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That’s a tough question to answer because aggression is as much behavioral as it is genetic.

However, some breeds do tend to be a bit more hot-headed or quick to react with anger than others.

Keep reading to discover 15 of the so-called meanest cat breeds that might not suit an inexperienced owner.

Meanest and aggressive cat breeds

Speaking honestly, it’s difficult for me to say which cats are the most aggressive breeds.

All cats have an aggressive streak in them because they still have predatory instincts.

Environmental factors also play a major role in feline aggression. When angry or cornered, almost all cats are going to defend themselves, and a lot of cats play rough when excited.

For this list, I’ve selected breeds that are less tolerant and patient than others and tend to let you know when you’ve overstepped their boundaries.

Still, most of these cats aren’t mean without a very good reason.

#1 Siamese

Siamese cat breed with blue eyes

If you ask people, “What’s the meanest cat breed?” The Siamese will be one of the first breeds mentioned.

Despite their striking blue eyes and elegant body, the cute Siamese has a reputation for being jealous, aggressive, and territorial.

What most people don’t realize is that Siamese cats bond very closely with a single person and are happy to ignore the rest of the family.

Since they’re so affectionate, they might get a little jealous when somebody is receiving more attention than them.

In addition to this, Siamese cats get irritated when you overstimulate them. They’re also very playful and tend to get overly excited during playtime.

They’re also among the most vocal breeds and can be quite loud when unhappy. So, they aren’t suitable for people who want a quiet companion.

#2 Sphynx

sphynx with wide eyes and ears

One of the most unique domestic cat breeds, the Sphynx is a cat that thrives on attention and is happy to receive it from everyone she meets.

Interestingly, the breed wasn’t created intentionally but came into being after a litter of hairless kittens was born in Toronto due to a gene mutation.

This hairless cat is in our list of the most aggressive cat breeds because she demands attention. If you don’t satisfy your Sphynx’s need for company and comfort, this cat will pester you until she gets what she wants.

So, don’t get a Sphinx unless you have enough time to deal with them or don’t like it when cats sleep next to you.

Since they don’t have fur, Sphinxes often seek someone to cuddle with. On the plus side, they’re one of the cats that sheds the least.

#3 Cymric

Cymric cat breed, one of the most aggressive cat breeds

Have you ever wanted a cat that will act as a watchdog? Then the Cymric will be the perfect addition to your family.

This gorgeous cat makes up for the lack of tail with a big cat attitude.

They’re very protective of their homes and owners and might growl or attack at the slightest sound of trouble.

Cymric cats are also very playful, energetic, and smart. They can learn to open doors, but they tend to respect the boundaries you set.

This breed does well with children if the cat has been exposed to kids as a kitten.

But older Cymric cats might not get along well with kids who don’t respect their personal space.

#4 Bombay

bombay cat black cat breeds

A rare cat breed that steals hearts with its unique panther-like appearance, the Bombay cat is next on our list of the most aggressive cat breeds.

Unlike panthers, Bombay cats are very affectionate towards family members and tend to have a strong bond with their people.

So why are they deemed one of the most aggressive cat breeds?

Well, these amazing black cats can be quite persistent when they want attention and get mean when you ignore them for too long.

In addition to this, some owners report that their Bombay cats don’t like noises, and loud sounds might invoke aggressive behavior.

On the bright side, Bombay cats love to play fetch and might be convinced to walk on leashes.

Moreover, they do well with children and other pets, as long as everybody knows who the top cat is.

#5 Bengal

bengal cat names f

Bengal cats are quite stunning with their leopard spots and graceful bodies.

The wild Asian leopard cat is their ancestor, so it’s not surprising that they still have a wild streak in them.

Bengal cats are very intelligent, curious, and full of energy. Left alone without company, these cats will pry open your drawers and cabinets to investigate and won’t hesitate to jump into the pool for a swim.

Since Bengal cats love to climb, they need a lot of vertical space (cat trees) to feel comfortable and satisfy their need to observe the world from up high.

They also tend to hide things, so you’d never be bored with them in the house.

While Bengal cats are affectionate towards their family, they tend to be shy around unfamiliar people.

In addition to this, since they’re so energetic, they might play rough or become very mean if they don’t have a way to burn off their pent-up energy.

#6 Savannah

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Do you want a cat that loves to snuggle with you while you watch TV? Then Savannah is NOT the right cat breed for you.

This hybrid cat gets a lot of the traits of its serval (an African wildcat) parent and is very active, adventurous, and independent.

Savannah cats are full of energy and might play rough with their owners or one another.

Since they’re so big, they might appear aggressive when all they actually want to do is play.

They’re fairly affectionate and love to play fetch or walk on a leash.

However, these cats have strong hunting instincts and parrots, hamsters, and fish are not safe around them.

#7 Scottish Fold

a cute Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten

The cute appearance of the Scottish Fold is often deceiving.

While these majestic short-haired cats bond closely with their owners, they tend to be a bit more aggressive than other breeds and might bite when petted too enthusiastically.

In addition to this, the Scottish Fold doesn’t like it when you leave them alone for long hours and will demand to follow you everywhere in the house.

Scottish Fold also often figures out how to open drawers, cabinets, and doors so they can make quite the mess when bored.

#8 Serval Cats

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Serval cats are WILD creatures, not domestic kitties. So why are they on this list?

Because despite the fact they’re illegal to own in many places, celebrities and Instagram influencers have made them trendy pet to adopt.

As you can imagine, forcing a creature that’s made to roam and hunt freely into a small home can make them a bit grumpy!

While they can and do bond with their humans, they’re unpredictable and prone to attacking strangers.

Given that their bite is significantly stronger than that of your average lap cat, they can do real damage.

Plus, as highly active breeds, they need a lot of space and exercise.

If you’re considering adopting one, please reconsider. They really do belong in the wild.

Go with a Savannah instead, as they’re mixed with Serval through selective breeding. 

#9 Pixie Bob

Pixie-bobs are among the dangerous cat breeds

Don’t let their adorable name and looks fool you, the Pixie Bob ranks among the meanest cat breeds ever. They’re named such because of their resemblance to bobcats.

That resemblance isn’t just in looks, either. They share a few common traits with their wild counterpart, too.

A quick-witted and friendly cat, Pixie Bobs are very talkative. In fact, they don’t just meow or chirp, they downright growl sometimes, especially at strangers.

While they can get a bit nippy with their people, they are fairly affectionate once you establish a bond. Just put them in another room when company comes over.

#10 Egyptian Mau

Black and White image of an Egyptian Mau cat with startling green eyes looking straight at camera

The stunning Egyptian Mau is another breed that bonds strongly with its people but not so much with strangers.

Overall, they’re fairly shy around people that they don’t know. However, when backed into a corner, their mean streak comes out with a vengeance.

They’re also fairly territorial and possessive, making them aggressive towards anyone (like other cats or small children) who try to take their stuff.

#11 Korat

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If you live in a busy and noisy home, the Korat is NOT the right cat for you.

These kitties aren’t particularly nasty when they’re left in peace, but they can become nervous or scared when things get a little to rambunctious around them.

Unlike more mellow breeds that will simply hide until they feel safe, Korat reacts aggressively out of self-defense, earning them a spot on our “meanest cat” list.

#12 Singapura

Portrait of adorable singapura cat. Animal photo. Stockholm. Sweden

Singapura is yet another example of a cat that loves to have fun with his people but acts totally different around strangers.

They become rather aggressive when they feel like they’re in danger. They also have high socialization requirements.

In other words, if you don’t bond with them early on, they may act out towards you.

#13 Bobcat

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This exotic feline sports tufted ears and a spotted back and is known to bond strongly with its human owners.

But it’s advisable never to underestimate the Bobcat as they have a wild and aggressive nature and could easily kill a human.

They are known to be moody and unpredictable, and they should never be introduced to a household with small children.

The Bobcat is the “meanest cat” that should never be brought inside your home (unless you run an animal rehabilitation center and there is no other alternative).

They are truly wild cats and belong in their natural habitat. Keeping them as pets isn’t just dangerous, it’s cruel.

#14 Geoffroy’s Cat

Geoffreys Cat breed

This mouser has its origins in South America and tips the scales anywhere between 4 and 13 pounds.

They are quick, agile, and energetic, and while they are trainable, caution is needed.

Geoffroy’s cats don’t bond well with more than one or two humans at most and can easily become aggressive and combative.

Also, their nervous nature increases their aggression, and they feel easily threatened.

#15 Chausie Cats

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This is a relatively new breed of cat and is a hybrid of domestic and jungle cats. It has imposing size and muscular body.

They possess large eyes and ears with lynx tips. While this cat is playful and bonds with its owner, he has retained its wild nature and hunting temperament.

They love racing around and need large amounts of space to get rid of their excess energy.

Are there Other Mean Feline Breeds?

The 15 above are what I’d consider the most aggressive cat breeds overall.

However, there are a few others that consistently get mentioned when talking about mean kitties.

The Russian Blue, for example, is often referred to as aggressive. However, in my experience with my own, I find that completely untrue.

My Blue only gets “bitey” when she’s being held against her will, or when her “brother” (our other cat) gets in her face.


Aggression is one of the most common traits in cats that prompt owners to seek professional help.

In my experience, owners often don’t interpret their cat’s body language correctly or provoke them on purpose to make funny videos.

In fact, in most cases, feline problem behavior is a direct result of the living environment.

In addition to this, adding a new cat into the household also tends to trigger a cat’s territorial instincts and make her more aggressive than usual.

So always introduce new members of the family slowly and talk to your vet to rule out a medical condition.


“What are the most aggressive cat breeds?” While every kitty has his own unique personality, these are the 7 that tend to be the “meanest.”
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