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While being a cat owner is one of life’s joys, it can also be challenging at times.

Cats are known to make messes and, at times, aggravate their owners.

However, there are some cat hacks that may make your life and your cat’s somewhat easier.

Read on for a few tips and cat hacks that can make life with your kitty a little easier! You can thank us later!

Cat Hacks YOu SHould Know About

7 Cat Hacks Every Cat Parent Needs to Know About

1. Cat food messes

There is nothing more annoying than stepping on bits of cat food throughout your kitchen.

Cats are known to be the neatest eaters around. However, you can solve this problem by placing your cat’s food and water bowls on a rubber boot matir?source=bk&t=prettyopinion 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=b69ca85e9651bbbe41881f10bdd3fa9f& cb=1490543820993.

You know, the type you put your winter boots on after coming in from outside?

These mats feature raised edges, so food stays on the mat and not on the floor.

I like these mats better than those sold specifically as pet food mats because they are a bit larger and often cheaper!

2. Picky eaters

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Cats are known to be picky eaters.Some cats are just particular about the foods that they eat.

If this sounds like your cat, a neat little trick to get them to eat their food is to put their food in the microwave for just a few seconds before serving.

The heat will bring out the aroma of the food, making it more enticing for your cat.

Just make sure it isn’t too hot when it comes out. Seriously, a few seconds is all it takes (I’m talking like 5–10 seconds, depending on how cold the food is to start with).

3. Litter box messes

Cats don’t set out to track cat litter all over the house, but the fact is that cat litter tends to stick to cat’s paws, whether they want it to or not.

To help curb this problem, place a plush bath mat in front of the litter box.

That way, when your cat is done using the litter box, their paws can sink into the plush carpeting, which will collect the litter from their paws.

4. Cat box odors

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Cat boxes can be one of the stinkiest things in your house.

Want an easy remedy for those odors? Try adding some dried green tea leaves to the cat litter.

The tea leaves will help provide the cat box with a fresh scent and will also help keep the litter box clean since tea leaves contain anti-bacterial properties.

5. Makeshift scratching post

Some cats love nothing more than to claw and scratch your beautiful furniture.

Know how to solve this problem? Wrap some medium-sized rope around the legs of tables and chairs.

This will save your furniture from scratches and provide your cat with an instant scratching post.

6. DIY Toys

cat playing with toys

Cat toys are insanely easy to DIY. I often buy a skein of cheap fleecy yarn on clearance and make random little toys for my kitties.

Something as simple as a few thick knots and a bit of dangling can entertain my cats for hours.

Tie the yarn to a stick for a makeshift “cat fishing” toy. You would be surprised at how many DIY cat toys you can get out of one ball of yarn!

7. T-Shirt Cat Cave

Just about every cat parent has seen those t-shirt cat caves. They’re pretty viral right now, and for a good reason.

They’re insanely easy to make and so much cheaper than buying a cat condo!

I have at least five right now in my house.


These are just a few cat hacks to make your life easier. We didn’t even get to the ones that use Ikea furniture to make cat condos!

We tried to stick with the cheaper hacks. Plus, not everyone has an Ikea near them (alas, I do not).

I bet you’ve come up with some cat hacks of your own over the years. Share them below!

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Deana Tucker

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