Kittens are crazy good at hiding! Before you go nuts, check out these common places to look for disappearing kittens!

Kittens are cute, cuddly, and really good at disappearing.

A common question of new kitten owners is, “where did my kitten go?!” You can search all over and still not seem to find their very good hiding places.

Why do kittens hide, and what can you do to get them to come out? Check out our guide to finding your disappearing kittens!

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Why Kittens Hide

Like any baby, a kitten is discovering its world.

Kittens can be easily scared, and when they are transitioning to a new environment, it takes them some time to adjust. Adult cats often prefer small, private spaces, as well, for safety and conservation of body heat. The difference is that an adult cat’s size typically prevents them from getting into dangerously small places.

On average, cats sleep 15 hours a day. In order to rest peacefully (without fear of being hunted or disturbed), cats have an instinct to hide.


Where Your Kitten Might be Hiding

If you are on a mission to find a disappearing kitten, you’ll have to get creative.

Since they are so tiny, they are able to fit places you would never have imagined. It’s important to check dangerous places such as inside the refrigerator (it’s possible he hopped in without you realizing it), inside the clothing dryer, washing machine, and dishwasher, behind all appliances, near your hot water heater and furnace.


Once you’ve more or less ruled out dangerous locations, you can move on to cabinets, cupboards, drawers, closets, and behind/under/in furniture.

You may not even realize that the batting underneath a chair, sofa, or bed has come loose, but the kitten could have discovered it and gotten up into the frame of the furniture.

Look up, too!

Kittens may leap up on top of the fridge or on a high shelf. Keep the house as quiet as possible while you search, since you don’t want to miss any tiny mews from your precocious little kitten.

Just Wait

If you checked everywhere you can think of, sometimes just waiting is the best policy.

Open a can of wet cat food or canned tuna (that was what always worked best for us!) and set it out.

The smell of something yummy may just cause your kitten to wake from his cozy slumber and reappear.

"Oh, you found me..."

Chances are good that your kitten is not in danger in whatever spot he’s chosen to hide, and he will eventually become hungry, cold, or frightened and start to cry.

Listen for him so you can go to him when he makes his location known. At least you’ll know where he might be hiding next time it happens.

Where is the silliest or strangest place your disappearing kittens or cats have hidden? Did they come out on their own or did you have to “rescue” them?


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