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It can take a fair bit of time and effort to house-train a cat, teaching it so that it knows how to behave around the house and understands where to pee and poo.

With that being said, the effort is more than worth it because your home will stay much cleaner!

However, you might find that as your cat gets older, it starts to forget the house-training rules.

That’s right, you might begin to find evidence of your cat’s “business” on the floor rather than in the litter box where it should be. What causes this? Is it normal?

Well, don’t worry, because it’s perfectly common for it to happen when your cat reaches senior age and their body doesn’t work quite as well as it used to, with the feline friend suffering incontinence and other problems.

However, normal though it may be, it doesn’t make it easy to deal with. How can you solve their problems? The answer: litter boxes designed with senior cats in mind. 

There is a wide variety of litter boxes on the market that are specially designed for senior cats, with greater ease of access and other handy features that will help your old cat use it.

In turn, these will help you too, because you won’t have to clean up quite as much.

In our handy guide below, we’ve got the top 12 best litter boxes for your senior cat, so that you can make your buying decision more easily!

With each one, we’ve got a detailed breakdown of the product as well as lists of positives and negatives that come from using it.

On top of that, we’ve got a buyer’s guide that tells you what features to look for when picking out your litter box. By the end of the list, your senior cat will be thanking you!

The Best Litter Boxes For Your Senior Cat

1. Lucky Champ Cat Litter Box

Lucky Champ Cat Litter Box
  • Elegant, innovative litter box fits any home décor
  • High back wall keeps scat off your floor
  • Low front wall provides easy entry for kittens and old cats

The first choice on our list of the best litter boxes for senior cats is this affordable pick with a simple, straightforward design.

It’s often the case that the simple ways are the best and that’s definitely the case here, because the classic litter box design will help keep your senior cat at ease.

What Does it Offer?

To begin with, the Litter Pan is designed so that it has a low front wall, which is one of the key features that makes it suitable for senior cats.

How so? Well, a low front wall makes it much easier for a cat to step inside it because they don’t have to vault over a high wall or stretch to get in.

This is useful because a senior cat is unlikely to be as sprightly as a younger cat, and so they’ll need all the help they can get when it comes to entering a litter box.

On top of that, a cat might be needing to pee or poo urgently, and in high-pressure times like that, you really don’t want to halt the cat for any reason; otherwise, things could get messy.

As a perfect complement to the low front walls, the Litter Pan has high walls at the back of it.

This is very handy for totally different reasons, because the high back walls will help to keep any cat scat from getting on your floor.

With high walls, it helps to secure all of the mess inside the litter box, rather than having low walls that cat mess could easily slip over.

If you’re worried that the Lucky Champ Litter Pan might not fit your cat, there’s no need; the litter box is designed for cats of all sizes.

Whether you’ve got a little senior cat or a large one, your feline pet should be able to do their business inside the litter box with plenty of room to spare.

This makes it a lot easier and more inclusive to buy! The box’s dimensions are 16.75 x 25 x 9 inches.

As for the litter box’s design, it’s simple and sleek. It only comes in gray, and it uses a curved rectangular design.

This uncomplicated approach both makes it more appealing to your senior cat because it’s not too strange and allows it to easily fit into most types of home decor.

Some might find it too simple, but others will appreciate how straightforward it is.

If we had to come up with a downside, some people have said that the box isn’t the easiest to clean on the market, but you may not find that to be the case.


  • Back walls are high so that no scat gets over onto your floor
  • Designed to fit cats of all sizes
  • Low walls on the front allows senior cats to get in without any difficulty
  • Sleek and simple design—uncomplicated and approachable


  • Other boxes can be easier to clean

2. Whisker World Large Cat Litter Box

Whisker World Large Cat Litter Box
  • Our designer litter box ends “litter box shame” once and for all!...
  • Larger size, easy entry for ultimate kitty comfort Higher walls for...
  • Exterior 8'' H x 16'' W x 21'' D | Interior 8'' H x 12'' W x 17'' D |...

With the litter box we just looked at, we spoke about how it has a simple and straightforward design that keeps it approachable and easy to use.

This litter box from Whisker World, on the other hand, is much more stylish and elegant, which senior cats will also appreciate.

What Does It Offer?

The design of this litter box is really smart and elegant, which will make it look right at home if you’ve got some fancy decor in your home.

It uses mostly see-through walls covered in swirling patterns, looking like decorative glass or something!

Meanwhile, the fact that it’s not entirely transparent helps to keep the cat mess inside obscured from other people.

On top of that, the litter box is open and ventilated.

This is very useful for you as an owner because it helps to prevent nasty smells from building up from the contents of the box.

By contrast, some litter boxes you ding will have hoods that seal in the fumes.

The box also has notably high walls, so there is almost no chance of any spray getting out of the box and onto your floor.

Whether your senior cat pees or poos in there, it should all be kept inside the high walls, keeping your own floor clean.

There is also a lower wall on the front, allowing senior cats to get in much more easily.

With that being said, it can be a little high for some, so make sure that the entry point is going to be accessible enough for your senior cat.

As for size, you can buy this litter box in either a large or extra large size.

This makes it very easy to get one that will suit your own cat’s size, meaning that they shouldn’t end up cramped and uncomfortable in there.

Finally, the box has a hard bottom surface, which should make it much easier for you to clean regularly.


  • Stylish and elegant design, which also mostly obscures mess
  • Notably high walls help to keep cat mess inside
  • The lower wall at front allows senior cats easy access
  • A hard bottom surface means you can clean it easily
  • Open and ventilated, meaning no smell builds up


  • The low front wall might still be a little high for some senior cats

3. Petmate Cat Litter Box Dome

Petmate Cat Litter Box Dome
  • KEEP LITTER IN THE BOX, NOT ON THE FLOOR: Unique, patented, clean step...
  • MINIMIZE ODOR: A charcoal filter minimizes unwanted odors to keep your...
  • MADE WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS: Petmate is not just a friend of furry...

Next up on our list is the most interesting design yet, with this domed cat litter box that offers both privacy for your senior cat as well as a genius “clean step” entrance and exit system that helps to wipe your cat’s paws and stop them from coming out carrying mess onto your floor.

What Does It Offer?

While the other litter boxes we’ve looked at used high walls in order to keep the mess inside, this goes one step further with its domed design.

The box has an entrance that any cat should be able to enter, before leading them down a small set of steps into the domed area where they can do their business.

Even though the other litter boxes had low walls in order to allow senior cats to enter more easily, there was always the chance that even they might prove too high for a particularly old and ill cat.

With this, there isn’t even a low wall to vault over, just a simple passage up the steps.

Speaking of the steps, the “clean step” design that this litter box from Petmate offers is unique and exclusive to the brand.

If you’ve ever been frustrated when a cat leaves its litter box with pee and poo all over its paws, which they then tread onto your floor, then this eliminates that annoyance.

Basically, the steps are made of a special surface that should wipe the senior cat’s paws as they’re leaving, removing all the muck and mess.

On top of this, the domed litter box has a charcoal filter within it, which helps to reduce unwanted smells that would otherwise build up inside the box.

This means that not only should your house be much cleaner in the end, but it should also smell a lot nicer.

As for size, the domed litter box should work for cats of all sizes, making it a perfect pick for your senior cat.

However, it’s also suitable for other pets too! Dogs, ferrets, and rabbits will all also be able to use the box, if you have any.

Beware, though; if you’ve got any of these animals alongside a senior cat, then you won’t want them occupying the box at the same time.


  • Incredibly easy access
  • The unique “clean step” system makes it easier for senior cats to enter AND cleans their paws on the way out
  • Includes a charcoal filter that reduces unwanted smells
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Fits all sizes of cat


  • The dome box is 50% bigger than typical litter boxes, so be prepared to need more space

4. PetFusion Large Cat Litter Box

PetFusion Large Cat Litter Box
  • Easy Cleanup Cat Litter Box: Non-stick coating reduces litter sticking...
  • VET RECOMMENDED FEATURES: Open top litter pan to promote healthy usage...
  • GREAT VALUE: ABS plastic more durable & rigid than standard...

This is a much more straightforward design for a cat litter box, but that’s no bad thing.

Though it may seem perfectly typical, it’s actually got a very smart design behind it that should make it easier for your senior cat to use.

What Does It Offer?

This litter box from PetFusion has a smart design that will help your senior cat, as well as help keep your house cleaner.

For a start, it has spacious curves all around it, which are welcoming to the cat.

On top of that, the curves make it easier for you to scoop the mess out of the box and clean it. It also works for a variety of different types of litter.

Additionally, the box also uses an open-top litter pan design. This is recommended by vets because enclosed spaces and boxes can sometimes cause cats to act out and behave badly.

You always want a cat to be relaxed and at ease when using a litter box, especially if they’re a senior cat. On top of that, an open design should stop odors from getting trapped inside the litter box.

The box also has a low entry point at the front, specifically added so that older cats will be able to get into the box more easily.

As for the other walls, you’ll find that they’re all much higher in order to keep leaks and sprays inside the box and away from your clean floors.

A key feature for this litter box, though, is its non-stick design. The box uses a non-stick coating that helps to reduce the chances of your cat’s litter sticking to it, making it much easier to clean.

It reduces the chances by up to 70%, meaning that your cat should also enjoy better hygiene, and the box should have fewer odors.

The PetFusion Better Box is also large, measuring 22.6 inches in length, 18.1 inches in width, and 8.1 inches in height.

This means that it should be able to fit most sizes of cat, but you should check that your cat won’t be cramped before you buy it.


  • Simple yet smart design: curves make it easier to clean
  • Uses a non-stick coating to reduce mess and odor
  • Has an open-top litter design to be more welcoming to cats
  • Low wall entrance, designed specifically for senior cats


  • Some buyers have found that the non-stick coating wears off after some time

5. Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter Box

Nature's Miracle Cat Litter Box
  • CORNER LITTER BOX: Convenient corner design saves space.
  • HIGH SIDES: Helps prevent litter scatter.
  • AVOIDS FOUL SMELL: Guards from foul smell

This litter box uses a corner design, which we haven’t seen in any of the other products we’ve looked at so far.

Put simply, the corner design allows it to be fitted into corners easily, meaning that you can save space around the house.

What Does It Offer?

Like the previous litter box we looked at, this uses a non-stick surface in order to make it much better.

For one, this special type of surface makes it much easier and quicker for you to clean the box because there shouldn’t be litter caking up.

On top of that, it’ll improve the hygiene of your senior cat, as well as reduce the amount of unpleasant odors that would have been coming out of the box.

Speaking of smell, the box also helps to guard against nasty smells. Part of this is due to its open and ventilated design.

While contained litter boxes might trap odors inside them and have the smells build up, an open litter box doesn’t let this happen.

Of course, this does mean that the odors are instead free to leak into your home, but as long as you’re regularly cleaning the box, this should be reduced.

The most notable feature of this litter box is that it’s designed to be put into corners.

As a result, it has a sort of heart-shaped design, allowing its right-angled corner to neatly fit into the corners of any room in your home.

This will help you to save space, which is especially useful if you’re living in a smaller flat or home and don’t have the room to spare.

While other litter boxes might take up room and not easily be put away anywhere, these can be kept right out of sight in a corner.

Of course, this does have a downside, because you can only put it in corners. If you put it elsewhere, it might look odd.

The box also has high sides, which are deliberately employed so that there’s much less chance of scatter. With high walls, mess shouldn’t be able to leak out of the box and onto your floor.

Naturally, there is also a low section at the front that will allow senior cats to easily get in without them having to leap or cimb high.


  • Clever corner design allows it to fit into corners and saves you space
  • High walls prevent messes leaking out
  • The low section at front allows senior cats to easily get inside it
  • Uses non-stick surface to reduce mess and make cleaning easier


  • The stickers don’t come off easily and will get messy
  • It looks out of place when not in a corner

6. iKitchen Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box

ikitchen Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box
  • 😺【Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box】Our large cat litter box is...
  • 🐾【Extra-large Litter Box】Size of this large litter box is 23.5"...
  • 😻【Non Slip & Odor Free】Each corner of the cat litter box large...

This is the first stainless steel litter box we’ve looked at on our list, but it costs about the same sort of price that you’ve been seeing so far.

What Does It Offer?

The stainless steel that this litter box is made of is very durable and scratch-proof, meaning that the box should be able to withstand any stress or damage that it’s put under.

For example, if your senior cat takes a swipe at the box with its claws, then the box isn’t going to be ruined.

On top of that, the stainless steel is rust proof too, meaning that you don’t need to worry about it rusting when it gets wet. Since the box is partly made for cat pee, this is a relief!

In addition to that, it’s simply a long lasting litter box overall, which means you won’t be needing to buy a new one anytime soon either.

The iKitchen stainless steel litter box is also stain proof. This means that its material isn’t going to get ruined by any unpleasant stains.

On top of that, it’s not going to get ruined by unpleasant smells too, because it’s odor free. These two features make it extra easy to clean too, as does the non-sticky surface.

As you can see, the litter box is very hygienic, which will be especially helpful for your senior cat.

Similarly, you’ll find that the box is also antifungal and antibacterial, helping to reduce the buildup of nasty fungi and bacteria.

High walls also help to keep the mess inside the box, rather than let it leak out onto your floors. The box is also perfectly safe for cats, because its design uses rounded corners and no sharp edges.

This is important for any cat, but it’s especially important for senior cats, because they won’t deal with any injuries and cuts as well as a younger feline.

Of course, those rounded corners make it safe for you too! Whenever you need to move the litter box around the house, you won’t cut yourself on it.

Additionally, the box should keep still whenever it is on the ground, because it has padded feet made out of rubber in order to make it non-slip.

This will help your cat, because the box won’t slide around while they’re using it, and it’ll stop your floor getting scratched too.

The key downside with this litter box, though, is the fact that all the walls are the same height.

It could really do with a front wall that’s lower than the others, so that senior cats could get inside the box easily.


  • Stainless steel is long lasting, scratch proof, and rust proof
  • Rounded corners and no sharp edges keep you and your senior cat safe
  • High walls prevent mess leaking out of the box
  • Non-slip litter box thanks to rubber feet
  • Never absorbs odors
  • Never gets stained


  • All the walls are the same height, meaning there is no low entry front to help senior cats get inside

7. NE14pets Cat Litter Box

NE14pets Cat Litter Box
  • Helps cats that are going outside of a traditional litter box
  • Small size available for families with less space for a large litter...
  • Please see size diagram before ordering

This is a simple and straightforward litter box that is especially designed for senior cats to use, and it comes at a very affordable price too.

It’s available in a range of different sizes and colors, too, so you’ll be able to get one that doesn’t leave your senior cat unnecessarily cramped.

What Does It Offer?

This litter box especially designed for senior cats uses a plain and welcoming design, in order to make your elderly feline feel at ease when they’re doing their business.

It has calming round edges and a simple shape, and they’re available in a wide range of calming colors.

For example, there’s a soothing “Beach Sand” shade, a green that looks like fresh apples, a “Misty Gray”, a peaceful lavender, and more.

The range of choice when it comes to colors also means that you should be able to buy it in your senior cat’s favorite color, making it appeal to them even more and encouraging them to use it.

The box has a deliberately low opening at the front, which measures just 3 inches up from the ground.

This is deliberately done for senior cats, because it allows them to get inside it without straining or leaping, which is really important when it comes to a senior and frail feline.

Thankfully, the other walls around the box are higher. As you know by now, high walls are an absolute essential when it comes to picking out a litter box, whatever the age of your cat.

With high walls, it reduces the chances of mess getting out of the box and onto your clean floors.

With that being said, some customers have wished that the walls were higher, because their cats have still managed to get their mess over it.

You can get the litter box in two different sizes, with the smallest measuring 20x15x5 (inches) and the larger one measuring 24x20x5.

It’s helpful to have this choice, because it means you can get one that’s going to suit the size of your cat better.

On top of this, though, it also makes it easier for owners who don’t have enough space in their home for a large box.

As for the price, this litter box is one of the cheapest ones you’re going to find on the market, making it an extremely affordable choice.


  • Simple design with smooth corners
  • Entry point is just 3 inches from the ground, very easy for senior cats to access
  • Available in a range of soothing colors
  • Very affordable price
  • Available in two different sizes


  • Some customers have found that the high walls aren’t high enough

8. Whisker Litter-Robot 3 Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Whisker Litter-Robot 3 Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
  • SELF-CLEANING LITTER BOX: Never scoop again with Litter-Robot 3...
  • REDUCES LITTER BOX ODORS & TRACKING: The automatic clean cycle and...
  • MONITOR + CONTROL VIA APP: Control this smart litter box straight from...

You know how we said that the previous litter box was really affordable?

Well, this is the extreme opposite of that, because the Litter-Robot 3 from Whisker is just about the most expensive litter box you’re going to find.

It isn’t going to be suitable for every person’s price point, but it does have a range of high-tech features to justify the price tag for those who can afford it.

What Does It Offer?

This is basically the litter box of the future, only you can use it now!

It makes the most of our advanced technological times in order to give your litter box that is able to do things that make it easier, cleaner, and better to use.

For a start, this is a self-cleaning litter box. We all know how annoying it can be to clean your cat’s litter box regularly, but it’s an essential task that has to be done.

However, you won’t have to do as much work with this litter box, because it uses a unique sifting process that separates the cat’s mess from clean litter.

Once it’s done that, all you have to do is empty the waste drawer every now and then when it’s full. This self-cleaning system helps to keep the litter box’s odors down as well!

Thanks to the regular dividing of the waste and the clean litter, odors are significantly reduced, meaning that both the box and your home are going to be smelling better.

It isn’t just the self-cleaning system that keeps the odors low, though, because the litter box also has a special carbon filter fitted that helps to absorb odors.

It’s also incredibly easy for you to keep on top of the litter box’s state, because it comes with an app. That’s right, if you never thought a litter box would have wi-fi connectivity, think again!

The Whisker Litter-Robot 3 connects to the internet so that it can send notifications to your phone via the Whisker app, which allows you to do a whole range of useful things.

For example, you can remotely start a new clean cycle straight from your phone, keeping the litter box clean without having to move.

On top of that, the app will also notify you when the waste drawer has filled up, so you don’t have to regularly check it again and again.

The app also offers you plenty of statistics about how your cat is using it, such as the regularity.

This allows you to monitor your cat’s health and habits, which is especially important when you’ve got a senior cat.

If their habits change, you’ll be able to detect it straight away, allowing you to take them to the vet if necessary.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect & Ramp also comes with a ramp which can be easily installed at the front of the box.

Essentially a small set of steps, this allows senior cats to easily climb up into the enclosure of the litter box, meaning that they don’t have to stretch over any walls to get in.

Better yet, the ramp helps to reduce the amount of litter tracking, because it will catch any mess that’s on your cat’s paws as they’re leaving.

By doing this, it means that your own floor should keep free of litter, as well as keep your cat hygienic and healthy.

A word of warning, though: your senior cat will need to weigh 5 lbs minimum in order to safely use the Litter-Robot 3 when it’s in its automatic mode.


  • Ramp entrance makes it easy for senior cats to enter
  • Self-cleaning litter box separates the waste from the clean litter – all you have to do is empty the waste drawer!
  • Automatic clean cycle keeps odors low
  • Carbon filter also keeps odors low
  • App helps you track cat’s health and habits, especially useful for senior cats
  • Ramp reduces litter tracking onto your floors


  • Extremely expensive! Most people won’t be able to spend this much on a litter box

9. LitterMaid Cat Litter Box

LitterMaid Cat Litter Box
  • MULTI-CAT SELF-CLEANING LITTER BOX: This litter box has automatic...
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: When used as directed, the LitterMaid Multi-Cat...
  • ODOR CONTROL: Once the rake removes waste, the waste receptacles with...

Speaking of litter boxes that will automatically clean themselves, this box from LitterMaid is a far cheaper (though still expensive for a litter box) alternative to the Litter-Robot 3.

On top of that, it also uses a ramp that will make access to it far easier for senior cats.

What Does It Offer?

For a start, this litter box from LitterMaid is designed with high walls specifically to prevent any litter getting scattered out of it and onto your clean floor.

This will help keep your house much tidier, reducing the amount of time you would have to be cleaning up.

When paired with the automatic cleaning function, you’re going to be saving a lot of cleaning time!

Speaking of the self-cleaning system that the litter box uses, it does this with a rake that automatically scoops.

It’s a clever design that will regularly remove the waste from the box and keep it clean and hygienic, which is really important for the health and happiness of a senior cat.

You simply load the box’s receptacle, as well as its charcoal filter, then leave the rake to automatically scoop for up to 7 days.

After that, you simply empty out the week’s waste with the sealed receptacle – easy and quick! We mentioned carbon filters there, which will help to control the odor coming out of the box.

The filters are linked to the waste receptacles, and you get 4 of each when you buy the box.

The litter box also uses a ramp for its entrance, which makes it even easier for senior cats to be able to access it.

Even though a low wall at the front is useful, even that still requires some effort to get over for a senior cat, but a ramp requires none, simply allowing the feline to walk up into the box.

As you might expect, the ramp also helps to prevent litter tracking out when the cats are leaving.

It’s very easy for a cat to get poo and pee on their paws as their walking around the litter box, and often that waste will simply be walked back out onto your clean floors when they leave the box – which can defeat the point of the box in the first place!

This isn’t so with the ramp, because it’s designed to clean their paws as they walk down it, made of a specific kind of surface that helps to collect the mess and waste itself.

As for the box, it’s actually designed to be multi-cat.

This means that if you have multiple cats over 15 lbs in your house, then they should be able to use the box at the same time, saving you even more time and cleaning effort.

With that being said, your senior cat will probably prefer being on their own in the box.

However, like the Litter-Robot 3, there is a word of warning: the self-cleaning litter box should NOT be used by cats that weigh less than 5 lbs or kittens that are younger than 6 months.

This is unlikely to be the case, since the litter box is for your senior cat, but do keep it in mind if you buy this one. If it is the case, use the box unplugged until your cat meets the requirements.


  • Ramp allows easy access for senior cats
  • Ramp cleans paws too, preventing litter tracking
  • Box has self-cleaning system which automatically rakes waste – simply empty the waste receptacle up to every 7 days
  • Receptacle is liked to a carbon filter, keeping odors reduced
  • Made for multiple cats, if you need that


  • This is more expensive than most litter boxes, simply because of the self-cleaning system

10. Van Ness Cat Litter Box

Van Ness Cat Litter Box
  • Ideal for kittens who benefit from easy entry and exit
  • High polished finish that is odor and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean

The exact opposite to the expensive, self-cleaning models, this litter box is as simple as it gets – which is a good thing!

What Does It Offer?

This is simple and straightforward, being a plastic tray.

As a result, your senior cat should automatically understand what it is, and not be confused by any fancy shapes or designs.

This makes it perfect for doing its job and nothing more. It has low walls all around it, which makes it easy to enter.

This is an incredibly important factor for senior cats, who won’t have the energy and ability to leap over high walls when rushing to do their business.

With that being said, the fact that all the walls are low isn’t too useful, because it means that the other walls aren’t going to be high enough to contain litter and spray from leaking out.

The box uses a high-polish finish on otis surfaces that allows it to be resistant to stains, and it prevents odors on top of that.

This will help to keep the box more hygienic, which your senior cat will benefit from.


  • Extremely cheap and affordable
  • Simple and straightforward – does the job
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Low wall at entrance allows easy access for senior cats


  • All the walls are low, which won’t contain messes

11. VARLNALY Large Cat Litter Box

This stylish yet affordable open litter box will be a great pick for your senior cat, and it even comes with a shovel for the litter.

What Does It Offer?

For a start, the box has a low step at the entrance that will help senior cats be able to get inside it more easily, while the other walls remain high so that they can keep the waste and mess in.

The box also uses an open top design, which helps to keep your senior cat calm, because it doesn’t put them in a dark and enclosed space like some other boxes.

On top of that, the design also helps remove odors and improve air circulation. It also uses a low front pedal, which is also leak-proof.

The reason for the pedal is that it allows you to simply lift it up and the waste will tumble back into the pan, preventing any waste from even coming close to escaping the box.

There’s also a hidden storage space underneath the leak-proof pedal, where you can store the free cat litter shovel, as well as garbage bags that you can buy.

This will make cleaning quicker and easier, because the tools are right there. Additionally, the box is plenty spacious.

This will really help your senior cat because they won’t be cramped and uncomfortable, allowing them to do their business calmly.

Be aware: the box is recommended only for cats 20 lbs and under.


  • Stylish and smart design
  • Low front step allows easy access for senior cats
  • High walls keep waste in
  • Low front pedal allows you to tip waste back into the box


  • Cat needs to be 20 lbs or lighter

12. Hartz Cat Litter Tray

Hartz Cat Litter Box
  • Sturdy plastic litter tray is purrfect for cats who don’t like the...
  • Low sides make it easy for cats to enter and exit
  • Lightweight and portable, plus easy to wipe or spray clean

The last entry on our list is this simple and cheaper litter tray.

What Does It Offer?

This straightforward litter tray is open and exposed, which will help senior cats who don’t like to be confined in the hooded boxes you can buy instead.

On top of that, it’s made of sturdy materials, so it should withstand use.

It also has low sides all the way around it, which will make it extra easy for a senior cat to get in and out of the box – for whatever direction they please.

With that being said, as we’ve noted before, this unfortunately means the other walls are too low to keep waste and spray inside.

You’ll find that the tray is also easy to clean, especially if you buy separate liners to put in it.


  • Cheap, simple, effective
  • Low walls allow easy access for senior cats – from any side
  • Open design won’t scare senior cats like hooded boxes might
  • Easy to clean


  • The walls are too low, which won’t stop mess from escaping the box and getting on your floor

Things To Consider

Cat Litter Boxes For Your Senior Furry Friend The 12 Best Ones You Need To Know About!

Across all of the 12 litter boxes we’ve looked at in our list, you’ll have noticed certain features appearing again and again.

These are the kind of features that you’re going to want to consider when picking out which litter box to buy for your senior cat, and we’ve rounded up the most important of them below.

Open Design VS Hooded

Most of the litter boxes that we looked at were open and ventilated, which has plenty of benefits.

To start with, they can be easier for you to access and clean, and the fact that they’re enclosed should mean that nasty odors don’t build up and get trapped inside.

On top of that, cats may feel less cramped and more comfortable in them.

Being at ease is especially important for senior cats when doing their business, so this is important.

When you buy a hooded litter box, there is the chance that your cat will be distressed from being enclosed.

Additionally, it’ll put them in the dark, which will spook them too.

With that being said, boxes like the Litter-Robot 3 have a fancy hooded design, which your cat might end up preferring.

As a result, you want to be careful when electing a litter box, and get the design that you think your senior cat will like most.

Easy Entry Point

It’s absolutely essential that your senior cat can get in and out of the litter box easily and quickly.

Senior cats won’t have the energy or sprightliness of younger cats, and so you can’t get a litter box with a high entry point, because they may not be able to get over it.

All of the litter boxes on our list have easy entry points, either by having low walls or ramps.

Ramps can be especially useful because they will often have a special surface to them that prevents litter tracking, keeping your senior cat hygienic and your floor clean.


You want to make sure that your litter box is not only going to be able to fit your senior cat, but also give them more than enough room to be comfortable.

A cramped senior cat isn’t going to be relaxed enough to do their business, and this will result in them being unhappy.

Always check the measurements of the litter box you’re buying and make sure that your senior cat will have more than enough room.

Some of the litter boxes we looked at could fit multiple cats, so those will definitely fit one.

However, some boxes also come with a minimum weight that your cat needs to be in order to use it, so keep an eye on that too.

Price Tag

Our list of litter boxes varied in price. Some were incredibly cheap, some were mid-range, and then the self-cleaning ones were notably expensive.

Even on a low budget you will be able to get a perfectly good litter box for your senior cat, so don’t worry! However, it may not have all the features you want.

High Walls

You also want to make sure that your box has high walls. This will prevent waste and spray from getting out of it and making your floor dirty.


Why Do Senior Cats Stop Using Litter Boxes?

A senior cat might stop using litter boxes for various reasons: diabetes, kidney issues, arthritis, urinary tract infections, and more. Have your vet check them out.

Final Thoughts

A senior cat’s litter box should be easy to access and welcoming – use our list to find one!

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