If you’re searching for the cutest kitty moniker, get ready for the ultimate list of Japanese food names for cats!

From sushi-inspired ideas to tasty sweet treats from the Land of the Rising Sun , you’ll find the perfect mouthwatering idea below!

The hardest part will be deciding on just one!

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Japanese Food Names for Cats

Fun fact: the 4 principal cooking methods in Japanese cuisine are: boiled (nimono), broiled (yakimono), fried (agemono) and steamed (mushimono).

Check out some fantastic male & female cat names inspired by Japanese cooking!


  1. Adzuki
  2. Anmitsu
  3. Anzu
  4. Bento
  5. Chawanmushi
  6. Daidai
  7. Daifuku
  8. Dango
  9. Dashi
  10. Dorayaki
  11. Fuji
  12. Higashi
  13. Ichigo
  14. Kaieseki
  15. Kaki
  16. Karashi
  17. Kashipan
  18. Kobe
  19. Kombu
  20. Kyou
  21. Manju
  22. Menma
  23. Mentsuyu
  24. Minto
  25. Miruku
  26. Miso
  27. Mizutaki
  28. Momo
  29. Moyashi
  30. Namagashi
  31. Nashi
  32. Natto
  33. Okonomiyaki
  34. Ponzu
  35. Rayu
  36. Ringo
  37. Shoyu
  38. Sukiyaki
  39. Sushi
  40. Takoyaki
  41. Tebaski
  42. Teriyaki
  43. Tofu
  44. Unago
  45. Wafu
  46. Wagashi
  47. Yakiniku
  48. Yuzu

Out of these male Japanese food names for cats, I live Yuzu the most. Why? Because it’s the best smelling fruit on the planet!

Seriously, find yourself one and give it a whiff. If you love citrus scents like I do, you’ll be in heaven!


  1. Anko
  2. Awabi
  3. Castella
  4. Chahan
  5. Daikon
  6. Donburi
  7. Edamame
  8. Furikake
  9. Gyoza
  10. Haruna
  11. Hishimochi
  12. Ikura
  13. Kaede
  14. Kappa
  15. Kare
  16. Karukan
  17. Kinako
  18. Konacha
  19. Kurumi
  20. Kyoho
  21. Maiya
  22. Mame
  23. Mikan
  24. Mirin
  25. Mochi
  26. Moka
  27. Negi
  28. Nikujaga
  29. Ninjin
  30. Ocha
  31. Oden
  32. Okara
  33. Onigiri
  34. Ramen
  35. Ryokucha
  36. Saba
  37. Sake
  38. Sakuramochi
  39. Senbei
  40. Sencha
  41. Shikwasa
  42. Shincha
  43. Shiruko
  44. Shitake
  45. Shoga
  46. Soba
  47. Tsukemono
  48. Tsukume
  49. Udon
  50. Wakame
  51. Warishita
  52. Yakisoba
  53. Yakitori
  54. Yamecha
  55. Yuba

My favorite female Japanese food name once again begins with a Y! I love Yakitori, which is basically grilled chicken on a stick.

Check out the recipe below if you want to give it a try:

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Japanese Sushi Cat Names

Looking for the best Japanese sushi names for cats? Check out our favorites!

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know (or maybe you did!): sushi isn’t really what most people think it is.

It’s actually ” a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg.”

In other words, you can have sushi without fish! When it does have fish in it, it’s called “sashimi.”

Now that you know all about sushi vs. sashimi, let’s check out some cat names inspired by both!


  1. Chirashi
  2. Chirashizushi
  3. Chutoro
  4. Doragon
  5. Escolar
  6. Futomake
  7. Hosomaki
  8. Inairzushi
  9. Kumo
  10. Maguro
  11. Maki
  12. Makizushi
  13. Narezushi
  14. Nori
  15. Oshizushi
  16. Tako
  17. Tamago
  18. Temaki
  19. Toro
  20. Uramaki

Toro is a great name for a cat! In fact, it’s already a cat name! Inoue Toro is also known as the Sony cat.


  1. Ahi
  2. Amebi
  3. Buri
  4. Ebi
  5. Gari
  6. Hamachi
  7. Hangiri
  8. Hotate
  9. Ika
  10. Kani
  11. Kanpachi
  12. Neta
  13. Nigiri
  14. Sashimi
  15. Shari
  16. Tempura
  17. Tsume
  18. Unagi
  19. Wasabi

If you love spicy sushi, you can’t go wrong with Wasabi! Check out this recipe:

How to pronounce Japanese food cat names

If your curious about how to pronounce these names, check out this very basic Japanese pronunciation guide.

For the most part, an “i” will be pronounced like a long “eee.” Interestingly, most “e” vowels are pronounced the same.

So, the “i” vowels in Yakitori and the “e” in Sake have the same sound. Make sense?

Of course, it’s a lot more complex than that, as Japanese is a rich language, but at least it gives you the basic gist.

It’s important to know the correct pronunciations so that you’re not inadvertently offending anyone with your cat’s name.

If you're searching for the cutest kitty moniker, get ready for the ultimate list of Japanese food names for cats!

What are your favorite Japanese food names for cats? Share below!

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