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If you’re passionate about Oolong and Earl Grey, you’ll love these terrific tea names for cats!

We were inspired by all the wonderful flavors and varieties of the world’s most popular hot beverage.

It turns out, so many of them actually make really clever food names for cats!

Check them out!

Tea Names For Male Cats

If you're passionate about Oolong and Earl Grey, you'll love these 100 terrific tea names for cats! Check them out!

From names inspired by brands of tea to some of the most popular varieties, these adorable ideas are perfect for your sweet new boy cat!

Many of them are gender-neutral, though, so even if you have a girl kitten, take a peek at them!

  1. Assam: a traditional Indian Black tea.
  2. Bai: alsoi known as the White Peony Tea.
  3. Berry: berries are favorites throughout the tea lovers.
  4. Blackberry: for a black kitten with a tea enthusiast parent.
  5. Boston: because in Boston was the Boston Tea Party.
  6. Brew: perfect name for a tea lover.
  7. Britain: after the country most associated with tea.
  8. Caj: means “tea” in Albanian
  9. Caffrey: for someone who likes caffeine-free tea.
  10. Chai: the famous Indian tea.
  11. Dian: after the Chinese Black Tea, Dian Hong.
  12. Earl: after the famous Earl Grey.
  13. Fennel: one of the most popular types of tea.
  14. Fukamushi: famous Japanese tea.
  15. Garway: after Thomas Garway, the first to sell tea in London.
  16. Goji: Goji tea is known to improve the eyesight.
  17. Grape: grape tea is one of the most popular in certain areas.
  18. Grey: perfect for a grey cat whose owner loves Green Tea.
  19. Gunpowder: this is actually a type of tea.
  20. Gyokuro: a type of Green tea with sedative properties.
  21. Herb: as in herbal tea, or Herbata, which means “tea” in Polish.
  22. Hawthorn: after the famous Hawthorn Berries.
  23. Hyson: after the popular tea brand.
  24. Ilex: this tea is also known as Yaupon Holly.
  25. Irish: after the Irish Breakfast tea.
  26. Kombucha: also known as a fermented tea.
  27. Licorice: because the Licorice root makes a great herbal tea.
  28. Lipton: famous brand Thomas Lipton started in 1890.
  29. Lu: after the Ganlu Tea that means “sweet dew.”
  30. Mango: after the tropical tea flavour.
  31. Masala: after the popular Masala Chai.
  32. Matcha: one of the most popular teas.
  33. Milo: after Faskomilo, a traditional Greek tea.
  34. Moroccan: after the Moroccan Mint Tea.
  35. Oolong: a type of black and green tea.
  36. Oregano: because Oregano tea is one of the best!
  37. Pepper: after peppermint.
  38. Piper: after the Piper Methysticum.
  39. Pu’erh: fermented tea, darker than the classic black tea.
  40. Roman: after the Roman Chamomile.
  41. Rooibos: one of ther most popular caffeine-free teas.
  42. Sage: Sage tea has antioxidant properties.
  43. Silver: after one of the most famous tea types, the Silver Needle.
  44. Thorn: after the Hawthorn Berries.
  45. Thyme: not very good, but very healthy!
  46. Turmeric: a popular spiced tea with medicinal properties.
  47. Twining: after Thomas Twining who started the brand in the 1700’s.
  48. Woodruff:An Herbal tea that is commonly used as a sedative
  49. Yarrow: one of the ancient tea types.
  50. Yerba: after the Yerba Maté which is a medicinal tea.

It’s hard to choose a favorite, especially as a tea drinker myself! I do think Earl Grey has a very regal ring to it, though, don’t you?

Tea Names For Female Cats

If you're passionate about Oolong and Earl Grey, you'll love these 100 terrific tea names for cats! Check them out!

As I said, so many of the names in the boy’s section are actually very gender-neutral!

I have a friend with a female cat named Pepper, for example.

Likewise, many of these tea names for female cats could also work great for a male, but I just love them for a sweet little girl kitten.

  1. Amacha: Japanese tea, it translates as “sweet tea.”
  2. Apple: apple tea is best around the holidays.
  3. Arbata: Lithuanian for “tea”
  4. Astrid: flower you can make Black tea out of.
  5. Bancha: Japanese tea similar to Sencha.
  6. Bohea: popular type of Black tea.
  7. Camellia: after the Camellia Sinensis plant.
  8. Camillia: gracious name for a tea lover’s cat.
  9. Cassia: after the Cinnamon tea.
  10. Ceai: Romanian for “tea”
  11. Ceylon: Black tea with Sri Lankan roots.
  12. Chamomile: popular herbal tea.
  13. Cherry: especially if you love cherry tea.
  14. Chicory: after the Chicory Root.
  15. Cinnamon: common tea ingredient.
  16. Darjeeling: famous type of tea from northern India.
  17. Darling: inspired from the Darjeeling Black tea.
  18. Genmai: Japanese tea translated as “roasted rice tea.”
  19. Ginger: popular tea type.
  20. Grey: for Earl Grey lovers.
  21. Hibiscus: popular tea ingredient.
  22. Hojicha: Japanese tea made from Bancha leaves.
  23. Honey: best tea ingredient.
  24. Jade: famous type of Green Tea,
  25. Jasmine: popular and very pleasant type of tea.
  26. Kukicha: famous Japanese tea.
  27. Lady Grey: for a true lady..
  28. Lapsang: after the Lapsang Souchong.
  29. Lavender: popular tea flavor.
  30. London: after London Fog, that’s also known as Earl Grey.
  31. Lotus: Vietnam’s strongest type of Green tea.
  32. Minty: for one who loves black tea.
  33. Nilgiri: a type of floral Black tea.
  34. Noni: famous herbal tea with medicinal properties.
  35. Passion: after the Passion Fruit used to make tea.
  36. Peach: delicious and flavored tea.
  37. Pekoe: after an orange type of tea.
  38. Peony: after the White Peony Tea.
  39. Porcelain: beautiful name, and perfect for a true tea lover.
  40. Raspberry: the raspberry leaves tea is very popular in some regions.
  41. Rose: you can make Pu’erh tea from roses.
  42. Rosella: tea type from the Hibiscus flowers.
  43. Sencha: after the most popular variety of Green tea.
  44. Shayi: means “tea” in Hausa.
  45. Strawberry: strongly flavored tea type.
  46. Tangerine: citrus-flavored tea.
  47. Tea: because this is the BEST!
  48. Teja: Latvian for “tea”
  49. Tencha: if you were wondering how Matcha is made!
  50. Verbena: popular herbal tea.

From the girl’s list, I really love Verbena. Not only is it an amazing tea, but a super cute name. Shayi is beautiful too.

Your turn! What are your favorite tea names for cats? Share below!

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