Get ready to laugh, because of the funniest cat names ever for you today!

Cats are among the most hilarious creatures on the planet.

Not a day goes by that my own Alex the Fuzz doesn’t do something to completely crack me up.

It seems fitting to honor their hilarious antics with an equally witty name, doesn’t it?

Get ready to laugh, because of got 75 of the funniest cat names ever for you today! Check them out!

If you need some ideas for your new kitty, check out these top 75 funniest cat names!

Top 75 Funniest Cat Names Ever

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Quick notes before we get started with these funniest cat names:

  • To make this a bit easier and less overwhelming, I’m breaking it into categories that make the most sense (to me, at least).
  • However, I’m not breaking it up into male and female names because there are so many clever monikers that work for both genders. You can decide if they sound more fitting for a boy or a girl.

Punny Cat Names

My grandfather was the king of puns, so whenever I see a good one, it reminds me of him. Some of my favorite punny cat names include:

  1. Catastrophe: hilarious because the word already contains “cat,” and my kitties have been known to cause a few major catastrophes themselves!
  2. Angelicat Huston: Inspired by the actress who played, among other things, Morticia in The Addams Family movie
  3. Catatonic- for that kitty who spends an inordinate amount of time napping!
  4. Catzilla – a spin on Godzilla.
  5. Catsy Cline- pun for singer Patsy Cline
  6. Cat Damon- for the kitty who is as handsome as Matt Damon!
  7. iCat- for rabid Apple fans!
  8. The Cat Formerly Known as Purr-ince- You may want to just shorten it to Purr-ince!
  9. Americat- a patriotic pun!
  10. Catabunga

Punny Literary Cat Names

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  1. The Great Catsby: a play on The Great Gatsby, of course.
  2. Catticus Finch: a twist on Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird )Credit to Buzzfeed for this one).
  3. Furmione: from Hermione of Harry Potter, which brings us to…
  4. Hairy Potter!
  5. F. Scott Catzgerald- from F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of the aforementioned Great Gatsby.
  6. Poe- perfect for a dark and “stormy” cat!
  7. Agatha Chriscat- based on Agatha Christie, the famous mystery writer.
  8. Hercule Purrot- pronounced “purr-row,” one of Agatha Christie’s most famous detectives
  9. Cat Kerouac – Jack Kerouac was one of the most famous writers of the Beat Generation.
  10. Furlock Holmes- from one of the other greatest detectives of all time, Sherlock Holmes.

Funny Cat Names from Literature

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While the above are clever spins on literary characters and writers, these are actual character names that just make funny cat names.

  1. Behemoth- perfect for a large cat breed like the Maine Coon!
  2. Dinah- the name of Alice’s cat in Alice in Wonderland
  3. Crookshanks- Hermione’s cat in Harry Potter
  4. Mrs. Norris- Argus Filch’s cat in Harry Potter, she always seems to know when you’re up to no good!
  5. Puck- from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  6. Red Herring- not a character, per se, but a very important plot device in mystery novels
  7. Bombalurina- from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot
  8. Captain Wow- from The Game of Rat and Dragon
  9. Fritti Tailchaser from Tailchaser’s Song
  10. Greebo- from Discworld

Funny Cat Names Inspired by Songs

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  1. Furtunate Son- Fans of Creedence Clearwater Revival get this one!
  2. Catsbah- As in, Rock the Casbah by the Clash.
  3. Bluebird- from the Bruce Springsteen Song
  4. Gypsy– from the Fleetwood Mac song. I had a cat named Gypsy, but it actually came from a book series about a horse that I read as a kid, not this song.
  5. Jinx- from Hijinx, but Heart
  6. Queenie- from Little Queenie by The Rolling Stones
  7. Rigby- from Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles
  8. Beast- from Beast of Burden, again by the Rolling Stones
  9. Frisco- from Mean Old Frisco by Eric Clapton
  10. Sassafras- from the Greenday song by the same name.

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Hilarious Movie-Inspired Cat Names

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  1. The Furminator- from Terminator (not to be confused with the grooming tool).
  2. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang- from the old movie, Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang
  3. Catbaret- from the musical, Caberet
  4. Cat-22- inspired by Catch-22 (although this could also fit under book-inspired punny cat names)
  5. Catsablanca- I think this one is pretty obvious, but if not, it’s from Casablanca!
  6. Prince of Purrsia- inspired by Prince of Persia
  7. Catsper- from Casper, the Friendly Ghost
  8. Catatouille- inspired by Ratatouille
  9. Catsanova- based on Casanova, a great name for a really lovey male cat!
  10. Catman- inspired by Batman.

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Funny Food-Inspired Cat Names

  1. KitKat
  2. Alflalfa
  3. Bacon Bit
  4. Chowder
  5. Kittles (instead of Skittles)
  6. Sushi
  7. Spuds
  8. Tooties
  9. Twinkie
  10. Waffles

Just Plain Funny Cat Names

These funniest cat names don’t really fit into any of the above categories, but they still crack me up!

  1. Sir Purrs Alot
  2. Twinkle Toes
  3. Alexander the Fuzz (my cat’s name, a spin on Alexander the Great, and also from my son’s middle name)
  4. Winky-Tink
  5. Fred (because seriously, a cat named Fred is just funny!)
  6. The Flash (perfect for a super speedy kitty!)
  7. Milkshake (a good name for a white kitty)
  8. Dog (this would actually be fitting for Alex, since he thinks he’s a dog!)
  9. Cue-ball (great for a hairless Sphinx cat)
  10. Gizmo (just don’t feed him after midnight, or he’ll become Gremlin)
  11. Kilobyte (perfect for tiny cats) or Gigabyte (for big cats)
  12. Ninsha (the Japanese word for ninja)
  13. Mau (the Egyptian word for cat is fitting because cats were worshiped in Ancient Egypt)
  14. Schrodinger
  15. Spaz

There are so many great hilarious names out there, but these are my picks for the top 75 funniest cat names ever!

How about you? What are some of the funniest cat names you’ve ever heard? Share below!


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