Your cat just called us and said he wished you knew about the 7 genius litter box hacks!

Okay, so he didn’t actually call us, he doesn’t have  opposable thumbs, after all!

Still, I bet he wants to make sure you know about them since they’ll save so much time (which you can then use for cuddling and spoiling him).

Check them out!

Your cat just called us and said he wished you knew about the 7 genius litter box hacks! They'll make your life so much easier. Take a look!

7 Litter Box Hacks I Wish I Had Known About

Every cat owner knows the struggle of the litter box, but sometimes no one tells them about these litter box hacks I wish I had known about.

Happily, this is what I’m here for, so everything on this list is going to make your whole life easier whether we’re talking about the first or tenth cat.

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1. Choose A Proper Litter Box

best litter box hacks

Ok. Not all litter boxes are the same.

Some are taller, some are completely closed and others are just simple, classic litter boxes.

When you choose one, consider your cat’s personality, size and if you have any other cats in your house.

Some cats will refuse to “share” their litter boxes, so you may find yourself in the situation of buying one for every cat.

If your cat wants to dig before and after doing her business, consider getting a tall or covered litter box, because you’ll have litter all over the place otherwise.

2. Choose The Right Litter

As you can choose from tens of litter box models, so you can choose from tens of litter models.

There’s clumping and non clumping litter. Some can have fragrance to mask the litter smell while others are more eco-friendly. It all goes down to your preferences.

You can’t know what the best one is, because there are so many opinions.

The best thing you can do is buy little bags of litter and try them.

Maybe your cat won’t like them, or maybe it’s going to be a bad experience for you.

Just keep in mind that the most expensive one is not also the best one.

3. Buy A Metal Scoop

best litter box hacks

The most popular scoops are the plastic ones, but there’s a great downside to them.

They may bend or break as you clean large chunks of litter, making your job hard or even impossible.

Happily, you can find metal scoops in most stores, and even though they are a little more expensive, they will improve your cat parent life quality.

They won’t break, won’t start to smell, and are easier to clean.

WePet Cat Litter Scoop Solid Aluminum Alloy Sifter Deep Shovel, Long Handle Cat Metal Scooper, Poop Sifting, Pooper Lifter, Kitty Pet Sifter Durable, Heavy Duty Neater Scoops for Litterbox Blue
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  • [Premium Material]: Full aluminum alloy cast-built body, comfort grip handle, all together make this scooper long last for years.

4. Choose A Good Location For The Litter Box

Your cat just called us and said he wished you knew about the 7 genius litter box hacks! They'll make your life so much easier. Take a look!

Obviously, you don’t want your litter box in the middle of the house.

For once because cats don’t like you to look at them while doing their business, and second, because it’s not going to be a good experience for anyone living there.

Instead, use a bathroom or laundry room you can always leave open for your cat.

5. Keep It Clean

Cats are very clean pets, and will not, under any circumstances use a full litter box.

Besides that, if you don’t clean it on time, you have all the chances of being required to walk around with a gas mask.

Make sure you check your cat’s litter all the time and clean it accordingly.

This is for the both if you. In order to get rid of some smells, you can sprinkle baking soda in your cat’s litter box and make the whole experience easier to bear.

6. Always Blow Your Nose

Weird litter box hack, I know, but hear me out!

Even though it’s only going to take a few minutes to get the litter box cleaned, you may want to blow your nose after you’re done.

Small dust particles and even ammonia particles will get stuck to your nose lining, and you may be stuck with that smell all day.

It’s definitely not a pleasurable feeling, and you can definitely try doing this for a change.

7. Change Everything Once A Month

Or even once every two weeks.

Even if you keep adding clean litter, the old one may still have traces of urine and feces and it’s not a good outcome.

If you do a complete change, you and your cat will only benefit from it.

All this being said, if you’re a new cat parent of you already have a few, I’m sure these 7 litter box hacks will definitely make your whole life easier!

What are your favorite litter box hacks? Share below!

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