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If you’re the proud owner of a sleek and mysterious black cat, finding the perfect name that reflects their unique personality can be a fun and exciting task.

Black cats have long been associated with superstitions and myths, but they are also beloved companions known for their beauty, elegance, and charm.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of creative and captivating black cat names that are sure to inspire you.

Whether you’re looking for a classic name that pays homage to their dark coat, a name that highlights their mysterious nature, or a name that reflects their playful or mischievous personality, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

Black Cat Names For Males

Black Cat Breeds You’ll Fall In Love With
  1. Asud – It means black in Arabic.
  2. Bael – It is described as the demon in demonological grimoires.
  3. Bagheera – Fom Indian origin meaning- tiger-like.
  4. Beast – A large four-footed animal. It can be the name of a dangerous-looking cat.
  5. Berlioz – The sweet black kitten from the 1970 movie The Aristocatsir?source=bk&t=catvill 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=9fa484cd18717c501d0a88e547022f3b& cb=1539016471652.
  6. Binx – A cat’s name from the movie Hocus Pocus.
  7. Black Bean – Black color small seed.
  8. Black Hole – A region in spacetime from where light cannot escape and is black.
  9. Black Jack – A Card in the card game.
  10. Black Mamba – This is species of a highly venomous snake that is black in color.
  11. Black Panda – Black-colored furry animal with black patches around the eyes.
  12. Bow – A cute knot made up of cloth
  13. Brat – Annoying and immature kid.
  14. Bullseye – A center of the target.
  15. Butterscotch – Hard candy made with brown sugar and butter together.
  16. Buzz – An informal sound.
  17. Caesar – A powerful Roman emperor.
  18. Casanova – One who is flirty in nature.
  19. Casper – Keeper of the Treasure.
  20. Chuckles – One who laughs quietly.
  21. Conan – It means little wolf.
  22. Coffee – Black-colored beans.
  23. Cola – A sweetened carbonated drink that is dark black in color.
  24. Comet – It is made up of ice, dust, and rock appearing as a streak across the sky.
  25. Coven – A group of witches.
  26. Creature – Something which is created.
  27. Crescent – A curved shape the one that the moon has at its first and last stage.
  28. Crisp – Being thin and hard.
  29. Cujo – A name of the psychological horror novel.
  30. Damien – The one who subdues.
  31. Darth – It is the title given to the Dark Lords of the Sith order.
  32. Darko – In mythology and astrology, it is a dragon.
  33. Dusk – The darkest part of twilight before the night begins.
  34. Ecco – The one who moves here and there.
  35. Echo – The repetition of sound due to reflection.
  36. Felix – It is a Latin word meaning happy or lucky.
  37. Figs – These are unique fruit resembling the shape of a teardrop.
  38. Flash – To break forth or out or to make a sudden display.
  39. Foam – It is a frothy substance made up of bubbles.
  40. Fudge – It is a soft, spongy, and creamy item like a cake.
  41. Garfield – It is a fictional cartoon character of a cat.
  42. Ghost – A disembodied soul.
  43. Gloom – A dark or shadowy place or thing.
  44. Glutton – One who is habitually very greedy of eating.
  45. Gobble – One who eats quickly and noisily.
  46. Goth – They are people with dark black makeup.
  47. Grape – It is a juicy jelly fruit.
  48. Imp – A small creature like a little devil.
  49. Jamun – It is a black color berry with a sweet and sour taste.
  50. Jingle – A ringing sound made with the small bells.
  51. Kava – It means black coffee in the Belarusian language.
  52. Lucifer – In Latin, it is the name of the planet Venus, meaning light-bringer.
  53. Midnight – The darkest hour of the day.
  54. Minion – A fictional cartoon character.
  55. Mocha – It is a chocolate-flavored variant of caffe latte.
  56. Mogambo – It is an Indian villain in the movie.
  57. Nomad – One who moves around places without having any fixed destination.
  58. Nugget – A small lump of valuable metal or mineral.
  59. Ozzy – Spear of the Gods.
  60. Panther – For one of the largest black cats!
  61. Pepper – Black color peppercorns used as a spice and seasoning.
  62. Pirate – One who robs or commits illegal violence at sea.
  63. Rune – It is the word of German origin meaning secret or whisper.
  64. Scar – A mark or indentation.
  65. Shady – Sluttish
  66. Spark – To stir to an activity or to do work actively.
  67. Sponge – A soft, fluffy thing that absorbs.
  68. Stallion – After the Black Stallion, of course.
  69. Straw – That which is scattered or strewn.
  70. Stray – To wander away from where they are supposed to be.
  71. Tarmac – A black color materialist substance.
  72. Thunder – Loud and noisy sound in the dark sky.
  73. Vampire – One who comes at night to drink the blood of a living organism.
  74. Vortex – A mass of fluid that turns around very fast.
  75. Zorro – A fictional character.

Black Cat Names For Females

black persian cat
  1. Aloma – A dark brown or yellowish-brown substance.
  2. Aura – The distinct quality that someone has which separates them from others.
  3. Banshee – It is named after the strong female spirit
  4. Bastet – She is an Egyptian goddess of home and women’s secrets and cats.
  5. Batwoman – After the DC superhero!
  6. Beatrice – The one who makes happy.
  7. Bell – A bell is a metal object which makes a sound when hit or shaken.
  8. Berry – A small juicy, rounded, brightly colored, sweet, and sour fruit.
  9. Black Beryl – It is a black gemstone
  10. Black Goji – A black color sweet and tasty berry.
  11. Bloomy – One who is full of bloom or freshness.
  12. Boots – Usually long dark-colored shoes that are up to the knee.
  13. Cadbury – A confectionery brand.
  14. Celeste – A Latin word meaning heavenly.
  15. Charmy – A girl/female who is charming.
  16. Clair – A clear and bright thing.
  17. Ciara – Of Irish origin meaning- little dark one.
  18. Clove – A black or dark brown flower bud which is used as a spice.
  19. Cocoa – Black color beans for making chocolate.
  20. Coraline – After Neil Gaiman’s creepiest children’s book.
  21. Cordie – Cordie is a skinny spider girl.
  22. Dahlia – After the Black Dahlia
  23. Dally – One who acts or walks slowly.
  24. Drony – A lazy, sluggish creature.
  25. Elvira – The horror movie character is also known as The Mistress Of the Dark.
  26. Fey – Having supernatural powers of clairvoyance.
  27. Figaro – An adroit and unscrupulous intriguer.
  28. Freya – One of the preeminent goddesses in Norse mythology.
  29. Gel – A semi-solid soft substance.
  30. Glitter – Sparkle sequins that shine in the spotlight.
  31. Godiva – Gift of God.
  32. Gypsy – One who travels forms one place to another like a vagabond.
  33. Hazel – It is a crunchy nut of dark color.
  34. Hei – It means Black in Chinese.
  35. Hex – After the mystical word
  36. Ink – The dark-colored pigment used to color a surface.
  37. Isis – The Egyptian goddess of healing.
  38. Jincy – Indian origin name meaning cute.
  39. Lexi – Diminutive form of Alexis.
  40. Licorice – A sweet candy that is black in color.
  41. Lichen – A green and black color algae.
  42. Lucinda – The name is normally given to a black cat.
  43. Luna – Moon is a Spanish and Italian given name of Latin origin.
  44. Mara – One who has strength.
  45. Melee – A crowd of people who are always in a hurry.
  46. Messy – One who is always messed up.
  47. Morticia – A fictional witchy character from the TV shows The Addams Family.
  48. Musta – In Finnish origin, meaning black.
  49. Nelly – A Greek origin name meaning light.
  50. Nyx – From Greek origin meaning- night.
  51. Olive – The black color and velvety body of olive give it its name
  52. Oprah – In Hebrew origin, meaning young deer.
  53. Pansy – A bright color flower.
  54. Plum – A soft, round, fleshy fruit.
  55. Rusty – A top brownish layer on any substance.
  56. Scoria – A typically dark-colored volcanic rock.
  57. Selina – From French origin meaning- heaven and also from Greek origin meaning- moon.
  58. Silky – One who is soft and smooth.
  59. Sooty – Used in names of birds and animals that are mainly black in color.
  60. Spooky – One who is strange and frightening.
  61. Steffi – In Greek, it means crown.
  62. Stormy – One who has unpredictable outbursts.
  63. Tilly – The girl’s name of German origin, meaning battle-mighty.
  64. Tora – In Japanese, it means tiger.
  65. Trixie – She who brings Happiness.
  66. Umbra – It is a dark black shadow.
  67. Vanilla – It is a spice derived from orchid with a very pleasant smell.
  68. Viola – A musical instrument which, when played makes a soothing sound.
  69. Vim – One who is filled with enthusiasm.
  70. Wick – A bundle of loosely twisted, braided threads.
  71. Wiggles – Moving with twisting and turning movements.
  72. Winkie – After the black cat character in Escape to Witch Mountain
  73. Zemi – A deity or ancestral spirit.
  74. Zenith – The highest point in the celestial sphere.
  75. Zil – A beautiful princess

Unique And Cute Black Cat Names

bombay cat resting
  1. Asher – beautiful name for a black cat.
  2. Aspen – a dark-colored tree, native to the cold regions of the world.
  3. Bean – after the black beans.
  4. Bear – perfect name for a black and mischievous kitten.
  5. Birch – after the beautiful tree with dark-colored leaves.
  6. Blackbird – perfect name for a black cat.
  7. Caiman– after the black Caiman, a type of crocodile.
  8. Carbon – after the black graphite rocks.
  9. Coal – after the all-natural fuel.
  10. Colobus– a cute black monkey!
  11. Crow – after the most popular black bird.
  12. Drongo – the Black Drongo is a beautiful bird from India.
  13. Dusk – one of the best parts of the day.
  14. Dusty – beautiful name for a black cat.
  15. Falcon – after one of the most amazing birds.
  16. Flint – after the rock used to start a fire.
  17. Galloway – a type of black cattle.
  18. Grackle – the common grackle is actually blue, but he appears black!
  19. Graphite – especially pure black granite.
  20. Jackal – after one of the most frightening animals.
  21. Jaguar – this is great, especially is your cat is pure black.
  22. Kotwal– Hindi name for the Black Drongo.
  23. Leopard – did you know some very rare leopards are black?
  24. Lupo – in Italian, this means “wolf,” and wolves can be black!
  25. Oakley – referring to a wood clearing.
  26. Orion – after the wonderful constellation.
  27. Penguin – penguins are some of the cutest!
  28. Phoenix – after the bird that came back from her own ashes.
  29. Pluto – after the dwarf planet stuck in the dark.
  30. Quetzal – a little ironic, but still a wonderful name.
  31. Shady – perfect name for a black cat.
  32. Shark – especially the black Reef Sharks.
  33. Slate – after the black/grey rock.
  34. Slater – after the slater bug.
  35. Smokey – for a perfectly black cat.
  36. Spider – because spiders are black.
  37. Spinel– after the gemstone.
  38. Stallion – black stallions are the fanciest.
  39. Talon – very cool name for a black cat.
  40. Thistle after the flower, it’s so purple that it’s almost black.
  41. Thorn – great name for a tough and black cat.
  42. Thunder – a very cool name for a black cat.
  43. Twilight – because that’s the most beautiful part of the day.
  44. Valais after the sheep that’s half black and half white.
  45. Wolf – after the iconic black wolves.
  46. Ashy – very cool name for a black cat
  47. Aster – after the dark colored flowers.
  48. Beetle – especially black beetles.
  49. Birdie – beautiful name inspired by black birds.
  50. Blackberry – one of the best berries out there.
  51. Brier – after the dark purple flower.
  52. Brook – also called a stream.
  53. Capercaillie – also known as the wood grouse!
  54. Cheetah – great name for a fierce kitten.
  55. Cinder – after the dark colored rocks.
  56. Coal – great nature name for a black cat.
  57. Coffee – because coffee can be found in nature!
  58. Cosmo – because in space, everything is black.
  59. Currant – because sometimes they have a very dark color.
  60. Diamond– after the rare black diamond.
  61. Ebony – after the dark timber from the tropical areas.
  62. Echo – amazing name for a black cat.
  63. Eclipse – this one is pretty straightforward.
  64. Ember – after the small pieces of burning wood.
  65. Forest – because forests are incredible!
  66. Iris – especially if we’re talking about dark purple irises.
  67. Jet – after the black jemstone.
  68. Juniper – for a cat who likes to be young forever.
  69. Jupiter – because Jupiter has a dark spot on it, often confused with a black hole.
  70. Luna – in direct translation, it means “moon.”
  71. Mamba – after the famous black mamba.
  72. Melanite – a gemstone found in Asia.
  73. Onyx – beautiful black gem.
  74. Opal – the black opals are some of the most beautiful gems.
  75. Oriel – after the black and orange stone.
  76. Otter – after the cutest animals.
  77. Panda – because pandas are just as cute as humans.
  78. Panther – as panthers are the best!
  79. Pearl – especially the rarest black pearls.
  80. Puma – because pumas are black too!
  81. Raven – after one of the most beautiful birds.
  82. Rose – black roses are so beautiful!
  83. Sapphire – they come in black, too!
  84. Shadow – great name if your cat likes to be stealthy.
  85. Soot – a clever gender-neutral name!
  86. Starling – after the bird!
  87. Stormy – especially if you have a mischievous cat!
  88. Tahoe – after one of the largest lakes.
  89. Terra – after the Greek goddess of Earth.
  90. Topaz – because a black topaz may not be easy to find!

Mystical Black Cat Names

Black cat and green eyes are not so rare thing to see
  1. Oracle – a spirit or form which predicts the upcoming of one’s life.
  2. Atlas – this means to convey huge amounts of power.
  3. Phoenix – a person or a distinctively exceptional object.
  4. Jasper – Persian origin and defined as wealthy.
  5. Bruxo – a Portuguese name that means a magician.
  6. Cyfrin – this is defined as a mystery.
  7. Finn – an Irish name that means chalk-white or fair.
  8. Storm – an old English name that means typhoon.
  9. Pooka – this means fairies.
  10. Arthur – an old Celtic name that means support.
  11. Orion – a constellation visible in the night sky.
  12. Bodhi – a Sanskrit origin name which means illuminating.
  13. Talia – a name originated from a plethora of places and means to blossom.
  14. Gabriel – means God is power.
  15. Patrick – a Latin name that means patrician.
  16. Adam – male of the planet earth.
  17. Azrael – a celestial being of God.
  18. Mojo – a fortunate charm.
  19. Jade – a stone to channel lucidity and understanding.
  20. Lucky – blessed person, soul, or object.
  21. Oscar – a pointed weapon of almighty.
  22. Damon – to conquer
  23. Derry – a Catholic name that means a bunch of oak trees.
  24. Silas – means forest; Latin origin
  25. Sirius – a shimmering star
  26. Harry – a knight in shining armor to shield the house.
  27. Draco – Latin name with the birthplace of Greek and means a serpent.
  28. Aladdin – honors the trust.
  29. Jack – the creator is whole of forgiveness.
  30. Lucius – a Latin word meaning brightness.
  31. Regin – a king’s counselor
  32. Juju – dealing with midas touch.
  33. Hedwig – means to fight.
  34. Hero – a warrior who wins.
  35. Alexander – protector of the beings.
  36. Leo – comes from Latin which means a lion.
  37. Skye – a Christian name that means cloud, one of the cutest cloud cat names.
  38. Pluto – the deity of the netherworld.
  39. Salem – it means tranquility or silence.
  40. Severus – after a stringent and rigorous being.
  41. Morpheus – almighty of fantasies.
  42. Hercules – empress of the creators.
  43. Karma – predestination of one’s life.
  44. Sphinx – means to squeeze up.
  45. Jinn – a form that fulfills one’s wishes.
  46. Chakra – the focal point of one’s psychical energy of the body.
  47. Specter – one who leads the way for the others.
  48. Ozzy – the strength of god
  49. Merlin – means a castle in an ocean.
  50. Dhruva – non-motile or rooted in one place
  51. Akasha – An element from which all things are made.
  52. Amber – an emerald or gem.
  53. Aziza – a loved one; beautiful
  54. Ash – this originated from an ash tree and of English birthplace.
  55. Agni – a Hindu name that comes from a goddess of fire.
  56. Ariadne – a Greek origin name that means heavenly.
  57. Aurora – this means the first light of the day.
  58. Aura – the mystical energy that surrounds us all.
  59. Blossom – birth as a seed.
  60. Celeste – it means divine.
  61. Cassandra – this means who aids humanity and overpower men.
  62. Chakra – the spiritual centers within our bodies.
  63. Cleo – It means prestige and honor.
  64. Dahlia – a flower which means a valley.
  65. Pixie – a fairy who has supernatural properties.
  66. Pearl – a beautiful bead
  67. Mantra – the words we say to keep us grounded.
  68. Sybil – a person or object who forecasts the future of people.
  69. Rose – an alluring flower
  70. Sage – this means a sensible and intelligent person
  71. Willow – an aspiration that symbolizes that one should always hope.
  72. Tara – a star that signifies that one should always shine.
  73. Lakshmi – this name helps to attract money.
  74. Jenny – It means God is merciful.
  75. Selena – a Spanish name that means moon.
  76. Rebecca – it means to stick together.
  77. Lotus – it’s a flower that originates in a dirty river.
  78. Luna – this word means crescent
  79. Spooky – it is a supernatural spirit or ghostly thing
  80. Kismet – things that will eventually happen in one’s life.
  81. Whisper – an American name that means smooth voiceover.
  82. Helen – glows like a torch.
  83. Eva – female of the earth.
  84. Maya – a Sanskrit word that means illusion; money.
  85. Samwise – straightforward and undemanding.
  86. Hermione – this means gentle; rock.
  87. Twinkle – to sparkle like a star.
  88. Tatiana – queen of the fairies.
  89. Nagini – this means a snake.
  90. Hazel – what God discerns.
  91. Angel – a pure spirit of almighty.
  92. Crystal – an assistant of Christ.
  93. Hayley – insightful and creative.
  94. Phoebe – this name means gleaming as glitter.
  95. Lilith – a night mythical creature.
  96. Zenobia – Ruler of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria.
  97. Niamh – the one who shines like a star.
  98. Larissa – who spreads his/her happiness.
  99. Aislinn – this name means fantasies.
  100. Thalia – a Greek name that means thriving.

Black Cat Names From Disney Movies

black American Shorthair cat

Since the very first Disney movie (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) was released in 1937, there have been over 400 Disney movies that have been released.

With all of those movies, you know there has to be a mischievous character or two in some of those movies.

Here are some mischievous black cat names that are based on Disney movie characters.

  1. Alana – is from Hawaiian origin meaning: beautiful, fair. She appears in the 1989 animated, musical, fantasy movie The Little Mermaid. Alana is one of the 7 daughters of King Triton and Queen Athena.
  2. Alice – is from German origin meaning noble. She appears in the 1951 animated, musical, adventure, fantasy movie Alice in Wonderland.
  3. Belle – is from French origin meaning beautiful. She appears in the 1991 animated, musical, romance, fantasy movie Beauty and the Beast.
  4. Libby – is from English origin meaning pledged to God. She appears in the 2015 computer-animated, adventure movie The Good Dinosaur.
  5. Merida – is from Latin origin meaning one who has achieved a high place of honor. She appears in the 2012 computer-animated, adventure, drama, fantasy movie Brave.
  6. Tink – there are few Disney characters more mischievous than the beloved Tinkerbell from Peter Pan! The character has appeared in pretty much every incarnation of Peter Pan. She also had her own series!
  7. Vanellope – she appears in the 2012 computer-animated, comedy movie Wreck It Ralph.
  8. Berlioz – he appears in the 1970 animated, adventure, comedy, musical, romance movie The Aristocats. Berlioz is a black-furred kitten who is the youngest cat of Duchess and the younger brother of Marie and Toulouse.
  9. Cheshire – he appears in the 1951 animated, musical, adventure, fantasy movie Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire Cat is a resident of Wonderland and has the ability to reshape his body to either amuse or scare visitors.
  10. Clopin – is from French origin meaning stumbler. He appears in the 1996 animated, musical, drama movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  11. Meeko – he appears in the 1995 animated, musical, drama, romance movie Pocahontas. Meeko is the pet raccoon of Pocahontas and is friendly towards John Smith, mainly because he loves eating Smith’s biscuits.
  12. Rajah – is Jasmine’s pet tiger and more fierce protector in the movie Aladdin.
  13. Skellington – he appears in the 1993 stop-motion, animated, musical, dark fantasy movie- The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, a fantasy world inhabited by demons, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, monsters, mummies, vampires, werewolves, witches and zombies.
  14. Thumper – he appears in the 1942 animated movie Bambi. Thumper is a rabbit and close friend to Bambi.

Spiritual Black Cat Names

If you're looking for some cute black cat names, you'll love this list! Whether you're the parent of a Bombay or one of the other black-coated kitties, here are 20 cute names you’ll adore!

From an etymological standpoint, the word spiritualism comes from the Latin word spiritus meaning spirit.

By definition, it is opposed to everything material and it encourages an inward journey.

In case you want your cat to join you on that journey, give it a name that is not only deeply rooted in spirituality, but also has a beautiful meaning.

  1. Nirvana – is a name that comes from Sanskrit and its figurative meaning is a state of complete bliss devoid of all suffering. In the words of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana represents the freedom that comes after pain, suffering and the outer world, making it a perfect name for a cat that radiates calming energy.
  2. Virtue – stands for moral principles and goodness and has a synonym in the word noble. If your kitty has a meek and gentle personality, Virtue might just be the perfect name.
  3. Karma – the word is of Sanskrit origin and it signifies action. It is equivalent to Newton’s third law that says “every action must have a reaction”.
  4. Mystery – by definition, this name stands for something difficult to grasp or explain. It is a perfect spiritual black cat name if your kitty has a mystic aura around her.
  5. Ariel – is the name of an angel, a demon, and another variation for the name of the city of Jerusalem. The name became popular due to the Disney animated movie “The Little Mermaid”, and although traditionally a male name, it became more popular for females.
  6. Azrael – the name originates from the Jewish holy book “Zohar”, and means the angel of death. If you have an outdoor cat that loves to hunt bugs, birds or other smaller animals, Azrael might be an ideal name.
  7. Levi – if you’re looking for a more biblical spiritual name for a black cat, Levi is a good choice. The name comes from Genesis in the Bible and it means “attached or joined.”
  8. Salem – pop culture cemented cats as ideal companions for witches, right next to brooms, pumpkins, and cauldrons, therefore, any black cat would happily respond to this name.
  9. Tobias – a Greek variation of the Hebrew name meaning “love God”, might be appropriate for a lovable, cuddly, black cat. It can easily be shortened into a more affectionate, Toby.
  10. Omen – if your cat is especially sensitive to the energies that surround him, this might be the perfect name. Omens are usually considered as predictions of future events.


Choosing the right name for your black cat can be a delightful process that allows you to showcase their distinct personality and celebrate their beautiful, dark coat.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names, literary references, pop culture nods, or folklore-inspired monikers, there are endless possibilities to find the perfect fit for your feline friend.

We hope our article has provided you with inspiration and guidance in finding the perfect black cat name that resonates with you and your feline companion.

Remember to have fun with the naming process and choose a name that brings joy to both you and your black cat.

Unique Black Cat Names That Will Suit Your Stealthy Companion
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