Wondering if your kitty really cares about you? Stop wondering and check out these 7 remarkable stories that prove cats love humans!

Do cats love humans? Any kitty parent knows the answer to that, but I recently came across an opinion in a pet forum that cats do not love their humans. While this poster’s opinions were “supported” with incorrectly cited news articles, I had a strong emotional response to his assertion. I would guess that, as a cat lover, you might feel the same way! To make us both feel better (and prove him wrong!), let’s take a look at some wonderful stories of cats showing love for their humans.

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7 Remarkable Stories that Prove Cats Love Humans

1. Smudge saves his boys from bullies. Ethan, a 5-year-old boy living in England, was playing in his front yard with his 2-year-old brother Ashton when three bigger boys started taunting Ethan. One of the bullies pushed Ethan, knocking him over, when Smudge, the family’s tabby cat, came flying out from under the family car and jumped on the bully’s chest. The boy stumbled, burst into tears, and ran off. Since the incident, Smudge the hero-cat now sleeps outside of Ethan’s room to keep him safe. What a good kitty!

2. Missy calls out cancer. In February 2013, Angela Tinning’s cat Missy began pawing at Angela’s chest and acting nervous. With the sudden onset of this strange behavior, Angela went to the doctor where it was discovered that she had pre-cancerous cells. Fast forward 3 years and Missy began acting the same way out of the blue. Yet again, Angela went to see the doctor and learned she had more pre-cancerous cells. If it weren’t for Missy, Angela says, “My story could be very different today. She is my little hero.”

3. Tink saves her family from a fire. The 2016 winner of the Cats Protection Hero Cat Award goes to Tink, who saved her family from a fire which started in the property next door. Realizing there was danger, Tink jumped on the mom’s chest, waking her and giving the family time to escape. Tink became frightened after taking care of her people, but she was rescued by a firefighter before it was too late!

4. Pumpkin calms panic attacks. Pumpkin is a darling tuxedo cat in England who has helped his teenage family member, Yasmin, ease her depression and panic attacks. When Yasmin had an episode, Pumpkin would rub against her legs, reassuring and calming her. This love for his family is in Pumpkin’s nature, as he also held a bedside vigil when Yasmin’s father, Munir, suffered a stroke in 2013.

5. Tara fights off dog, saving her boy’s life. Tara, a mild-mannered cat, came to the rescue of Jeremy, her 4-year-old boy, as he was pulled off his bike by a neighbor’s dog. Tara jumped on the dog, scaring him enough that he ran off. She followed him to make sure he was gone before returning to her yard. Part of what I love about this story is that Tara was a stray who was adopted by the family; it goes to show that stray cats can be just as wonderful family pets as cats who were introduced as kittens!

6. Pudding rouses her owner from a diabetic seizure. One day Amy Jung took her son, Ethan, to the Door County, Wisconsin Humane Society to play with the cats. They saw Pudding and made an on-the-spot decision to adopt him. That same night after going to bed, Amy began having a diabetic seizure while sleeping. Pudding came into her bedroom, jumped up on her, and batted her in the face and bit her lightly on the nose until she came to enough to call out for her Ethan to come help her. As soon as Pudding heard Amy call for Ethan, he ran to the room to wake him so he could come to his mom’s aid. Without Pudding, Amy might not have made it to tell this amazing story!


7. Tommy dials 911 for help. Gary Rosheisen is confined to a wheelchair due to osteoporosis and mini-strokes, and he decided to get a cat in order to lower his blood pressure. Shortly after welcoming Tommy the cat into his family, Gary tried to train him to dial 911. He wasn’t sure that the training worked until he fell out of his wheelchair, unable to move due to his medical conditions. With a 911 call placed, the responders arrived to Gary’s home to find Tommy lounging next to the phone. Officer Patrick Dougherty, who arrived at the home to respond to the call simply said, “I know it sounds kind of weird,” but there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation for how the 911 call was placed. It may be weird, but it’s also wonderful!

While these 7 cats showed their care in heroic ways, the cats we love show heartwarming examples of how they love us on a regular basis. Do you have any stories that prove cats love humans? Share below!


Kate Curran is a native Midwesterner and lives outside of Chicago. She is the proud mama of two feisty, funny, and kind kiddos who give her constant inspiration (and lots of hugs), not to mention two 4-legged kids. In between working in a corporate job and spending time with her family, Kate loves to write. Her favorite topics include the things she experiences every day – parenting both kids and dogs, saving money, and loving life!