion for added luxury.
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28. Hepper Cat Pod Bed

BBQ’s and spaceships may be what is brought to your mind when you see the Hepper Cat Pod Bed. However, despite its unusual appearance, your cat will love the coziness of this piece. Inside the Hepper, your cat will find a comfortable cushion made from thick Sherpa fleece with a microfiber trim – super snuggly!

The sturdy design also comes in three colors to fit into any modern home decor.

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29./en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/sauder-coffee-table-pet-bed”> Sauder Coffee Table Cat Bed

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/sauder-coffee-table-pet-bed” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> sauder coffee table cat bed

If you have minimal room in your home, or you just like less clutter, the Sauder Coffee Table Cat Bed may be just what you’ve been searching for.

  • This beautiful piece of furniture doubles as a pet bed with a full-length, fabric covered cushion underneath.
  • It is adorned in Birch veneer on all sides with the design of the coffee table is sleek and conventional, lending an air of sophistication to any room.
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30. The Cat Ball

This not quite round Cat Ball bed is super comfy and will lend a creative look to any room.

  • It measures a generous 17-inches in diameter and 16 inches in height and will fit even those 19-pound cats!
  • It features two openings (one small and one large) and is constructed in both foam and fabric for comfort and ease of folding.
  • Plus, the whole thing is machine washable.
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31. Hepper Nest Cat Bed

Another modern design by the Hepper company is the Nest Cat Bed. Resembling a large bowl this cozy bed will provide your feline friend with hours of comfort and supported sleep. The Nest Bed is lined with soft, Sherpa fleece with microfiber trim, which will allow your pet to stay warm and cozy.

This unit is also durable and easy to clean and comes in four colors and patterns so it will blend in with the decor of your home.

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Designer Cat Beds

Do you (and your feline friend) have discerning tastes? Are some pet beds just to passe too fit into your decor? Then check out these six designer cat beds – they are sure to please both you and your cat.

32. Keet Mini Pet Bed

Keet Mini Bed Leopard Pet Bed

Some cats are downright difficult to keep off the bed. You can put an end to the battle by getting your furbaby her own with the Keet Mini Pet Bed.

  • Designed with a generous 28-inch width, 17-inch length, and 12-inch height, this pet bed is sure to be your cat’s favorite spot.
  • For added comfort, the Keet bed comes equipped with a high-density flame retardant foam pad and pillows that are upholstered in designer faux fur fabric.
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33. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/harmony-tufted-cat-bed-in-seaglass”>Harmony Tufted Cat Bed

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/harmony-tufted-cat-bed-in-seaglass” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> Harmony Tufted Cat Bed

Ultra-soft faux fur sleeping surface and overstuffed walls are just a couple of the awesome qualities of the Harmony Tufted Cat Bed.

  • This bed will make your “designer kitty” one happy cat.
  • It’s the perfect design with high overstuffed walls providing your pet with a cave-like atmosphere, but with a low-profile entrance for ease of access.
  • Plus, it’s machine washable so it can always be fresh and clean without a lot of hassle.
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34. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/quebec-inc-lonely-kube”>Be One Breed Katt3 Lonely Cube

Approved by a feline behaviorist, the Katt3 Cube can be used alone or as a part of the Katt3 Cat Condo.

  • The stylish and easy to care for design is a breeze to put together, but not so easy to coax Kitty out of once she realizes what a blast it is to play in.
  • Add in your pet’s favorite blanket or a soft pillow (not included), and your feline will snooze away the day in privacy and cat comfort.
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35. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/the-refined-feline-ain-frame-cat-bed-in-mahogany”>The Refined Feline Cat Bed

Although the Refined Feline Bed may not look like those other traditional pet beds, it’s unique design will have your cat thanking you all day long.

  • First off, the A-frame is perfect for exercising and scratching (the company has even included a delightful sisal surface for just that), then on the other side, there’s a cozy bed your pet can take a snooze on.
  • The entire unit is made from durable mahogany that measures 28 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 23.5 inches long.
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36. Designer Triangular Cat Bed

Built like a small designer volcano, this Triangular Cat Bed is sure to appeal to all those cats that want some privacy and comfort. The removable inner cushion gives your pet a soft place to rest, while the built-in cat toy will entice her to play.

The entire structure is collapsible for ease of travel, and it comes in three cool colors to match your decor or fun whimsical side.

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37. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/trixie-mexia-2-story-cat-tower”>Trixie Mexie Two Story Condo

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/trixie-mexia-2-story-cat-tower” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> 37. Trixie Mexie Two Story Condo

This designer beauty isn’t just a cat bed; it provides two-stories of scratching, climbing, and flexing fun! Your feline friend will enjoy this sisal and plush wrapped tower, with comfy cushion inserts for denning and a removable top platform bed for elevated sleep.

All the bedding can be hand washed for freshness, and the slender design of the condo can be placed in an out-of-the-way spot for your convenience and Kitty’s privacy.

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Luxury Cat Beds

Cats are nothing if not in need of luxury (at least mine are). It’s their birthright for being of the feline species. If you have a cat that wants luxury wherever it chooses to sleep, these pet beds are going to keep your Kitty feelin’ fine.

38. Best Friends by Sheri Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddler

Is there anything more luxurious than the softness of shag faux fur? One touch and you’ll be wanting to sleep on it yourself! This round Donut Cuddler gives your cat that nestled and supported feeling, while providing her with self-warming comfort.

It’s available in taupe and frost and four different sizes for multi-cat households. Believe me, all your pets (and maybe even the kids) will want to sleep on this cat bed. Plus, the bed is washable so it can always be fresh!

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39. Pet Magasin Luxury Cat Hanging Bed

Cats love to be up off of the floor, so allow him to do so with this luxury hanging cat bed. This durable piece is large enough to fit those big breeds (like Maine Coons) and fashionable enough to fit into any home decor.

It’s easy to assemble and is made from beautiful maple hardwood with a clear finish. The hammock is made from strong, yet soft polyester-blend fabric which includes sturdy hooks and chains of polished steel to keep it suspended.

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40. /en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/trixie-minou-cuddly-cat-condo”>Trixie Minou Cuddly Cat Bed

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/trixie-minou-cuddly-cat-condo” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> Trixie Minou cuddly cat bed

When you think of luxury, your mind may be drawn to all things soft and cuddly. The Trixie Minou Cuddly Cat Bed will definitely fit that idea. This feline retreat is lined in fleece with a long-haired plush trim for added comfort. The removable cushion insert can be hand washed when needed, and the easy-care nylon base is cushioned with foam padding.

This cat bed has it all, except your feline friend to keep it warm!

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/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/armarkat-hideaway-multi-use-cat-bed-in-brown-and-beige”>Armarkat Hideaway Multi-use Cat Bed

/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-beds-and-bedding/cat-beds/armarkat-hideaway-multi-use-cat-bed-in-brown-and-beige” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> Armarkat Hideaway cat bed

Luxury doesn’t always have to be complicated. The Armarkat Hideaway Cat Bed makes that statement more than accurate.

  • Made from faux suede and faux fur this hideaway will keep your cat cozy warm and feelin’ fine.
  • The cushioned base is waterproof, skid-free, and filled with extra thick 100% polyfill for maximum comfort.
  • Plus its machine washable and can be unzipped and used as a mat.
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41. Snoozer Luxury Overstuffed Pet Sofa

Snoozer Cat Bed

Don’t want to share your sofa with your cat? Then get him one of his own.

  • The Snoozer Luxury Overstuffed Cat sofa is one purchase you won’t regret. It’s made from micro-suede fabric and stuffed with high loft polyester fill for added comfort.
  • The poly fill pillows provide even more luxury, and it comes in two sizes to meet the needs of those multi-pet households.
  • Plus, it’s all machine washable.
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42. Yoshioe Luxury Cat House Bed

Yoshioe Luxury Cat House Bed

Sometimes a cat just needs to retreat to her own “house.”

  • The Yoshioe Luxury Cat House/Bed is sure to be your feline’s favorite place to relax.
  • It’s made from super soft short plush and high-density foam.
  • It measures in at a “roomy” 21.6 inches long, by 15 inches wide, by 17 inches high with a large front door and pull-back roof.

If all that’s not enough, it can fold up and is easy to clean.

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Cats love their beds. If you’re looking for the perfect getaway for your feline friend, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the purrfect unit. Whether your cat (and your home) is cool, funny, fancy, cute, modern, designer or more on the luxury side, this list has them all.

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Do you wonder if it’s OK to kiss your cat when you pick her up for a cuddling session? Or maybe you want to know if Kitty knows that your kisses are a sign of affection. Then I’ve got you covered.

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