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75 Male Black Cat Names

Fun fact: The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) currently recognizes 22 cat breeds that can have black coats.

However, there is only one breed that only features a black coat exclusively. Do you know what it is?

It’s the Bombay cat!.

Whether you’re the parent of a Bombay or one of the other black-coated kitties, here are some cute names for your black cat or kitten.

I love this sofa.
  1. Asud: It means black in Arabic.
  2. Bael: It is described as the demon in demonological grimoires.
  3. Bagheera – Fom Indian origin meaning- tiger-like.
  4. Beast: A large four-footed animal. It can be the name of a dangerous-looking cat.
  5. Berlioz: The sweet black kitten from the 1970 movie- The Aristocats.
  6. Binx: A cat’s name from the movie Hocus Pocus.
  7. Black Bean: Black color small seed.
  8. Black Hole: A region in spacetime from where light cannot escape and is black.
  9. BlackJack: A Card in the card game.
  10. Black Mamba: This is species of a highly venomous snake that is black in color.
  11. Black Panda: Black-colored furry animal with black patches around the eyes.
  12. Bow: A cute knot made up of cloth
  13. Brat: Annoying and immature kid.
  14. Bullseye: A center of the target.
  15. Butterscotch: Hard candy made with brown sugar and butter together.
  16. Buzz: An informal sound.
  17. Caesar: A powerful Roman emperor.
  18. Casanova: One who is flirty in nature.
  19. Casper: Keeper of the Treasure.
  20. Chuckles: One who laughs quietly.
  21. Conan: It means little wolf.
  22. Coffee: Black-colored beans.
  23. Cola: A sweetened carbonated drink that is dark black in color.
  24. Comet: It is made up of ice, dust, and rock appearing as a streak across the sky.
  25. Coven: A group of witches.
  26. Creature: Something which is created.
  27. Crescent: A curved shape the one which moon have at its first and last stage.
  28. Crisp: Being thin and hard.
  29. Cujo: A name of the psychological horror novel.
  30. Damien: The one who subdues.
  31. Darth: It is the title given to the Dark Lords of the Sith order.
  32. Darko: In mythology and astrology, it is a dragon.
  33. Dusk: The darkest part of twilight before the night begins.
  34. Ecco: The one who moves here and there.
  35. Echo: The repetition of sound due to reflection.
  36. Felix: It is a Latin word meaning happy or lucky.
  37. Figs: These are unique fruit resembling the shape of a teardrop.
  38. Flash: To break forth or out or to make a sudden display.
  39. Foam: It is a frothy substance made up of bubbles.
  40. Fudge: It is a soft, spongy, and creamy item like a cake.
  41. Garfield: It is a fictional cartoon character of a cat.
  42. Ghost:A disembodied soul.
  43. Gloom: A dark or shadowy place or thing.
  44. Glutton:One who is habitually very greedy of eating.
  45. Gobble: One who eats quickly and noisily.
  46. Goth: They are people with dark black makeup.
  47. Grape:It is a juicy jelly fruit.
  48. Imp: A small creature like a little devil.
  49. Jamun: It is a black color berry with a sweet and sour taste.
  50. Jingle: A ringing sound made with the small bells.
  51. Kava: It means black coffee in the Belarusian language.
  52. Lucifer: In Latin, it is the name of the planet Venus, meaning light-bringer
  53. Midnight: The darkest hour of the day.
  54. Minion: A fictional cartoon character.
  55. Mocha: It is a chocolate-flavored variant of caffe latte.
  56. Mogambo: It is an Indian villain in the movie.
  57. Nomad: One who moves around places without having any fixed destination.
  58. Nugget: A small lump of valuable metal or mineral.
  59. Ozzy: Spear of the Gods.
  60. Panther: For one of the largest black cats!
  61. Pepper: Black color peppercorns used as a spice and seasoning.
  62. Pirate: One who robs or commits illegal violence at sea.
  63. Rune: It is the word of German origin meaning secret or whisper.
  64. Scar: A mark or indentation.
  65. Shady: Sluttish
  66. Spark: To stir to an activity or to do work actively.
  67. Sponge: A soft, fluffy thing that absorbs.
  68. Stallion – After the Black Stallion, of course.
  69. Straw: That which is scattered or strewn.
  70. Stray: To wander away from where they are supposed to be.
  71. Tarmac: A black color materialist substance.
  72. Thunder: Loud and noisy sound in the dark sky.
  73. Vampire: One who comes at night to drink the blood of a living organism.
  74. Vortex: A mass of fluid that turns around very fast.
  75. Zorro: A fictional character.

75 Female Black Cat Names

cat on box
  1. Aloma: A dark brown or yellowish-brown substance.
  2. Aura: The distinct quality that someone has which separates them from others.
  3. Banshee: It is named after the strong female spirit
  4. Bastet: She is an Egyptian goddess of home and women’s secrets and cats.
  5. Batwoman– After the DC superhero!
  6. Beatrice: The one who makes happy.
  7. Bell: A bell is a metal object which makes a sound when hit or shaken.
  8. Berry: A small juicy, rounded, brightly colored, sweet, and sour fruit.
  9. Black Beryl: It is a black gemstone
  10. Black Goji: A black color sweet and tasty berry.
  11. Bloomy: One who is full of bloom or freshness.
  12. Boots: Usually long dark-colored shoes which are up to the knee.
  13. Cadbury: A confectionery brand.
  14. Celeste: A Latin word meaning heavenly.
  15. Charmy: A girl/female who is charming.
  16. Clair: A clear and bright thing.
  17. Ciara: Of Irish origin meaning- little dark one.
  18. Clove: A black or dark brown flower bud which is used as a spice.
  19. Cocoa: Black color beans for making chocolate.
  20. Coraline: After Neil Gaiman’s creepiest children’s book.
  21. Cordie: Cordie is a skinny spider girl.
  22. Dahlia– After the Black Dahlia
  23. Dally: One who acts or walks slowly.
  24. Drony: A lazy, sluggish creature.
  25. Elvira: The horror movie character is also known as The Mistress Of the Dark.
  26. Fey: Having supernatural powers of clairvoyance.
  27. Figaro: An adroit and unscrupulous intriguer.
  28. Freya: One of the preeminent goddesses in Norse mythology.
  29. Gel: A semi-solid soft substance.
  30. Glitter: Sparkle sequins that shine in the spotlight.
  31. Godiva: Gift of God.
  32. Gypsy: One who travels forms one place to another like a vagabond.
  33. Hazel: It is a crunchy nut of dark color.
  34. Hei: It means Black in Chinese.
  35. Hex- After the mystical word
  36. Ink- The dark-colored pigment used to color a surface.
  37. Isis: The Egyptian goddess of healing.
  38. Jincy: Indian origin name meaning cute.
  39. Lexi: Diminutive form of Alexis.
  40. Licorice:  A sweet candy that is black in color.
  41. Lichen: A green and black color algae.
  42. Lucinda: The name is normally given to a black cat.
  43. Luna: Moon is a Spanish and Italian given name of Latin origin.
  44. Mara: One who has strength.
  45. Melee: A crowd of people who are always in a hurry.
  46. Messy: One who is always messed up.
  47. Morticia: A fictional witchy character from the TV shows The Addams Family.
  48. Musta: In Finnish origin, meaning black.
  49. Nelly: A Greek origin name meaning light.
  50. Nyx : From Greek origin meaning- night.
  51. Olive: The black color and velvety body of olive gives it is name
  52. Oprah: In Hebrew origin, meaning young deer.
  53. Pansy: A bright color flower.
  54. Plum: A soft, round, fleshy fruit.
  55. Rusty: A top brownish layer on any substance.
  56. Scoria: A typically dark-colored volcanic rock.
  57. Selina: From French origin meaning- heaven and also from Greek origin meaning- moon.
  58. Silky: One who is soft and smooth.
  59. Sooty: Used in names of birds and animals that are mainly black in color.
  60. Spooky: One who is strange and frightening.
  61. Steffi: In Greek, it means crown.
  62. Stormy: One who has unpredictable outbursts.
  63. Tilly: The girl’s name of German origin, meaning battle-mighty.
  64. Tora: In Japanese, it means tiger.
  65. Trixie: She who brings Happiness.
  66. Umbra: It is a dark black shadow.
  67. Vanilla: It is a spice derived from orchid with a very pleasant smell.
  68. Viola: A musical instrument which, when played makes a soothing sound.
  69. Vim: One who is filled with enthusiasm.
  70. Wick: A bundle of loosely twisted, braided threads.
  71. Wiggles: Moving with twisting and turning movements.
  72. Winkie– After the black cat character in Escape to Witch Mountain
  73. Zemi: A deity or ancestral spirit.
  74. Zenith: The highest point in the celestial sphere.
  75. Zil: A beautiful princess

Bombay kitten with text referring to black cat names

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