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Looking for white cat names that are as brilliant as your new kitty?

We’ve got you covered!

Below, you’ll find more than 100 fantastic ideas that are just perfect for your wanna-be snow leopard!

Let’s start with our top ten trending names for white cats, and then we’ll look at the best ideas for males and females.

white cat names for male and female cat

It was hard to choose just ten white cat names that we love, but we did it!

You’ll notice two of our favorite Harry Potter cat names also made this list.

They’re in good company with one of the most iconic Disney Princesses and the world’s friendliest ghost.

  1. Angel
  2. Luna
  3. Ms. Kitty or Mr. Kitty
  4. Casper
  5. Blondie
  6. Fang
  7. Snow White – The Disney princess
  8. Simone – After Audrey Hepburn’s white cat
  9. Dumbledore
  10. Neve – French for “snow”

Did you know that there’s no such thing as a white cat breed?

Just about any breed can end up with an all-white coat if it has a certain dominant gene (the W gene, as it’s appropriately called).

I thought that was an interesting tidbit to share with you! Now, let’s take a look at our favorite white cat names for males, shall we?

White Cat Names for Males

beautiful White Maine coon cat sitting on a gray couch

We took inspiration from all over the world!

For example, you’ll find beautiful ideas inspired by “white, “snow,” “ice,” and even “sugar” in other languages.

We looked up to the brightest stars and down to the frozen continent at the base of the planet. I think you’ll love what we came up with!

  1. Advocaat – a type of liquor made from egg, sugar and brandy. Cute, right?
  2. Akull – “ice” in Albanian
  3. Alabaster – a white stone that is used to make statues.
  4. Alpine – this nature-inspired cat name actually means “fair skin.”
  5. Altair – a bright star
  6. Angelo – short for the white flower, Angelonia.
  7. Arctos
  8. Argo
  9. Ashburn – after a snowy town in Mass.
  10. Azukre – Basque for “sugar”
  11. Aiken – Antartica glacier
  12. Anuchin– another glacier
  13. Baltas – “white” in Lithuanian.
  14. Bacopa – it’s a pretty white flower.
  15. Bailey – this word means sheriff or overseer.
  16. Bear – A giant white cat, as in “polar bear”
  17. Beaufort – a volcanic mountain in Antarctica
  18. Beyaz
  19. Beowulf
  20. Bianco
  21. Bily– Czech for “white”
  22. Blanco – it means “white” in Spanish.
  23. Blizzard – for a cat so white, you can just get lost in his fur!
  24. Boda – a mountain in Antarctica
  25. Bone – a cute Halloween or medical-inspired name for a white cat!
  26. Branco – Portuguese for white
  27. Burgess – snowy town in Wyoming
  28. Brighton – after the Utah ski resort
  29. Casper – The friendly ghost
  30. Chardon – Ohio’s snowiest town
  31. Chowder – a unique name after a soup.
  32. Cosmo – after the white cosmo flower
  33. Cooke – a snowy city in Montana
  34. Dale – after the glacier
  35. Domino
  36. Downy
  37. Drake – as in Drake’s Passage in Antarctica
  38. Dumbledore – The white-haired wizard from the Harry Potter series
  39. Emmett – A white-haired scientist in the film “Back To The Future”
  40. Ermine
  41. Eustis– snowiest place in Maine
  42. Everest – a sky-high mountain covered in white-colored snow.
  43. Fang
  44. Fari
  45. Feher – means “white” in Hungarian.
  46. Finn – an Irish name that means light-colored.
  47. Fog – it’s made of white clouds, one of the cutest cloud names for cats.
  48. Foam
  49. Forel -a Kenyan glacier
  50. Funfun – Means “white” in Yoruba
  51. Furby – after the popular toy from the early 2000s
  52. Geal
  53. Gelo – Portuguese for “ice”
  54. Glint
  55. Glacier – a wintry name for your white cat.
  56. Grigio – for Pinot Grigio white wine.
  57. Herbie – The talking Volkswagen (also known as The Love Bug)
  58. Heim – a Kenyan glacier
  59. Ice Cube
  60. Igloo – after the hut made from snow.
  61. Ivory – English roots and means chalk white.
  62. Jack Frost
  63. Kartopu – Turkish for “snow”
  64. Kraph – a Kenyan glacier
  65. Knight
  66. Muz – Uzbek for “ice”
  67. Malcolm – an admirer of a Christian named St. Columba.
  68. Mayo – this is one of the funniest names inspired by food!
  69. Marshmallow – a tasty fluffy food name for cats!
  70. Moscato – a type of white wine.
  71. Milky Way – after our galaxy or the candy, you decide!
  72. Nimbus
  73. Noel
  74. Nuuk – town in Greenland, which as you know is actually ice-covered!
  75. Orion – like the star, which is white in the sky
  76. Oryx – an Arabian antelope that is almost all white
  77. Panda – a good name for a white kitten with a touch of black fur.
  78. Phantom – originates from the US and is defined as a pure spirit.
  79. Pinot – for the white wine.
  80. Ptarmigan – a tongue-twisting name inspired by the Willow Ptarmigan bird
  81. Puti – a title that means a miniature fish.
  82. River – think of the foamy white rapids
  83. Rumi
  84. Salji – Malay for “snow”
  85. Sands
  86. Santa Claws
  87. Sauvignon – a sophisticated name for wine lovers.
  88. SchneeGerman for “snow”
  89. Semillon – another type of white wine.
  90. Shiro – Japanese word for “white”
  91. Siberia
  92. Snow – a rain of frozen water droplets.
  93. Snowball – a popular name, but still cute!
  94. Steel – this word describes as diligent.
  95. Sykur – Icelandic for “sugar”
  96. Swiss – a tiny name of Switzerland.
  97. Talcum
  98. Tern – as in the White Tern bird
  99. Taos – A famous ski valley in NM
  100. Timberline – a snowy lodge in Oregon
  101. Tofu – a funny food-inspired name, it’s white in color.
  102. Waiss
  103. Winter – a time of cold weather. 
  104. Wizard – present of the almighty.
  105. Valkoinen
  106. Yinyin – means “ice” in Yoruba
  107. Yuki – Japanese for “snow”
  108. Zinger – a spirit of exuberant nature.
  109. Zima – this term describes as chilly weather.
  110. Zuri – means “white” in Basque

I shared my personal favorites above, but I do have a few others that I feel deserve an extra “shout out” here!

Personally, I really like the idea of going with a name that’s not so obvious. If you love “Snow,” why not consider going with Salji instead?

A few of these can be unisex but we’ve also rounded up some great ideas for female kitties. Take a look!

White Cat Names for Females

a white cat might be catnipped while smelling a figurine bird

Again, we traveled around the globe for these ideas, borrowing from other languages as well as cities & towns in snow-covered lands.

  1. Alaska – the snowiest state.
  2. Albina
  3. Alice – Antartica glacier
  4. Alta – one of the snowiest places in the US, in Utah
  5. Alyeska – snowy city in Alaska
  6. Alyssum – after the sweet white flower.
  7. Alstroemeria – a white flower
  8. Amarula – a liqueur made from the Marula tree, sugar, cream
  9. Angel – some say they’re made of pure white light.
  10. Angelonia – a white bloom
  11. Anemone – Unless you can actually say it, call her Ani or Monee for short!
  12. Aomori – snowiest city in the world, located in Northern Japan
  13. Arktika – How they say “arctic” in Estonia
  14. Artemis Greek goddess of the moon
  15. Atka – a glacier in Antartica
  16. Aurora – this means the first light of the day.
  17. Azalea – a gorgeous white flower.
  18. Bachkim – combo of bach kim, Vietnamese for white gold
  19. Balimyna – A combination of Bali Myna, a white bird from Indonesia.
  20. Bianca – it is defined as white.
  21. Bijela – Croatian for “white”
  22. Birch – After the white-barked trees
  23. Blanca
  24. Blanche
  25. Blondie
  26. Bubbles
  27. Bunny – after the cute fluffy animal
  28. Byerly – a mountain in Anarctica
  29. Cauliflower
  30. Carnation
  31. Chamonix – snowiest city in France
  32. Cheyenne – one of the snowiest cities in America
  33. Clara
  34. Coconut – for the tasty fruit that’s white on the inside.
  35. Cottonball – a white-colored ball of cotton 
  36. Cottontail
  37. Cream Puff – another cute food name for a cat
  38. Creamy
  39. Crystal
  40. Daisy – a tempting name after a white flower.
  41. Diamond – for a rescue cat made of tough stuff!
  42. Dove – it is the name of a feathered friend who attracts calmness.
  43. Edina – snowiest place in Missouri
  44. Eleanor – a Hebrew origin that means shine
  45. Elsa – From Disney’s “Frozen”
  46. Elurra – Basque for “snow”
  47. Feta – a bit of a cheesy name (yep, we went there).
  48. Fiona
  49. Fluffy – a name that represents a joyous character.
  50. Fotsy – Malagasy for “white”
  51. Freya – a pure-hearted name 
  52. Frost – frozen ice.
  53. Gardenia – another beautiful flower-inspired name.
  54. Geikie – a glacier in Alaska
  55. Glitter
  56. Glory – this title captivates euphoria.
  57. Glossy
  58. Gwyn – Welsh for “white”
  59. Hibiscus
  60. Icy – a name after cold and white ice.
  61. Ivory – for the slightly off-white color.
  62. Jasmine – this word means an offering from God.
  63. January – For the icy cold month or the famous actress
  64. Juneau – Alaska’s capital, in the Arctic circle
  65. KandalakshaRussian city in the Arctic circle
  66. Kenzie Scottish for “the fair one”
  67. Kichatna – for the Kichatna Mountains
  68. Kuskulana – Alaskan Glacier
  69. Lily – it stands for decency and clarity.
  70. Lizzie – a beautiful name and defined as the creator’s word of honor.
  71. Lacy
  72. Lehloa – Sesotho for “Snow”
  73. Lobelia – another beautiful white bloom.
  74. Luna – it represents the crescent moon.
  75. Marshmallow
  76. Minnesota – another beautifully snowy state in the US
  77. Moonflower 
  78. Mozzarella – another cute name for cheese-lovers.
  79. Myna – for the mostly-white bird, Bali Myna.
  80. Nemesia – my favorite out of all the flower-inspired white kitten names.
  81. Neve – French for “snow”
  82. Octavia
  83. Pearl – a beautiful milky-white gem.
  84. Pebbles – a cute name that signifies tiny stones.
  85. Peony – another stunning ivory bloom.
  86. Petunia – a white flower.
  87. Riesling – a beautiful name of a type of white wine.
  88. Sandalee – Alaskan glacier
  89. Savvy – Short form of the white wine sauvignon blanc
  90. Shasta – if Daisy is too obvious, go with this type of the bloom.
  91. Shimmer
  92. Shine
  93. Snowflake – small droplets that take birth in clouds 
  94. Snow White – The Disney princess
  95. Swan – an elegant white bird.
  96. Star – a constellation in the sky.
  97. Sugar – a sweet name for a kitten
  98. Sukari – Swahili for sugar
  99. Tahtsa  – as in Tahtsa Lake, the 3rd snowiest place in Canada
  100. Tundra
  101. Twinkle – to sparkle like a star.
  102. Urzuria – a combo of urre zuria, Basque for “white gold”
  103. Vanilla – a pleasant and affectionate name.
  104. Whisper – for your quiet little kitten, or an ironic name for a noisy cat!
  105. Yenta – an Alaskan glacier
  106. Yuki – the birthplace of japan and represents blizzard.
  107. Zahabuyera – zahabu yera means white gold Kinyarwanda
  108. Zuri – roots of Swahili and defined as pretty.


Again, while you have the list of trending names at the beginning of this article, there are some others that I really adore here!

For example, the Daisy is my favorite flower, with its silky white petals!

If you love the idea of white cat names that aren’t quite so in-your-face obvious, choose one of the ideas inspired by snowy cities.

Aomori is beautiful!


200+ Brilliant White Cat Names for Male & Female Kitties
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