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Are you looking for Maine coon cat names for your new friend?

No problem; we’ve got you covered!

We came up with 100 brilliant ideas for one of the largest cat breeds!

Read below to find the perfect one!

Maine Coon Cat Names for Males

Trio of maine coons in different colors

From powerful names around the globe to actual places in Maine that have great ideas, we think you’ll find the perfect moniker for your XL boy below!

  1. Abasi Egyptian name meaning “serious.”
  2. Achilles – after the famous Greek warrior.
  3. Akira – Japanese name meaning “bright.”
  4. Alessandro – Italian name meaning “defender.”
  5. Anatoly Russian name meaning “sunrise.”
  6. Ari – Hebrew name meaning “lion.”
  7. Arun – for a Maine Coon munchkin cat breed who’s like the sun.
  8. Asher – Hebrew name meaning “happy.”
  9. Azizi – this name means “precious” in Egyptian.
  10. Biddeford– another city in Maine.
  11. Balthazar – a perfect name for a strong Maine Coon.
  12. Belfast– a city in Maine.
  13. Boldness – perfect name for a brave Maine Coon.
  14. Brewer– for the city.
  15. Buck- after Bucksport city.
  16. Calais– you guessed it, it’s another city in the Pine Tree state!
  17. Ellsworth– a northern Maine coastal city.
  18. Enzo – Italian name meaning “majestic.”
  19. Fairuz – the Arabic name for a precious one.
  20. Farfalle – Italian name meaning “butterfly.”
  21. Fish– Not just a funny food name for cats, but a river in Maine!
  22. Gobeil– A river in the Pine Tree State.
  23. Goya – South African name meaning “wild cat.”
  24. Groot– Not after the Avengers character, it means “large” in Dutch.
  25. Hamisi – Somalian name meaning “child.”
  26. Haneul Korean name meaning “heaven.”
  27. Hans – German name meaning “gift from God.”
  28. Hercules – after the famous Greek hero.
  29. Hermes – beautiful Greek name for a fast cat.
  30. Javiera – Spanish name meaning “house ruler.”
  31. Jett – this is a precious black gem.
  32. Jibri – Arabic name meaning “strong.”
  33. Jupiter – after the Roman God of war & XL planet.
  34. Lancelot – strong name after one of King Arthur’s knights.
  35. Leonardo – strong and fancy name for a Maine Coon.
  36. Lewiston– after the city in Maine
  37. Mekhi – Russian name meaning “prophet.”
  38. Mercury – after the Roman God.
  39. Moses – Hebrew name meaning “wisdom.”
  40. Mukhtar – Arabic name meaning “chosen.”
  41. Myeong – Korean name meaning “bright.”
  42. Neddick– after Port Neddick.
  43. Napoleon – after the French general.
  44. Phoenix – after the mythological bird.
  45. Pockwock- a river in Maine.
  46. Ramses – strong name, after the Egyptian God.
  47. Renaldo Spanish name meaning “ruler.”
  48. Saber – after the Saber Tooth tiger.
  49. Ugo – Nigerian name meaning “eagle.”
  50. Veliko– the Bosnian word for “large.”

Maine Coon Cat Names for Females

Gorgeous black maine coon cat.
  1. Adeline German cat name meaning “noble.”
  2. Adhira – Sanskrit name meaning “restless.”
  3. Aislin – Irish name meaning “vision.”
  4. Akemi – Japanese name meaning “beauty.”
  5. Akila – Egyptian name meaning “wise.”
  6. Amara – Italian name meaning “everlasting.”
  7. Ambrosia – Spanish name for “divine.”
  8. Amorita – Latin name meaning “loved.”
  9. Angelika – this name is inspired by the word “angel.”
  10. Annipe – Egyptian name meaning “daughter of the Nile.”
  11. Augusta- after the capital of Maine.
  12. Bala – an Indian name meaning “strong.”
  13. Chantrea – Cambodian name meaning “moon.”
  14. Coe- a mountain in Maine.
  15. Daiki – Japanese name meaning “glory.”
  16. Demetria – after the Greek Goddess of fertility.
  17. Dita – Czech name meaning “happy fighter.”
  18. Dondi – a perfect name for a royal Maine Coon.
  19. Ekaterina – Russian name meaning “pure.”
  20. Fanaka – Swahili name meaning “generous.”
  21. Guinevere – after King Arthur’s wife.
  22. Indra  – after the Indian God of rain.
  23. Kali – Hindu name meaning “black.”
  24. Kallithea – this name means “hidden beauty.”
  25. Kameko – Japanese name meaning “superior.”
  26. Katana – Japanese name meaning “sword fighter.”
  27. Kibby– After the Kibby Mountain.
  28. Kittery– this Maine city is the perfect punny name for cats!
  29. Lilja – Finnish name meaning “lily.”
  30. Lotus – after the flower of kindness.
  31. Maia – Greek name after the Goddess of spring.
  32. Madawaska– After the Little Madawaska River.
  33. Moxie- A mountain in Maine, and because your kitty has plenty of it!
  34. Naomi – Hebrew name meaning “wisdom.”
  35. Nefertiti – after the Egyptian Goddess.
  36. Nova Latin name meaning “star.”
  37. Nur – Arabic name meaning “light.”
  38. Odine – Latin name meaning “wise.”
  39. Oro – a Spanish name for “gold.”
  40. Ruwa – Arabic name for “beauty.”
  41. Pandora – after the mythological character.
  42. Parthena – this Greek name means “pure.”
  43. Penelope – Spanish name for a beautiful one.
  44. Priya – an Indian name meaning “love.”
  45. Sabra – Egyptian name for a patient cat.
  46. Siona – Indian name translating as “star.”
  47. Siri – Nigerian name for “tiger.”
  48. Sofia – this is a very popular Greek name.
  49. Suki – Japanese name meaning “beloved.”
  50. Unity– for the city in Maine, also a beautiful ideal!

Final Word

Out of all these Maine Coon cat names, I really love those inspired by the state itself.

Unity is beautiful for either a boy or a girl. Kittery is also pretty darn perfect. What do you think?

Your turn! What are your favorite Maine coon cat names? Share below!


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