What are the most laid-back cat breeds you can find?

You might be wondering about it if you want a mellow cat to keep you company while you’re relaxing on the sofa.

So, today we’re going to see some of the most easygoing cats in the world.

What are the most laid-back cat breeds you can find? If you’re looking for a lazy cat that will chill with you on the sofa, check out these 7 kitties!

7 Most Laid-Back Cat Breeds

It’s hard to say which the laziest cat breed is. After all, cats spend the better part of their lives sleeping but then they wake you up with their shenanigans at 3 a.m.

So, for this list of the most-laid back cat breeds, I’ve selected cats who are calm and docile

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They prefer peace and napping and would rarely engage in loud activities.

#1 Maine Coon

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It’s a good thing that the Maine Coon is such a laid-back cat breed.

Otherwise, an 18-pound cat can do a lot of damage if they run at full throttle around the house all the time.

Instead, a Maine Coon is content to follow their owner around the house and observe their daily activities.

They aren’t lap cats but prefer to stay close to their family and might be bribed to cuddle next to you in bed.

Despite their size, Maine Coons are easy to care for and require only minimal brushing and a lot of love to feel happy.

They enjoy the occasional game of fetch, but they’re not overly energetic. Overall, Maine Coons gentle giants and one of the best cat breeds for first-time owners.

However, it’s a good idea to have a cat tree for large breeds to satisfy your Maine Coon’s claw sharpening needs.

#2 Ragdoll

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Ragdolls are a strange cat breed. While a lot of cats hate it when you pick them up and carry them around, the Ragdoll lives for these moments.

They go limp as a doll the moment you take them in your arms, and if you don’t expect it, you might actually drop them on the floor.

As a whole, Ragdolls are mellow, docile, and affectionate. They’re not overly needy or demand constant attention.

However, these adorable cats will follow you room-to-room to keep you company and will jump into your lap whenever they have the chance.

Often owners describe Ragdolls as having a dog-like personality. That’s because Ragdolls love to play fetch and walk on a leash.

They also come when you call them and don’t like to climb so much as other breeds.

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#3 Persian

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Do you know what owners call the Persian? A fluffy piece of furniture.

That’s because Persians are one of the laziest cats in the world. They prefer to nap on the armchair instead of going on adventures and don’t do well with changes.

These fluffy cats are also very mellow and docile and can take a lot of pestering from children before they show their claws.

They don’t do well in noisy families or dogs that love to play chase.

In addition to this, Persian cats need a lot of grooming to keep their fluffy coats in perfect condition.

Miss a day of brushing, and you’ll find a lot of mats and tangles the next day.

#4 British Shorthair


If you’re wondering what breed of a cat is lazy, then you can’t go wrong with the British Shorthair.

These are one of the mellowest cats in the world and have impeccable manners. They’re not destructive and regard everything with a calm demeanor.

As a whole, British Shorthair cats aren’t the most affectionate cat breed, but they tolerate cuddling when they’re in the mood. Expect this cat to follow you around the house without being demanding or needy.

British Shorthair kittens are quite playful and mischievous, but once they mature, they’re real couch potatoes.

However, despite their soft paws, the British Shorthair tends to make as much noise as an elephant when they’re in the mood.

#5 Korat


Look at these gorgeous emerald eyes and silver-blue coat! The Korat is often regarded as a good luck charm in Thailand, and when you take into account their striking appearance, it’s no wonder.

While the Korat might be more energetic breeds that the rest on this list, this magnificent cat is very affectionate towards people and gets on well with children.

They stick close to their owner and thrive when they’re the center of attention.

As a whole, Korats don’t do well in a loud environment. They prefer quiet homes where they can cuddle with their owners as much as possible. Since they have short coats, they’re cats that dont shed hair much.

#6 Selkirk Rex


Seeing a Selkirk Rex for the first time, you can’t help but notice their luxurious curly coat. But it’s the playful temperament and cheerful disposition that makes the Selkirk Rex an excellent family cat.

As a whole, the Selkirk Rexes aren’t overly energetic cats, and they don’t usually make much trouble around the house.

You can expect them to follow you around and jump into your lap whenever possible. But they won’t climb the drapes or destroy the toilet paper.

Since the Selkirk Rex might be bored without humans around, it’s a good idea to keep interactive and puzzle toys around to entertain them.

You also should keep in mind that this is one of the longest living breeds, and they will keep you company for more than 15 years.

#7 Scottish Fold


Have you seen the adorable ears of the Scottish Fold? Besides the cute appearance, the Scottish Fold is one of the most laid-back cats you can find and loves to pose in odd positions.

So, if you’re looking for a cat to take cute pictures of cats, the Scottish Fold won’t disappoint.

In addition to this, the Scottish Folds are adaptive and get on well with everybody. They’re also gentle, affectionate, and bond closely with their owners.

Expect your Scottish Fold to demand to be part of the action and be miserable when you leave the house.

Scottish Folds are moderately active, so they’re not going to turn the house upside down.

But they don’t like it when you pet them too enthusiastically, and some people consider them to be a slightly “aggressive breed” because they might play too rough.

Don’t let the word “laid-back” deceive you into thinking that any of these lazy cat breeds will be content to be an ornament in your house.

All cats need an adequate amount of exercise and playtime during the day to keep them happy and fit. These breeds might be lazy, but they’re still cats and will behave like ones.

What do you think about these 7 most laid-back cat breeds? Do you agree or disagree with our list? Tell us which is your favorite lazy cat breed in the comment section.

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