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As a cat owner, you know that cats are mysterious creatures, but have you wondered why your cat follows you everywhere you go?

Are they planning something mischievous or simply love your company so much that they can’t stand being away from you?

Well, keep on reading to find the seven reasons why your feline is stalking you all day long.

7 Reasons WHy Cat Follows You Everywhere

Some people think that having a cat is easy.

Yes, you don’t have to worry about getting early in the morning to walk her outside or that the neighbors are going to complain about barking and howling.

But do you have any idea how hard it is to understand what this furry creature wants or likes?

He follows you around the house and watches you with unblinking eyes while you don’t have a clue what to do.

Should you bring more food or buy new toys?

No clue.

Well, let’s explore the most common reasons why your cat follows you everywhere, including the bathroom.

#1 Cat Is Hungry

Adult cat eating tuna can from the plate

One of the most obvious reasons why your cat is following you everywhere is hunger.

Ronnie just wants to make sure that you won’t forget to fill her bowl or reminds you that it’s been too long since she has eaten.

She might also strive to “convince” you to part with some delicious bites of your dinner and give them to her.

My neighbor’s car, for example, follows me around when I go out of the front door because she knows that I will eventually give up and feed her.

It seems that cats know instinctively which humans they can pester for food, so they will follow them until they get whatever they want.

#2 Wants attention

Make your cat love you

People say that cats are not affectionate, but it all depends on the cat.

Some felines will scratch your bloody if you touch them with a finger, while others are the cuddliest animals in the universe.

So, stalking you through the house might be your cat’s way to say that she wants attention and petting.

You should be pleased that Ronnie doesn’t try to attract your attention by pawing at your face or pouncing on your feet, so show her that you appreciate her company.

#3 What are you doing there?

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As you probably already know, cats are too curious for their own good. They have to check what’s inside the washer or go out of the door to chase a bird.

So, they might be following you around because your actions are sparking their curiosity.

Many owners, for example, say that their cats insist on following them in the bathroom.

That’s because you usually close the door and leave her outside.

If you don’t know it by now, some cats hate locked doors and would meow to the end of the world or until your patience can’t take it anymore and open the door.

In other words, you’re interesting when you’re in the bathroom because the cat can’t see what you’re doing. They don’t understand and don’t care about personal space.

#4 They Are bored

tortie kitten playing a tie

Indoor cats do not have the same means for entertainment as their indoor/outdoor counterparts, which means that they get easily bored.

Remember that they spend the better time of their day sleeping while you’re away, so it’s natural that they will be wide awake when you’re home.

Following you around is their way to entertain themselves after a day spent sleeping around the house. Besides, you might decide to open a bag of treats and feed her, who knows.

I also think that following humans is a strange game that cats have developed to play with the minds of their owners.

#5 They Are afraid

cat hiding under the bed

Young kittens follow their mother wherever she goes because she is their source of security and safety in an unfamiliar world.

So, a grown-up cat or a kitten might follow her human around because she doesn’t feel safe and regards him as a security blanket.

#6 They Are sick!

cat with health issues

In some cases, if the cat is following you around, it could be a plea for help. Our pets can’t tell us with words that something is hurting, but they can show us.

That’s why you have to pay attention to any sudden changes in the behavior of your cat.

I would recommend that you make an appointment with your vet if you’re not sure why your cat is stalking you around the house, especially if she meows more than usual or pees outside her litterbox.

#7 They Are patrolling

cat walking towards you

In the wild, cats have territory, which they often patrol to make sure that there are no intruders.

So, when Ronnie is following you around the house, it might be because she is patrolling her territory. Notice if she is rubbing her face on the furniture.

That’s how cats warn other cats and predators to stay away from their stuff.

So, if your cat loves to follow you around, take it as a compliment.

She likes to spend time with you. But if you think that your feline friend is bored, you might provide exciting toys or get another cat as a companion.

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?As a cat owner, you know that cats are mysterious creatures, but have you wondered why your cat follows you everywhere you go? Read on to find out!
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