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Looking for a unique and meaningful name for your furry feline friend?

Why not consider a German cat name? German cat names offer a range of options, from traditional names to words that have special significance in German culture.

Choosing a German cat name not only adds personality and culture to your cat’s name, but it also creates a special bond between you and your pet.

We divided the list between a male and female names.

50 German Cat Names for Males

male german cat names
  1. Arlo – this German cat name means “hill.”
  2. Arnold – this name means “eagle power.”
  3. Augustus – for the greatest of them all.
  4. Axel – this name represents the father of peace.
  5. Bach – for the one who lives near water.
  6. Berlin – this is the capital city of Germany.
  7. Björn – beautiful German name meaning “bear.”
  8. Blau – after the color blue.
  9. Braun – perfect for a brown cat.
  10. Bremen – after the German maritime city.
  11. Bruno – this is a German name for a brown cat.
  12. Conrad – for the one with incredible bravery.
  13. Damir – a perfect name for a peaceful cat.
  14. Dirk – this German name means “peaceful ruler.”
  15. Dolf – great name meaning “wolf.”
  16. Dortmund – after the German city.
  17. Düsseldorf – after the most wealthy German city.
  18. Dwight – for the one with blonde hair.
  19. Emery – this name means “brave.”
  20. Eric – beautiful German name meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  21. Felix – for a happy and prosperous one.
  22. Finn – perfect name for a white cat.
  23. Frankfurt – after Germany’s financial center.
  24. Franz – this name means “free man.”
  25. Friedrich – after a famous and merciful leader.
  26. Fritz – for the one who rules in times of peace.
  27. Gelb – this German name means “yellow.”
  28. Geoff – perfect name for a cat who disappears all the time.
  29. Graf – the German word for “count.”
  30. Grau – this name means “grey.”
  31. Grün – German word meaning “green.”
  32. Gunther – after a war fighter.
  33. Hamburg – this is the second largest city in Germany.
  34. Hans – this name means “God is gracious.”
  35. Henry – perfect name for the ruler of the household.
  36. Herzog – popular German name meaning “duke.”
  37. Hugo – for a very smart cat.
  38. Jonas – this German cat name means “dove.”
  39. Kaiser – this is how you’d call a leader in Germany.
  40. Karl – this name means “strong man.”
  41. Kätzchen – this is the word for “kitten” in German.
  42. Klaus – very popular name meaning “victory of the people.”
  43. Kupfer – this name means “copper” and it’s perfect for a tabby.
  44. Kurt – for a very polite cat.
  45. Leon – this name means “lion.”
  46. Max – very popular name meaning “the greatest.”
  47. Munich – this is one of the most popular German cities.
  48. Muschi – German word meaning “cat.
  49. Mutig– if you know a brave cat, this is the perfect name.
  50. Otto – for a very wealthy one.

One of my favorite German male cat nameshas to be Otto.

It’s just so cute, don’t you think?

Of course, Max is always a good pick, too!

German Cat Names for Females

female german cat names
  1. Anka – perfect name for a graceful cat.
  2. Britta – German name meaning “thrilled.”
  3. Brunhilde – perfect name for a dark-haired cat.
  4. Cologne – after Rhine’s biggest city.
  5. Elsa – German name inspired from “Elizabeth.”
  6. Essen – after Ruhr’s most popular city.
  7. Frau – this name refers specifically to a Mrs.
  8. Freida – German name meaning “joy.”
  9. Freya – in German, this name means “mistress.”
  10. Fritzi – for the one who rules in times of peace.
  11. Gertrud – strong German name meaning “spear.”
  12. Greta – beautiful name meaning “pearl.”
  13. Gretchen – this German cat name translates to “luminescent pearl.”
  14. Griselda – perfect name for a grey cat.
  15. Gute – this name means “Goddess.”
  16. Hedwig – strong German name meaning “battle.”
  17. Heidi – great name for a noble kitten.
  18. Heldin – this name means “heroic woman.”
  19. Helga – for a holy and wealthy one.
  20. Herzogin – this is the German word for “duchess.”
  21. Hilda – popular German name meaning “battle.”
  22. Ida – for the cat who’s always doing something fun.
  23. Ilsa – German name representing one that’s “pledged to God.”
  24. Irma – after the German Goddess of war.
  25. Johanna – this name means “God is gracious.”
  26. Katharina – German name meaning “pure.”
  27. Katze – this is literally the German word for cat!
  28. Kaysa – this German name means “pure.”
  29. Klara – for a pure breed cat.
  30. Konigin – this name means “queen.”
  31. Kristin – German name translating to “follower of Christ.”
  32. Liebe – in German, this means “love.”
  33. Liesa – for the cat who always get what she wants.
  34. Liesel – this name translates to “God is my oath.”
  35. Lila – German word for “purple.”
  36. Lola – this name translates to “sorrows.”
  37. Louise – popular name meaning “famous warrior.”
  38. Magda – this German name means “maiden.”
  39. Marta – for a true lady.
  40. Mathilda – great name for the one who never loses a battle.
  41. Miezekatze – this is another word for “cat.”
  42. Mieze – referring to a kitten.
  43. Rosa – this German name means “pink.”
  44. Rot – this is how you’d say “red” in German.
  45. Silber – means “silver” and it’s perfect for a grey cat.
  46. Sofie – for the one with the wisdom
  47. Trudi – German name translating to the “strength of the spear.”
  48. Ursula – this German cat name means “mommy bear.”
  49. Weiss – if you have a white cat, this is the perfect name.
  50. Zelda – for a princess warrior.

As much as I loved played Zelda as a kid, Anka is actually my favorite from the girl’s list!

Oooh, or how about Katze? You can’t go wrong with a name that’s literally how to call a cat in German!


German cat names offer a plethora of options for cat owners looking to give their furry friend a unique and meaningful name.

From traditional German names to words that have special significance in German culture, the possibilities are endless.

Using a German cat name not only adds a touch of culture and personality to your cat’s name but also creates a bond between you and your feline friend.

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your German cat breed or just love German culture, consider choosing a German cat name for your furry companion.

Your turn! What are your favorite German cat names? Share below!

German Cat Names

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