Trending And Funny Cat Memes

Anything can be made into a meme nowadays, but cat memes are some of the funniest that we’ve seen. Cats are natural goofballs, and they aren’t afraid to make their feelings known.

From their facial expressions to their body language and their actions, cats are known to outwardly express themselves, which makes for the perfect meme.

If you’re able to catch your cat being funny on camera, you’re bound to have the perfect image for meme-making. Here are some of the best cat memes that we have seen recently. We hope they make you laugh!

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Get ready to laugh out loud as we dive into a world of feline humor. Whether you’re a cat lover or just in need of a good chuckle, these memes are sure to brighten your day.

From silly antics to adorable expressions, our curated selection captures the essence of cats in the most amusing way possible. Get ready for a purr-fect dose of laughter!

When you find out your crush likes someone else

This meme is capturing the moment of disappointment upon learning that your crush has romantic feelings for someone else. It humorously conveys the feeling of dashed hopes and unrequited love.

When you’re waiting for your online order to arrive

This meme is symbolizing the anticipation of waiting for an online order to arrive. It humorously captures the feeling of excitement and impatience that many of us experience while tracking a delivery.

That feeling when you step on a wet spot with socks on

The meme shows a cat recoiling in horror as it steps on a wet spot, humorously conveying the universal sensation of discomfort and disgust that comes with accidentally stepping on a wet surface while wearing socks.

When you wake up from a nap and have no idea what day or year it is

This meme features cat sleeping, representing the disorientation many of us experience after a deep nap. It humorously captures the moment when you emerge from sleep feeling slightly lost in time.

When you accidentally open a message and now you have to reply

A cat stares upwards with an expression of mild panic, symbolizing the feeling of obligation that comes with opening a message unintentionally. It’s a relatable scenario for anyone who’s been caught off guard by a text.

When you’re trying to sleep but your neighbor is having a party

This meme shows a disgruntled-looking cat attempting to sleep amidst chaotic party noise, representing the frustration of trying to rest in a loud environment. It humorously captures the struggle of dealing with noisy neighbors.

Unleash your inner grump with our collection of hilarious cat memes featuring everyone’s favorite feline with attitude.

From disdainful glares to sarcastic smirks, injecting doses of humor into your day. Join us as we celebrate the art of feline grumpiness – because sometimes, even cats need a moment to be delightfully disgruntled.

Explore, laugh, and embrace the charm of our grumpy cat memes!

When you accidentally open the front camera

A cat conveys the surprise and chagrin we all feel when unintentionally opening the front camera.

When someone says they don’t like naps

It’s a playful celebration of feline wisdom, where the cat wonders how anyone could overlook the blissful joy of a midday snooze.

When someone says they don’t like cats

It’s a fun and light-hearted way to celebrate feline companionship and subtly question those who might not share the same sentiment.

When someone tries to talk to you before your morning coffee

The universal sentiment of not being quite ready for conversations before that first cup of coffee.

The Moment When you see your alarm clock on a Monday morning

Monday morning dread that we all experience. It’s a relatable expression of facing the reality of a new week.

When you see your friend enjoying their weekend plans

This meme captures the relatable feeling of seeing friends having a blast without you (fear of missing out).

When you wake up tired, live tired, and go to bed tired. The tired trilogy

This meme playfully reflects the common struggle of feeling exhausted throughout the day, creating a lighthearted connection with the audience.

When someone says they’re on a diet but finishes the entire pizza

This meme humorously portrays the relatable scenario of someone claiming to be on a diet but succumbing to the temptation of devouring an entire pizza.

That moment when you find out your ‘quick fix’ didn’t fix anything at all

This meme captures the universal experience of trying a quick solution that ends up being ineffective. It resonates with frustration when things don’t go as planned.

When you realize it’s only Tuesday, not Friday! (workweek-related)

A cat’s wide-eyed surprise perfectly captures that moment when you thought the week was almost over, only to realize it’s just Tuesday. It’s a humorous expression of the mid-week blues.

Me, after eating the last slice of cake and pretending I know nothing about it

This meme humorously portrays a cat hiding behind innocence after indulging in the last slice of cake. It resonates with the guilty pleasure of enjoying something sweet and trying to keep it a secret.

When you knock something over and hope no one noticed

Featuring a cat hiding behind a basket, this meme captures the classic moment of knocking something over and hoping to escape without anyone noticing. It’s a playful depiction of the ‘innocent’ act of breaking or spilling something.