Time for a fun round of cats vs dogs! We say cats rule the roost, how about you? Check out our friendly debate and join in the fun!

You’ve heard the saying “cats rule, dogs drool!” right? I’m pretty sure it actually came the children’s movie, Cats and Dogs (FYI, one of the best family movies ever!). The debate has been raging for as long as people have had pets! Which is better: cats or dogs? It’s time to lay it to rest once and for all! I’m going to tell you why I think cats rule, then over on DogVills today, I’ll tell you why dogs rule. Why? Because, honestly, I just can’t choose between them! That’s where you come in! Read on and I’ll tell you how to do your part to settle the debate!

Cats vs. Dogs: 7 Reasons Why Cats Rule!

Since this is CatVills, kitties rule the roost over here. That means, for the sake of this side of the argument, cats rule.
1. They rarely have patience for your antics, so when they do, it’s insanely hilarious! 


2. They are independent thinkers! Bottom line, you can’t tell a cat what to do! They teach us to be who we are without apology and think outside the box (okay, so maybe INSIDE the box, but you know what I mean!).

When tumblr does cats right.


3. They are magnificent, graceful creatures! Except for my kitty Alex. That cat just can’t cat. He falls off the windowsill, then just lays there bathing like he is exactly where he meant to be.

Just some fabulous jumping cats!

4. They don’t take up much space! If they fits, they sits! Seriously, you can fit five cats in the amount of space that it takes to raise one dog. Trust me, been there, done that.


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5. They are incredibly observant and can alert you to ANY change in your environment. ANY change! Not so good when you’re just trying to add a lovely new pet-safe houseplant to your mantle, but hey, at least I also always know when there’s a spider dangling from my ceiling!

6. They bring you gifts! Why do your cats bring you dead critters (or in the case of the cat below, sponges)? It’s a sign of love! Or a sign that they feel you’re not doing a good job providing for the family. Super funny story (to me, anyway): my indoor/outdoor cat, Willow, once brought me a bird on Thanksgiving day. She walked in the dog door, threw it on the floor and looked at me like “you’re welcome.”

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7. They give amazing cuddles! Cats are so independent that when they snuggle up with you, they make you feel like you’re the most special person in the world. When that purr box gets going, your heart just melts!


What do you think? If you agree cats rule, leave us a comment here telling us why! Think dogs win the day? Head over to DogVills & tell us all about it! Love them both? That’s fine too! I could never choose, either!