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Are you looking for the most trainable cat breeds?

You might if you want to teach your cat some cool tricks to impress family and friends.

So, keep reading to discover seven felines that are easy to train.

7 Most Trainable Cat Breeds

People often assume that cats are untrainable. That’s not true. They’re just hard to train because they don’t have the same desire to please their owners as dogs do.

Most cats are highly independent, and they don’t see the point of listening to you unless you happen to hold a piece of tasty meat.

So let’s see some cute cats that will knock your hat off.

#1 Siamese

blue point Siamese cat

The Siamese cats are among one of the most intelligent cat breeds. They often teach themselves how to open doors and turn on faucets.

Siamese cats are also very good at hiding, and they’re so inquisitive and mischievous that you should check your luggage before you leave for a trip.

While some people describe the Siamese as jealous and petty, this cat bonds closely with a single human. Earn their trust, and they’ll do your bidding.

However, you have to provide them with enough entertainment, or they will find ways to amuse themselves.

Siamese cats are quite talkative and can spend a whole day chatting with you. They will also demand to be included in everything you do and won’t take no for an answer.

So, they’re not the best cat breed if you prefer quiet afternoons.

#2 Abyssinian

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Do you want a cat that you can train for an agility course? Then you can’t go wrong with an exotic cat breed such as the Abyssinian.

These majestic cats learn tricks with ease, love to fetch, and enjoy walking on a leash. They’re also highly intelligent and often figure things out on their own because they’re always watching you.

While Abyssinians are one of the most trainable cats, they are so full of energy and playfulness that it’s hard to keep up with them.

These cats love to climb and won’t be satisfied with staying on the ground. They also tend to “borrow” things they find interesting.

The Abyssinians work best as a pair to keep each other entertained. Otherwise, you might come home to find that your Abyssinian has turned the house upside down, looking for something fun to do.

#3 Bengal

bengal cat names f

Next on our list of the most trainable cat breeds is the adorable Bengal. While Bengals might look like wild cats, they’re quite affectionate and fun-loving.

Unfortunately, they tend to play rough, and that’s why some people consider them an aggressive breed.

Bengals love to play fetch, and they’ll learn almost any trick as long as it’s fun. Unlike other cat breeds, they’re fond of water and won’t hesitate to turn on the tap and play in the sink.

Often, owners say that it’s a good thing Bengals don’t have opposable thumbs because they will take everything apart to see how it works. And rule the world, of course.

So, be careful what you’re teaching your Bengal, because they’ll use it whenever you’re not around to supervise.

#4 Maine Coon

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Maine Coon cats impress not only with their size and fluffy tails, but also with their laid-back personality and trainability.

These giant cats enjoy learning tricks, and they absorb everything you teach them with ease.

But what they love more than anything is to retrieve balls or crunched paper and keep their hunting skills sharp by chasing toys.

Maine Coons have kept their playful kitten personalities for quite some time. So they’re bound to amuse you with their goofiness and silliness.

But unlike other cats, Maine Coons aren’t needy. They might follow you around the house, but they’ll rarely get into your face when you’re busy.

Moreover, Maine Coons are rarely vocal, so they’re excellent companions. However, they’re not a typical lap cat, and when you take into account their weight, that’s a good thing.

Maine Coons also prefer to stay on the ground. But having a cat tree for large breeds will save you a lot of trouble when they decide to try their climbing skills.

#5 American Shorthair

Black American shortahir cat green eyes

The American Shorthair cats with their silver tabby patterns are a familiar sight for many.

You’ve probably seen them in ads and TV shows, and there is a reason why people choose to work with this breed so often.

American Shorthairs have a level temperament. They’re not lazy, but they’re not that active as to wreck the house.

They aren’t demanding or needy, and they adapt well to different situations.

But the reason American Shorthairs make the list of the most trainable cat breeds is because they’re quick learners and don’t make a fuss when you want something from them.

#6 Turkish Van

Turkish Van cat breed

Do you know what the most amazing thing about the Turkish Van is?

It’s not the fact that these cats are one of the most trainable breeds and love to learn tricks, including fetch.

Turkish Vans are one of the few breeds that don’t have water. As such, you might often find them playing in the sink or swimming in your backyard pool. Some Turkish Vans even love to sleep in the water.

Besides being highly intelligent, Turkish Vans have a wicked sense of humor. Leave breakable objects within their reach, and you’ll find them smashed to pieces.

If your Turkish Van is nowhere to be seen, they’re probably somewhere up high. These cats like to climb and prefer to observe what you’re doing from as high as possible.

#7 Somali

Orange cat breeds somali

The magnificent Somali is a relative of the Abyssinian cat. As such, it’s not surprising that these really fluffy cats are on our list of the most trainable cat breeds.

The best way to describe the Somali is as a cat who strives to live their life to the fullest. They’re very energetic, playful, and mischievous.

Expect to have your drawers and closets regularly inspected to check if you’re hiding something interesting from them.

You can teach them almost anything you want because they are quick learners. It’s another matter of how willing they will be to repeat before an audience what you’ve taught them.

They also tend to pick up all kinds of “useful” tricks, such as how to open doors or turn on the lamp.


Don’t expect training a cat to be similar to training a dog. Cats don’t care much about being a “good boy.” What they want is something tasty to eat.

So, be patient, find the right food to bribe your cat, and keep your cool. That’s the secret to training a cat.

What do you think about these 7 most trainable cat breeds?

Do you think it’s possible to train a cat? Tell us below!

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