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Are you looking for the best entry litter box liners (or really any type of litter box)? You’re in the right spot!

I’ll take you through everything you need to know about the subject.

Let’s get this process started with a few reviews of my favorite lines available today.

10 Best Cat Litter Box Liners 

Each of these options shouldn’t have any issues meeting your needs.

They should help make your litter box cleaning process a simple and hassle-free experience.

1. Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners

Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners
  • SUPER THICK LITTER BOX LINERS — Your kitty won't be able to tear...
  • DRAWSTRING DESIGN — Litter box liners are made with a drawstring...
  • 7 LITTER LINERS PER BOX — Each box comes with 7 kitty litter bags,...

Fresh Step’s Drawstring Large Litter Box Liners is an excellent choice for covered or open litter boxes. 

The drawstring feature and tear-resistant design alone make this option an absolute godsend. 

Having a choice between them being unscented or scented makes them a lot more versatile, as well. 


  • Thick design with tear-resistant qualities
  • 7-pack
  • Usable on both covered or open litter boxes
  • Drawstring construction for easy clean-up
  • Unscented and scented buying options


  • Some cats don’t like their texture 

Final Verdict

Fresh Step did an exceptional job creating a durable drawstring cat liner.

I have no concerns about their ability to withstand even the most rambunctious felines. 

However, a few owners did complain about their texture as some cats refuse to use them.

But their affordable price tag and high-quality features make them more than worth the risk.  

2. Alfapet Litter Box Bags Liners

Alfapet Litter Box Bags Liners
  • WASTE DISPOSAL MADE EASIER- Alfapet sets out to make the pet owner’s...
  • MULTI-SIZE FIT- The Alfapet disposable cat litter box liners measure...

Bulk buyers will absolutely adore Alfapet’s Elastic Litter Box Liners.

You get 60 liners for a reasonable price without any sacrifices made to lessen their quality. 

These elastic options have a reputation for being durable, remain in place, and fitting almost every litter box size.

It sounds like a dream scenario for a person who’s always looking to get the best deal like myself. 


  • Simple using process
  • Fit most large, extra-large, giant, and extra giant litter boxes
  • Utilize Sta-Put technology to keep the liner in place 
  • Six boxes (10 liners in each box)
  • Durable construction


  •  It doesn’t come in smaller quantities

Final Verdict

You can’t argue against this option’s overall convenience.

Their ability to adapt and stay in place on your litter box isn’t something most other options can match. 

But these liners don’t come in smaller quantities, making the initial payment a deal-breaker for some people.

It was a common complaint in this option’s customer reviews.

3. Van Ness Cat Pan Liners

Van Ness Cat Pan Liners
  • Extra giant sifting cat pan liner
  • Made from 100-percent recycled plastic
  • 10-Count per package

Van Ness’s Sifting Cat Pan Liners is an excellent option for people looking to get sifting liners. 

After all, each one is made from eco-friendly, tear-resistant recycled paper and fits most cat litter box sizes.

Users can feel proud of being environmentally conscious while enjoying a much easier litter box cleaning process. 


  • Made from recycled plastic
  • 10 liners per box
  • Affordable price
  • Consists of 3-ply tear-resistant material
  • Fits cat litter boxes up to 22-inch by 18-inch


  •  Some complaints about defective product
  • Some feel they fit awkwardly in larger boxes

Final Verdict

Overall, these sifting liners check off every box a cat owner could want.

They’ll have no problem holding up waste as litter sifts back into your litter box and won’t tear apart when scratched by cat claws.

I couldn’t even find a single customer who was displeased with their performance.

Anyone who buys these sifting liners won’t find themselves regretting the decision anytime soon.

4. Petmate Top Entry Litter Box Liners

Petmate Litter Pan Liners
  • FOR TOP ENTRY LITTER PANS: These tear-resistant disposable plastic...
  • MORE HYGENIC ENVIRONMENT: Sift out solid waste from the top entry...
  • PET CLEAN UP: Swiftly clean up after your dog or cat while at home or...

If your cat uses a top entry litter box, Petmate’s Top Entry Litter Box Liners are everything you want.

I can’t say enough about their one-step dumping process that consists of lifting the liner from all sides and tying it.

Perfect for anyone who hates cleaning their cats litter box, which means everyone.


  • Designed specifically for top entry litter boxes
  • Keeps the litter box more sanitary
  • Easy one-step dumping process
  • 8 liners per box
  • Withstands digging and claws


  •  A bit thinner than expected
  • Really only works on top-entry litter boxes (awkward in others)

Final Verdict

Aside from its convenient one-step dumping process, it’s known for offering exceptional durability.

Its tear-resistant qualities are often praised in this option’s customer reviews.

But some people did find the liners a bit thinner than expected.

I’d recommend double layering with these products when using them with your top entry litter boxes.

5. Jonny Cat Litter Box Liners

Jonny Cat Litter Box Liners
  • CLEANUP IS A BREEZE: Jonny Cat litter box liners are designed to make...
  • TEAR RESISTANT: These liners are made with heavy-duty material that...
  • NO SCRUBBING, NO STICKING, NO PROBLEM: Our #1 selling liner in America...

One of the most durable options available would be JONNY CAT’s Drawstring Litter Box Liners.

Their 2-milometer thick construction prevents cats poking through it with relative ease.

It’s no wonder why cat owners have made these the top seller liners in America.


  • Drawstring construction for easy clean up
  • Heavy-duty plastic material with top-tier tear resistance
  • 2-milometer thick design 
  • Jumbo size that can fit most litter box configurations
  • Top selling litter box liner in America


  •  Some customers reported shipping issues

Final Verdict

Their popularity seems to stem from the excellent durability and adaptability with their jumbo size.

It makes them an ideal fit for most people looking to purchase cat litter box liners.

But I was a little disappointed to see a few customers complaints about experience shipping issues.

I wouldn’t worry too much about these concerns, though.  The majority of people were more than pleased with these liners.

6. Adou Sifting Litter Box Liners

ADDPETS Sifting Litter Box Liner
  • 【2 Weeks Cat Litter Bags】2 Packs of litter box liner,One packet is...
  • 【Sifting Litter Box Liners】Cat litter box liners with 76 hole,The...
  • 【Heavy-duty Cat Litter Bags for Poop】Easy litter replacement...

If you’re looking to buy sifting liners, passing up on Adou’s Sifting Litter Box Liners would be difficult.

They’re known for their strong drawstring feature, holding up 52 pounds, and odorless material.

Each of these aspects makes their sifting design even more valuable than other similar liners.


  • Removes the need to clean litter box
  • Can hold 52 pounds of waste and litter
  • Odorless
  • Sifting design to make clean up less messy
  • Drawstring included for easy transport of waste


  •  Its tear-resistance does leave little to be desired 

Final Verdict

Dealing with litter box waste has never been easier than with these liners.

They’ll sift the litter through their design’s included holes to make dumping the waste out a hassle-free task. 

The only problem with these liners is their tear resistance can’t compete with other options on this list.

A rambunctious cat can puncture them with enough time and dedication.

7. Pet Pride Elastic Litter Box Liners

Pet Pride Jumbo Elastic Litter Box Liners
  • Unscented Litter Box Liners: Contains 10 unscented liners for your...
  • Large Capacity: Each bag has a 13 gallon capacity to hold a lot of...
  • Easy to Use: Simply place the liner in your pet's litter box and it...

The Pet Pride’s Elastic Litter Box Liners are a favorite among larger cat owners. 

Each of their jumbo sizes can fit even the largest litter boxes that other jumbo options can’t. 

You’ll end up loving the product’s elastic quality, too, which keeps it in place, regardless of your cat’s mischief. 


  • Elastic design to keep the liner in place 
  • Jumbo size fits most litter boxes
  • 10 liners per box
  • An excellent choice for larger cat breeds
  • Usable with all cat litters


  • Expensive 

Final Verdict

The product’s versatility and elasticity make it a no-brainer for larger cat owners.

You aren’t going to find many other options capable of lining a Maine Coon’s litter box quite like this one. 

Buyers will have to spend a lot more on this option than others. But sometimes, a few extra dollars is worth paying for high-quality products such as these lines.

8. Cat’s Pride Drawstring Jumbo Litter Box Liners

Cat's Pride Drawstring Jumbo Litter Box Liners
  • Heavy-duty and tear-resistant so cat's claws can't rip them up
  • The convenient drawstring makes tossing the litter out easier
  • Will fit most cat litter trays

Cat’s Pride Drawstring Litter Box Liners are one of the best options for reducing odors. 

These liners will do an excellent job keeping those nasty bathroom smells from wafting through your home. 

Buyers will find themselves loving their durability, too, which is top-tier among drawstring options.


  • Tear-resistant drawstring construction
  • Easy disposal process
  • Proven to reduce odor effectively
  • Extremely durable
  • 2-pack with 15 liners per box (30 total)


  • Does require readjustments from time to time 

Final Verdict

Their odor control abilities and durable drawstring should be enough to entice any cat owner.

But their affordable price for 30 liners along with this product’s easy disposal process is the icing on the cake.

Some customers did note that these liners did require more readjustments than other options.

It’s a small hassle but shouldn’t be considered a deal-breaker by any means.

9. Alfapet Kitty Sifting Litter Box Liners

Alfapet Kitty Cat Sifting Liners
  • the original litter box sifting liners Alfapet sets out to make the...
  • rubber band for easy fit included- With each box of our disposable...
  • multi-size fit - The Alfapet disposable litter box sifting liners...

Cat owners who use clumping litter should consider Alfapet’s Kitty Sifting Litter Box Liners.

These products feature an effective sifting design and a rubber band for easy fitting.

It makes for one of the more user-friendly using experiences among cat litter liners.


  • Effective sifting design
  • 3-pack with 10 liners per box (30 total)
  • Equipped with a rubber band for easy fitting
  • Usable with extra-large, giant, and extra giant litter boxes 
  • An ideal choice for clumping litter users


  •  Some cats don’t like the texture

Final Verdict

Customers couldn’t stop raving about this option’s sifting ability in their reviews.

In this regard, these liners seem to outpace what most other similar products can offer vastly.

There was a small concern about pickier cats not loving the liners’ texture.

But their overall performance more than ensures buying these liners is worth the risk.

10. Nature’s Miracle Odor Control Litter Box Liners

Nature's Miracle Odor Control Litter Box Liners
  • Quality and performance driven products for your pet
  • FRESH SCENT: Helps control odors.
  • Provide a better quality of living for your pet with United Pet Group

Our final option, Nature’s Miracle Odor Control Drawstring Litter Box Liners, earns its place on this list for its odor-snuffing abilities.

But these liners don’t only remove them; they replace those smells with an odor-controlling fragrance. 

If this quality wasn’t enticing enough, these liners also have antimicrobial properties to stop bacteria build-up.  


  • Offer Antimicrobial protection 
  • They contain an odor-controlling fragrance
  • 3-milometer thickness for excellent durable
  • Practical drawstring to make disposal easy
  • Suitable for multiple cat households


  •  Drawstrings are a little weaker than expected

Final Verdict

Aside from their odor and bacteria prevention, buyers will fall in love with several other included features.

The 3-milometer thickness alone should keep your cat’s claws from tearing through it with ease.

I was a bit disappointed to see a few customers complain about the drawstrings durable, though.

It seems they were a tad weaker than what you’d see with other drawstring liners.

What to Look for in a Cat Litter Box Liner

Looking for the best cat litter box liners for top entry boxes (or any other box, for that matter)? Check out our complete reviews of the top 10!

I’ve now provided you with some high-quality options to offer a good starting point.

But buyers will still need to know what to look for in liners when starting their search. 

The following discussions will ensure each reader can confidently pick out a liner perfect for their needs.

It’ll help make this entire process relatively straightforward and easy.


A litter box liner that’s too small or too big won’t do a cat owner any good.

It’s essential to figure out what size would best fit your cat’s litter box before starting your search. I should also note that not all liners are built to fit those giant litter boxes.

But you’ll come across liners with elastic qualities, drawstrings, or rubber bands that can adjust to most litter boxes. 

More importantly, these elastic options often stay in place much better than their counterparts. I’d still recommend measuring your litter box’s dimensions against any liner you’re considering. 

It’s the only way to ensure your chosen liner will be suitable for the litter box within your home.

Otherwise, this entire process could end up being a complete waste of money and time.


As you might expect, litter box liners have to withstand a lot when they’re being used.

Your cat will want to poke their claws through it and create little holes when doing its bathroom business. 

It makes getting liners made from durable materials crucial.

In other words, their construction material needs to offer some resistance against your kitty’s deadly claws. 

These liners will have to hold up the waste/litter when it’s being removed, as well.

I’d suggest taking a look at each option’s customer reviews to understand better how well they hold up. 


Litter box lines do come in a variety of different types, which can get a little confusing.

All of these configurations exist to accommodate the many litter box variations available. 

A good starting place would be sifting litter box liners, which have holes throughout their design.

It’s a useful feature because it allows the litter to filter through these holes and back into the box when removing waste.

Drawstring litter box liners incorporate a drawstring closer that contains both the waste and litter. Meanwhile, a lot of pet owners enjoy elastic options because they hold the liners in place. 

If you have a top entry litter box, it might need a specialized liner like Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Liners. These are built specifically to fit a top entry model with ease. 


Litter box liners come in a lot of different quantities. You might come across packs of 7, 10, 20, or even more.

It’d be wise to decide how many you’re looking for before picking out an option. 

I’m always going to recommend buying these liners in bulk. After all, these are products that require being changed on a semi-frequent basis.

Odor Control

Some manufacturers infused their cat litter box liners with Microban or other odor control materials.

It’s not uncommon to see options that even have a light scented smell capable of masking odors. 

If you’re looking for a liner with odor control qualities, the customer review section should be a valuable resource.

It’ll provide insight into whether these abilities are effective. 

Are Litter Box Liners a Good Idea?

There isn’t a definite answer about whether using litter box liners is a bad or good idea.

Honestly, it’s more about if these products fit into your personal preferences as a cat owner.

Veterinarians and shelter owners don’t even have a consensus on this topic. As a result, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of using them.

I’ll outline them below so each reader can make their decision.


  • It makes cleaning out the liner box and disposing of contents much easier. 
  • You don’t need to scrub your litter box clean when changing it out (unless the liner has become a victim to your cat’s claws and caused a bunch of holes through it)
  • Keeps the litter box more sanitary for your cat’s usage
  • Helps prevent cats from kicking litter outside the box


  • Some cats don’t like them at all.
  • Most liners aren’t eco friendly cat products (buying bio-degradable options could solve this issue)
  • Low-quality ones are prone to ripping; most people recommend doubling up on liners
  • Liners are known for bunching up, which makes clumps that form inside them difficult to clean. 

As you can see, there are arguments to be had on both sides.

I tend to fall on using liners because it makes the cleaning process much easier than without them. 

Why Does My Cat Love Tearing at Litter Box Liners?

Cats are born with an instinctual need to scratch for a wide variety of reasons.

The main reason behind this annoying habit is getting the dead cell layer off their claws. 

Scratching also allows them to mark their territory by releasing a scent from the glands within their paws. It lets other animals know that this area is now theirs. 

Lastly, cats scratch to relieve stress, stretch, and entertain themselves when boredom strikes.

Cat litter box liners offer an excellent source for these activities because they provide a bit of resistance and make a substantial noise.  

Are There Liners for the Top Entry Litter Box?

Looking for the best cat litter box liners for top entry boxes (or any other box, for that matter)? Check out our complete reviews of the top 10!

A common question among cat owners is whether top entry litter box liners exist?

Well, options are made precisely to fit these litter box types, such as Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Liners. 

But these liners are harder to find than other types because the demand isn’t that high.

If you need one, I’d recommend sticking with the above Petmate option or another high-quality choice.

Do You Need Litter Tray Liners?

Pet owners don’t need litter box liners to meet their cat’s bathroom needs.

A litter box fitted with high-quality cat litter will be all these animals require to do their business. But some owners don’t overly enjoy or physically can’t scoop cat litter daily.

These liners will make the process much less difficult and disgusting for these types of owners. 

I should also mention that people who use these liners tend to see the best results with non-clumping cat litter.

In these cases, the litter will be almost entirely emptied when it becomes time for disposal. Owners who utilize clumping litter don’t see much benefit from liner usage.

After all, they’ll still be scooping out cat waste with their trusty scoop, which negates the entire purpose of getting a liner. 

Another factor to consider is liners create a barrier between the litter box and its contents. If the liner rips, your cat’s waste will seep through it and end up making a nasty mess inside the box.

Cleaning up this stinky nightmare is a terrible experience that every cat owner would love to avoid.

Plus, these liners are another product to put on your shopping list, even though they aren’t overly expensive. 

Thinking about these considerations will make it clear whether your situation needs a cat litter box liner. It’s the only way to ensure purchasing them will benefit your case. 

Final Thoughts

I hope our discussions about cat litter box liners answered your questions about this topic.

If you have any more, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

What are your picks for the best top entry litter box liners? How about for other types of boxes? Share below!

Looking for the best cat litter box liners for top entry boxes (or any other box, for that matter)? Check out our complete reviews of the top 10!
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