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You want a quiet companion to cuddle with you in bed.

You might be wondering if you want a mellow cat to keep you company while you’re relaxing on the sofa.

We’re going to see some of the most easygoing cats in the world.

So, let’s see some adorable, laid-back cat breeds that love peace as much as you do.

Calmest Laid-Back Cat Breeds

So, what type of cat is the calmest? While it depends a lot on the cat’s unique temperament and upbringing, some breeds tend to be lazier than others.

So for this list of the calmest cat breeds, I’ve selected cats with low to medium energy levels and docile temperaments.

While some cats love to hunt and explore, these breeds prefer to stay on your couch or bed and nap.

Don’t worry, though. These cat breeds will still entertain you with the typical cat goofiness, but they’re less likely to play rough or make a lot of noise around the house.

#1 Maine Coon

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It’s a good thing that the Maine Coon is such a laid-back cat breed.

Otherwise, an 18-pound cat can do a lot of damage if it runs at full throttle around the house all the time.

Instead, a Maine Coon is content to follow their owner around the house and observe their daily activities.

They aren’t lap cats but prefer to stay close to their family and might be bribed to cuddle next to you in bed.

Despite their size, Maine Coons are easy to care for and require only minimal brushing and a lot of love to feel happy.

They enjoy the occasional game of fetch, but they’re not overly energetic. Overall, Maine Coons are gentle giants and one of the best cat breeds for first-time owners.

However, it’s a good idea to have a cat tree for large breeds to satisfy your Maine Coon’s claw sharpening needs.

#2 Persian

Are you wondering is there are cat breeds that can be left alone and won’t miss you too much when you’re gone? The Persian is one!

Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds due to their fluffy appearance, laid-back personality, and representation in movies and TV shows.

In general, Persians are easygoing, gentle, and affectionate. They’re not clingy and don’t mind being left alone in the house.

When you’re home, Persians are happy to spend time in your lap or observe your actions from the couch.

What makes Persians perfect for people looking for a calm cat breed is that they aren’t enthusiastic climbers.

You’re more likely to find a Persian draped on the couch than on top of the bookcase.

However, the magnificent fluffy coat of Persian cats means two things. They require a lot of brushing and grooming to prevent fur mating, and they shed everywhere.

#3 Ragdoll

ragdoll cat breed

Do you know why these adorable felines are called Ragdolls? They tend to go limp as rag dolls whenever someone picks them up.

As a whole, Ragdolls are one of the most docile representatives of the feline world and get along well with everybody in the family.

Moreover, they are very affectionate and love to cuddle in bed or snuggle in your lap for a nap.

However, these adorable cats will follow you from room to room to keep you company and will jump into your lap whenever they have the chance.

Often, owners describe Ragdolls as having a dog-like personality. That’s because Ragdolls love to play fetch and walk on a leash.

They also come when you call them and don’t like to climb as much as other breeds.

#4 Birman

birman cat

Thanks to their piercing blue eyes and fluffy tails, the sacred cat of Burma is one of the most stunning felines you’ll ever see.

These cats are also calm, affectionate, and highly adaptive to any lifestyle.

Unlike other cat breeds, a Birman doesn’t like to be the only pet in the house. They don’t mind other cats or even dogs as long as they have somebody to chase.

But while they’re a playful bunch, Birmans won’t pester you for attention or get in your face when you’re busy.

In addition to this, Birmans are one of the best cat breeds for children because they’re patient, gentle, and love being the center of attention.

These cats also have a soft meow that they use in case you ignore them for too long.

#5 Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin cat breed

If you’re looking for a cat that you can carry around in your arms, a Ragamuffin is what you need. This cam cat breed loves nothing more than to relax into their owner’s arms or sit in someone’s lap.

In addition to this, Ragamuffins are sweet, affectionate, and well-mannered cats. They like to play with toys and scratching posts, and rarely dig their claws into the furniture.

Moreover, they have a puppy-like personality and enjoy playing fetch or walking on a leash.

These large majestic cats also get on well with children and cat-loving dogs, which makes them one of the best cat breeds to own.

However, Ragamuffins are cats that thrive on attention and don’t do very well when you leave them alone for a long time.

#6 Selkirk Rex

black Selkirk Rex

Next in our list of the calmest cat breeds is the Selkirk Rex, known for their curly, sheep-like looks.

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard about it because it’s one of the newest natural cat breeds being recognized by the International Cat Association in 1992.

This adorable fellow is famous for their calm temperament, intelligence, and friendliness. They’re more playful than their Persian cousins, but they are also cuddy, tolerant, and adapt well to different living conditions.

In addition to this, the Selkirk Rex do well when left alone for short periods and don’t usually pester their owners for attention.

However, if you ignore your Selkirk Rex too much, they’re going to let you know how unhappy that makes them.

You also should keep in mind that this is one of the longest living breeds, and they will keep you company for more than 15 years.

#7 British Shorthair

orange british shorthair

Do you want a cat that won’t constantly bug you for attention but will still stay close to you?

Then British Shorthair is the right calm cat breed for you.

British Shorthair is known for its mellowness, friendliness, and undemanding disposition.

These cats prefer to sit near you instead of climbing in your lap, and they don’t like it when people carry then around.

Usually, British Shorthair kittens are quite playful, but things settle down once they mature into adulthood.

British Shorthair cats are silent observers to what’s going on in the household but would rarely leave the couch to investigate.

They’re so lazy that you might have to encourage them to be more active.

#8 Exotic Shorthair

Orange Exotic Shorthair on Cat Tree

Since Exotic Shorthair cat is a mix between Persian and American Shorthair cats, it’s no wonder that they make the list of the calmest cat breeds.

Just like their Persian parents, this exotic cat breed is sweet, docile, and quiet.

An Exotic Shorthair doesn’t need much to be a happy cat—food, some toys, and your love and affection. As such, they make excellent pets for families or single households.

In addition to this, Exotic Shorthair cats rarely meow loudly but talk in a soft, musical voice. What’s more, due to their short coat, they don’t require as much grooming as a Persian.

However, Exotic tend to be slightly more playful than Persians thanks to their American Shorthair gene.

They’re also quite curious, but don’t expect you to provide constant entertainment. Instead, your Exotic will find ways to entertain themselves when you’re too busy.

#9 Korat

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The Korat is often regarded as a good luck charm in Thailand, and when you take into account their striking appearance, it’s no wonder.

While the Korat might be a more energetic breed than the rest on this list, this magnificent cat is very affectionate towards people and gets along well with children.

They stick close to their owner and thrive when they’re the center of attention. As a whole, Korats don’t do well in a loud environment.

They prefer quiet homes where they can cuddle with their owners as much as possible. Since they have short coats, they’re cats that dont shed hair much.

#10 Scottish Fold

black scottish fold cat

Have you seen the adorable ears of the Scottish Fold?

Besides the cute appearance, the Scottish Fold is one of the most laid-back cats you can find and loves to pose in odd positions.

So, if you’re looking for a cat to take cute pictures of cats, the Scottish Fold won’t disappoint.

In addition to this, the Scottish Folds are adaptive and get on well with everybody. They’re also gentle, affectionate, and bond closely with their owners.

Expect your Scottish Fold to demand to be part of the action and be miserable when you leave the house.

Scottish Folds are moderately active, so they’re not going to turn the house upside down.

But they don’t like it when you pet them too enthusiastically, and some people consider them to be a slightly “aggressive breed” because they might play too rough.


Don’t let the word “laid-back” deceive you into thinking that any of these lazy cat breeds will be content to be an ornament in your house.

All cats are prone to sudden bursts of energy that make it sound as if you have an elephant running around the house.

So, don’t expect that any of these calmest cat breeds will be quiet and undemanding all the time.

All cats need an adequate amount of exercise and playtime during the day to keep them happy and fit. These breeds might be lazy, but they’re still cats and will behave like ones.

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