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Are you looking for a way to get a cat to come to you? It can be difficult to get cats to do what we want them to, but it is possible. With the right approach and understanding of what cats need, you can get a cat to come to you.

First, it’s important to understand what your cat wants. Then, you’ll need to make yourself appealing in order to get their attention.

Finally, be patient and persistent in your efforts, and reward them when they do obey your command.

Follow these steps on how to get a cat to come to you, and soon enough, you’ll have a cat that comes running when called!

How to Get a Cat Come to You

Make your cat love you

Getting your cat’s attention can be a tricky task, but it doesn’t have to be. Cats are naturally curious creatures and they love to explore their environment.

With the right approach, you can easily get your cat’s attention and keep them engaged in whatever activity you’re doing together.

The first step is to use toys that cats find interesting. This could include anything from feathers on a stick or laser pointers – something that will make them want to investigate further.

You should also try different types of toys as cats often become bored with the same thing over time.

Once you’ve got their attention, it’s important to interact with them in some way so they don’t lose interest again quickly. This could involve playing fetch or tug-of-war games, petting them while talking softly, or even just sitting next to them quietly while they explore their surroundings.

Another great way of getting your cat’s attention is by using treats as rewards for good behavior or when they do something special like come when called or perform tricks correctly.

Make sure not to give too many treats as this can lead to obesity and other health issues down the line.

Instead, use treats sparingly and only reward desirable behaviors. This will help reinforce positive behaviors in your cat!

Finally, one of the best ways of getting your cat’s attention is simply spending quality time with them every day – whether it’s playing together for 10 minutes or taking an hour out of each weekend for playtime activities like chasing balls around the house.

Doing this regularly helps build trust between you and your feline friend which makes all future interactions easier!

Make Yourself Appealing to Them

senior cat purring

To ensure that your cat feels comfortable around you, there are a few steps you can take to make yourself more inviting.

First, be sure to stay clean and smell good when interacting with your cat. Felines have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell and may be put off by strong scents such as perfumes or colognes.

It’s also important to groom yourself regularly so that your cat isn’t exposed to any dirt or debris from outside sources.

Second, try not to appear too intimidating when approaching them for the first time. Move slowly and calmly towards them, letting them sniff you before attempting any physical contact like petting or brushing their fur.

You should also talk in a low voice. Cats can pick up on stress and anxiety in humans which could cause discomfort for both parties involved.

Finally, give your cat some space when they need it. Let them come to you on their own terms instead of forcing interaction right away. This will help build trust between the two of you over time.

Be Patient and Persistent

petting a cat

As cat owners, we all know that cats can be a bit aloof and independent. They may not always respond to us the way we’d like them to, but it’s important to remember that they need time and patience in order for us to build a strong bond with them.

When trying to win your cat’s affection, persistence is key. Cats are creatures of habit and if you keep at it day after day, eventually they will come around.

It may take some time for them to warm up to you but don’t forget that cats have feelings too – just like humans do – so be sure not only to show patience but also kindness when interacting with your pet.

It’s also important that you reward your cat when they do something good or responds positively to you. This could be as simple as giving them treats or extra cuddles. Doing this helps reinforce positive behaviors which will help strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Reward Them When They Come

giving cat a cat treat

One of the best ways to show your cat how much you appreciate them is by rewarding them when they come to you.

When cats come running up for attention or a cuddle, it’s important to reward this behavior with something special.

Treats are one of the most popular rewards for cats because they love food just as much as we do! Try giving them small pieces of wet food, kibble, freeze-dried treats, or even homemade goodies like tuna flakes mixed with yogurt.

If your cat loves these treats, it will quickly learn that coming over means getting something delicious in return.

Petting is another great way to reward your cat when they come over for affection. Cats enjoy being scratched around their ears and chin area so give them lots of loving strokes while speaking softly in a soothing voice.

You can also use toys such as feathers on sticks or laser pointers if your cat enjoys playing games. This way they get rewarded with fun activities instead of just food every time they approach you.

Finally, don’t forget about verbal praise! Cats may not understand our words but using positive phrases like “good kitty” or “what a good boy” can go a long way toward reinforcing good behavior.

It might take some time before your feline friend starts responding positively but eventually, all those rewards should pay off!


How to get a cat to come to you can be both a frustrating and rewarding experience.

With some persistence and rewards, you will soon find that your cat is coming closer and closer each time.

Remember that getting a cat to come to you requires patience and dedication but it’s worth it in the end!

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