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Get ready to say bonjour to some of the best French cat names ever!

We’ve got over 300 male and female ideas, covering everything from traditional French names to delicious food to famous French kitties!

The only tricky part here is choosing just un nom pour votre chat. In other words, you’ll have a hard time picking just one!

Grab your café au lait, and let’s get started!

198 Traditional French Cat Names

french cat names

Have you ever been to Paris or merely love the French language and want to name your cat a cute monsieur or madame name?

Before grappling with that, let’s ensure everyone knows what your cat is called in French.

Having your cat’s name on a collar is more than a mere accessory, so you want to ensure that your cat’s name is something that you love, as your cat is your Cherie.

Just a little fun fact before we get started with our massive list of French cat names: did you know that the first cat that was launched into space was a French cat named Felicette?

On October 18, 1963, she was launched into space as part of the French Space Program! You’ll find her name down below on our list of famous French cats.

Many love the French culture or are French and want to carry the same over to their cat.

These include French cat names for both boys and girls.

99 French Cat Names For Males

  1. Abeau
  2. Adolphe
  3. Adrien
  4. Alexander
  5. Alphonse
  6. Amaury
  7. Anatole
  8. Antoine
  9. Arnaud
  10. Baptiste
  11. Bastien
  12. Bastille
  13. Bateau
  14. Beau
  15. Beaumont
  16. Benoit
  17. Bisou
  18. Blaise
  19. Bleu
  20. Bonjour
  21. Brice
  22. Brun
  23. Cesar
  24. Chanceux
  25. Chat
  26. Chevalier
  27. Cheveux
  28. Christophe
  29. Claude
  30. Clement
  31. Clopin
  32. Constantin
  33. Corentin
  34. Danton
  35. Descartes
  36. Djali
  37. Emile
  38. Etienne
  39. France
  40. Francois
  41. Frederic
  42. Gabriel
  43. Gaston
  44. Gerard
  45. Gervais
  46. Gilbert
  47. Guillaume
  48. Henri
  49. Heureux
  50. Ingres
  51. Jacques
  52. Jean
  53. Jean-Baptiste
  54. Jean-Claude
  55. Jean-Pierre
  56. Jean-Yves
  57. Julien
  58. Lafayette
  59. Laurent
  60. Leo
  61. Lestat
  62. Luc
  63. Lucien
  64. Marc-Antoine
  65. Marcel
  66. Masculin
  67. Matisse
  68. Maurice
  69. Michel
  70. Milou
  71. Monet
  72. Noel
  73. Noir
  74. Nombre
  75. Oliver
  76. Orville
  77. Papillion
  78. Pascal
  79. Pepe
  80. Percival
  81. Philippe
  82. Phoebus
  83. Picasso
  84. Pierre
  85. Quennel
  86. Quentin
  87. Raoul
  88. Raphael
  89. Regis
  90. Remy
  91. Rene
  92. Renoir
  93. Russell
  94. Saville
  95. Sebastien
  96. Thibaud
  97. Thibault
  98. Tintin
  99. Valentin

Remy has always been one of my favorite French boy names, although I do have to say I adore Quentin, too! Well, his movies, anyway.

I will admit that Beauty and the Beast kind of ruined Gaston for me, but maybe you can reclaim it!

99 French Cat Names For Females

  1. Abelle
  2. Adele
  3. Aenor
  4. Agathe
  5. Aimee
  6. Amaline
  7. Amelie
  8. Anais
  9. Angele
  10. Anne
  11. Antoinette
  12. Aurelle
  13. Bernadette
  14. Bernadine
  15. Blanche
  16. Bleue
  17. Brigitte
  18. Brune
  19. Camille
  20. Carine
  21. Cecile
  22. Celestine
  23. Celine
  24. Chaise
  25. Chanel
  26. Chantal
  27. Chloe
  28. Claire
  29. Claudine
  30. Clementine
  31. Colette
  32. Coppelia
  33. Coralie
  34. Corinne
  35. Cosette
  36. Danette
  37. Delene
  38. Delphine
  39. Desiree
  40. Dominique
  41. Elisabeth
  42. Elise
  43. Eloise
  44. Emilie
  45. Eponine
  46. Fantine
  47. Femelle
  48. Feminin
  49. Fifi
  50. Fleur
  51. Francine
  52. Francoise
  53. Gabrielle
  54. Genevieve
  55. Giselle
  56. Heloise
  57. Hermine
  58. Huguette
  59. Ines
  60. Jacqui
  61. Jeanne
  62. Jewel
  63. Jolie
  64. Josephine
  65. Juliet
  66. Karine
  67. Laudine
  68. Laure
  69. Liliane
  70. Lilou
  71. Lionne
  72. Lise
  73. Louane
  74. Lourdes
  75. Lucie
  76. Madame
  77. Madeline
  78. Magali
  79. Maison
  80. Mallory
  81. Marceline
  82. Marguerite
  83. Marianne
  84. Marie
  85. Marielle
  86. Mirabelle
  87. Mireille
  88. Monique
  89. Murielle
  90. Nathalie
  91. Nicolette
  92. Nikoleta
  93. Noelle
  94. Noire
  95. Oceane
  96. Odette
  97. Patrice
  98. Radelle
  99. Renee

As a fan of the Harry Potter series, I adore Fleur! Noire is a great black cat name, though, don’t you think?

Oooh, I also love Clementine, mostly because the fruit is so tasty!

Now that we’ve gone over some general cat names, let’s talk about famous French cats!

33 Names Inspired by Famous French Cats

17 famous male french cats

  1. Atchoum
  2. Berloiz
  3. Birman
  4. Brahms
  5. Catmando
  6. Coussi
  7. Figaro
  8. Gladstone
  9. Gofrette
  10. Jaune Tom
  11. Le Chat
  12. Meowrice
  13. Oggy
  14. Puss in Boots
  15. Robespierre
  16. Toulouse
  17. Tuxedo Stan

Who doesn’t love Puss in Boots, especially in his Shrek incarnation? Those sad kitty eyes that he does get me every time!

16 Famous Female French Cats

  1. Choupette
  2. Déjà vu
  3. Duchess
  4. Felicette
  5. Fiona Cat
  6. Karoun
  7. La Puce
  8. Madeline
  9. Marie
  10. Marie Antoinette
  11. Mewsette
  12. Mimsie
  13. Minouche
  14. Penelope Pussycat
  15. Sally Cat
  16. Winkie

As far as famous female French cats go, you really can’t get any tougher than a cat who went into outer space, so Felicette get my top pick!

78 French Food Cat Names

35 Male French Food Cat Names

  1. Bisque
  2. Bistro
  3. Burgundy
  4. Café
  5. Calvado
  6. Camembert
  7. Caneton
  8. Cassoulet
  9. Caviar
  10. Chambord
  11. Champagne
  12. Chasseur
  13. Chocolat
  14. Citron
  15. Cognac
  16. Comte
  17. Confit
  18. Coq
  19. Croissant
  20. Dijon
  21. Fromage
  22. Gratin
  23. Jambon
  24. Jambonneau
  25. Lait
  26. Poireau
  27. Poisson
  28. Poivre
  29. Poulet
  30. Ragout
  31. Ratatouille
  32. Reblochon
  33. Roquefort
  34. Soja
  35. Vin

Is anyone else hungry? I know I am! I’ll take one Chocolat Croissant, please! Oh, wait, we’re talking about my favorite male French food names for cats. Oops!

Choosing an English name like Travis or Lionel is rarely as cute as Baudouin or Basile. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box.

Okay, fine. I love Ratatouille! So cute, right?

43 Female French Food Cat Names

  1. Babybel
  2. Baguette
  3. Biere
  4. Bouillabaisse
  5. Boulangerie
  6. Brie
  7. Brioche
  8. Brulee
  9. Cannette
  10. Cerise
  11. Chablis
  12. Charcuterie
  13. Chevre
  14. Crepe
  15. Crevette
  16. Éclair
  17. Entrée
  18. Escargot
  19. Evian
  20. Faisselle
  21. Figure
  22. Flamiche
  23. Foie Gras
  24. Ganache
  25. Glace
  26. Gougere
  27. Macaron
  28. Madeleine
  29. Meringue
  30. Mousse
  31. Munster
  32. Orangina
  33. Peche
  34. Petit Four
  35. Poire
  36. Pomme
  37. Quenelle
  38. Quiche
  39. Souffle
  40. Tarte
  41. Terrine
  42. Tourin
  43. Truffle

Once again, I find myself searching for the nearest French restaurant or cafe. I’m majorly craving quiche now! How cute is Souffle for a cat, though?

Or Tarte! Adorable! Now that you have this list, are you wondering how to select one?

Tips to Choose a Pet Name

cat holding a French flag beside French cat names poster

Pronunciation is imperative when training your cat. If you constantly change your cat’s name in pronunciation, your cat might be confused and not follow instructions.

Ensure that the meaning of the name suits your cat or what you would like your cat to represent.

For example, if your cat eats lots of cabbage and you’d like to call him “little cabbage,” naming him petit chou would be suitable or appropriate.

You won’t want to name your cat something aggressive or angry if you intend for it to be a family pet. See what qualities or traits your cat exudes, and check if you can find a French alternative for it.

If you do choose a lengthy name, you can always find a nickname or shorten it as you go along. For example, if your male cat is named Monsieur Versailles, you could call him Versailles for short.

Nicknames do not circumvent pets. Don’t be afraid to name your minou whatever you like.

Choose something that you love, regardless of how silly or outrageous it might appear to other people, it is your cat, after all, and it’s vital that you love it.

Whether you name your minou after French cities or a fashion brand like Coco Chanel, you have to love it and have it match your cat.


Is it OK if I name my cat a French name even if I am not French?

Yes! If you are a linguist or love Françios culture, it is lovely to name your cat French. Of course, provided that you can pronounce it, of course.

Can I name my cat more than one name?

Of course. You can choose any amount of names for your cat that you would like.

Why should I give my cat a French name?

Not only does it sound exquisite, especially if you have a le chat noir (black cat), it is a fun way to immerse yourself in different language cultures and help others learn more.

Final Word

The François dictionary is your oyster. Go and name your cat whatever you like and find matches for them.

Choosing a name might be challenging, but I know that this article has helped you.

You’re turn! What are your favorite French cat names from our list? Share below!


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