Looking for some super cute cat names for your new furry family friend?

You’re going to love my list!

I scoured thousands of name ideas to find only the most adorable ones for boy and girl cats.

Let’s check them out!

78 Male Cute Cat Names

cute Maine coon kitten

If you have recently brought home a handsome male cat or kitten, I’m sure you cannot wait for him to become your best friend. Male cats have their own quirks in attitude, likes and dislikes, and behaviors. For such an amazing animal, you must check out these cute names below!

Take a look at the amazing options that I have put together for you and your male cat!

  1. Alfredo
  2. Almond
  3. Angus
  4. Ash
  5. Aslan
  6. Athens
  7. Austin
  8. Bagheera
  9. Barley
  10. Bear
  11. Berlin
  12. Berlioz
  13. Biscuit
  14. Blackie
  15. Bock
  16. Boots
  17. Bronx
  18. Brownie
  19. Bryce
  20. Buddy
  21. Bunny
  22. Burger
  23. Butter
  24. Charles
  25. Charlie
  26. Chewie
  27. Cinnamon
  28. Cooper
  29. Denver
  30. Dublin
  31. Figaro
  32. Fluffy
  33. Fry
  34. Gatsby
  35. Ginger
  36. Harry
  37. Honey
  38. Jack
  39. Jackson
  40. Jackson
  41. Jameson
  42. Jasper
  43. Jelly Bean
  44. Lemon
  45. Leo
  46. Lion
  47. Loki
  48. London
  49. Louise
  50. Max
  51. Meatball
  52. Memphis
  53. Mickey
  54. Midnight
  55. Milo
  56. Monkey
  57. Oliver
  58. Orange
  59. Oreo
  60. Orlando
  61. Oscar
  62. Pepper
  63. Peter pan
  64. Phillip
  65. Prince
  66. Rajah
  67. Raleigh
  68. Romeo
  69. Shero
  70. Simba
  71. Sinchan
  72. Smoky
  73. Spud
  74. Teddy
  75. Tony
  76. Tuna
  77. Ziggy
  78. Zurich

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74 Female Cute Cat Names

cute british shorthair kitten

Are you looking for some popular cat names for your female cat, inspired by human names, pop culture, or cultures around the world? There are many popular choices that you can go with so that the name seems like the ideal addition to your little diva’s identity.

Take a look to find the best kitten names for girls!

  1. Angel
  2. Annie
  3. Alison
  4. Archie
  5. Ariel
  6. Ashley
  7. Bella
  8. Boo
  9. Bubbles
  10. Buttercup
  11. Chloe
  12. Cleo
  13. Coco
  14. Cookie
  15. Cuddles
  16. Cutiepie
  17. Daisy
  18. Darcy
  19. Duchess
  20. Ema
  21. Eve
  22. Flora
  23. Giggles
  24. Gracie
  25. Hazel
  26. Jasmine
  27. Joy
  28. Julie
  29. Juliet
  30. Katty purry
  31. Kitty
  32. Laila
  33. Lily
  34. Lola
  35. Lollipop
  36. Lucy
  37. Luna
  38. Marie
  39. Meghan
  40. Mia
  41. Miley
  42. Mimi
  43. Missy
  44. Misty
  45. Molly
  46. Muffin
  47. Nala
  48. Pancake
  49. Pearl
  50. pebbles
  51. Pinky
  52. Pippi
  53. Pixie
  54. Princess
  55. Pumpkin
  56. Rose
  57. Rosie
  58. Ruby
  59. Snow white
  60. Snowy
  61. Sophia
  62. Sophie
  63. Sprinkles
  64. Stella
  65. Summer
  66. Sunflower
  67. Sunny
  68. Sunshine
  69. Suzzie
  70. Tinkerbell
  71. Tulip
  72. Violet
  73. Xena
  74. Zara

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FAqs about Cute Cat Names

For the new little furry friend in your life, you now have a list of incredible names. Whether you’re looking for male kitty names or female cat names, you can refer to our lists.

Do you still have other questions about names for cats? Do check out the answers to some of the most common questions asked by cat parents – and find what you are looking for!


cat licking his mouth

Are you looking for some cute name choices for your kitty? If you have a male cat, you can choose names like Ziggy, Smoky, Loki, Jellybean, Bagheera, etc. For female cats, names you can choose include Zara, Xena, Sunny, Pixie, Lola, and others.


If you are looking for some cute but unique names for your cat, you can certainly consider Japanese names. There are many funny cat names from the land of the rising sun, such as Nyan (meaning meow), Momo (meaning peach), Fuwafuwa (meaning fluffy), and many more.


If your pet cat is a mischievous animal, you must pick a name that goes well with these adorable characteristics. You can consider some funny names such as Jiggles, Turbo, Loki, Catzilla, Growltiger, Wasabi, etc., to tell the world a little something about their naughty nature.


Cats are adorable creatures, and names inspired by cats are absolutely cute! If you are looking for some fabulous food-inspired names for cats, you can consider options like Bacon, Tofu, Jelly, Nugget, Sushi, Cheddar, Kit-Kat, Meatball, Marshmallow, Porkchop, Burrito, etc.


orange maine coon cat

Cats can often present a combination of a mischievous personality and a diva-like attitude. For such cats, you cannot settle for anything less than a badass cat name! Some popular choices would be Thanos, Loki, Perpetua, Banshee, Mystique, Magneto, and many more.

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Final Words

Finding good pet names often seems like a challenging idea, but if you have a ready list to refer to, you don’t have to worry!

You can pick any popular name from pop culture, be it Harry Potter book characters or comic book superheroes and supervillains.

You can also tap into the treasure trove of international names, like Japanese cat names or Greek mythological creature names!

little tiger kitty

What are your favorite cute cat names? Please share with us below!

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