If you’re searching for a SONGMICS cat tree review, chances are you’re considering this as an option for your kitty.

I can see why SONGMICS is one of your top choices: their cat condos are budget-friendly and highly rated by users.

The big question, though, is whether it’s right for your cat and your home.

Let’s read on to find out some of the top features of SONGMICS cat trees, as well as my personal favorites from their line!

Looking for the best cat condo? Check out our SONGMICS cat tree review and see if this is the right choice for your kitty!

What to look for in a cat tree

Before we get started with our SONGMICS cat tree review, I think we should talk a bit about what to look for in any cat tree or condo.

Let’s be honest: cat trees take up a huge chunk of realty in our homes, so we want one that serves multiple purposes!

Here’s what I look at when choosing the right one for my kitties!

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1. Is it affordable?

First and foremost, any cat tree you choose should fit in your budget. You shouldn’t go broke buying one!

I’ve seen some insanely amazing trees going for upwards of $750+.

Do I want them? Yes, so much!

Can I afford them? Not even remotely, unless it’s room enough for all of us to live in!

Set a budget before you start browsing and stick to it!

2. Is it attractive?

Like I said, cat trees aren’t exactly subtle. On average, they take up a minimum of 4 square feet (2’x2′) and reach up to six, seven or even eight feet or higher.

They’re like mini skyscrapers smack dab in the middle of our living rooms.

So yes, attractiveness is important.

I’m not saying you need something that looks like it belongs in an art museum, but it definitely shouldn’t be an eye sore!

3. Does it encourage climbing?

The whole point of getting a tree versus a tiny little cat house is that we want to encourage our cats to be more active.

Look at trees with multiple levels that entice your cat to climb.

4. Does it have plenty of scratching surfaces?

We want our cats to find something other than our furniture to scratch, right?

The best cat trees offer plenty of scratching surfaces, like sisal rope or corrugated cardboard.

Preferably, you’ll find at least one of these surfaces on the bottom level and another one up higher.

5. Does it offer my cats a secure place to snooze?

Again, since they take up so much room, we want our cat trees to be multipurpose.

Having at least one cozy places to snooze eliminates the need for a separate cat bed.

If you have more than one cat, you’ll want something that offers a few good napping spots.

Now that we have an idea of what I look for, let’s check out that SONGMICS cat tree review to see how their brand delivers on those needs.

SONGMICS Cat Tree Review: Is it the Best Choice for Your Cat?

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SONGMICS is a German furniture brand that makes both practical and attractive furniture for every room in your house.

Although they launched their brand just about 7 years ago (in 2012), they’ve quickly grown into one of the top furniture sellers on Amazon.

One of the things that makes them unique: they really value their customers’ input.

While they may not incorporate every last bit of feedback into their products, they’re at least willing to listen and look for ways that they can improve.

Let’s see how that fantastic attitude towards design translates into great cat trees!

Features of SONGMICS Cat Trees

Although there are many different SONGMICS cat tree models, they all have a few things in common.

1. Sturdy Design

SONGMICS designed each of their cat trees to be stable and sturdy.

  • The CARB-certified natural particle boards are strengthened with battens at the bottom to make them more stable. 
  • Anti-toppling fittings are included so that you can double that stability.

A word about particle board: Unless you’re planning to spend upwards of $500+, just about any cat tree you look at will feature particle board as the main component.

2. All-in-One Trees

Most SONGMICS cat trees meet all of my “multitasking” requirements. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll find:

  • A roomy condo for hiding.
  • A plush hammock for lounging.
  • Plenty of perches and levels.
  • A ton of scratching surfaces covered in sisal rope.

3. Attractive Design

While the SONGMICS cat trees aren’t going to end up in an art gallery any time soon, they’re quite attractive for what they are.

While I am partial to the grey designs (I think they look sleek and modern), they also offer some blue cat trees for those who want more color.

4. Plenty of affordable options

Of their 20+ different models sold on Amazon, I counted 17 that typically fall under the $100 range.

Whether you’re looking for a huge cat tree that dominates a room or something small and subtle, they seem to have the perfect option.

5. Great customer service & satisfaction guarantees

While I couldn’t find information about guarantees on the lowest-priced cat trees, many of their pricier models do have a guarantee.

It does seem to vary (or at least the wording does), but some trees offer a 30-month warranty, which isn’t too shabby.

Even if the tree doesn’t explicitly state “satisfaction guaranteed,” I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about their customer service.

Basically, if you have an issue, you can contact them and they’ll do their best to resolve it.


Many of the pros are apparent in the features, but let’s quickly reiterate them so you can see them all together.

  • 20+ options so you can find just the right cat tree for your home
  • Great customer service from a company that genuinely values feedback.
  • Products designed to meet more than one of your cat’s needs (sleeping, climbing, lounging, scratching)
  • Budget-friendly. Even their most expensive model is still very competitively and reasonably priced.
  • Sold on Amazon, with most trees being Prime-eligible (a must for me when choosing a cat tree).


I had a hard time coming up with cons because I really love SONGMICS cat trees, but some might find these things to be drawbacks:

  • Not a whole lot of color options. Most trees only come in one grey (albeit various shades of it). I don’t mind this because I think they look nice in that color.
  • Not all products mention a guarantee, which can be a bit confusing. If I don’t see some sort of guarantee, I tend to move on.
  • Made of particle board. It’s not my favorite material, but honestly, just about all cat trees except the very expensive ones are made of particle board.

Like I said, I don’t see a whole lot of downsides to SONGMICS cat trees.

I even went through the very few 1-star reviews, and for the most part, those complaints are regarding things like missing hardware.

These things happen on occasion with any brand and doesn’t seem to be a common issue.

Do we recommend it?

I can honestly say with a resounding “yes” that I would recommend a SONGMICS cat tree.

I love the style as well as the fact that they put a lot of emphasis on customer service.

Now that we know the basic features, pros, and cons of SONGMICS cat trees, let’s check out my top five picks!

Top 5 SONGMICS Cat Trees to Consider

Check out the handy table for a quick look at our top 5 favorites, then read on to learn more about each one!

  Name Best For Buy it
Songmics 67 inch cat tree 67″ SONGMICS Cat Tree  Best overall for one or more cats Buy It
SONGMICS 56 inch cat tree 56″ SONGMICS Cat Tree Best mid-range option Buy It
69″ SONGMICS Cat Tree Best for large cats Buy It
SONGMICS Multi-level Tree Best for small spaces Buy It
Best SONGMICS Cat Tree if Grey Isn't Your Thing 60″ SONGMICS Cat Tree Best non-grey option Buy It

1. Hands-Down Coolest SONGMICS Cat Tree

Songmics 67 inch cat tree


The 67″ tree is my top pick for the absolute coolest SONGMICS cat tree, especially for those of us with more than one cat.

Features include:

  • I count at least 12 scratching surfaces, including the poles and the ramp!
  • A huge cave large enough for even the biggest kitty!
  • A second medium-sized (on the larger end of medium) cave so that your cats don’t have to fight over the hiding spots.
  • 5 levels, with three perching areas.

I am in love with this tree and I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I had the extra wiggle room in my currently tight budget.

2. Best Mid-Price Cat Tree


SONGMICS 56 inch cat tree

The SONGMICS 56″ Cat Tree is a great mid-range option for those who have less than $100 to spend but still want something really awesome for your cats.

It includes:

  • A total of five levels, including the base
  • 10 sisal-wrapped posts for scratching
  • Two perches for napping
  • One cozy condo for hiding

3. Best SONGMICS Cat Tree for Big Cats

If you need a great cat tree that can handle big kitties (think Maine Coon) I really like the SONGMICS 69″ tree.

While my #1 pick is also great for big kitties, this one is great for medium-sized budgets.

Features include:

  • 5 levels total, including base
  • A roomy cat cave (24″ x 22″, and 11″ high)
  • A larger “viewing platform” on the top level
  • Anchoring hardware to keep it from tipping
  • A detachable cat bowl for water or food

4. Best Choice for Small Spaces

While the base of this cat tree is about the same as the larger ones (give or take a few inches), not all of us have room for a huge cat tower.

Smaller trees are nice because you can easily move them, and they’re not tall enough to block your view of things like the TV.

My top SONGMICS choice for small spaces would have to be their Multi-Level Cat Tree with Feeder Bowl. Features include:

  • 3 levels (including the base)
  • 2 caves (one of which is large enough for bigger kitties)
  • 1 cozy perch
  • 3 sisal scratching posts
  • Detachable feeding bowl (which I’d use for water, since my dogs steal cat food like crazy when it’s at their level)

Basically, it has all the best features of the larger towers, but in a more compact size.


5. Best SONGMICS Cat Tree if Grey Isn’t Your Thing

Best SONGMICS Cat Tree if Grey Isn't Your Thing

The majority of the SONGMICS cat tree come in various shades of grey (not 50!), which is fine with me because I think they look nice.

However, if grey just isn’t your thing, you might like the 60″ cat tree. It comes in beige as well as two shades of grey.

Features include:

  • 5 levels (6, if you count the top of one cave as a level)
  • 8 sisal scratching posts (and the sisal color blends perfect with the rest of the tree)
  • 2 caves, with one being large enough for big cats
  • 2 regular purchases
  • 1 hanging perch

While these are my top 5 favorite SONGMICS cat trees, they do have a good selection of other trees and condos so you can easily find one that fits your needs!

After reading our SONGMICS cat tree review, you should have a pretty good idea if it’s the right one for your cat. It’s definitely a good choice for my kitties!

If, however,  you decide that you really don’t want a traditional cat condo, check out these cool cat tree alternatives!

Do you have one of these condos? What would you add to our SONGMICS cat tree review? Share below!

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