Looking for a clever name for your new cuddly kitty?

Check out 19 totally perfect male cat names that we think you’ll love!

Looking for a clever name for your new cuddly kitty? Check out 19 totally perfect male cat names that we think you’ll love!

It seems like it’s harder to come up with great male cat names than it is with female cat names.

I don’t know why that is! Maybe that’s not the case for everyone, but it definitely holds true for me.

I feel like it’s just more of a challenge to find something fun and unique for my boy cats! If you’re at a loss, don’t worry, we gathered up a great mix of names that we think you’ll love!

We’ve included a mix of popular names along with more unique names.

Check them out!

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Perfect Male Cat Names

1. Archie-

  • Archie- comic book character
  • Archie- character from the Pokemon series, Team Aqua leader
  • Archie Bunker- character, played by Carroll O’Connor from the TV series, All in the Family

2.  Bandit-

  • Bandit- an outlaw
  • Bandit- character, played by Burt Reynolds from the 1977 movie, Smokey and the Bandit

3. Casper-

  • Casper- city in Wyoming
  • Casper- skateboarding trick
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost- character from television and movies
  • Casper van Dien- actor, best known for his role as Johnny Rico in the 1997 movie, Starship Troopers

4. Elvis-

  • Elvis Presley- the King of Rock and Roll
  • Elvis Costello- British punk rock/new wave musician

5. Felix-

  • Felix the Cat- cartoon character
  • Felix Kjellberg- YouTube personality, better known as PewDiePie

6. Garfield-

  • Garfield- comic strip by Jim Davis
  • Garfield the Cat- character from the comic strip, television and movies
  • James Garfield- 20th President of the United States

7. Harley-

  • Harley Quinn- supervillain from DC Comics
  • Harley Davidson- motorcycle manufacturer

8. Merlin-

  • Merlin- BBC One television series
  • Merlin- wizard in medieval Welsh poetry
  • Merlin- character, played by Karl Swenson from the 1963 movie, A Sword in the Stone
  • Merlin- character from the DC comics, a magician

9. Milo-

  • Milo- character in the 1986 movie, The Adventures of Milo & Otis
  • Milo- dog character belonging to Stanley Ipkiss, played by Jim Carey, in the 1994 movie, The Mask
  • Professor Milo- character from DC Comics

10. Oliver-

  • Oliver Queen- character, played by Stephen Amell, from the TV series, Arrow
  • Oliver Oken- character, played by Mitchel Musso, from the TV series, Hannah Montana
  • Oliver Twist- title character from the novel, of the same name, by Charles Dickens
  • Oliver Hudson- actor best known for his role as Adam Rhodes on the TV series, Rules of Engagement

11. Oscar-

  • Oscar- name for the statue handed out at the Academy Awards
  • Oscar- species of fish derived from the cichlid family
  • Oscar- character, voiced by Will Smith, in the 2004 movie, Shark Tales
  • Oscar the Grouch- character on the TV series, Sesame Street

12. Pharaoh-

  • Pharaoh- title given to ancient Egypt monarchs
  • Pharaoh Hound– breed of hunting dog from Malta

13. Romeo-

  • Romeo- character in the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet
  • MC Romeo- rapper

14. Simba-

  • Simba- character in The Lion King movie franchise

15. Smokey-

  • Smokey Robinson- R&B singer, most famous for the group The Miracles
  • Smokey Bear- advertising mascot

16. Tarzan-

  • Tarzan- character from comic books, novels, television and movies

17. Whiskers-

  • Whiskers- type of hair found on mammals
  • Whiskers- pet goat belonging to Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President of the United States

18. Zeus-

  • Zeus- god of the sky and thunder in Greek mythology

19. Zorro-

  • Zorro- character of movies and television
  • Zorro- Spanish word meaning “fox”

Which of these male cat names do you love? Share your favorites below!

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