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Are you looking for the best crystal cat litter?

As you’re going to find out, silica cat litter is an excellent alternative to traditional clumping brands, but it can be hard to pick the right one for your type of toilet box.

Fortunately, I’m here to make your choice easy by reviewing the nine best crystal cat litter brands.

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Top Crystal Cat Litters at a Glance

9 of the Best Crystal Cat Litters

Choosing the right litter brand for your kitty’s litter box matters more than you can imagine.

After all, cats have preferences for the type of substrate in their toilets, and not all of them are fans of clumping litter.

Unlike traditional clay brands, crystals are better at minimizing odors, and they’re easier to scoop from the bottom of the box.  

And as specialists from PetMD explain, “They tend to produce less dust than clay litters.” So, crystals are better for people and animals with allergies.

But what are the best crystal litter brands? Let’s see my 9 suggestions. 

#1 Winner: PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Litter

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Blue Crystal Litter
  • REMOVES ODORS QUICKLY: Crystal litter absorbs urine and dries solid...
  • LONG-LASTING: Just 1 bag can last up to 30 days in a single-cat...
  • LESS MESS: Crystal litter is low tracking and 99% dust-free—designed...

ScoopFree is among the best automatic cat litter boxes, so it’s no surprise that it has premium crystal brands suitable for single or multi-pet households.

ScoopFree’s crystals are one of the best because they’re very good at absorbing urine, drying solid waste, and reducing unpleasant toilet box odors. While expensive, they’re long-lasting and easy to use. 

Features And Measurements

  • ScoopFree’s crystals are relatively small in size—blue, white, or purple
  • Pre-packed in a bag or disposable trays 
  • Original, Blue, and Non-Scented options
  • ScoopFree’s premium crystals are available in bags of 4.5 lb. (2 bags per pack; 9 pounds total)  

Benefits & Drawbacks

100% silica cat litterCrystals are sharp and can be too uncomfortable for cats with soft paws.
One bag can last up to a month for a single cat or half a month for two Too dusty for some cat owners 
Less tracking around the houseNot the best choice for multi-cat households
Easy to scoop 
Excellent odor control 
Suitable for traditional cat toilet boxes or ScoopFree’s self-cleaning toilet boxes
Absorbs moisture well 
ScoopFree’s sensitive silica gel litter doesn’t contain any fragrances or dyes. Perfect for cats with allergies or sensitive skin.

How it Compares to Others

Compared to other brands, ScoopFree’s silica crystals absorb cat urine well and don’t stick to the bottom of the litter box.

And they’re relatively low in dust, so you don’t have to look for the best hand vacuum for cat litter to get rid of the mess.

How it’s evolved over time

Available in a scented variant with a subtle lavender smell for soothing your cat. 

Expert Tips & Testimonials

Don’t place the toilet box in a humid room because the crystals will absorb the moisture and reach their saturation threshold quicker. 

In general, cat owners have a high opinion of ScoopFree’s product and are satisfied with its formula, absorption, and odor control. 

This Reddit user shares, “I use this with a self-cleaning litter box and love it; lasts for weeks, doesn’t get tracked around the house like normal clay litter does, and excellent odor control.”

And as this reviewer says, the crystals rarely stick to the cat’s paws, so you don’t have to worry about finding crystals all over the house.

#2 Best Scented: Fresh Step Crystals Cat Litter

Fresh Step Crystals Cat Litter
  • CRYSTAL CAT LITTER: Litter box maintenance made easier with odor...
  • ODOR CONTROL CAT LITTER: These Fresh Step Crystals have 30 Days of...
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: 8lb bag of Crystals is the same number of uses as a...

Fresh Step is one of the leading brands in clumping cat litter, but they also have an excellent crystal brand, perfect for keeping the cat toilet odor-free.

And Fresh Step often donates litter to no-kill shelters around the USA, and you can also help shelters through Fresh Step’s Paw Point Program. 

Features And Measurements

  • Small blue-white crystals 
  • Odor-lock
  • Scented
  • Available in a bag of 8 pounds (2 bags per pack – 16 pounds in total)

Benefits & Drawbacks

Easy scoopingCrystals are hard, so Fresh Step might not be the best choice for cats with sensitive paws.
Superior odor control for 30 days, compared to other Fresh Step productsScented, so it can make the cat toilet’s foul odor worse
Low dust formula to reduce tracking and messes around the houseSticks to the cat’s paws and the fur of long-haired cats, according to customer reviews 
Ultra absorbing power
An excellent choice for any self-cleaning cat toilet box that uses crystals
Relatively light in weight, so you won’t have to carry heavy bags around

How it Compares to Others

Fresh Step’s silica crystal litter is relatively affordable compared to similar brands and has excellent absorbing and odor-controlling properties.

But it also produces more dust clouds than other dust-free brands I’ve tried. 

Expert Tips & Testimonials

You need to stir up the crystals every other day to ensure they soak up liquid waste well and keep the litter sticking to the bottom of the box. 

In general, cat parents are happy with Fresh Step’s products. They also say that the color of the crystals makes it easy to notice if there’s any blood in the cat’s ruined.

This Reddit user also shares, ” It is fairly odorless, my cat seems to like it.” And as this reviewer says, Fresh Step is practical, easy to maintain, and excellent at controlling odors. 

#3 Best Long Lasting: Vibrant Life Premium Crystals Litter

Vibrant Life Premium Crystals Litter
  • Fast absorbing cat litter formula that locks odors in seconds.

Vibrant Life is one of the best crystal litters when looking for a substrate that absorbs fast, locks in moisture, and lasts more than a couple of days. 

Features & Measurements

  • Mini white/blue crystals
  • Unscented
  • 100% silica gel 
  • Available in a bag of 4 pounds (3 bags per package – 12 pounds in total) or an 8-pound bag 

Benefits & Drawbacks

Highly absorptive crystal surfaceSmall particle size, so it’s easy for the crystals to stick to the paws and fur.
Long-lasting formulaNot the cheapest option 
Absorbs moisture quickly and reduces urine odor well
Available in small bags, so you don’t have to worry about the crystals going bad
Great for sensitive cats since the crystals are tiny and not sharp

How it Compares to Others

Vibrant Life’s crystals are smaller than popular brands and last much longer than other crystal substrates I’ve reviewed. It’s not entirely dust-free, but it’s not as bad as other crystal brands. 

Expert Tips & Testimonials

Remember to remove any solid waste daily and rake the crystals to maintain their freshness. 

Most cat owners are very impressed with Vibrant Life’s silica gel cat litter and its quality and absorbent power. As this Reddit user says, “It’s easy to use, doesn’t have any odor, and we love it.”

And this reviewer also shares that this mini crystal litter is incredible and much less dusty than expected.

#4 Best Low Dust: Dr. Elsey’s Crystal Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Gel Cat Litter
  • Hypo-allergenic formula.
  • No perfumes, deodorants or plant proteins.
  • Stress-reducing herbal essences.

If you’re worried about the dangers of cat litter dust for cats with allergies, you won’t be disappointed by Dr. Elsey’s non-clumping crystal litter.

Features & Measurements

  • Fine-grain particles
  • Unscented 
  • Hypo-allergenic formula
  • Available in a bag of 7.5 pounds 

Benefits & Drawbacks

Made from amorphous silica gel – non-toxic if inhaled or ingested Tracks too much, according to customers reviews
Absorbs cat urine well
Superior odor control – traps and locks odors on contact
Suitable for multi-cat households
No plant protein, fragrances, or other allergens that can bother sensitive cats
Gentle on the paws

How it Compares to Others

Dr. Elsey’s product has a unique formula with herbal essentials to reduce stress and is less dusty than most brands.  

Expert Tips & Testimonials

Consider trying Cat Attract if you’re having problems getting your cat to use Dr. Elsey’s hypoallergenic crystal litter. 

Users generally have a favorable opinion of Dr. Elsey’s clumping and non-clumping litter. As this cat owner shares, “Have been using Dr. Elsey’s for almost 3 months now. She loves! I love it! “

#5 Best for Odor-Control: Frisco Crystal Cat Litter

Frisko is another excellent option when you’re looking for the best crystal litter for odor control in a multi-cat household. 

Features & Measurements

  • Small, blue crystals
  • Subtle summer scent
  • Available in an 8-pound bag 

Benefits & Drawbacks

Strong enough to cover the foul odors from multiple catsSome cats might not like the subtle scent
Advanced odor-locking crystals to absorb cat urine on contact and reduce the unpleasant smells around the houseDusty 
One bag lasts up to one month for a single catA bit chunky 
Relatively low-tracking

How it Compares to Others

Frisco’s product is among the most affordable cat crystal litters and has a better absorption formula than other brands. But it’s much too dusty compared to similar brands. 

Expert Tips & Testimonials

If you have multiple cats, you need to change the crystal litter every 5-7 days. 

Most cat owners like Frisco’s crystal and traditional clay litters praise its formula, odor-locking ability, and absorbency. 

And as you can see from this video, Frisco’s crystal litter is easy to use, and the particle size is large to prevent kittens from swallowing them.

#6 Best for Easy Scooping: Frisco Micro Crystal Cat Litter

Frisco has another excellent product, suitable for cat owners looking for affordable cat litter, perfect for small and large cats alike. 

Features & Measurements

  • Sand-size silica gel crystals
  • Unscented 
  • Available in a 7-pound bag 

Benefits & Drawbacks

Superior absorbent formula to lock moisture on contactNot the best choice for kittens since they can ingest the crystals by accident 
Micro-sized crystals to prevent urine from pooling on the bottom High tracking 
Easy to scoop
One bag lasts up to a month
No added artificial smells 

How it Compares to Others

Frisco’s Micro Crystal Litter is smaller than most brands, but it has a relatively absorbent formula. It’s also dustier than Luvsome cat litter crystals and other premium brands. 

Expert Tips & Testimonials

Read the instructions on using crystal litter and introduce it slowly if your cat has never tried one before.

Cat parents are happy with Frisco’s microcrystals and have used them successfully with Litter-Robot. 

As this Reddit user shares, “I’m not thrilled with its odor control, but there are no issues with the functionality.”

#7 Best Lightweight: Sanicat Diamonds Cat Litter

Sanicat Diamonds are an excellent choice for large cats or cats who don’t put too much effort into burying their waste. 

Features & Measurements

  • Large white&blue crystals
  • Unscented 
  • Available in a bag of 4 pounds

Benefits & Drawbacks

AffordableA bit chunky, so not the best choice for small cat breeds 
Available in small bags, so you can give it a try without worrying about what to do if the cat doesn’t like itDusty
Lightweight design, so it’s easy to carry the bag around
Excellent litter box odor control and absorbent surface
Low-tracking formula

How it Compares to Others

It has a larger particle size than other brands, but it’s dustier and doesn’t last as long. 

Expert Tips & Testimonials

Keep the bag of unused crystal litter in a cool place, or the crystals will absorb the moisture.

Most cat parents are happy with the odor control properties of Sanitcat, but they don’t like the large chunky crystals and the clouds of dust.

#8 Best Clumping Power: Ultra Pet Clumping Crystal Cat Litter

Ultra Pet Crystal Cat Litter
  • Clumping Micro Crystals - fragrance-free, clumping cat litter forms...
  • Low Dust Litter - dust removal is an important part of the Ultra...
  • Gentleness Assured - Silica Gel crystals are non-toxic and safe for...

Ultra Pet is the way to go when you don’t want to scrub clumps of urine from the bottom of the box or wonder, “Can you put baking soda in cat litter?”

Features & Measurements

  • Multicolored clumping crystals 
  • Fragrance-free
  • Available in a bag of 5 pounds 

Benefits & Drawbacks

Crystals form clumps for easy scooping and maximum odor-lockingCrystals are a bit sharp
Suitable for sensitive cats since it’s unscented
Strong absorbent power, great for multi-cat households
Relatively low-dust
It lasts up to a month for a single cat

How it Compares to Others

Unlike other brands, Ultra Pet uses a unique clumping formula to ensure maximum odor control and easy litter box maintenance. 

How it’s evolved over time

It has improved formula and a smaller crystal size than the original brand. 

Expert Tips & Testimonials

You can join Ultra Pet’s Reward Club for extra benefits. 

8 out of 10 cat owners are happy with Ultra Pet’s crystals and praise it as one of the best absorbent litter. 

And as you can see from this video, the crystals are the perfect size to prevent tracking around the house.

#9 Best Budget-Friendly: Neon Clumping Silica Litter

Neon Clumping Silica Litter 
  • Your Cats Will RAVE! – Silica gel micro crystals provide maximum...
  • Clumping Micro Crystals - Fragrance-free, clumping cat litter forms...
  • Low Dust Litter - Dust removal is an important part of the NEON Litter...

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly crystal litter for multiple cats, Neon won’t disappoint you with its quality and efficacy.

Features & Measurements

  • Colorful small crystals – orange, pink, or green
  • Unscented
  • Available in 4-pound bags 

Benefits & Drawbacks

AffordableThe vibrant colors can make it difficult to notice if there’s any blood in your cat’s stool or urine.
Natural clumping agent for ultra-absorbent crystals with long-lasting odor control High tracking
Suitable for cats of all agesClumps are easy to break
It lasts about a month for a single cat
Fine-size particles, gentle on the paws 

How it Compares to Others

Neon crystals are more affordable than other brands I’ve reviewed, and it has relatively low dust levels. But it’s not among the non-tracking brands, and some cat owners complain of respiratory problems. 

Expert Tips & Testimonials

While Neon crystals absorb cat waste well, they aren’t the best for an automatic cat toilet box because the clumps break easily. 

Most cat parents like Neon crystals and are satisfied with the odor control and absorbency. As this reviewer says, the bags are very light and easy to pour, and cats like the colorful crystals.

This Reddit cat parent also shares, “It controls odors, no dust, lasts 3 months, AND you can impress your cat with your art!”

How to Choose the Best Crystal Litter for Cats?

As you can see, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to silica gel brands. So, let’s talk about what you should consider when shopping for the best crystal litter for cats.

#1 Crystal size

Cats have texture preferences when it comes to using the toilet box. Tiny crystals are better for cats with sensitive paws because they’re less uncomfortable to dig.

On the other hand, larger crystals are better if you’re worried about your cat ingesting the particles because they don’t stick to the fur as small ones.

#2 Scent

Usually, unscented litter is better than scented one. Not all cats like the pungent odor of scented brands, and they can be put off using the toilet box.

Moreover, scented products don’t always mask the odors from the toilet box. In fact, they can make the unpleasant smell worse. 

#3 Number of cats

Crystals last longer than traditional clay brands, but they’re more expensive. Usually, one bag is enough for a single cat.

You should consider how many cats and toilet boxes you have to determine how much silica gel granules will cost per month. 

#4 Odor Control

Most crystal brands have excellent odor control, but they differ in how many days they trap unpleasant smells.

#5 Dust

In general, crystals are less dusty than bentonite clay, but not all crystal brands are low-dust. Keep that in mind if your pet has allergies.  


Is crystal cat litter toxic to cats?

No, crystals are safe for cats because they’re made from amorphous silica gel. According to PetSafe, “Amorphous silica gel is not classified as a carcinogen to humans or pets and is non-toxic if ingested.”

Is crystal cat litter better than clay?

There’s no clear answer to the clumping vs. non-clumping litter debate. Clay clumping litter absorbs better and reduces odors, but crystals are dust-free and long-lasting.  

Is there clumping crystal cat litter?

Yes, some brands offer clumping crystals, which trap odor on contact by absorbing cat urine and dehydrating cat poop. But they don’t form as hard clumps as traditional clay brands.  

Can Crystal litter cause UTIs in cats?

No, crystals can’t cause urinary tract infections in cats. However, a dirty litter box can lead to UTIs, bladder problems, kidney stones, and other health issues. 


Crystal cat litter products are great for reducing unpleasant cat toilet odors and preventing litter from sticking to the bottom of the box.

Moreover, crystal litter isn’t as dangerous as clay when ingested because the crystals won’t swell in the stomach. And crystals last longer than clay, making them perfect if you want to save money.

Of all the different kinds of cat litter I’ve reviewed, PetSafe ScoopFree Crystals are the best, thanks to their absorbency, low-dust formula, and superior odor control.

And it’s the best crystal cat litter for automatic litter boxes, such as ScoopFree and Litter Maid. 

What do you think about these best crystal litter brands? Which one is your favorite? Share your opinion with us in the comment section. 


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