It makes sense that there would be some incredibly famous cat names in history!

Felines have been domesticated for centuries, living side-by-side with people, after all!

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the most well-known historical kitty names!

We’ll also delve into some that you most likely haven’t heard of!

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Wondering about the most famous cat names in history? Read on for some of the most popular historical felines + a few you may not know!

First, we’ll start with a brief history of cats themselves.

Then, we’ll dive into those famous names!

Ready? Let’s go!

A Very Brief History of Cats

Before we get into these famous cat names in history, let’s delve into the history of cats themselves a bit!

  • Cats have not always been considered pets. Many era ago cats were considered sacred by the Egyptians.
  • There were also religions where cats were considered evil – especially black cats – and carrier of curses and bad luck.
  • Scientists believe that cats first became domesticated “pets” around 12,000 years ago, when people first really started settling into towns & cities.
  • See, while dogs were great for helping with hunting and work, cats didn’t really get recognized for their services until we needed them to keep out the mice!
  • Once people realized that cats could help control the mouse population (and protect our crops), they became a crucial part of our lives!

That was, of course, an incredibly abbreviated history of cats, but I know I feel like I learned something.

Now, the topic for today is deciding a name for our furry little friends.

Of course, a name describes and defines the bearer’s personality and character.

A name has to be charming enough to catch the attention and suitable enough to match the character. It is a tough job.

Don’t worry, new parents to furry feline friends, we can help you out here.

Cats, over the centuries, have won over several hearts and each of the owner has lovingly named their feline babies with suitable names.

Go through the list and find out not only the historically famous names but also some of the owners, and see who else shared your love for the ‘Felis catus’ family.

Famous Cat Names in History

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1. Catarina

Yup! You heard it here folks, the great Edgar Allen Poe, named his cat, Catarina – a not so subtle play on the name Katarina.

It has been wildly speculated that it was Catarina who was the inspiration for the horror classic ‘Black Cat’.

Catarina was like a real family to Poe and his wife.

2 & 3 Tabby & Dixie

Poe wasn’t the only famous personality with a soft spot for our felines.

Though Presidents of the United States and Royalty of the Great Britain are known to prefer dogs over felines, a couple have gone rogue and brought cats into the white house.

Abraham Lincoln had two cats by the names of Tabby and Dixie, and he claimed them to be more smart and intelligent than his entire cabinet put together.

4. Garfield

Now, a cat’s name cannot get more famous than this one.

People belonging to all age groups will know about this lovable and goofy orange cat.

Whether you have seen him in comic strips, animated movies, or films. You would have to be living under a rock to not know about this guy.

The name Garfield would suit your cat if he’s a bit on the lazy side and loves food! Just don’t actually feed him lasagna like the fictional Garfield, it’s not good for cats.

5. Heathcliff

Another famous historical cat name that comes from a comic, Heathcliff is a great name for your cat.

The character is a wise-cracking street-smart kitty.

Though he acts like a tough guy in the cartoon, on the inside he is all mushy and lovable.

6. Matilda

Matilda was a famous kitty that lived in the  Algonquin Hotel in New York City back in the 1930s. Ever since the adorable ragdoll wandered into the hotel, there has always been a Matilda in residence.

7.  Snowball

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Wondering where the famous name for a white cat originated?

You can thank Ernest Hemingway for that! The rough and tough writer had a super soft spot for his beloved feline, who happened to have an extra toe!

8. Sam

Talk about a cat with nine lives! Sam, aka Unsinkable Sam, survived three shipwrecks during World War II times, according to witnesses.

Whether or not it’s true (I believe it!), the story comes out of a dark time in history, when people needed all the uplifting and positive news they could get.

9. Salem 

If you have a soft corner in your heart for all that is black and Goth, and you happen to love cats as well, then it would be a crime if you do not name your cat either Salem.

The name Salem became famous for cats after Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

While unspeakable acts against humanity took place in the original Salem, Massachusetts, the town has become a rather popular tourist attraction for ghost-hunters, Wiccas, and more.

10. Grumpy cat

You have to know about Grumpy cat.

The said cat was originally christened, Tardar Sauce but gained the nick name Grumpy cat on the basis of its facial expression and the ‘not impressed’ features.

A perfect name for your unimpressed feline.

Do you have any favorite famous cat names in history? Share below!

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