What is the most affectionate cat breed?

How about the least affectionate?

From loyal and loving to grumpy and gruff, we’ve got a cat breed that fits every “most likely to…” superlative!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5-character traits in our feline friends to help you choose the perfect cat for your family!

Let’s dive in!

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What is the most affectionate cat breed? The least affectionate? From friendly & loyal to gruff & grumpy, check out the cat the defines each superlative!

The top 5-character traits we’ll be exploring

Just like people, all cats have their own personalities, so take our list with a grain of salt.

While the breeds below have a reputation for fitting the superlative, it’s entirely possible for a “mean” cat to be the most loving, and the most affectionate cat breed to be a bit grouchy!

Here are the traits that we’ll be discussing today:

  • The most affectionate cat breed
  • Most loyal
  • The meanest breed
  • Least affectionate
  • And the friendliest

Ready to get started?

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The most affectionate cat breeds

Who doesn’t love a friendly and devoted cat? One that cuddles and snuggles and purrs to display his absolute joy at being near you.

Have a look at our choice of friendliest cat breeds.

1. Birman

Originally from France, the Birman cat was imported into Britain in the 1960s and exported to various countries around the world and became a recognized breed in the US in 1967.

  • The Birman kitty is a beautiful specimen with silky fur in a range of colors, white socks, and deep blue eyes.
  • They are a relatively large cat with both the male and female reaching weights of up to 5kg.
  • They’re generally healthy with a life expectancy of 9-13 years.
  • Personality wise the Birman usually attaches themselves to one person in the family and showers their owner with affection.
  • They tend to show a bit of jealousy when they feel ignored, and while being territorial are not aggressive.

2. Tonkinese

The playful one in the bunch, the Tonkinese loves to goof around and draw attention to himself!

  • I’m seriously considering investing in one of these kitty’s myself – he’ll fit right in with my rambunctious kids!
  • This Siamese and Burmese cross is an entertaining, affectionate and intelligent kitty.
  • They are a small to medium-sized specimens, with rippling muscles and a silky, mink-like fur in varying colors and patterns.
  • Eye color ranges from violet, blue, yellow-green, to aqua. The Tonkinese received official recognition by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1984.

3. Ragdoll

I have personal experience of an aunt of mine who ‘wore’ here ragdoll around her neck like a scarf.

Both kitty and auntie were more than happy to go through their day in such a manner.

Talk about starting a fashion trend!

  • These cats are unusually gentle and affectionate and have a reputation of being a lap cat always on the lookout for a cuddle.
  • They even enjoy being carried around and cradled like a baby.
  • The kids can also have hours of fun with this kitten as his endearing nature allows them to get away with dressing him up like a doll – hence the name.
  • Common names for this kitty are “puppy cats” due to their absolute love of seeking human attention.
  • While relatively healthy, the Ragdoll’s are prone to a heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, but reputable breeders will often check for the disease through genetic testing, ensuring their kittens are free of this condition.

The most loyal cats

“You cannot buy loyalty; you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, and souls. You have to earn these things.” Clarence Francis

Cats work in exactly this manner – if you earn his loyalty, he’ll be devoted to you for all his days.

I recently came across a meme on my Facebook feed which went something like “If you want loyalty, buy a dog.”

It was actually a dig at an employer from a disgruntled worker, but it made me laugh, as it should have read: “If you want loyalty, befriend a Siamese Cat.”

1. Siamese

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Just like their origins of royalty the Siamese are caring, highly intelligent and distinguished.

  • They’re well known for their tendency to learn tricks and love all the affection their owner could bestow upon them.
  • Their royal ancestry is evident in the way they carry themselves – in a regal and almost pompous manner.
  • These fairly small cats (around the 6-7 lb mark) have lovely cream and brown coloring and exquisite blue eyes.
  • They’re also extremely low maintenance with their smooth and short coats.
  • They do like a good brushing though, so get your cat accustomed to the beauty routine from a young age.

2. Egyptian Mau

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The Egyptian Mau doesn’t look like a miniature cheetah for no reason!

  • This feline track athlete can reach astonishing speeds of around 30 miles per hour and can catapult himself to higher perches with his agile legs.
  • Personality wise, the Mau is reserved, gentle, with a patient disposition, and desires affection from family members.
  • They are, however, wary of strangers, and may wander off to his own devices when visitors arrive.

3. Maine Coon

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This kitty has aliases of “gentle giants” and “dogs of the cat world” – this should be enough indication of their loving personalities.

  • Maine Coon cats are extremely friendly and intelligent animals, with a dash of curiosity and playfulness thrown in for good measure.
  • With a beautiful long-haired coat and striking eyes, this beauty will capture your heart at first glance.
  • You’ll be well advised though to realize that this kitty requires a regular grooming session to keep those beautiful locks silky and knot-free.

4. Bombay

With their panther like appearance, the beautiful Bombay cat breed has a royal and quiet demeanor.

  • These cats are unusually dependent on their owners and require large amounts of dedicated attention.
  • They are incredibly social kitties that bond deeply with their people.
  • The Bombay also makes a great cat for families with children!

The meanest or most aggressive cat personalities

Most cat breeds seek some sort of attention from their owners, but some do however have a vicious and wild streak.
Most of these are due to the breeding of domesticated cats with wild breeds.
An article I came across regarding these hybrids claims that these cats can do much harm and are actually a risk to humans.
It further stated that a law should be imposed that family households may not keep these cats as pets.
I’m inclined to agree that wild cats are just a little too unpredictable and should preferably not be adopted as family pets.

1. Bobcat

Bobcat snow

This exotic feline sports tufted ears and a spotted back and is known to bond strongly with their human owners.

  • But it’s advisable to never underestimate the Bobcat as they have a wild and aggressive nature and could easily kill a human.
  • They are known to be moody and unpredictable.
  • They should never be introduced to a household with small children.

The Bobcat is the one “meanest cat” that should never be brought inside your home (unless you run an animal rehabilitation center and there is no other alternative).

They are truly wild cats and belong in their natural habitat. Keeping them as pets isn’t just dangerous, it’s cruel.

2. Bengal


This hybrid was bred through many generations of cross-breeding Asian Leopard Cats with domesticated cats.

  • While they may appear tame and lovable, they are wild at heart and extremely unpredictable.
  • They’re known for their aggression when bored or threatened and it might be wise to reconsider introducing one into your home.
  • There are exceptions to the rule, of course. If you do choose a Bengal, you might want to visit this forum to learn how to care for him.

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3. Geoffroy’s Cats

Geoffroy's Cat

This mouser has its origins in South America and tips the scales anywhere between 4 and 13 pounds.

  • They are quick, agile and energetic, and while they are trainable, caution is needed.
  • They don’t bond well with more than one or two humans at most and can easily become aggressive and combative.
  • Their nervous nature increases their aggression, and they feel easily threatened.

Least affectionate felines

There are cat breeds that don’t enjoy you faffing or fiddling with them too much, and instead prefer their own company.

They enjoy sunning themselves in the garden, watching the world out of a favorite window on rainy day’s, and only wander up to you when their stomach needs filling.

While they don’t particularly enjoy cuddles, they do love you – they just have a distant way of showing it. I love these specimens though!

They’re independent and know exactly what they want – and are not afraid to show it!

1. Sphynx

The Sphynx holds the honor of being one of the most affectionate cat breeds and one of the least affectionate.

How is that possible?

  • While known to show overwhelming affection to their owners, the Sphynx does not tolerate strangers or small children very well.
  • Basically, if you want a cat that will love everyone that comes into your house, the Spyhnx isn’t for you.
  • If you want a kitty that will bond very deeply with you and your family, then he’s a great choice!
  • One more thing: Being enormously sensitive and intensely aware of their surroundings, they will not stand for being handled in an aggressive manner.

2. Chausie cats

This is a relatively new breed of cat and is a hybrid of domestic and jungle cats. It has an imposing size and muscular body. They possess large eyes and ears with lynx tips. While this cat is playful and bonds with its owner, he has retained his wild nature and hunting temperament. They love racing around and need large amounts of space to get rid of their excess energy.

Friendliest kitty-cats

These are the mousers that will run to answer the door, sway in between your feet when you’re cooking, vocalize their adoration for you, and bring you gifts for you to admire their hunting skills – usually a dead rat on your bed.

I’ve woken many a time to find my feline’s offering at the foot of my bed, with him looking extremely satisfied with himself and awaiting all the praise I could possibly pile on his fluffy head.

In short, if you have the time to display affection, they’ll be available to lap it up!

1. Persian

This has to be the drama queen and glamour puss of the cat kingdom.

  • With its lovely flowing fur, calm personality and sweet face, all this has combined to make him an extremely popular breed.
  • They are known to be lazy and laid back but enjoy playing with their housemates – if they can get up the energy that is.
  • They love cuddling and schmoozing up to you and are always ready for a long cheek rub.
  • My neighbor’s long-haired lady loves visiting me occasionally, and we particularly enjoy each others company – we can chat for hours. (Well, I talk, and she contently purrs away the hours in my lap…)

2. Abyssinian

An active and energetic kitty with beautiful coloring of both coat and eyes.

  • While she displays abundant energy, she’s a pleasure to introduce into a human home as these felines adore people and other pets.
  • They keep themselves occupied by playing with their toys for hours on end but love nothing more than spending some quality time with their owners.
  • They adore being scratched and rubbed, and you’ll make their day complete with a good combing session.


A sturdily built cat often referred to as a “brick wrapped in silk.”

  • They are excellent jumpers and climbers and laps up all the adoration and love her owners can spare time to lay on her.
  • But, be warned, she does not particularly like her territory being shared and may not get on well with other cat breeds.
  • She’s the ideal choice for a one-cat home.
  • While the kittens of the Burmese are often overly energetic and curious, they do slow down a little as they get older, and become calm and tranquil pets, liking nothing better than to watch the world go by with one half-open eye.

Final thoughts on your purrfect match

Some cats love a serious cuddle and like nothing more than following their owner around the house hoping for some earnest lap time and a snuggle.

Various studies have been completed on this topic, and you’ll do well to research different breeds mentioned on the International Cat Association website.

As a potential cat owner, you’ll need to carefully consider which breed you’re willing to home for the rest of his life.

Make sure you factor in things like other pets, small children, valuable knickknacks on the mantle, level of maintenance the breed requires, and so on.

Once you’ve made your choice, your reward will be an independent, yet loving feline companion, who will sometimes give you the cold shoulder – they’re just made up that way.

Give them your household to rule, (as I have done,), and you’ll never be lonely or bored again!

What do you think about our picks for the most affectionate cat breed? How about the other categories? Share your thoughts below!

Nicoletta A
Nicoletta A